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(UPDATED) First full size image smaples and FullHD video made with the E-M5 (+ Olympus livestream)


The video on top is actually the first FullHD video shot with the E-M5 and posted on youtube. It’s actually not a real good video example :(  Much more useful are the new full size image samples posted at ePrice (Click here). There are plenty of images and ISO samples. Hurry you pixel peepers!
UPDATE:There are many other images samples at Omuser (Click here).

P.S.: For all of you speaking Japanese Olympus is having a livestream event at Fotopus (Click here) from 11AM Feb 9, Thur, in Japan Standard Time (UTC+9) -> 2 AM Feb, 9 in GMT.

Updated Preorder list:
Black E-M5 body at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
Silver E-M5 body at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
Black E-M5 body with 14-42mm lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
Black E-M5 body with 12-50mm lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Jessops (Click here).
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  • Interesting admin, why do you say its not a ” real good video example” ? Isnt that from the camera ? Cheers

    • MJr

      It’s a plenty good example imo. Just imagine it without the AF on. I’m confident that i have a good amount of experience in judging video quality, and considering the youtube compression this is looking very very good ! And i’m not just saying that because of the model :D

      Isn’t it a pre-production model still ? Maybe the continuous AF will improve as well, but probably not.

    • Yea. I think it’s great quality, but the constant AF hunting and zooming lets it down…

      • Agree…That hunting would ruin a video…I understand that in video you generally want to MF, but if you’re doing run and gun, you don’t always have the luxury of taking the time to MF.

        • Tom

          Not just the AF that can’t make up its mind, the exposure was pretty distracting also – granted both are fixed by shooting manually but at the same time… couldn’t they have optimised it slightly? Say with a buffer?
          Sensor read-out may have solved rolling shutter syndrome but I doubt that the E-M5 will provide “good” video. Hopefully the scaling algorithms will be an improvement though, that would at least make it usable!

      • AF pretty far from Sony, distracting.
        But still need to wait for a better video.

  • Matt

    the quality is poor and the focusing is bouncy. Olympus has always been behind on video… so if people were expecting great things from them on this, then they are dreaming.
    Small sample though… would like to see more.

    • Stu5

      It is on AF which on video you should hardly ever use. I can’t remember the last time on shooting pro video footage I used AF. Also it is on You Tube which uses massive amounts of compression. Vimeo is better but still not great. If you want video content to look great you run it off your own servers on the internet and use much better compression settings.

  • FMJ

    something wrong with the exposure? keeps jumping and jumping.

    Does the EM-5 shoot AVCHD (2.0 or not)?

    traditionally, i never look at Olympus M4/3 for their video quality, always Panasonic.

    hopefully, this will match or atleast come close to Pana

    • Tom

      No AVCHD from what I’ve read, H.264 MOV which is more than suitable for this camera! MOV is just a container, a very flexible one at that, H.264 is the important bit alongside bit-rates… does anyone know the bit-rates actually?

  • Sorry guys, the video is poor because the person taking it is a jerk. He placed the model against the light of the window, handholding the camera and shaking it for and back, causing the jerky focus. Done like this, no camera can make this video look good. Unless the model wears less or no clothes… ;)

    • flash


    • I doubt he was shaking the camera. He merely zoomed in and out. Not sure if the jumpy exposure is due to the new 5 axis stablisation.

    • I think the same it flickers all the time. No comparison to my GH2.

      • Steve

        …based on one video. OK!

    • Agree with you. Less clothes and the whole AF thing could be forgiven…Olympus, here’s a free hint for your next product presentation


      • Jason

        Digitalrev (I know you read the comments), please hire this model in your next video’s.

        • Pei

          That’s what I was thinking watching that video. Video was actually taken in Hong Kong so shouldn’t be a problem. She might cost a lot more though.

          • Pei

            Actually she is in Taiwan. Everyone speaks Cantonese though so maybe there were from HK.

    • avds

      Oops… for me, looks like she didn’t even have to wear less as I failed to notice ANY problem with the video until I watched it for a second time :)

  • akkad

    actually, i think it is likely to be pretty indicative – not bad in good light but terrible dynamic range…

  • FMJ

    btw, does this body has a mic input?

    • Fan

      only with adapter on top

      • it

        I can’t find any mention in product materials of an adapter for mic input. Where did you see this?

        • Fan

          It’s the same as for the PEN models. The product number is SEMA-1 (in a set with a stereo mic). This fits on the OM-D, too. It was on the big photo we saw a few days ago, the one with all the lenses, flashes, and accessories.

          • These is also a mic input on the battery grip

    • Alexander

      ! WHY you dont read postS below?!)

    • The German datasheet on indicates that a stereo mike is incoporated. I am confused about this as well…

      • Fan

        Yes but the question was about a mic input connector.

        • True. I misunderstood the question. There is a jacket for an external mic.

          • Fan

            But only if you attach SEMA-1 to the accessory port on top.

            • Stu5

              The mic that comes with that SEMA-1 kit is actually made for Olympus digital recorders. It’s OK but not great. Works well as a tie mic though. So you are best to purchase decent mic to plug into the adapter.

  • SWWT

    Weird, I feel the opposite. The OMD managed to keep the model in focus even while zooming (something the Pens have a lot of trouble with)… and took a picture without interrupting the video?

  • DR looks horrible. Hope it’s only bad metering.

    • IHUR

      it’s the sensor I’m affraid

  • Mar

    If you set it to 1080p and freeze the frame in time, IQ is excellent.

    Problem is that the person taking the video did a bad job of taking a video, but looking at the image quality, it seems great and dynamic range is quite good, except maybe 1/2 ev overexposed.

    I like that highlights are kept well and a lot of detail in the shadows (office/hair).

    • reverse stream swimmer

      Re: “I like that highlights are kept well and a lot of detail in the shadows (office/hair).”

      – If nothing else, and if this is true, it’s a welcome achievement. Good job, Olympus!

  • the new keyline art filter looks very usable :D

    • +1
      That looks really cool!

    • and no full Hd 1920 x 1080 60p …. those feature of the M5 I do 2 years already on my GH2

      • Keith

        Since when does GH2 have 1080p60? Mine only does 24p, 60i, and with the new 1.1 firmware, 30p at 1920×1080.

  • Fan

    Sigma 30mm price: 199 EUR

    I will buy it for that amount of money.

    • MJr

      Why, what are you gonna do with a 60mm eq. F2.8 ?

      • Fan

        shoot stuff

        • Bob B.

          LMAOROTF! (soft focus) :-)

          • Fan

            You don’t know that.

            • Bob B.

              MJr does!

              • Fan

                Actually, f-ck the 2.8. I might even stop it down!!

        • Narretz

          You are seriously going to take photos with your camera and lens? I always thought everybody here just had their equipment sitting on a shelf, constantly pacing in front of it, pointing out its weaknesses, impatiently waiting for the next, “better” camera.

    • James70094

      I ahve the Sigma 30mm f2.8. I use it on my E-510, E-30 and E-P1. It works fine for me wide open. I even have the 18-55mm f2.8. I use them for night shots. Mainly city skylines when traveling. No soft focus on mine. Nice and sharp and bright.

  • Michael

    I’m confused – can the E-M5 shoot in 1080p or not (at any frame rate)? It doesn’t seem to be on the official spec sheet, but one of the reviews mentioned 1080p 30p mode.

  • Boooo!

    Don’t bother with the photos. They were taken with the 12-50, and that’s quite a soft lens. We have to wait until someone tests the camera with a REAL lens and knows how to turn off noise reduction.

    • It seems to me mostly a noise reduction problem that the lest itself (at f/4.5 or f/4.7 the lens should be sharp enough).

      Either the noise reduction is over the top or the sensor is too noisy and requires that heavy noise reduction in the shadows. We’ll have to wait for more samples and raw ones (or JPEGs NR off).

      • Camaman

        What samples are you guys looking at? Cause those of the model in the red dress were taken in 9FS mode and the camera doesn’t use AF between the shots in 9FPS mode.
        That and subject movement could be result of lack of detail captured. (see moving hand in one of the photos)

        • Not those ones. If you go further down just after the size comparisons with the NEX-7 there are a couple of full size pictures of the model by the window. Taken at base ISO. NR looks to heavy to me, but we’ll have to wait to see more samples (though it’s the trend to make NR stronger with each camera, so I’m not surprised if that’s the case with the E-M5 too).

        • IHUR

          This sample :

          Look at her skin face, especially her left arm and see the skin-tone and the detail..horrible

          • PS

            The link doesnt open!!!!

          • Vlad

            Horrible detail, agreed, but what’s the problem with the skin tone?

          • I think the problem was the person shooting this pics ;-) But it’s not so easy making pics with a cam that you don’t know and have the first time in your hand. So let’s wait for more pics and better tests.

  • bilgy_no1

    Not sure what to think of those samples. Not particularly noisy, but also not very sharp. That may be the lens, uncontrolled (not on a tripod) test shooting, the NF being set to High, or all of the above…

    Also, the files display in my browser as a high compression jpeg: around 1.5MB for the 16MP file. That suggests it’s sooc jpeg, 16:9 ratio, shot at Large Normal jpeg quality. It shows some artifacting that I would not expect to be there in a better jpeg file.

    • Looking at the high ISO samples of the watch on Eprice, quality looks good up to ISO800, with ISO1600 suffering a slight loss of colour depth. ISO3200 is still very acceptable, especially when not zooming in pixel-peeping fine detail. ISO6400 looks to be average and anything above that for black and white or extreme situations only.

      • Fan

        Lumix G3 is certainly not worse.

      • Michael, You must be trolling all people with healthy eyes, seriously…
        Telling that “quality looks good up to ISO800 and ISO3200 is still very acceptable” is too much even on 4/3 forum ;)

        • Nope, just telling it how I see it. People seem to forget amongst all the specs and tests that, at the end of the day, what is acceptable is a personal preference.

  • Iovis80

    i’m looking at the photo samples…i don’t find them very sharp, hope i’m wrong

  • Bob B.


  • RAkouka

    Poor continuous AF in video mode

  • Camaman

    What is this feature Gizmodo mentions: “new technology called Intelligent High Sensitivity (IHS) that Olympus claims will let you shoot clean(ish) at 12,800 ISO”

    Is it maybe 2 frames = single photo NR gimmick? :-)

  • kokotis

    horrible image samples… Anyway ISO scale EXIF shows “Digital Zoom: 2.000x”. What is this?

    • The person taking the photos is slightly retarded, and has left he digital tele convertor on. This is why images appear poor.

  • fan_guo_lai_xiang_xiang

    the stills quality does not blow my socks off… hope it’s due to bad handling

  • Bimbo

    Dear admin,

    More high ISO tests, with the excellent 45mm 1.8 lens.

    • Thanks very good also on ISO 25600.

  • samshootsall

    I only saw my wife and not the video quality ;)

  • GL

    Why couldn’t they have hired some guy who would have given a twenty minute lecture on taking video to all the guys in the E-M5 team?

    Mainly on the usual crap things:

    – Jello (Fix IS)
    – Moire (Fix sampling)
    – Blocks (Fix more bitrate)
    – Focus hunting (more of a lens thing…)

    Cultural changes are really hard. Companies have gone under before since they have resisted learning new even really really small and trivial things.

    • Fan

      I think they did fix IS, using the sensor shift for video now instead of software jello.

  • PS

    This is a video of special video creative filter.

    • GL

      That’s actually quite nice!

    • the echo effect looks nice, will be good for weddings and sports events etc (obviously don’t use too much!)

  • Camaman

    I think they are quite sharp and good, considering they are just quick snapshots in difficult situation, with new pre production camera and OOC Jpegs produced by a slow macro zoom…

    Don’t know what you were expecting from a camera/situation like this… they are no D800 sample pictures taken with holly trinity at f8. Maybe that’s what colored your impressions lately… ;-P

    • Narretz

      Stop being realistic, people here are having fun being pessimistic!

  • IHUR

    wow,,look at the watch at ISO1600. Doesn’t look like there’s any improvement at all on the sensor for high ISO

    • PS

      Here comes the TROLL again

      • He has no toilet under his bridge, so occasionally he has to come out and talk shit.

    • Fan

      At least there will be less chromatic noise in the shadows. That’s for sure.

      • IHUR

        Well, that’s not a real concern since it can be fixed on PP quite easily, but look at the detail of the watch.

  • Guy McLoughlin

    …This looks like a HDMI live mode video feed while a person is taking still photos, and may not be representative of what the camera can do when actually shooting video.

  • OllieS

    Don’t think i’d use iso over 3200 if at all possible. Disappointed to see no iso less than 200, meaning ND filter needed for water shots etc. Why bother putting unusable iso settings in? trade some in for DR!

    Keen to see how well the image stabilisation works.

  • pedro

    hmmm all i can say is that whites are overblown

  • shutterwill

    FYI, the EM5 he is using has firmware v0.9.

  • gianca

    I already placed a preorder for the E-M5 on Amazon, but looking at these samples… eeewww… Noise artifacts even at 200.
    I was hoping the E-M5 would have a better IQ than the GH2, but I may be disappointed…
    I’m starting to think I may be delusional to cling on my FT lass hoping for a body that truly take advantage of it… Been years now.

    • Fan

      I have a feeling it’s basically the GH2 sensor but without the extra pixels.

      • MA

        It’s not GH2 sensor. I mean It’s not made by Pana (via Japanese source).

    • JLW518

      Honestly, I would not judge anything about artifacts or noise (or even color or sharpness) from these photos. It’s not the final firmware; you have no idea what compression the original photos were taken with, or what the in-camera NR settings were , or, for that matter, how the photos were resized for posting on the website (and whether they were jpg originals or from RAW…)

      The only thing that looks like it might be judgeably better in these photos is the DR (in the model’s 9fps shots, the background to the left of the model is quite a bit more darkly lit than the foreground, yet you can see detail, color, and shadow gradation to a degree that the earlier 12mp sensor would really struggle with.)

      I’ll wait to see photos with the final firmware and a lens I am familiar with before I make an image quality evaluation….

    • bilgy_no1

      That’s not noise, but compression artefacts. If you can’t distinguish that, just keep using your compact. These samples are only 1.5 MB, so not much to tellen by them.

      • aaa

        There are compression artefacts. There is also noise and NR artifacts even in ISO 200 samples. ISO 200 looks worse than on my E-520.

  • OH AMAZING smaple~!!!

    • gianca

      @ JLW518:
      I know… I just got my hopes up and I’m afraid to be disappointed in April.
      I’ll keep my amazon preorder and wait to see a more definitive proof this a real improvement in IQ b4 making my mind.
      But Oly better not screw up this time: I’m tired of waiting for them to catch up… 11 stops of DR it’s not acceptable anymore in 2012.

  • Narretz

    Good thinking I planned on waiting to make a decision anyway. If the image qualitiy is basically the same as G3, I might think about it.
    This is so amazingly holding back Olympus. How can they raise the cash for R&D if they have to fight the competition with subpar sensors in the first place? I wish they would take a risk.

  • D3xmeister

    Is it just me or the samples look horrible. At all ISOs it seems much worse tha the old 12MP cameras, and MUCH worse than Panasonic 16MP cameras.

    • Steve

      Well, considering it’s a pre production model and there’s no direct comparison, I’d say it’s just impossible to say right now.

    • 132324242

      nope oly lied to it´s customers as usual.

      the promised better image quality and now THAT!!

  • Samples with watches were disastrous NOT only for pixel peepers.
    Perhaps Jpeg quality was set to “minimal” :)
    BTW: Michal are You kidding me?

  • Yeah it’s hard to say anything for sure at this point. Once a real review comes out, we’ll know. Unfortunately, the ISO comparisons don’t look great. Already losing a lot at only 800 ISO. Based strictly on that, I’m not too impressed yet. But I will reserve final judgment until I see some real reviews and raw noise comparisons.

  • Mark

    Why is the exposure flickering? Is there a firmware problem in the camera? Are you a democrat and don’t know it yet? More on Fox.

  • Melvin

    looks like an impressive camera from the spec’s and design.

    Judgement of IQ and video quality not possible yet. Like to see full HD and HD samples. Is E-m5 on par with GH2?

    Somehow I cannot find a port for plugging in a rode stereo (or mono) microphone. Is it not possible to use a high quality mic with the E-M5 or am I missing something?

    the grip can have only one battery? Is that correct? So one battery in the body and one in the grip?

    I see no port for connecting my pocketwizard with E-M5. Does anyone have a solution here? Do I miss something again?

    Thanks for your replies!

    • Fan

      Mic input can be added via adapter on the accessory port on the hot shoe.

      • Melvin

        okee, thanks. possible to combine this with flash on the same time?
        Or do we need to choose between external mic or flash?

  • pathos

    forget the camera, the model is smokin hot!

  • 132324242

    crap… olympus lied again.. samples look ok for a model from 2 years ago…. but not what oly promised.

    wtf.. that company should be long gone.

    • NPrincen

      So, none of us were able to take any nice photos two years ago because the sensors were all crap back then! And back in the dark ages of film, when the maximum ISO was about 400 before you got lots of grain, you couldn’t even figure out what the subject was that the photographer was shooting. LOL! There is more to a camera than having the ultimate in sensors. Usability, image stabilization, autofocus, build quality, lens selection, etc. are also important. Olympus has a hit here, even if the sensor is a little behind. Maybe, GH-3 will satisfy you, but probably not. Some people will never be satisfied. There is no ultimate camera. Just like computers, they will always be evolving. Choose the one you like best when you are in the market to buy one. Shoot pictures. Don’t worry about the latest upgrade. Chances are, the camera you use now is perfectly fine. I bet the E-M6 will be even better. Maybe you should wait for that.

      • aaa

        I would say from 5 years ago. My E-520 is on par or even better at low ISO (because it has quite good ISO100). ISO 1600 looks a little worse on my E-520, but the rest is the same or worse on the new camera. I hope it was on some strange settings, but the noise on ISO200 won’t disappear anyway. :(

      • Pedro del Río

        If he waits for the E-M6, then he might want to wait for the E-M7, which will be better. :-)

  • Not too trille with the image qualityfromthese samples. The shot of the model by te window at ISo 200 shows a lot of noisereduction. The hair looks ok. But to the left side – the darker wall- shadow noise with chroma noise… At the base ISO? Not good!

    The watch sample has a lot of noise reduction. On the good side the shots resized down a little look way better. So maye treating this more as a 10-12 megapixel camera works better. Te resize down keeps a lot of tone and apparent detail as object lines seem to be “honored” by the noise reduction.

    I bet the gx1 has better shadows. This thanks to that tone shift Olympus apparently still doesn’t allow us to control. Ah well.

    I still think the camera as a whole is a nice sexy package at a good price. I am sure it’s a fast little performer. Those looking for better image quality may want to consider other options but if all you do is web and not crop
    Much it should be fine.

    • stimmer

      Too soon to decide all of this. Pre production camera with pics taken by amatuers. We have to get to final firmware before knowing anything concrete.

      • I will agree with you we need to see final firmware. That sai the noise I pointed out it’s just that- sensor noise at base ISo in the shadows. Doesn’t look that promising to me

        It’s a tweaked gx1 sensor and because of the tone shift olympus does we lose shadow range. It would be so nice if they let us control that.

        That’s said vs the previous generation at the same resized size I do think this would look a bit better.

        • MA

          at one of Japanese web site, the sensor infomation was posted and it said that the sensor’s not made by Pana.

      • aaa

        Amateurs or not – the noise is there and will be there. Lack of ISO100 is painfull.

  • Berthie Bernunsa

    Lolmf that was it, it was fun 2 weeks, i ll be preordering the d800, i can t buy the same camera for the fourth time

  • The Real Stig

    Why aren’t people looking at the samples Bimbo posted a link to?

    • Actual

      Those look shockingly good

    • gianca

      Yeah these are a bit better… still not enough to clear worries, as I keep seeing stuff that shouldn’t be visible at base iso (sharpening, noise reduction, etc.)

      • Fan

        Come back in a few years. We will get there, even with M43. But not today.

      • I find the eprice ones horrible, but the omuser ones pretty good (as far as you can judge the IQ by the crops): No chroma noise upto ISO 12800, ISO 3200 looks clean without suffering from too much obvious detail loss. B.t.w., the watch pictures seem to be shot with digital zoom according to the EXIFs.

        • I agree, these look much better then the other samples. I always shoot between 200-800 iso and it seems you can go easily to 1600. even the higher iso shots look very good to me.

        • Agreed. After seeing the OMuser photos, the watch ones do look worse in comparison. If there’s one thing I’ve leant it’s that It’s difficult to determine quality without side-by-side comparisons with other cameras. I’m still reserving my judgement for now.

    • MJr

      Ok, well, do you have anything to discuss about it ?

      • The Real Stig

        Me? No, I still shoot film. Just a spectator.

        • MJr

          LOL, yea i just loaded a Canon A1 for tomorrow. I have to say m4/3 RAW noise can look fairly analog so that’s cool. Apart from the ‘slight’ dynamic range difference that is. JPGs tho, Arghh! But thankfully Olympus always renders at least a 70% reduction in ‘Arghh!’ compared to Panasonic. Anyway, I already know what the GX1 RAWs look like and i don’t expect much difference, which is why these images aren’t really ‘revealing’ anything. Thus, boring !

      • I think these look very good. There is very little noise even at high isos. But the sharpness is dificult to judge as the 100% crops contain very little in-focus detail.

    • Unfortunately, this link doesn’t work well for me (time-out). Probably too many users are trying to connect… :-(

    • Charlie

      Not my favorite ISO composition, but these show the EM5 output compares favorably with the X Pro 1.

    • Mr_Pyro

      I think that the pictures from look very promising, at lesat in my perspective. As
      I’m currently using an E-520, I’d say that Olympus has come a far way in terms of high ISO. The pictures of the bunns look better in ISO 25600 with the OM-D compared to what my E-520 does in ISO 800.
      So far Olympus hasn’t produced a camera worth upgrading from my E-520 to. E-5 being to bulky and costly.

      But if the new OM-D only manages focus 4/3 lenses at an usable speed they just got them self a new customer for the OM-D and UW-housing.

      They also finaly managed to incorporate a focus assist light in the boddy, not a day to early, been missing this feature for a very long time. If they only had made the flash built in… gues u cant have it all.

    • Bobafett

      Having a good gear is important but the most important is the person behind the glass!
      I’m very optimistic towards the e-m5 capabilities but I wanna see its iso performance during a night-walk. Check this x-pro1 samples out. If the e-m5 can perform closely to this, then there’s no holding back for me from buying it!
      (I hope the link works! Sending this from my iphone)

  • Fan

    One of the best improvements is being to take out the SD card from the side, while keeping it mounted on a tripod.

    • i would say thats one of the less important improvements :-)

  • Finally I have been able to access the omuser site. For me, ISO 3200 looks quite usable. The lens is really good! :)

  • jncweb

    she is hot!
    (someone had to say it, there is little or no mention of the really hot girl)

    But I agree with the above points, you can’t tell from this, it has also been uploaded to youtube, would that make a difference?

  • Maybe some of the pics from eprice are made with gradation auto? ;-)

  • Carlos

    Judging from the screen shots samples from the link posted by Bimbo. The max ISO seems to be very good for someone intending to make 4×6 prints. At ISO 6400 some color inaccuracies become slightly apparent only if you compare the ISO 6400 shot with the ISO 200 one, if you don’t have a reference shot, well… it might as well be perfect.
    The ISO 1280 looks good enough for a 8×10 print from your average home photo printer.
    At ISO 25600 there is an obvious discoloration. If you are looking at the image through your computer monitor, there are lots of artifacts and lack of detail. However, if your intention is to make a small 4×6 print, then this is good enough.

    Obviously this camera isn’t a FF replacement and it’s IQ is certainly as good as a GX1. Overall, it seems to me this camera is as good or perhaps better (considering non-sensor related things) than the Sony NEX 7. If the rumors about the prices are correct, then this camera is a better deal than the NEX 7.

    • gianca

      > then this camera is a better deal than the NEX 7.

      Dxomark bench the GX1 at 55 while the NEX7 it’s at 80.
      The NEX 7 trounces even the GH2 in every dxomark spec.

      I owned a E-1, E-3 and now a GH2 and I rent a 5DmkII when I need more quality than my GH2, which happens more often that I’d like to admit.
      I found dxomark really good to compare cameras, and to help understand with some apples to apples comparison why I cannot get the quality I need from a FT or a MFT system. I know I can’t expect FF quality on a FT/MFT system, but I’d be happy to get a compromise, like the same DR as the NEX 7, or the D5100: this looks like we may be getting slightly worse than GH2 instead.
      It shouldn’t be a surprise, as Oly hasn’t been catering to low iso / clean 18% noise in a long time… But again we cannot say for sure till we get the camera in our hands, but I’m trying to get my hopes not so high.

      • Carlos

        Read my comment, and just in case, let me restate the last portion. If we considering factors other than the sensor, then the Olympus camera is a better deal than the NEX 7.
        Why? Well… Olympus has a ton of accessories for the m43 system, you have a fast growing selection of native lens and an immense selection of legacy glass and other mount glass that you can use (assuming you get the adapter). This particular camera has IBIS which works with any lens you use. The E-M5 has comparable features and controls to the ones in the NEX-7. The E-M5 is weather-sealed, as far as I know the NEX series isn’t. Native lenses for m43 are of better quality, faster, and usually smaller than the NEX equivalent lens (when there is an equivalent at all).

      • Carlos

        Imagine you go to Niagara falls and decide to ride The Maid of the Myst boat to the foot of the falls. With the water hitting your face and falling all around you, even in the lower deck where you have a roof on top of you…
        How do you expect to capture the moment with an NEX-7? You can’t, you’ll risk over $1300.
        How do you capture the moment? Beautifully with an E-M5, your investment and memories are safe.

        What happens when you take pictures during a snow storm? How about taking pictures at the beach? What if you feel like capturing lightning during a storm? What if you are in the desert? What if there’s heavy condensation in the air?

        Because of moments such as those I described, because the IQ between the two isn’t much different, and because the NEX-7 is more expensive… well, the E-M5 is a better deal.

        Besides, two manufacturers (and possibly more) supporting a standard makes me believe in the longevity of that standard vs only one manufacturer supporting the standard.

        • Frankie_Indo

          Based on that point is why I will buy this. I sell my E-3 for Canon 60D for better IQ, DR etc and finally realize taking picture isn’t everything about those kind of number but how do you got the picture in every situation like I did before with my E-3. most of the time those IQ and DR thing didn’t really make a big different. please don’t get me wrong, of course if we have a perfect ultimate camera someday and taking picture might be so easy till a cave man can do it, I will buy that for sure. But for now I am really enjoy for the process of it, especially in extreme situation that you mention adding with all of new features, improvement and size that already here, I’m happy with that. hopefully the underwater coming soon because in that kind of Body I will be feel safe is a “small” leaking happen like it happen to my EPL1 I’m sure the damage wouldn’t be that fatal.

  • Timbo Tas

    Well I was waiting for the OM cause I thought it would do 60p like the Nex7. My wallet can now rest easy. Hopefully next years model or the GH3 will do 60p. My Sanyo video cam from 2007 used to do it in 1080 60p. Why is it so hard to implement in the OM?

    • gianca

      No 60P, no 24P apparently.

    • pn

      Because Oly would have had to use a sensor for 60p that can be read out more quickly (without just skipping every n-th line, as this would cause horrible moire like the Canon G1X exhibits).

      I, too, have an older Sanyo that is so much better in this regard than most of the cams that came out lately. But even Panasonic seems to struggle with this important feature, as you can see from the specs of the Panasonic HX-WA20 – – it has a 16Mpixel sensor, and unlike its predecessors does only 30p, not 60p anymore.

      Yet, 30p is still so much better than that 60i crap the OM-D provides :-(

    • Frankie_Indo

      Ooops.. wrong reply post..

  • pn

    I just noticed there seems to be a contradiction in what was posted here as the official specs:

    “Noise Reduction … Auto: effective when shutter speed is slower than 4 sec. (at ISO 200 or higher) or 8 sec. (at lower than ISO200)”

    The part “8 sec. (at lower than ISO200)” does not make sense given that in the rest of the specs, ISO 200 is named as the lowest possible value for this camera.

    • metalaryeh

      I noticed that too. If there is some magical way to get iso 100 I would be thrilled.

    • Fan

      It seems to be a copy&paste error. No ISO below 200 is available. They copied this from older cams.

    • TheEye

      Please do not confuse Noise Reduction with Noise Filtering. Noise Reduction is optional black frame subtraction after a long exposure.

      “8 sec. (at lower than ISO200)” may refer to ISO 200 +1 EV exposure compensation.

  • MJr

    btw ‘full size smaples’ sounds really delicious.

  • Reimondo Woodwulf

    What happened to the best video ever rumour?

  • hey 43people – “if you don´t know by now – it´s the om-d day!” lol
    thanks for the inspiration

  • Geoff

    I find it truly amazing the amount of people who are complaining about the video capabilities of what is essentialy a stills camera which can make video clips, if these people want a video camera then go buy one, or is it a question of wanting a Rolls Royce ride for Mini money?????

    • photo/videographers are the biggest complainers alive

    • kevinparis

      as a user of an e-p1, a gh-2 and a canon 5dmk2 who shoots both stills and increasingly video I am a little disappointed with the published specs for video of the OMD. Maybe 24p or 60p was too much to ask for… but 25/30p I would have thought should have been a given

      maybe they have another OM-D in the wings for that particular market.

      Overall I think Olympus have slightly fluffed this launch…. surely they should have had corporate approved still and video samples available at launch rather than the crappy amateur hour samples that seem to be appearing

      still gonna buy one…. leaning towards silver at this point in time

      • Fan

        I was, too, but I think it’s a no-no. That is too retro. It looks almost morally wrong to put a digital camera in that old silver/black/silver look. But maybe, since I never had one of those, maybe I should? I had a Minolta back then, with the same look. But not Olympus.

        • kevinparis

          I find it odd that lots of people are getting so irate about the retro look….if it offends you so much then buy something else.

          Personally I love the look of the camera….and its almost exactly the camera I dreamed they would produce.. I m 53 and grew up with SLRs – its the way I like to shoot….eye to the centre of the camera…I also love how they have cut down on the buttons and twirly things to control obscure functions.

          retro doesn;t need to be just looking backwards…. Mazda went retro with Maita/MX5 – taking visual cues from the beloved 60’s and 70s european sports cars… but making them better and selling a ton. I own a Fiat Barchetta that does a similar trick

          the OMD is going down the same route

          • Fan

            The black one is fine, just the silver one is somehow extreme.

            • Steve

              Looks good to me.

            • My problem is not the choice between silver and black ( I think either one looks cool) but plus or minus the 12-50mm kit lens. In Europe, in the bundle the kit lens is only 200 €, and I am sure it is worth it. But I will probably wait for the announcement of the Panasonic fast X lenses before I make a decision.

      • Carlos

        Think about how safe Olympus has been playing… It took them a while after Panasonic in order to implement 1080/30p in the pens. I think Olympus wants to know first how well this camera sells before investing time and money in R&D to get 1080/25p and 1080/50p in the line.
        Also, we don’t know if there are any weird clauses in the contract between Panasonic and Olympus that says, “You (Olympus) are free to develop your own technologies not related to this sensor (that we, Panasonic, supply) and you hereby compromise to not reverse engineer our sensor in order to exploit features that would result in a product that directly competes with our products”

        At least, this would explain why Panny m43 are video kings while the Oly m43 are image kings and the reason why both seem to offer technically similar features but never exactly the same.

  • tetzu

    Now that’s a video, they should re-do the water splash test have her take a shower and video it with the em5.
    Dr seems pretty good.

    Not alot of Troll-a-holics today, Glad to see that most of the comments are on the positive side, I already miss the complains and what they think the camera should have had.

    • DR

      “I already miss the complains and what they think the camera should have had.”

      A sensor to justify the rest of the camera?

  • Agree if Panasonic GH2 not is good enough, maybe AG100 is a good idea.

  • neeming

    The girl is pretty, but the video and photos are terrible. They are making me having a second thought on the camera. Look at the photo of the watch, how can a photo at ISO 200 have that much color noise? My only explanation is that the photo was shot at a fixed shutter speed, and was severely underexposed at the maximum aperture. In that case, it would not be a real ISO 200 photo. Anyway, you can blame the photographer, but a terribly bad photo does tell you something about the camera as well.

    • I would forget the correct settings too which such prettty subject, it happened to me one time already

    • Maybe you don’t have read here that there was used digital zoom for the pics with the watch :-) But I really looking forward to see some sample pics in full size made from a good photographer that has some experience with this cam. For me it’s a little bit strange that Olympus didn’t made some good example pics for the launch, but maybe there is still no final firmware?

  • I

    I don’t know about the video quality, but I really like the model ;) (unfortunately she is probably not included in the box with the camera).
    By the way, do we have an idea about the price of the 60mm macro?

    • flash

      They much make air holes :). She is very cute. One thing going on in the video about the flash they are just that other cameras going off and flashing. Who could blame the other photographers.

  • Fan

    It’s clear that the sensor is not a dream, but for some other reasons I do want to have that camera. Especially the live bulb exposure. You will be able to watch a photo being exposed. That must be a whole new experience.

    Even if Olympus doesn’t have access to the very latest in sensor tech, I trust that they won’t sell us a bad camera. It will be much better than a lot of other ones out there. It will be sufficient to shoot some amazing photos.

    • DR


      Olympus loves you Fan!

      They know you will buy the camera, and buy it again next year, as long as they invent some new gee-whiz software feature to suck you in with.

      Of course it won’t be a ‘bad’ camera.

    • I am pretty sure that I will love that feature as well. It is a dream for fireworks pics etc (also for polarization micrographs).

  • Peter

    It’s not a good video example but it’s great example of a good looking woman.

    • Fan

      Hey but stabilization seems good in the video, doesn’t it?

  • alphakilo

    Its impossible to really say anything critical about the imaging characteristics based on these early online samples, I predict it will be at least 1 month before we really know anything about the camera’s capabilities. I will say that there is some confusion in the published video specifications, it is evidently recording AVCHD in .MOV wrappers but I would be surprised if it is shooting 720X1280 at 59.9i. I like the package and concept of this camera, just have to be patient to find out what it really looks like.

  • MJr

    Really nice demo of actually using the camera:

    No need to understand what he’s saying.

  • Ianmc

    To be honest i was into oogling the gorgeous girlie.

  • CRB

    What to learn from these samples? IT WAS ALL JUST MARKETING…Admin, you ve been folled…and of course, all of us….awful samples….

    • Steve

      From one site in Taiwan’s hurried samples with a pre-production model you are ready to condemn the new camera.

      Tough crowd.

      I think you’ll find that mirrorless enthusiasts are looking very forward to this camera and the results it will help us get.

  • JimD

    I don’t think the subjects chosen are very good to show a camera in a good light (Any camera) the ISO test on the rolls is all over the place (focus and positioning) I would have preferred an interior shot stopped down as well as wide. The movies have a nice attractive young lady but the positioning? I think my 7 year old grand daughter is better at movies.
    Mr Olympus and the usual brigade (Steve Huff, Robin Wong and the rest of the good guys) Please put up some real pictures. Mr Olympus send them some cameras QUICK. VERY VERY QUICK. these we have seen so far are doing you no good.

  • atw

    Admin, please remove the link to that eprice junk. There is no sense in showing images with 2x digital magnification.

  • JimD

    Mr Olympus don’t forget Admin’s freebe.
    Then fix the 60i 30p to 50i and 25p There are more 50Hz systems than 60Hz in this world.

  • OM-D Fever

    This article translate from japanease

    Sensor of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 is not manufactured by Panasonic
    Mr. Tanaka, Nozomi man photographer, has a remark on the sensor of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 on Twitter.

    – man @ Thisistanaka Nozomi Tanaka
    CP +. Will speak at the Olympus booth. Here is the second story more seriously. By the way, is not a new Panasonic Live MOS Desuga have adopted the OM-D E-M5. It seems that it is wrong to assert that people are made by Panamax. But such talk does not in the CP + @ Olympus.

    Previously, from readers of more than one site, “Sensor not manufactured by Panasonic” There are that received the information that the sensor of OM-D E-M5 sounds like not manufactured by Panasonic really apparently.

    When it comes you are using a sensor of other companies, it may be possible, such as image quality and AF performance machines and m4 / 3 will come up to this big change. I look forward to coming out of the test article OM-D E-M5.

    ————————————————– ———————————————–
    This information, we had to tell Mr. mimimi. Thank you.

  • bridgebolt

    Olympus OM-D E-M5 five-axis sensor-shift image stabilization in action –

  • Scot

    Hmmm looks like we might get let down by old sensor technology again on the bright side money saved. I do hope these samples are not typical of the final product.

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