(FT2) Is that the design of the upcoming Olympus 25mm f/1.8 lens?


Rumors about a possible release of a new Olympus 25mm f/1.8 MFT lens are floating around since end of 2012. And now that image of the possible lens design appeared on Julur.com. The design discloses the filter size (46mm) and of course focal length and aperture. There is no info about the overall size of the lens. I hope it will be a pancake like the glorious Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 lens. And of course it shouldn’t be epxensive.

Just for fun let’s see if….

you would buy the Olympus 25mm f/1.8 pancake for $400.

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
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FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Eno

    I’d pay up to $ 200 for something like that.

    • Incessant Troll

      i would trade two Olympus VF-1s for it and i want their accounting department to help me cheat my taxes. that was a joke, nsa/irs overlords

    • Tron

      I agree, $400 would be too much. You may as well pay the extra hundred and get the Leica F1.4, which is a fantastic performer. $200-250 would be the sweet spot for this lens.

    • Milan

      The 45mm 1.8 is the best m4/3 lens until now, all things considered (size, weight, price, optical performance, AF performance, build, etc…)

      A version of that lens but with 25mm focal length would be just perfect. A pancake would not be bad either, but it will have more compromises.

    • Jacko

      I´m looking forward the zooms 7-700mm f0.5-3.1 and 700-2100mm f3.1-5.2, I want them both in black and in silver to match properly with my cameras as well as my eyes colour. I don’t care about the prices, I’ll sell my kidneys and liver if necessary (not my pancreas, since I already sold it to get the 12mm), but Olympus must listen to this if they dont want to loose one member of the fellowship. I mean it.

      • Narretz

        Wacko Jacko is back!

        What the hell do you want with 5.2 at the tele end? That’s slow as hell!

        • Jacko

          Yes, you’re totally right Narretz, 2100 5.2 is not fast enough for me, in fact it’s not even close. When I wrote that sentence I was thinking already about the beautiful colour of my (both) glass eyes and I made the mistake. What I meant was 700/2100 mm f1.5-1.2. Yes, a zoom wider at the end, that’s what I really want. Let’s see how the enemies of Olympus would like that…

    • VJVIS

      Agreed. 200 or less. You can get the Canon and Nikon counterparts for a 100, but I understand the slightly higher price for micro four thirds as the volumes are not there.

  • It can hardly be a pancake with that focal length / max aperture combination. 17mm F1.8 is not a pancake despite focal length being much closer to m4/3 flange distance.

    • JF

      ??? and what about pana 20 mm f1.7 ??

    • Do

      The Panasonic 20 mm is even a tiny bit brighter and still a pancake. Also, since the ‘normal’ length for MFT is 22-23mm the 25 should be easier to built as the wider 20mm.

      • m4/3 flange distance is 19mm, that’s why that 20mm is so small. Anything under or above with similar aperture and similar amount of software distortion corrections must be bigger. I doubt 25mm F1.8 could two times shorter than 25mm F1.4.

        • too bad then, a 25mm pancake (much like the FT version but that was a 2.8) would be very nice, but i can live with the summilux from Panasonic.

        • EEmu

          While technically true, it’s not as if you can’t (effectively) design the 25mm for a 25mm flange distance and stick 6mm of air in at the back end. Based on the 20mm’s size it would be quite close to half the size of the 25mm.

        • Do

          The flange distance of Four Thirds is 38mm, yet there isn’t a 40mm pancake for FT. The smallest lens is a 25mm, although at f2.8

  • Goose

    What about rumored Oly 12-40 mm f/2.8 (or f/2.8-4.0)?

    • alexander

      12-60 !

  • hm… something like a mix between the old 4/3 25mm zuiko pancake (f:2.8 ⌀43)
    and the leica 25mm (f:1.4 ⌀46)

    maybe, baby~

    in the end if this=pancake it would mean they would have to construct the lens in such a manner that might make it more expensive. seeing to their make on the 17mm (f:1.8 ⌀46) I’m thinking we might expect something similar.

    • they made their point with the panny and oly 14mm, 17mm, 20mm and bodycap lens that a m43 camera and lens can be a compact kit.
      a new lens should offer something else, be it more functions like manual focus mode with distance scale or better sharpness the lens might have to get bigger so the cost isn’t too high. they still want it to sell after all. and being affordable and thus avaliable to more is not bad :)

      • I’m just brain farting, don’t really know anything ;)

  • I personally always found 50mm eq to be bit too longish.

    IMO 35mm eq is a better walk-around length.

    • Rich

      Did you buy 17mm F1.8 already? 25mm is superior. People in the US do not like 17mm(35mm perspective that is too wide). The main subject is going to get lost in the wide-angle background.

      Actually 28mm is better. Many of us have used 50mm lens on the APS-C sensor Canon/Nikon before.

      • Sqweezy

        You speak on behalf of everyone in the U.S.?

  • Yun

    Stop wasting time on such boring short focal length lenses design , we already have few options there .
    Time to do the right thing if Oly eager to be known as Pro standard , bring in 150mm or 300mm lenses with fast aperature that is really need in mFT world .

    • Anon


  • Jacko

    I’d buy a 25mm or 30 mm 1.8 Macro, that would be interesting for me…

  • OMDowner

    pancake 25/1.8 will be good (cheap, like 45/1.8) but we need also faster lens – 25/1.2 or faster (or 17/1.2)

    Micro43 needs set of pancakes (10, 14, 17, 25 and small 45) and set of faster and better lenses f/1.2 with AF or faser (42,5/1.2 will be first of them) to get flexibility in low light and shallow DOF.

    • Mr. Reeee

      There are already two 25mm f0.95 lenses (Voigtländer & SLR Magic). Let’s see some good telephoto and ultra-wide primes!

      • +1

        Too many 25, ~17 and ~45 mm lenses. Too many revised and refreshed versions of zooms.

      • Rich

        For this small sensor format, users clearly want AF, so these two non-AF lens would not count. I would not buy them anyway.

  • OH BOY

    Once again, Olympus is trying to cut into Panasonic, being that most OMD’s have 20/50mm lumix lenses on them. Foolish attempt.

    • ArKersaint

      + 1

    • Bruce

      50mm Lumix is common on OM-D?


        Aside from stock photos if the OMD, there are plenty of omd’s with the 20mm or 25mm Panny lenses on them.

        Another comment is, who’s to say this lens is even a Pancake? I don’t even think its possible. What I see it being is Olympus going premium, by copying their 12/17mm lenses. And that means its going to be expensive and make the P/L 25mm seem like a Better deal, which is why I think it’s foolish.

        And if that’s the case, the only people that would be foolish enough to buy it will be Olympus fanboys and dentist that want some “bling” around their neck.

        • adaptor-or-die

          This drawing shows a 32mm front element, it’s not likely a pancake, probably 8 or more elements in the stack, pancakes are simple Tessar configurations. This will likely be more like the old OM Zuiko Double Gauss, and even at f/1.8 it will compete with the Leica, especially if it has manual settings on the slip ring.

          • adaptor-or-die

            I correct my first statement, just noted, M.Zuiko, that’s what, 13 elements. This is no pancake

            • James

              They are all “M”. “M” means “Micro”. It’s not like the OM days when, for example, G Zuiko meant seven elements. I’m guessing six elements, maybe seven, for a 25mm f/1.8.

    • Narretz

      As far as I know, there is no 25mm 1.8 yet. If Olympus plays it right, it could be a hit like the 45mm. All companies need lenses that are inexpensive and good performers.

    • Pixnat

      Every good system have a 50mm f/1.8 (ultra-fast and more exepensive) and a 50mm f/1.8 (fast and cheaper).

      In m4/3, Panasonic already made the f/1/4. It makes total sens if Olympus would make the f/1.8


        But when the 1.8 cost more than the 1.4, what sense does it make then???

        • Pixnat

          That’s stupid.
          Nobody knows if that lens will be produces (FT2). So how can you guess about the price of a vaporware?????? 400$ is just a pure guess from admin, and the f/1.4 is 600$

          Mmmm.. sound trollish to me.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    I’m already happy ofPanaLeica25mm. On my last street shooting in Marseille I enjoyed it a lot. I don’t think Olympus will show us such a big improvement over the Pana version to justify the purchase. I think it will have the manual focus scaled ring, and therefore will be a new companion for the 12 and 17 lenses.

  • Why the hell does Olympus seem to think f/1.8 is the widest aperture we want?
    I guess, and I hope this lens is to fill the sub $300 price bracket, only then will it make sense.

    • Anonymous

      exactly, you can get cheap 50mm and 35mm in pretty much every brand for FF and APS-C DSLR, so getting a “cheap” 25mm is not a bad idea.
      Canon as 3 50mm if I remember well, so surely there is space for a 1.8 along the 1.4 version in m43 world

    • Jono

      I personally would prefer to see a pro quality 20/1.4 with weather sealing and an included hood. (Remember when Zuiko use to include nice extras like that? ;-) It would represent a good compromise between the 25mm and 17mm focal lengths and, with very few exceptions, would be usable virtually everywhere either of those two focal lengths are normally employed.

  • Andrew

    They can’t go that expensive with it, since the Panasonic 25mm 1.4 is an excellent lens. $400 is probably the max people would pay before saving up for the Panny. Especially since it also competes with the Panasonic 20mm.

  • Diego

    I’d buy now if weather sealed!

  • Andy

    On the contrary, I think the micro 4 3rds system is lacking a really high end lens in the normal focal length range. If it can beat the panasonic 25mm in terms of image quality and compactness, then I’d happily pay $$$ for it.

  • Tim F

    I m Waiting for a small 25mm lens for mFT since i got the 12mm&45mm lenses… so good news for me ;-)

    If Olympus wants to make money with that focal lenght, with the already really good Panaleica around the lens better should be:

    small (max the size of the 17mm f1.8)
    not to expensive (maybe around 300€)
    Optical quality (like the 45mm f1.8)

    If they fail on the price, with adding another lens to the metal faction (12/17/75) then the image quality must surpass the Panaleica and still its not sure that a lot of people would buy that lens.

    still i m hoping for the best, i really want a small 25mm for my lens setup ;-)

  • Anonymous

    There are in micro43 system:
    – 17/1.8
    – 17/2.8
    – 19/2.8
    – 20/1.7 (mkI and MkII)
    – 25/1.4
    with AF…

    25/1.8 will be nice, but most necessary (for the system) are:
    – 17/1.2 or faster
    – 25/1.2 or faster
    – 10/2 or f/2.8
    – 7/2.8
    – 12-40 f/2.8-3.5 or something simillar
    – 50-200 f/4 or something simillar
    – new wide lenses for Blackmagic camera (crop near x3) for movies

    • Tim F

      I think the f1.8 is a really good compromise, in price, size and quality. everything faster will make the lenses to big, and to expensive. I m not sure if there are lot of people who want to spend the extra money.

      but I m with you about a 10/2.8, the 12-40, and the 50-200/4

      I would also enjoy a “cheap” 17-35/2 ;-)

  • Neonart

    I think this is a great move.

    The Leica 25 f1.4 is a fantastic lens, except for one thing. It’s big and ugly (in comparison to Olympus bodies & lenses.) For this reason I use the 17 f1.8 WAY more. It simply feels & looks better on both EM5 and EPM2.

    If this lens is similar to the 12,17, or 45, it’ll attract based on size and aesthetics alone. I know there are lots of folks here who hate on good looking equipment and to them “only function matters”. But theres a reason why the best performing cars are also the best looking…

    • Its not really important(except if you like to stare at your own equipment all day)but i find the summilux a perfect match with the omd cosmetically.

    • Are you a Dentist?

      “It simply feels & looks better”

      Shouldn’t tanking Great Pictures take Precedent?

      • sorry, “Taking”

        Not Tanking…

      • neonart

        You can take great pictures with the 12,17, 45, 75, etc. Just because they look good does not mean they’re junk.

        I own the 25, aesthetic do not KEEP me from owing a great lens. The point is that if I have an OPTION between two capable, similar lenses and one just looks and feels better, thats what I prefer. I’d rather drive a 250hp great looking car than a 280hp ugly one. That simple.

        On my Leica M8 I just sold a Voigtlander 35 f1.7 in favor of a Voigtlander 35 f2.5. The latter being smaller, better to handle, and the whole package looks/feels better.

        I’ve done professional work with giant heavy ugly DSLRs. I’m done with that. I shoot for fun. I want to love my camera in every way. It’s totally cool if you don’t.

    • wtf? Aren’t you guys ever satisfied? No one ever had to cry that the PL25 isn’t black!!!

  • Sunny

    Oh, yes Oly! Bring us a 18/1.8, a 19/1.8, 20/1.8 … 25/1.8, 26/1.8, 27/1.8 …

    Who the fuck needs bright zooms?! >;-)

  • Enclosure

    It makes no sense for Olympus to do a 25mm lens at F1.8 when the Panasonic/Leica is a 1.4.
    Out of the many MFT lenses I own the Panny/Leica lens has the most character. It is an absolutely magical lens especially in the evening.

    • Pixnat

      Every complete system has a 50mm f/1.4 and f/1.8.

      Why would it make no sense for m4/3?


        IF IT’S AROUND $299.99, Then it makes great sense.

        HOWEVER, this is Olympus we’re talking about… They don’t make sense. Making a 1.8 more expensive than the 1.4 will be a joke of a lens, manual ring, metal finish or not. It’ll just be more jewelry for your neck, that’s all.

        It’s going to be bigger than the P/L 25mm 1.4 and cost more, yet won’t be as good as the P/L25mm. But the fanboys here will have a reason to justify the price, just like the Oly17mm 1.8, that’s isn’t better than the Panny 20mm, unless you want to sacrifice image quality for speed.

  • Ash

    I would buy a 25mm 1.8 if it had something special to add, something like macro ability or weather sealing.

    • Pixnat


      • Pixnat

        Sorry Ash, I was responding to “IT WOULD ONLY MAKE SENSE IF IT’S CHEAPER”

        • true homer

          And how does that make him a troll?????? Its amazing how ass backwards olympus fans have it here. Only here an f1.8 lens can be a better buy than an f1.4 lens of the SAME FOCAL LENGHT. just as long as it says zuiko on the barrel its justifiable right?

          • Anonymous

            Fun, I’ve just heard a Canon engineer claim that their 50/1.4 is brighter and has better build quality, but that the 50/1.8 II is a better lens optically for a fraction of the price. Don’t know as I don’t use Canon.
            I’m however using Minolta MD equipment, and their 50/1.7 is most certainly better then their 50/1.4 in all aspects but brightness.

            • true homer

              First wheres the link to such a claim?
              Second the 1.4 stoped to 1.8 is sharper than the 1.8 II according to lenstip. Sooo yet another bogus claim to defend olympus.
              But lets say its true, lets say that by some miracle the 25 1.8 is much more sharper than the 25 1.4. While im shooting at iso 1600 youll be at 2500, and if its really dim ill be at 3200 and youll be at 5000, so that extra sharpenss will go down the drain real fast.
              But you all will probably shoot at iso 400 at 1/1.8 of a second because 5 axis ibis fixes everything

  • Narretz

    Many people here forget that a Oly 25mm 1.8 would not compete against the Panaleica 25mm or even the Nokton. I bet it’ll be an affordable and good performer like the 45mm. Oly and all camera companies need such lenses to actually move camera owners to buy other lenses! Most people stick to the kit zoom, or buy a tele zoom. A top-performing 25mm 1.2 would make a select few very happy, but this is not where sales are. I’m actually surprised Pana didn’t show another lens like the 20mm. Seems like they’re focussing on making zooms compact.

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo, another silver, mediocre, expensive lens from Olympus and for 400.00 more, we can get it in black, plus another hundred for a lens hood. What’s not to like about that?

    • Freddy

      Wow, that was so funny… I can’t stop laughing… :-/

      • Joe Schmoe

        But not inaccurate.
        An “Olympus” logo makes many an eye glaze over and wallets open…

    • E-1

      Yes, mediocre like the 12,45,75 … not.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Unfortunately, those are the exceptions.

        • Mr Reeee You are CORRECT!


        • E-1

          What is the norm of primes then? The 17/2.8? The only really sub average prime. The 60/2.8? Seems to be the sharpest m43 lens. The 17/1.8 seems to be as sharp as the 20/1.7. I’m the first to cry about the lack of any good Olympus zooms, but the primes from Olympus seem to all be very good. And my 75/1.8 is surely the best lens I owned in 30 years.

          • Narretz

            Wtf, don’t say stuff like that, or I really have to buy this lens!

            • MarcoSartoriPhoto

              Try it, it’s really a superb lens. The only problem is: don’t take close ups portraits to friends, because it shows no mercy to skin details! ;)

          • true homer

            In what universe the 17 as sharp as the 20? Besides from this forum anyway? Every single test (unless you count ming tein as a test) puts the 20 miles away from the 17.
            Only here…

        • Pixnat

          That’s not fair. If we look at the current offering of m4/3 primes from Panasonic and Olympus, I would rate like this :

          14mm f/2.5 : good
          20mm f/1.7 : very good
          25mm f/1.4 : excellent
          45mm F/2.8 : excellent

          12mm f/2.0 : very good
          17mm f/1.8 : very good
          17mm f/2.8 : mediocre
          45mm f/1.8 : excellent
          60mm f/2.8 : excellent
          75mm f/1.8 : outstanding

          The only “mediocre” lens is the Oly 17mm f/2.8, and it’s the exception, IMHO.

  • Still waiting for some nice Oylmpus zooms… And waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

    • Pixnat

      In the 4/3 days, people were waiting for nice Olympus primes….and waiting, and waiting, and waiting….and they never came!

      • And the people who purchased nice 4/3 zooms are waiting and waiting and waiting for a new camera to use their expensive lenses ;-) I’m glad that I came so late to Olympus that I didn’t purchased some of the pro zooms because I switched from 4/3 to m4/3 after a short time. Otherwise I would be very, very angry, believe me…

        But I will not wait for years, if the next generation from Fuji is out and if there are not better m4/3 zooms from Olympus until then… Bye bye Olympus.

  • Pixnat

    That’s very nice, but 400 is too much for a 1.8 lens.
    The 50mm f/1.8 sell for about 100-200$ in other systems. 250$ should be the maximum.

  • Wasn’t there a rumor for a 25mm macro at some point?

  • Pete

    No no no why again a nearly existing lens?
    MFT will die, if all this brands won’t understand.
    Give us MFT versions of the best FT lenses like oly’s 50-200, 12-60…..

  • Ferdinand

    When it is a pancake with good optical quality I will buy it in a breeze.

    This is exactly the lens I have been waiting for.

  • kl

    A weather sealed version with manual override clutch would make sense and be able to charge a slight premium. But i bet if it ever comes true, this will be the most tramp on lens those equivalent folks will talk about.

  • A pancakish i.e. small 25/1,8 would be fantastic – for 300 $ at introduction. In fact it should be almost a kit lens, like the old 4/3 25/2.8 which was a fairly good lens without breaking the bank.

    I am moderately interested but I am spoiled by the two Sigmas, which give me more focal leeway.
    THere are 2 issues here:

    – I have lost faith in firmware correction. Can you make outstanding IQ without?

    – price: these lenses are grossly overpriced. If you open one of the Oly pancakes you’ll discover how flimsy they are.

    Money Laundererers please abstain :)

    • YES! Olympus should work more on good optics instead of relying on in-camera adjustment for faults from lens design..


    That’s a First for Olympus.


    I think Giulio Sciorio is hinting at Panasonic’s GX7!!!

    Just scroll down to the 4th pic…. I think that’s the biggest hint, if anything!!!

  • So HYPED UP…
    • Anonymous

      Good catch man!
      The hint to their new groundbreaking mobile phone is clear! -err no- I meant the other vintage stuff he shows LOL

  • Anonymous

    If you add the lens hood, which Pany includes with the PL25, the Oly will be the same price.

  • Don’t care whether it’s a pancake or not. Do care about good optical performance and I’d like it to be weather-sealed. A walkabout lens needs weather-sealing – at least here in the UK it does! People will pay any price if the quality is right – they just don’t like paying over the odds for a flawed product.

  • Alex

    A 25mm f1.8 will not be so popular with the target market for Olympus as the well-healed Asian trend-setters aren’t able to hold the camera out and cam-whore and fit in their jewellery/clothes/boyfriend/girlfriend.

    I own the Leica 25mm f1.4 and girls hate it for this reason. Not popular. My 17mm f2.8 is much better for general days out. It has a much more dramatic angle of view and still can do portraits (with lots of context).

    Although I’m sure Olympus will make it, sell it for a ridiculous price, and I’m sure it will have some kind of magic dark moody bokeh and strong colour rendition, and Olympus fans will love it (me included).

    (Would be nice with my lovely silver second hand e-p1: even if the sensor is old hat compared to my g3).

  • ep3pl25_ninja

    how hard is it for olympus to release a nex-6 like body.. and a friggin fast zoom ala 12-60 or 14-54. release those two products and im telling you it’ll be a hit!

    • Narretz

      Pana and Oly realized too late that they can’t make fast zooms as small as m43 deserves. Or they took the risk anyway. Same thing is actually true about miniturization of all other components. Oly had to go “hump” to fit a viewfinder in the EM-5. I hope the Gx-7 doesn’t get too big. Slightly under X-E1 would be okay.

      • Come on, the hump of the E-M5 isnt’ so big… and it looks cool :-) For me, a nice zoom would be similar to the 12-50, size would be ok for me, but with better optical quality and maybe 2.8-4.0, or 3.5-4.8. Nobody has to tell me that it’s not possible to make such a lens.

        • and price 650 – 700 Swiss Francs. And also a 40-150 2.8-4.5, with better optical quality then the existing 40-150, weather sealed, for the same price.

      • digifan

        In the E-P5 there’s no hump, so they improved!

  • Jacko

    I´m looking forward the zooms 7-700mm f0.5-3.1 and 700-2100mm f3.1-5.2, I want them both in black and in silver to match properly with my cameras as well as my eyes colour. I don’t care about the prices, I’ll sell my kidneys and liver if necessary (not my pancreas, since I already sold it to get the 12mm), but Olympus must listen to this if they dont want to loose one member of the fellowship. I mean it.

  • I owned yet the 25mm PL an excellent lens but a little big IMO. a litte silvered
    ;-)25mm or 30mm from OLY whith similar IQ to the PL would be a great adition. at least for me…..sorry for you zoom lovers if this is true, but I think it´s more posible we can see something like a 12-40mm 2.8-3.5 first……

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    If I’m not wrong, there won’t be any (M)Zuiko lens faster than f1.8. The reason should be the absence of CA at the widest aperture. Every faster lens suffers from it, be it PanaLeica25mm, 50mm summicron/lux or Noctilux from Leica, Nokton from Voigtländer. Of course shooting in b&w or a click in LR solve the issue,but..

  • To the w@nkers who pretend they couldn’t lower themselves to shoot a piccie without a 1000 S lens, I say go at Leica. Clean the premises from your filthy self.

    m4/3 is a system for everbody, not for the banksters and the money launderers.

    Dentists, somehow we must accept, but not with much happiness. They prosper by torturing us.

    • Dogbytes


  • Rich

    Great if Olympus is going to make a standard lens for us.
    1. We want it for good speed(F1.8-F1.4),
    2. good performance(good enough is not enough),
    3. all metal(sorry no plastic 25mm designed for FourThird)
    4. and reasonable in pricing.

    I would think $250 should be a quantity moving street price for M43 users. Note Canon Nikon can make full frame 50mm lens for $100-$125 retail, then double the budget for a metal made M43 should not be a difficult task for Olympus.

    Just look at 12mm or 75mm, both are good lenses, but for the high price tag, buyers are not interested. instead, they go full frame Nikon for performance and value.

  • For me is the ok by F1.8 on this 25mm lens, if than have sam IQ and short DOF like the 17mm F1.8 lens have.

  • an Oly 25/1.8 (plastic barrel like the 45) would need to be £200 max
    the Pan25 is £429 and relatively big (okay its f1.4 so needs too be)
    and the Oly 25 would need to deliver optical quality on par with the 45

    the cheaper entry OM-D with 25/1.8 kit anyone?

  • Paul

    Panny 25 have a lot of vignetting at f1.4, I have to use it at f2.0, so if Oly will do this lens (25mm f1.8) more lighter and in small dimensions, I will buy it.

  • Ash

    I can see a 25mm 1.8 selling for $399.

    Metal barrel, no clutch mechanism like the 12mm and 17mm.

    Hopefully it will have macro ability and/or weather sealing.

  • JimD

    If things go as they have in the past this may be the standard prime to go with the new omd pro.
    the lens is often hinted at then released prior to the actual camera. If so it may be pdaf and cdaf compatible and reasonably sharp. But lets wait and see. The front plate engraving diagram show little.

  • If it was weathersealed I would pay a premium price for one if it was outstanding optically.

    When the pro camera comes out that can use micro four thirds lenses and four thirds lenses the zoom wishlist will be completed.. This is why we dont see any premium zooms.. they already exist…

    Come on Olympus, I cant wait.. :)

  • No thank you. Got my lovely PannyLeica Summilux, don’t need a second 25mm lens.

  • Ion Eye

    I’ve been having a blast with the E-M5 and Lumix 12-35 out in the rain, but there’s a distinct lack of compact weather sealed lenses in the m43 lineup.

    Seal the deal? Seal the lens!

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