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(FT2) Confirmed and Unconfirmed details of Panasonic FF camera


An anonymous source sent me the following rumor about the new Panasonic FF camera. Note that this is from a new source meaning it could be completely wrong. But I do hope trusted sources can read this and quickly tell me if what’s written here is right or wrong:

Confirmed and Unconfirmed details of Panasonic FF camera from a mid level Panasonic engineer who worked on early camera development:

Unconfirmed: the camera will use a new Panasonic sensor unsure of MP but believed to be around 30MP

Confirmed: full frame readout in 4k no pixel binning, no crop in 4k 24/25

Confirmed: internal 4k 10bit 4:2:2 recording up to 60p (all i frames in 24/25 believed to be around 200mbs)

Unconfirmed: possible 4k raw recording (may be external output only, there had been some early difficulty with hdmi and raw output)

Unconfirmed: two card slots not sure if they are 2 x sdxc or 1x cfast 2.0 and 1x sdxc (probably depends on whether raw recording is internal or external)

Unconfirmed: early prototype had no ibis due to sensor size and other internal elements, may change on release.

Unconfirmed: new ff lenses will have is, unsure if all new lenses will have it but if there is no ibis then it would make sense.

Confirmed: audio adaptor similar to gh5 with more robust connection and additional controls

Partially Confirmed: there will be some type of variable nd, not sure if this is an add on adaptor or built in.

Confirmed: adaptors will be available for other lens mounts canon ef etc… unsure if they will work with the nd adaptor.

Confirmed: weather sealed body, unsure if it is fully weather sealed but speculation is it is shower /splash dust proof.

Ports: headphone, mic, usbc, hdmi, flash to double as timecode sync as with Gh5s

Pricing unavailable: estimated to be in the region of 3k

Panasonic are confident this new camera will be a big seller and will seriously challenge Sony and Canon as the top selling ff mirrorless camera.

I repeat that this info is from a new sources. So please keep that fact in mind when discussing the specs.

You can join the new Panasonic Full Frame Facebook group if you plan to buy this camera. There you can discuss all features and tests once it’s released!

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