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(FT2) Olympus E-PL1s coming on November 16?

The popular japanese website writes that the new Olympus E-PL1s might be announced on November 16. That camera should have almost the same Olympus E-PL1 design but be paired with a new Lens-kit taht could be smaller than the current 14-42mm lens. So after the black E-P2 kit and the infrared E-PL1 will we get another NOT new camera? But let’s focus on the positive aspect…we could get a new lens ;)

The Olympus E-PL1 has been announced in February 2010, the Olympus E-P2 in November 2009.

Uh one more thing, get the refurbished E-P1 for $369.95 only at Adorama!

  • Bu

    If there is nothing new other than a kit lens, what point could Olympus marketing possibly have but to disappoint their customers with a non innovation.

    • rik

      Olympus is going for new customers. How does this hurt or “disappoint” existing customers? Does their release of this prevent the release of something that you want?

      • El Cabong

        Yes, in fact, it does.

        What existing customers want is a visible improvement, not a cheap grab at uninitiated customers, who would have been just as interested in the original product, given the proper marketing. Olympus’ time, effort, and money would be better spent elsewhere.

      • WT21

        I agree with El Cabong. If this is the kind of schlock they’re dealing, then they are wasting resources.

        How about an improved LCD so we can check critical focus? That’s a very, very real need (more so than a smaller (???) kit lens). How about improved implementation of the MF buttons. How about an EP1 body with a lighter AA filter so the output of the more expensive cameras (the EPx series) can match the cheaper ones?

        I’m shooting NEX now anyway, so I guess I made my choice. Still have my oly for the 14-150 travel kit, and I can’t part yet with my 20/1.7, but for MF and better results, a NEX3 paired with MF lenses is VASTLY outperforming my EP1 — AND I can check my focus when needed.

    • Ganec

      If it will be done right, it will not dissapoint:

      Kit lenses (and 17mm pancake) are the only ones which are not MSC => they have slow and noisy AF. If it will be faster, maybe I will buy the new one…

  • Larry

    Will this camera be sold as a E-PL1, just with the lens updated? If so, that’s fine, but I doubt Olympus will make a big issue over it.

  • Alfons

    Is this lens from the roadmap? :O

  • Mal

    Probably a bundle with the existing Olympus 17mm f2.8. Would make a nice combo if set at the right price.

  • Four by Six

    Hey, maybe we will get another limited edition lens cap.

  • Traciatim

    Any word of Olympus coming out of the early 90s and getting an actual video codec instead of strung together JPEGs?

    I’m an olympus fan, but haven’t jumped on board m4/3 quite yet . . . still seeing how the mirror-less format wars are playing out.

    • jeff

      mpeg is the most user freindly video file

  • jeff

    This actually makes alot of sense. They are going to most likely replace the main kit lense and put the silent motors in it for video like the 300mm M43 lense.

    Also if they manage to make the lense even smaller AND keep image quality it is a VERY good thing.

    ALSO to all the haters thinking that olympus is giving up on us enthusiasts , they will bring out pro lenses/primes next year. right now they are just trying to get their mass market appeal figured out so they can sell as many cameras as possible before nikon joins the fight. then when nikon joins in they will focus on good glass

    • Dummy00001

      > when nikon joins in they will focus on good glass

      why would they? that obviously didn’t worked with 43.

      • on the contrary, the lens was the only excuse of 4/3 existance

  • Miroslav

    There are some small updates that could make E-PL1 even better camera, such as scroll wheel or one more dial. On the inside, if they upped the flash sync to 1/250, max shutter speed to 1/4000 and video resolution to FullHD what more could one ask for?

    But, knowing Oly, if this update materializes, I expect only small changes as those from E-P1 to E-P2.

    As for kit lens, the expected 12mm F2.8 could be the answer to Sony and Panasonic wide kit primes. And unlike GF2, this combo could be in stores in 2010.

    • Miroslav

      Forgot the AF assist lamp, that would be nice update :).

  • steve

    Oly need a fast prime lens. They could really grab market share as the GF2 kit will no longer include the 20mm F1.7

  • It won’t be a new (expensive) lens. This is the budget product of the PEN line. They certainly won’t bundle it with anything that’s expensive (and good for that matter). Maybe they’ll offer it with the 17mm lens they already have. It must be hard to sell that lens anyway as the 20mm from Panasonic seems to kick the shit out of the 17mm in comparison.

    I recently got the E-PL1 and I’ll probably get the 20mm next year. From my point of view, that’s probably the only lens worth getting in Micro Four Thirds…

    • Actually, another possibility could be the deprecation of the regular kit lens through one that can do faster autofocus (that was the main drawback about the kit lens) and silent autofocus for movies. It will probably still be the basic lens.

      What bothers me about the optical quality of the kit lens is that it’s behind the kit lenses I got with my E-520. So an improvement there would be appreciated too (not by me as I won’t buy any more MFT lenses other than the 20mm).

  • E-PL1s – maybe the s stands for speed, like in the iPhone 3Gs, (twice as fast as the 3G). So how about faster autofocus?

    • bilgy_no1


  • safaridon

    Oly really needed to make a fast AF and quiet kit lens out for the PENS ASAP for video as otherwise requiring a Pany kit lens or more expensive new Oly lenses instead to boost their cameras AF speed.

    The fact that it will be called the EPL1s leads one to suspect there are no new Pens about to be released or they would have reserved this new lens whatever it is for a new body?

    Another factor mabe was to counter the inevitable competition from the new GF2 with its dimutive fast AF 14/2.5 lens.

  • Steve

    Prices on Amazon/Adorama/B&H are not low ($520 and up) so why bother posting them as such? Black’s had the E-PL1 kit for $429 last night; that’s low.

    • admin

      Hi Steve! You are right. Last time I checked it was &479 and now it’s $520. I removed the reference. Thanks!

    • jefkom

      Vistek is having a sale this weekend on the E-PL1 for $449.95.
      I’m thinking of a model named E-PS1, not E-PL1s.
      But a model I would like to see is the E-V1 (for viewfinder), with a grip like the G1/2.

    • I paid about 380 Euro for mine. That’s also a really good price in Europe.

  • Gino

    Luckily, I’ve sold kit lens just last week! :)
    Though I’m more interested in that mythical fast zoom from Pany and 25mm prime.

    • jefkom

      Sold mine also and replaced it with the Panny 14-45.

  • Marq

    I would wager a guess that this is the second coming of te epl1 aka EPL 2
    I feel the epl1 should be the oly equivalent of the lower priced m43 segment like gf2, and if indeed they pull a rabbit out of the box come next week it’ll be epl2 with maybe the 12 2.8

    Still waiting for next year…

  • napalm

    i actually liked the mzuiko 14-42mm, only that it doesnt focus as fast and quiet as the lumix. but if they could make it so plus more compact, they got a customer right here. we’ve seen a smaller collapsible design in the samsung NX kit lens

  • John

    Yes, please, please, please give me a 12/2.8 and I might just buy into the mFT system of Oly or Panny.

  • at

    It think it is good to be true, either by lowering the existing price tag of E-PL1, or to provide another optional choice of lens. I will definitely wait before making decision of purchasing it.

    • The E-PL1 sells cheaper now than Canon’s S95 P&S. Do you really think that’s still too expensive?

  • spam

    New camera name mean camera upgrades, not only a new lens. Things they could fix in a s-upgrade:
    – Better LCD
    – Support for SDXC
    – Maybe another button or scroll wheel

    I’d really like to see a new higher end kit lens (better aperture, wider zoom range), but it’s unlikely they’ll launch that with a slightly improved E-PL1.

    There are two things they could do though.
    – Upgrade the existing 14-42 with better AF
    – Launch a super compact 2x zoom kit lens like the one that comes with Samsung NX100. (35-70 equivalent)

    Both options would IMO make a lot of sense.

  • 43 photo

    “So after the black E-P2 kit and the infrared E-PL1 will we get another NOT new camera? ”

    You guys are spoiled to the bone.

    E-pl1 Image quality upto iso 1600 is easy holding up against new released dslr like 60D and D7000.
    When you look at the price of E-pl1 and the IQ it is really a very nice pen – also in the current market.

    • Yes, at below 400 Euro the E-PL1 is a real bargain. But I wouldn’t dare compare it to a 60D or D7000.

  • Reverse stream swimmer

    Re: “So after the black E-P2 kit and the infrared E-PL1 will we get another NOT new camera?”

    *INFRARED!?* I’ve missed that!
    -Where can I learn more about PEN for IR photo?

    • My thoughts EXACTLY……


      I WANT IT

      (P.S. I’ve got an IR converted E-420 on Ebay right now for anyone who’s vaguely interested)

  • Hey Admin, have any of your sources got anything to say about this? Be a nice Christmas prezzy if it’s true.

  • Nathan

    Maybe they consolidated their sensor purchases and are now only buying the ones with the weaker antialiasing filter? (The sensor from the E-5)?
    They’re the same sensor, but the E-5 gets a weaker antialiasing filter, so it is a bit sharper.
    That might be tempting if true.

  • Biro

    Frankly, the E-PL1 doesn’t need a whole lot of improvement.

    If the rumored, new, smaller kit lens is an optical improvement and auto-focuses more quickly, that’ll be a important upgrade. Yes, tracking auto-focus could be better – maybe they could do that with a firmware update and no physical changes. They could and should also improve the rear LCD: bump up resolution and ability to use in bright sunlight. Maybe make it an AMOLed with resolution above 900,000 dots. That would cover pretty much the only flaws the camera has.

    Those are the only improvements I can think of while keeping the current E-PL1 body. That’s assuming of course, that another rangefinder-type, micro four-thirds camera is eventually coming from Olympus with a built-in EVF. That’s what I’m personally waiting for.

  • Camajan

    I want an integrated EVF …. A good one please!
    It can be on EP3.
    frankly Im hoping Oly is looking at Fuji x100 and keeping it in their sites…
    EP body is far from complete as far as very important features go…
    It would be sad if we were forced to wait 3yrs to get what we already had in old compact film bodies…

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