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(FT4) Leica X1 probably real and surely not MicroFourThirds!


We contacted our sources and they told us the camera is probably real! And the sensor is a APS-C sensor (x 1.5). That’s a strange move from Leica, they want go their own way and not join the successfully MicroFourThirds standard. Let’s see what happens the September 9th when Leica is going to unveil their new products. At least you can enjoy the new Panasonic GF1 ;)

Here you have the specs

  • 12 mp APSC CEMOS sensor
  • Leica Elmarit 24mm f/2.8 ASPH l;ens (equivalent to 35mm)
  • Manual exposure operations (shutter dial/aperture dial
  • Autofocus
  • Built-in flash (this is the circle cover on top right)
  • Bundled with Adobe Lightroom
  • Made in Germany
  • wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

  • central squared

    I thought in the other thread you had heard from sources that this was not real? Personally, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • admin

      It is probably real.

  • It would be a strange move by Leica to introduce a fixed-lens RF, given that their bread and butter business is in lenses. And if the specs are correct, that means it’s not a Pany collaboration. Strange. Six days.

  • Does it have EVF or something like a viewfinder?

  • leica

    This thing is never real:

    1) Look at the serial number…
    2) Tell me why is a zoom trigger (like the lx3 has one) on a camera with a fixed lense…

  • Ken

    IMO that’s not a zoom control, it’s a drive/ST control…

  • central squared

    It seems to me like there’s too much weirdness here for this to be the production model. It just doesn’t look right. It varies too much from anything else Leica has put out from a looks perspective, and they’re usually all about brand consistency. I can’t see leica doing a fixed lens with no built-in viewfinder. For the premium that this will cost (especially if that’s a real elmarit on it) I don’t think buyers would put up with no VF. The zoom trigger is weird – which says to me that this is just a photoshop. If it is a leica version of the GF1, it’s missing the lens release button. There’s no distance/scale focus numbers on the lens, which would go against the potential target market. Too many things don’t add up.

    On the serial # thing, in another forum someone posted that Leica does often use that serial # for pre-production models and design studies. So who knows.

    Personally, if it’s a fixed-lens, I want an OVF in there. I like the idea of the camera lot, especially with the APS-C sensor, but I don’t know, something just doesn’t seem right to me.

  • Jeff

    I don’t understand why leica would NOT rebuild a panny again? I mean their previous cameras were successful enough. And why compete with a company that you’re designing lenses with?

  • Alex

    The x1 looks fantastic, I hope it’s not too expensive though, but this is surely a great move by them- a proper German built Leica with a real Leica lens, this looks kinda like the spiritual successor to the Konica Hexar AF, which was a wonderful (and expensive) 35mm camera, it was a compact but had manual overrides and featured a truly legendary 40mm fixed lens- this Leica could well be the camera they need to build.


    Leica makes quality product, but every time they release new product, it is already behind the time, both conceptually and technologically. Why they have to release dated Sigma DP1 copy now? They can’t really catch up with developing speed of Japanese company….

  • csi

    Somebody can translate ?


  • This is one of the most awaited cameras any serious photographer could hope for. It seems that it is the Minilux successor which was a huge success and which boasted an outstanding summarit 40mm in the days of film comparable in image quality to the still produced 50mm f2 summicron M.

    It looks light and bears the M design fingerprint with its rounded edges.

    I have been working with the M8 since its debut and a camera with a sensor a little bit smaller in size and equipped with a dedicated lens and the most recent technology must be something to wait for and surely to have as an everyday camera and as a backup.

    Keep on the good work Leica. I hope you are on apple’s footsteps which rose from a dying dinosaur to sweep all the computer market.

    Constancy in quality and aesthetics should be rewarded somehow :-)

  • hexar

    Hallo Alex,

    Hexar AF had a 35mm lens 2.0. Not a 40mm. However the lens at that time could compete with the leica qualtity and was a GIANT gem in film camera history.
    I still have mine in the original version with silent mode. UNBEATABLE till the X1 I hope !

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