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(FT 2) no video in Olympus digital cameras ?


We received an email from unknown sources. So please keep in mind that he could be completely wrong (or just joking with us). This sources says he works for Olympus and he knows that for 2009 we are NOT going to see any DSLR camera with video. He told us video is not a primary feature requestet by Olympus user. Plans are to wait the evolution of this tecnology. The digital cameras with video we have seen until now are not really good competitor to traditional camcorders so Olympus has not to be hurry anyway.

That’s what he told us.

I keep his contact in mind.

UPDATE: I asked him if he believes there will be NO video feature even for micro four thirds camera. He answered he is only sure about classic four thirds DSLR. May Olympus has different plans for micro four thirds cameras.


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