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(FT3-FT4) Leica will not immediately join the micro four thirds world


According to two very close Leica sources, and contrary to our previous
report. In fact they have told us Leica is now focusing on realized
technology and existing product range (which includes the S-Series).
They are very interested to see how the market will accept Micro
Four Thirds products but they haven’t YET choosen to join the
venture. So it seems Panasonic will NOT develop the first compact
micro four thirds camera together with Leica.

What remains true is that Leica and Panasonic will develop the
LX5-DLUX5 together, but we are probably still more than one year away
from an official release.

43rumors opinion: Yes this rumors comes from known and trusted sources
but Leica could as always come with some surprises. They surprised the
world with their S-Series which came really unexpected. We have to put
some kind of James Bond secret microphone inside the Leica LAB :(

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