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(FT2) totally wild rumors: Panasonic FF to have shorter flange distance and will take current MFT lenses via adapter


This is a wild rumor meaning it’s from a new source and has yet to be verified by my sources. Still, I really do hope this one is true!

The source said the new Panasonic FF camera will have a shorter flange distance compared to the current Micro Four Thirds mount (20mm). And there will be an adapter for MFT lenses! Currently the Nikon Z has the shortest flange distance with 16mm. If Panasonic will have a similar flange distance it would mean there is enough space for a MFT adapter to be made. Of course these lenses would work in crop mode only on the new Panasonic. But still, that’s great news for people who do own MFT lenses!

You can join the new Panasonic Full Frame Facebook group if you plan to buy this camera. There you can discuss all features and tests once it’s released!

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