Panasonic GX1 multiple reviews. (most expensive Oly lens for sale at Olymarket)


There are plenty of new Panasonic GX1 reviews:
ePhotozine (Click here): “The Panasonic Lumix GX1 is designed to satisfy the needs of advanced photographers and those wanting a premium compact camera with higher resolution sensor and high quality video. The camera looks great with the new compact 14-42mm X lens that compacts to the size of a pancake lens when off making it very pocketable for a mirrorless camera.
Engadget (Click here): “All things considered, we’re quite thrilled with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1. Micro Four Thirds early adopters who fell for the GF1’s sleek, retro design two years ago finally have a successor worth considering, and we may even go so far as to say that Panasonic has undone the wrong caused by the misdirected marketing strategy adopted by the GF2 and GF3.
Trustedreviews (Click here): “Build quality is excellent and image quality rarely disappoints. Overall, it’s a camera we have no hesitation in heartily recommending.

Check the in Stock status by clicking these search links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

For european readers:
One refurbished Olympus 300mm f/2.8 is on acution at eBay (Click here). Usually it sells for almost 6.000 Euro new and I am curious to see how high the final bet will be. Plus you can fin at least twenty refurbished PEN cameras (Click here) and one E-5 (Click here).

  • nicwalmsley

    More reviews like that please. Plus in depth versions. See what they mean about Panasonic colours.

    • Yes please. Straight to the point as well as detailed somewhat.. More please, very well done.

    • k

      Absolutely. This was undoubtedly the best product review video I’ve ever watched.

  • Camaman

    That is a nice quick video review! Thanks for posting it.
    I don0t want to view it twice, but the DR in that Sony sensor will really make me miss my D7000 once the OM hits the streets! I hope Oly will pull out more DR out of their OM sensor to make me miss it less.

    GX is pretty fast and it doesn0t blackout when taking frames. Touchscreen is an irreplaceable gimmick that makes your life MUCH easier in various circumstances.

    I handled NEX’s a few times and I must say that for me that kind of ergonomics are a HUGE disappointment. I was always feeling I would drop it…

  • Fast and good test, and GX1 winning LOL

  • WT21

    Wow! One of the best quick overviews between m43 and NEX I’ve ever seen. Sums it up nicely without marketing speak getting in the way. Only thing they could have added was additional lens options for photographic growth (edge clearly going to the GX1).

    Great review.

  • marilyn

    great review… sony and M4/3 lol

  • EASY

    BTW, Engadget said they like NEX-C3 more…

    • Engadget isn’t really a good place for camera reviews. Just sayin.

      • EASY

        Well, it is referred here on the front page.
        It would make more sense to compare GX1 to NEX-5N.

  • 43shot

    Now if the new OM whatever were this small it could be a real option for those that buy m43 cams for their size like the GX1

  • William

    NEX-7 ???

    I want this same comparison between the NEX-7 & GX-1

    • Mar

      It would only end worse for NEX.
      More noise than 5, not really any more detail due to average lenses and significantly bigger files.
      Same sluggish AF.
      Oh yes, it’s 50% more expensive than GX1 :)

      • Amir Kh

        Nex-7 scores better than 5n on dxomark

        • Sure, but DxO measure sensors, not cameras.

    • Thomas

      Where can you buy a Nex-7? Yeah, yeah the flood. I know.

  • Bob B.

    HOLY CRAP!….I thought Olympus owned this website? WOW! This took my breath away!!!!! :-)

  • matt

    okay okay.. and now some gh3 stuff please! :D

    • Bob B.

      I just HAD to say that after OLYrumorWeek!!!! LOL! It felt GREAT!!!!!
      (I am dying to see the new Oly too, though!)

  • Jason

    NEX is ok, not as good as MFT products though. Not even close. Big sensor this, big sensor that…photos look ok on NEX.

  • Charlie

    OM-D! OM-D! OM-D! OM-D! OM-D!

    • Bob B.

      Stop! Stop! This is a Panasonic moment! Damn you!!!!! LOL!

    • T-L

      Imhotep! Imhotep! Imhotep!…

      Damn, who cares for GX-1, it is ugly anyway and 14-42 X is a piece of junk :P
      Next tiny bit of of OM-D picture, please.. I need a dose..

  • Paul

    Great review. The GX1 stood up really well. I had always assumed the Nex would be noticeably better, I’m glad to see it’s not.

  • Clark

    Put panasonic in the title it’ll get 20 comments

  • Charlie

    Ha! Everything except the conclusion said NEX 5N > GX1 …… which it is. :D

    • Bob B.

      In some respects…and in some respects GX1> NEX5N. Did we see the same video????????

    • Jason

      @Charlie- NEX is for newbies and wannabes alike – period.

  • Pei

    Wait, SONY has more detail in daylight (0:50), better rendering near shadow (0:57) and completely destroys GX1 in low light but GX1 won in still photo?

    • WT21

      Your poor choice of the term “destroys” — I believe the term was “a bit better in very low light” but functionally equivalent in other areas, then add in a camera you can actually use, is faster and has real lenses (though they didn’t mention this last part)

      • Pei

        I am just going by the review. He established that SONY has better JPEG engine (I cannot believe I am saying this). He compared the RAW at 1:00 and there is very little difference but at 0:50 & 0:55, SONY JPEG has more detail and better rendering of shadow at 0:57.

        Low light shows big difference (1:05), more noticeable at 6400 and 12800 (1:15). The video of the baby shows the biggest advantage of SONY’s 16mp sensor, noise free vs. red/green blotches.

    • Bob B.

      Pei…watch the video again:
      Sony has more detail in the jpegs. The raw files are basically the same. I never shoot jpegs just for that reason.
      Why would I want to record a degraded file???? Makes no sense to me?
      Also..put one of the Pany/Leica primes on the GX1 (not the collapsable x zoom which is not that sharp), and I bet you the fine detail is better on the GX1 than the 5N.. Sony has no decent AF tack-sharp, prime lenses to compete. Sad but true. Nothing even close to the MFT quiver of great lenses available.
      Yes…The 5N is better in low light. It’s a larger sensor..and it shines there.

      • Pei

        I did watch the video and as I have said, I am only going to what’s said in the review and how the conclusion doesn’t make sense.

        I have an E-PL2 for the reasons you mentioned but now I got to see if Olympus can pull a rabbit out of the hat with OM-D. If the sensor SUX and Olympus will use it for the next four years, I am going SONY.

        • Exactly. The Panny lens used is a suspect lens in the first place. Slap that 20mm on and THEN see what happens.

      • being a G3 user, I have no doubt on the quality of this GX1. The review is fair comparing apple to apple.

        If the 25mm 1.4 prime is used on the Panny, the reviewer could easily used the Carl Zeiss 24mm 1.8. I doubt the results would be much different.

    • Jason

      NEX doesn’t even use glass, their lenses are plastic…

    • IHUR

      1. Pause it on 0:59(Jpeg) shows a difference on quality, Nex is better,

      2. Pause it on 1:03 (Raw), shows rather more than ‘tiny’ difference. Look at the trees branches, and a person who sits on the bench. Higher dynamic range on Nex makes it way better

      3. Pause at 1:08,(low lights) no explanation needed

      4.Pause at 1:11, look at the lights reflection on her eyes.

      5.Pause at 1:47, again, an easy difference

      So which one’s the best? “PANASONIC just clinches it” ??!!!

      what the f*uck was he just saying ??

  • Mar

    Screw those crappy toy cameras, I want the big tuna.

    • Pedro del Río

      Have you considered buying a Hasselblad? :-)

      • Pei

        What are you, chicken? I am getting a KH series spy satellite. LOL

  • Jason

    I cannot wait to see the OM-D shit on the NEX, GX1, X100, X-Pro1, D7000… name it bitches!

    • Bob B.


    • dont fall down from the chair…soon! lol

  • MikeH

    What an awesome review format.

    And wow is the 5N slow focusing in low light. Almost a full second to focus.

    The GX1 is a very cool little cam.

    • Imagine using that in low light with no tripod.

      I’ll go with the GX1, thank you.

  • Montego

    I was very surprised that to me the natural skin tones of the GX1 were preferrable to the warmer skin tones of the Sony.

    • Montego

      Just looked again, and the GX1 does have a disturbing magenta/purplish hue on the hand of the woman. The overall skin tone on the baby still looks more natural on the GX1. I don’t like the warm skin of the Sony.

      • Bob B.

        Its academic…with a little postproduction anyone can make the skin tones look they way that they want. That is not where the challenges lie. All cameras have a bias.

      • That’s true – My basic post processing routine (starting with RAW):

        !. Crop and rotate
        2. Exposure Correction
        2. White balance and red eye
        3. Contrast adjustment
        4. Noise reduction
        5. Export at resolution to be viewed at (eg facebook has to fit in 700×700 square or something like that)
        or Save as…

        Skin tone is a film fossil. But I digitise my film anyway!

        • Bob B.

          Whah…but I want the camera to do all of that! (just kidding).
          I do the same as your list…at a very minimum…except for the Macebook resizing…I am antisocial. :-)

  • thx admin for the awesome video. like it! :D

  • Yun

    Very nice & convincing video review . This is what I expect from my GX , Pana make it comparable among the best . Well Done , Pana .
    What is next ? Pana , please come out something similar with L1 classic patent such as Oly’s OM . Of course must equipped with even better sensor to make sense .

  • I have to say as far as video reviews go, this is probably one of the better ones.
    I just wish the GX1 was just a bit more affordable.

  • Jolyon Smith

    Did the reviewer watch a different video to the one he was narrating ?

    The GX1 shots all looked universally softer – in a “vaseline smeared over the lens” way. This is apparent in the RAW at high ISO’s. Yes, the park scene with the smeared grass is almost identical in RAW performance on both, but all subsequent RAW shots show a distinct lack of resolution in the Panny.

    I find this a worrying omen for the OM-D, if they are incorporating the same 16 MP 4/3 sensor as used in the Panny. A lot of the failings in the Panny can be laid at the door of the JPEG engine, but certainly their is a LOT to be desired in the RAW capture, despite what the reviewer ultimately concludes (which quite frankly simply doesn’t make sense based on the evidence presented in the video).

    All the more so when you consider the not insignificant price differential !!

    • Well the dynamic range and small sensor on the panny is already a natural disadvantage. But overall it is still a very good performer. The only down side is the value to price proposition. It does cost alot more than the NEX.

  • pana nice

    Lives up to its name: Short Sharp Review! I had to pay attention or I would have missed some good stuff!

  • wonderer

    I sold it. GX1 was COMPLETELY useless as video-camera, and I am talking about _basic_ things not pro-videographer-needs features (like missing shutter speed compensation, 24p and so on…).

    Most annoying was ignoring exposure compensation once video started, a feature even compacts have these days. VERY important if you have ever tried to record (not only) any live concert, and I’m visiting gigs quite often…

    I wouldn’t mind all the other missing features but this one was a real bummer – not a single video was exposed right – unless you stopped it every now and then and adjusted and pressed record again…

    plus, rolling shutter was more visible than on most CMOS cameras, GH2 doesn’t excell in this but is sooo much better…

    don’t buy video lens for this video-weak camera which is very pricey – otherwise RAW pictures were more than enough for me, really good quality at ISO1600…

    • Sounds like you bought the wrong camera for your needs.

  • om-4

    Pixel peepers get up and shoot.

    This streetphotographer swears by his GX1 and 20mm.

    Yes he did try M9/X100 and hated it. He also uses Nikon Dsomething but probably will get a second GX1.

    His secret? Concentrate on framing/seeing the shot and let camera do the rest. Yes, he mostly goes by P-mode. Does that matter? You be the judge. I think he has fun shootinig and gets the shots he wants. Nuff said.

    • Barugg owb ama

      He went from 85 to 75 and 40 mm, he should rename his site, maybe in a year or two he will discover 35 mm

  • People here seems to like reviews that favor m43.
    Those who don’t are not serious.
    The weakness in the short sharp video review is that it does not bring up for instance more critical situations where maybe the camera can let you down.
    In general reviews on the internet are low quality. Often the reviewer aims at the positive sides of the camera and doesn’t bring up negatives (Wants more cameras for review from suppliers?)
    Having said that, think that the 16 mpix sensor used in G3/G1X is good. The increased resolution is very useful. The downside is the poor DR, very little improved from the 12mpix. Blown-out highlights and deep shadow occur often in the same image and there is very little gradation between the extremes. Accuracy (or lack of) in exposure system can also play a part here. Were it that Pan/Oly solves this problem, then the m43 sensor/processor would deserve being called REALLY GOOD – not before.
    (Good reviews? DPR follows a strict procedure and explains how they measure. DC Resource can be mean in the right way. Evaluations like Sean Reid and Luminous Landscape ar far more interesting as they more tell how to best utilise the camera for optimal photo.)

  • Kenneth_Keaw

    To me, NEX 5N is a lot better in the real life usage.

    • Lenses and Low light performance kills it though. Not mention, it’s a very small camera, UNTIL you slap on a DSLR size or close to it lens. Why be so compact if you’re tossing on a huge lens anyways?

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