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(FT3) The E-P3 is coming?


Above: A rendering of a possible E-P3 with built-in EVF (Not the real camera!)

According to rumors we received and according to the german magazine (a well known and reputable magazine) Olympus will soon announce the E-P3. The camera will be placed above the Olympus E-P2 (better specs). It is very likely that it will use the new Panasonic 14 Megapixel sensor. There is a rumor about a built-in EVF that we can’t confirm yet.
It also seems that the E-P3 is NOT the MFT high-end model. That model will come in 2011. The E-P3 for example is not weather sealed :(

I ask our german readers if they can send me a scan of the Photographie magazine where they talk about that camera. Thanks!

P.S: Something personal…may you will not believe me but I am working on rumors from here:

It’s a nice place in the middle of nowhere (Tuscany). Internet connection (via UMTS) doesn’t work very well but I really needed to be in a place like this! I enjoy the silence and the sun, and I hope to be able to catch some nice rumor from here :)

  • Ronaldo

    Wow, Tuscany! IMHO, the most beautiful place in the world!

  • Reader

    “The E-P3 for example is not wheatersealed…” Those wheaters must be pretty dangerous.

    • admin

      My horrible english…!

      • Jon

        Its actually spelt Weta, and they are not dangerous, even though they might look it.

  • Hey,

    I was in Tuscany 30km north to Florence. Do you have an internet site of the place you are “working on your site”. Looks good.

    • admin

      It’s close to Gaiole in Chianti!

  • YeahYeah

    Tuscany looks great! I should go there with my upcoming E-P3 :P

  • I want the E-3 successor. Nothing more, nothing less. m4/3 is attractive once it has faster native lenses.

    • Michael

      Classic E-System doesn’t have many fast native (Zuiko Digital – ZD) lenses either (there are some outstanding fast ZD zooms, but too expensive and huge), so new fast primes for FT would be great for available light photography. From aside a 25mm Panasonic or 30mm Sigma there is no fast AF lens in this range, so with the E-5 could arrive large-aperture normal lens (f1.8 at least). I always wondering why Olympus doesn’t have normal fast lens in ZD offering (because of zooms?).

  • dario

    Che fortuna !

  • Neonart

    E5 or bust. Where are those leaks, and rumors?

  • MK

    if the picture is any indication of the design… EPIC WANT

    i think just pure fantasty tho… there is no way that they will give people what they want (evf/flash), unless they decide to charge 1000 for it. there is basically no way at that price point.

  • Duarte Bruno

    If this new pen doesn’t have a T&S LCD they will probably loose me. For EVF I can do with the detachable from the E-P2 because resolution and size are paramount.

  • Biro

    Hey… your English is better than my Italian… so no worries! Enjoy your stay in Tuscany… I’m sure you deserve it. Meanwhile, if the E-P3 turns out like the image above and actually has a built-in EVF (please let it be as good as the VF-2)… then there’s no reason for me to replace my lost E-PL1. All Oly would need then is a lens to compete directly with Pansonic’s 20mm f/1.7 pancake. This is an exciting season, no?

  • Olaf

    Olympus will announce 3 MFTs this year. This told me a friend who spoked with a Olympus agent at a reseller meeting. Not one camera in three color, really THREE new cams. We will see, if he’s right … ;)

    • Reza

      Why compete with 20mm f/1.7, it works great on Oly cameras. Ever since I bought it, I have rarely used any other lens. I don’t see a reason for Oly to compete with it.

      • Inge – M.

        I think Olympus come by 25mm F/2.8 pancake soon also.

  • Inge – M.

    Image above is a year old and is a leaks for E-P2! but Olympus E-P2 is better?

    If Olympus come up by a water pro m4/3 camera, need them water pro lens also.

  • Mark

    Toscana is the standard backdrop for all the classical paintings.

  • jt

    Hey admin, I thought you lived in Portugal? Isn’t Portugal a sunny, beautiful place as well?

    • RS

      I think admin is from Spain… Lots of sun there too.
      I’m from Portugal, and I can assure you we have plenty of sun, nice beaches, great food and splendid wines.

      • Duarte Bruno

        You forgot to mention beautiful women.

  • jt

    Anyway, judging by that pic you’re in a very relaxing place. Have fun!

  • jt

    I’m most curious about the video capabilities of this upcoming camera.

  • lagus

    As many people have already pointed, Pany & Oly already offer good
    mu43 cameras. They should care about offering fast all-in-one lenses… If we are lucky we will see the rumoured 18-60mm 2.8-3.5
    zoom at Photokina.

  • lagus

    Sorry, wrong numbers. The rumoured (& dreamed!) zoom is
    Pany 12-75mm 2.5-3.3

  • WHAT’S GOING ON WITH THE E5 #@*!@#~?



  • eh eh

    your are near Volterra ;-)

    the EP-3 will arrive
    but will arrive also the E-5 ( i Hope) :-D

  • dan

    the e-p3 looks awesome! it looks even more retro. I LIKE!

  • aaronne

    Are you in “Chiarentana” near Cianciano Terme?

    Nice place!

    GooD work!

  • J.D.

    Enjoy Tuscany! Hope to see more photos from your trip :-).

    • admin

      Will post some more soon ;)

  • Zaph

    I know it’s fake, but that is EXACTLY what I want in a camera.

  • vvaz

    You know… That Tuscany photo is really, really cruel :)

  • wow wow wow~! damn i wish Olympus came here and have a look on tat “fake image”! They should hire the guy for ‘conceptual drawings’.

  • Nathan

    Gosh, I would HOPE they wouldn’t be so stupid as to mount the flash on-axis with the lens like that. Goodbye, any hope of shadows. Maybe that would work fine for passport photos, but it would be gawdawful for taking photos of people. As in, even worse than the average point and shoot.

    Other than that one thing, though, it’s a nice render. I like the grip and location of the EVF, but I have to say I’m glad the artist is not an Olympus camera designer.

  • Better business deal??

    I actually hoping that they can keep the E-PX line EVF/flash-less and play around with the accessories that uses both the hot shoe and the accessory port… i.e. a hybrid FL-14 & fixed VF2 at a reasonable size?

    Modular, we only buy what we need and they make more money from selling accessories~

    AND they can do whatever they want on the advanced M4/3 body…

  • Brainkite

    Oh my god, this hypothetical EP3 is the awsomest and the handsomest m4/3 camera it would ever be!!!

  • This is exciting. I hope to see Oly provide a slightly tweaked and more streamlined interface coupled with a better LCD screen. Add to that a built in flash and EVF, maybe the newer sensor and quicker AF!!! I think it would be exactly what the micro 4/3 platform needs right now. Seeing that if it is in fact true, this would be the 3rd Oly release since the GF1 (on the compact/non dslr-mini side anyway) I’m wondering what Panasonic is going to be doing… Could they be right around the corner with a new in the GF line? I hope so.

  • I have the September issue of Photographie in front of me. On Page 30, they speculate on what Olympus might announce for Photokina. It is pure speculation, nothing more, when they say that Olympus might surprise us with an E-P3; a model above the E-P2 with built in EVF and flash. The magazine clearly states that this just a prediction based on gaps they see in the current line-up.

  • Marcel

    What a beautiful rendering! It has a very modern look while on the other hand it looks like an update 35RD. Very well done!

  • mark

    If it is not micor 4/3rd than why is there a 4/3rd icon on the front of your picture?

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