(FT3) More Fuji rumors…


Just got this from a new source. As usual take it easy. I am still not sure if Fuji will join m43.

Fujifilm’s Micro FourThirds prototype isn’t that dissimilar with their x100 by the way. Many of the technologies will migrate to their maiden M43 camera. If everything goes according to plan, it is quite possible to expect an official announcement by Fujifilm before the year’s over. I’m fairly certain of this now although I cannot get confirmation about this

UPDATE: The source is well known, I trust him a lot. But this is his first rumor! That’s why it is FT3 only…for now!

Fuji X100 camera links at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

P.S.: I am still working on rumors. If all works fine I can give you soon some hints about the upcoming new Panasonic GF PRO camera which I hope will be similar to the Panasonic L1 (Click here to see that cam on eBay).

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • I’m going to replace my E-P2 early next year, hopefully with a higher end body. If Fuji joins it will give me another option to look at.
    BTW, this rumor doesn’t deserve more than FT2, unless you know something.

  • I hope the GF PRO will bring back the boxy appeal to the GF series. I still love the look of my GF1 compared to everything that came after it.
    And yes… Having more than two choices is always good.

    • +1!!!

    • Bob B.

      I agree…I love my GF1 also…none of the new offerings have touched it in looks or mechanical function!
      I am trying not to get too excited about the GF Pro…but I am somewhat hopeful. :-)

    • sam

      I think the GF1 replacement could even go bigger I only use it with a half case on and it seems too small without the case.

      It better have a viewfinder, seriously don’t even bother unless it has. Everyone knows it’s going to get completely panned if it hasn’t got a good viewfinder built in, especially on this site!

      Take all logos and words off the camera and i’ll pay extra like people do with the M9-P (but not that much extra ;) ) While you are there get a more geometric sans serif typeface for the numbers and button labels, maybe something similar to DIN but with a fresher slant, this is good – http://26plus-zeichen.de/fonts/sinews/

      In terms of a Fuji x200 with m4/3 mount they should keep the camera more or less identical in layout and features with an all black version.

      Olympus needs to sort out the model numbers I still have no idea what is the better camera out of ep/epl etc.

      Admin – is Leica going to join in with m4/3 or are they going to try something a bit different with their mirrorless system?

  • peter

    The Panasonic L1 is the Olympus E-300 with other Name, right?
    If the new one looks and feel better than these Kameras, the search can be over….

    • Carl

      Close – the PannyL1 was also the Digilux 3 (Panny/Leica). Neat camera, lovely pics.

      • Frederick Hew

        no, actually peter is right.

        the panasonic L1 is based on and shares a lot of components with the olympus e-300. you are also right in that there was a leica branded version.

        • GreyOwl


  • Jan

    If it is going to have a EXR sensor and a touchscreen I’m with it! Elswise it’ll probably be a E-P3. :)

  • Miroslav

    With so many Fuji rumors, I’m starting to believe… Sensors on their P&S are stabilized, let’s hope they go the IBIS way.

  • wow, can’t wait this gfpro announcement!!
    hoping panasonic will gives us a real pro camera
    with a real good viewfinder, a new 16 mpx sensor, hot shoe and a global shutter…

  • This rumour, if true, seems to me far more important than one about the L1 boxy shape.

    Admin, implications: a new EXR sensor bringing more DR, and more choices to Oly. New Fuji lenses, Well tested ergonomics for a high tier camera, hybrid VF.

    All this could make m4/3 unassailable as a format, even by Sony. It would possibly set a new standard for mirroless.

    That fits well with your earlier rumour of Oly and Fuji being in talks.

    Oly has even more interest in Fuji participating: they could trade technologies, and strengthen each other, in what is soon to become a cutthroat environment.

    It will also be interesting to seewhat camp Leica CL-like will fit.
    We are looking to the the high tier mirrorless cameras of the future, wt O&P feeding the lower end, but not only.

    • forget about hybrid VF, that only works for a fixed focal length lens…

      • Thomas S

        A zooming optical viewfinder is possible for a limited range of focal lengths (for example Contax G2). Not sure if it would be possible to combine this with the hybrid viewfinder technology used in the X100.

        Personally, I am already happy with existing EVFs (which will only get better over time).

        • You’re right. The question is…does it make sense? Contax G had a limited range of focal lengths to choose from (in particular, nothing longer than 90mm I believe). In m43 you have from ultra wide to super tele…

          Now, styling the body as a contax G…thats something I’d love seeing. :)

        • cL

          I think Contax G2 is not a zooming optical viewfinder, but the same type found in Leica. If you hook a 45mm, then the 45mm frame line appears. 90mm lens on, 90mm frame line appears, but doesn’t zoom.

          • sam

            Sounds good to me. I’d imagine very few of the people buying these cameras would be using zoom lenses anyway. You’d always be able to use the LCD if you did have a zoom lens attached.

            Why not even make it a rangefinder? Bring out manual lenses, start with the 35 and maybe a fast 67/68mm (135mm eqiuvalent) with focus stops aperture ring etc.

            • cL

              General public probably won’t like such camera…. x100 is already too difficult to use to some. Now imagine when they bought a real rangefinder and found out all their family photos’ the people’s head were chopped off because they do not know how to hold a rangefinder, they’d be mad. They’d call it the worst camera they have ever owned, though that’s what a rangefinder is…. What you see is NOT what you get! The viewfinder of a rangefinder is only an “advice” but not the real frame!

    • Zonkie

      It would be great if Fuji would join m4/3, but there are a few questions:

      – Will they make the sensor? The X100 uses a tweaked Sony sensor. Some of their small sensor cameras also use Sony sensors. So will they make a 4/3 sensor or use one from Panasonic too??

      – Will they make lenses? When they joined the Nikon F mount they didn’t produce any lenses, if I remember correctly. Even their bodies were based on Nikon ones.

      So worst case scenario, they could join m4/3 and make a camera based on an Olympus body, a Panasonic sensor and using existing lenses. All with worse performance (especially autofocus) and their own JPEG engine (good colors). No big deal.

      So the question is not so much if they will join m4/3, but if they will actually bring in something new (sensor, lenses, bodies, other technologies,..)

      • Martin

        > So the question is not so much if they will join m4/3, but if they will actually bring in something new (sensor, lenses, bodies, other technologies,..)

        IF they join m4/3, than your fears are unnecessary, IMO, for at least 2 reasons:
        – They would not make the same mistake twice, I suppose,
        but more importantly,
        – The 2 founding members would not let them in, if they did not bring anything new to the table.

        • cL

          The problem with existing Fuji camera is the firmware issue…. So if they based off Olympus camera, actually it’ll be a more functional camera…. What’s more important to me is they bring the Provia, Velvia and Astia film simulation to it (Provia is my favorite slide film) and keep the body and manual controls of x100.

    • Disraeli

      Leica are led by prejudice, I do not see them going micro

  • Bobby

    I’d be amazed if a Fuji m43 prototype didn’t exist; I’d be amazed if a Fuji APS-C interchangeable lens camera prototype didn’t exist.

    I’m not convinced by this new source though – nothing specific, lots of hedging, use of plausible-sounding scenarios. Any 43rumors reader could have written that.

    • admin

      If I did post that it’s because I know the source. He is new in the sense that this is his first rumor. But I know him well because of ” other” history.

      • Martin

        Thom Hogan? ;-)

        • Agrivar

          +1.. lol..

          • admin

            Thom? No :)
            But someone close to the companies? Yes!

            • might be a bate source, lol, it dosnt matter its all about rumors, not 100% information.

              Admin u have reason to think that they might go aps-c?

            • Bob B.

              Admin…do you pester people all day for rumors…LOL..have a lot of people who don;t take your calls or return emails!!!!!! :-)

      • Bobby

        Fair enough. :-) I saw ‘new source’ and leapt to the conclusion that it was some random person’s submission. I stand corrected!

  • bright wide angle

    Key words:

    1. maiden camera – is there more than one coming?
    2. according to plan – I cannot believe they will announce only one camera with m/43 mount only w/o any Fujion lenses. So maybe their idea for micro is a fast (1.4) standard (17mm) pancake with dof scale AND aperture ring

    Now give me something: admin any news on GFPro? You should know everything about it by now ;)

    Does it have multi aspect sensor
    Does it have manual control in movie mode


    • Frederick Hew

      i would definitely buy a good 35mm equivalent, that was my favorite focal length at the time. i find it much more useful than 50mm or 28mm.

      • sam

        I’d buy a good 35mm too, it is what the system needs. I do like the 20 though the focal length is actually really flexible.

  • Nathan

    The best thing ever would be a micro four thirds mount and APS-C sensor. Lenses from Fuji could illuminate the whole sensor, while the camera could engage a crop mode to 4/3 when another lens is used.

    It would be the best of both worlds. Come to think of it, any company could do this.

    • While it’s might be possible (in term of measurement only) to fit in APS sensor inside the cavity if the plastic rim inside is removed, the electric contacts part would definitely cast shadow on the sensor when used in the APS mode.

      I think the possible solution is to branch the mount standard and move the sensor away to the side, then provide adapter to old auto-focus m4/3 lenses for compatibility.

  • Let’s recap.

    Oly and Fuji were in talks, last Winter (?)

    A Fuji exec let’s known that the sensor for the coming ils ‘would be close to 4/3’

    They also let know that the new camera will come with Fuji deisgned lenses.

    APS is now the province of Sony and Sammy, so they have not many choices. If the rumor about the coming camera is true, similar to the X100, they’d have an interest to design lenses as small as possible, say Leica like, which is the strength of m4/3

  • st3v4nt

    The nicest thing can be expected from Fuji if they join m4/3 is if they bring new sensor+new camera+new lenses+reasonable price….the not so nice thing is same sensor+new camera+existing lenses+reasonable price…

    the not so worst thing is Fuji not release any m4/3 and create entirely different system + new lenses or they decide to join Sony instead….

    the dull thing is it’s just a rumor they do nothing or just releasing another pointless system like Pentax Q….

  • camerageek

    Ehhh. I would believe this more if the source said it was an APS-C sensor.

  • Stephen B

    Full frame please (ok, off the 4/3 topic) but I would love a Fuji full frame. Then again, I love film so am happy either way. Just would be fun to play with some M glass at the right focal length on a Fuji.

  • Alagoverde


    How about a Fuji 4/3″ sensor with f30/31 pixels?

    F30/31 used a 1/1,6″ class sensor, that’s 48.56 sq mm. For a 4/3″ sensor the resolution would be more than 24 million pixels. I’ll take 24 for the sake of the argument.
    So we have a 24 megapixel sensor with the high ISO characteristics of F30/31 (i.e. not bad) maybe a bit better (better processes in silicon). Now we have to add EXR technology and we get a sensor with three modes: high resolution (24 mpx) high dynamic (12 mpx) and high ISO (12 mpx).

    If this sounds too good to be true, then probably is; f30/31 sensor was CCD and a 4/3″ sensor should be CMOS ( or have a crippled video). I don’t know what problems it would mean.

    Could Fuji do something like this? What does Thom Hogan think?

  • MK

    if they make a m43 camera and price it anywhere near the X100 it will be a non-starter. sorry but 1200 is straight up ROFL given competitors offerings. not as crazy as SD1 but still way too high.

  • FlamingJune1967

    I am planning on buying a G3 in November. IF Fugi releases plans for a m4/3 camera by then I will hold off and see what they come up with.
    I must say, that Fugi won my loyalty many years ago when they (without question) replaced my daughter’s broken 11 month old camera! Not to mention my enjoyment of the incredible F-30! If they had an advanced compact, I would have probably purchased it over the XZ-1.
    So I am really hoping…

  • Bob B.

    Well…if Fuji is delving into MFT… let’s hope that they bring someone on board who can streamline the electronics and menus so that a professional product is delivered right out of the box…cause let’s face it..the X100 is an incredible camera…BUT..it has so many glitches and caveats that it seems as though it was the companies first time out with a camera. Hope they can pull this all together… I have liked and used a lot of Fuji products over the years..

    • voldenuit

      Agree. The X100 has lots of handling issues (many of which have not been addressed in the latest firmware patch).

      If Fuji wants to enter the system camera space, they’ll be competing with Oly and Panny, both of which have ironed out and matured their interface and usability over a decade (and they aren’t standing still, either). Fuji needs to get with the game. Having great IQ isn’t enough if the interface and responsiveness is so klunky that you miss the shot you want to take.

  • RW

    Not sure what the excitement is about *unless* these rumored cameras also have interchangeable lenses (unlike the X100). If they are only discussing an m43 version of the current fixed lens model – and I can’t actually use the growing stable of m43 lenses on it – I don’t know why I would want this product over the a APS-C sensor.

    • Jim

      By Deffinition m4/3 has to have removable lenses… or it aint m4/3…

      • RW

        I understand what you are saying – but that isn’t what the rumor is suggesting – what *seems* to be on the table is a version of the X100 (fixed prime lens)that uses a 43 size sensor, which from my perspective is of minimal value.

        • Neonart

          Agreed. A little more compactness wouldn’t make an X200 any better really. (Though the market is racing towards the “camera nano”.)
          The only advantage I can see in a fixed lens m43 is that they could more easily include a modest zoom lens, like a 35-80 equiv and just use the EVF or moving framelines.

  • I think we should all pray for such a miracle, if it will be an ILS version of the X100.
    Consider that if the latter is worth 1200 $ an E-P3 with 12/2 is some 1800 $. Fuji therefore has lots of room to do better with its own lenses.

    To me it would probably be the ultimate camera, and I wouldn’t buy much else afterwards.

    People here claim for a Pro but they don’t even consider the price and durability.
    It’s all very well to delude oneself one is just buying cheap digital backs, but one will become quite more demanding over the 1000 $ barrier, don’t you think?

    For that price it could even be worth considering a Ricoh, with the advantage of multi formats…

  • The best evidence of Fuji and Oly collaboration is the new IR assisted AF introduced by Oly in new Pens: seems too similar to EXR cameras AF http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/f/finepix_f500exr/features/page_02.html

    A 16 to 20 mpx 4/3 EXR sensor would welcome!

  • Even if they don’t bring a new sensor to the party, it would be great having some fujinon glass for m43. And, given their take on the x100 (aimed directly at the “serious enthusiast”), it would be very interesting to see what kind of body they come up with…

    Now, given they’ve already invested in APS-C technology for their X100, i find a bit intriguing that they would turn R+D efforts towards m43…

    • Neonart

      Well, they really haven’t invested in APS-C. They tweaked one sensor and have one fixed lens camera built around that sensor, but not a system with a mount. Creating that for APSC would be a whole new engineering endevour just like it would be for 4/3. But with 4/3s you have the parameters already there, and a lens system to support sales of bodies.

  • hannes

    Fuji joining m43 would be my dream.

    The main argument for m43 as compared to other mirrorless systems, is that there is more choice, and one doesn’t only rely on one companies strategic decisions; this would become much better with another player. And Fuji used to make great cameras (and sensors and lenses). Hope they bring in a non-Panasonic sensor though!

    A pity that video killed the Super CCD. There is enough video out there, specialise Fuji! In their last (real) EXR-compacts they introduced a on-sensor phase detect AF. They should use this (or Olympus’ technology) in a larger sensor Super CCD/ EXR m43 camera.

    There are still Fuji Super-CCD fans out there!

  • Hey guys!!! But remeber that Fujifil is yet a 43/m43 supporting company, look at supporting companies page on the official four thirds site: http://www.four-thirds.org/en/contact/group.html

  • Chlau

    Makes sense to me if they made a 43 body. As a relatively small company they can leverage on an existing system instead of building from scratch – and an existing base of enthusiasts already armed with system lenses. Fuji does not have the massive brand presence of Samsung or Sony to go on their own. Just makes economic sense to me.

  • Chlau


  • Chlau

    Who hankers after the “next GF1”? Who gets disappointed with each successive GF release? The GF1 users of course. It’s just too easy for Fuji to take their x100 experience n build the true GF1 successor with that. Throw in a fine Fujinon fast prime too and they will be selling faster than they could build it.

  • Kenny

    Big difference between making a prototype and launching a consumer product.

  • RW

    Ooops – responded to wrong comment [deleted]

  • Neonart

    Here’s what we all do know;
    1) Fuji is part of the 4/3 group
    2) There have been lots of rumors (where there is smoke…)
    3) Fuji has been listening to what the public wants (X100)
    4) The X100 ALREADY has everything that would make a killer m4/3 camera. A 1.44 EVF, manual controls, metal body, style. All they need is to stick the m4/3 mount and lose the OVF, and it’s the camera we’ve all been waiting for.
    The only reason the X100s lens is compact is because of it’s fixed nature and internal shutter, neither possible with a system camera. Only with 4/3 can they have the x100s style and compactness with excellent image quality. (unless it’s manual focus, like Leica)

  • One more thing:
    Nikon Rumors posted the NIkon EVIL Mount and… its a darn small sensor.
    First, i thought fuji will jump on Nikons Boat, but now that the mount is leaked, i really doubt that.
    So Fuji actually has few options:
    1) Sony NEX Mount. Well, dont know if they would do it.
    2) Samsung: nope.
    3) m4/3: sounds good to me.
    4) Fuji-Mount: well, dont know if they have that amount of budget to introduce a new mount and introduce a fair amount of lenses.

    I guess, m43 is pretty realistic, because of an already large amount of lenses, so that the cameras would sell like hotcakes. They are able to produce small lenses, unlike for APS-C, and they already are 4/3 Group member. Another thing: Joining NEX System, they would have strong competition because of Sony, joining m43, they could clearly see themselves as a strong competitor. Looking at Porters “five forces”, m43 would be the best idea.
    Joining m43 they would have the lowest entry costs. They have more suppliers then NEX Mount, when joining NEX, they would have only SOny as supplier! A change to a Fuji camera from a NEX would be more expensive then from a m43, beacuse of the need to buy new lenses (Sonys modern metal lenses to a fuji retro? Or Olys already retro looking lenses? More pancakes!)

    According to Porters 5 forces, m43 is the best market to enter, if you include all elements!

    Well, so it seems Fuji really could make a m43 camera, it would be logical!

  • Hiplnsdrftr

    So Fuji plans on making more cool cameras that will be near impossible to purchase… Awesome!

  • Firefox23508

    It doesn’t make sense to me that Fuji would join the M4/3 camp. They have stated that their mirrorless entry would have an APS-C sized sensor. I presume their lenses will be pancake-like primes and won’t be too much bigger than what the M4/3 lenses are currently, certainly no larger than Leica’s lenses.

    • Neonart

      Where have they stated this? The last thing they officially said was that they would work on something with a sensor similar in size to 4/3s. Leica was who spoke of APSC.
      The reason Leica lenses are small is bacause they have no autofocus or electronic aperture control. Once you add these to APSC or FF lenses they become considerably larger if they’re any faster than 2.8 or zooms.

  • NikonSports

    Anyone know of the Fuji x50? Saw it in a book the otherday but couldnt find anything on it online when I searched?

  • frelwa

    The X50 is more often called the X10. It is rumored to be an m43 little brother of the Fuji X100 with similar features (hybrid viewfinder etc.) but with interchangeable lenses.

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