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(UPDATED) First full size image smaples and FullHD video made with the E-M5 (+ Olympus livestream)


The video on top is actually the first FullHD video shot with the E-M5 and posted on youtube. It’s actually not a real good video example :(  Much more useful are the new full size image samples posted at ePrice (Click here). There are plenty of images and ISO samples. Hurry you pixel peepers!
UPDATE:There are many other images samples at Omuser (Click here).

P.S.: For all of you speaking Japanese Olympus is having a livestream event at Fotopus (Click here) from 11AM Feb 9, Thur, in Japan Standard Time (UTC+9) -> 2 AM Feb, 9 in GMT.

Updated Preorder list:
Black E-M5 body at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
Silver E-M5 body at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
Black E-M5 body with 14-42mm lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
Black E-M5 body with 12-50mm lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Jessops (Click here).
Silver E-M5 body with 12-50mm lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Jessops (Click here).
FL-600R wireless flash at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).
MMF-3 Four Thirds adapter at Amazon (Click here) and Adorama (Click here)
HLD-6 power battery holder at Amazon (Click here) and Adorama (Click here)

  • debutodo

    There is a discussion in digicame-info forum that live-mos sensor used in E-M5 is not panasonic made.

    • Agent00soul

      I think “live mos” is a Panasonic brand name. In the camera specifications at Dpreview it says “cmos” and not “live mos”. But in Olympus press release it says “live mos”.

      • arb

        a check on the internet shows that live mos trademark was filed by Oly not panasonic, so live mos = panasonic might not be true…

      • 204504bySE

        CMOS is a type of semiconductor, but Live MOS is just a trademark.
        In that discussion, a well-known reader said Sony made the sensor.

    • Narretz

      Would be a nice twist, but so far the image samples haven’t been exceeding expectations, so the difference is not very remarkable. But we can hope.

  • 43shot

    I may have to cancel my pre order and see how things pan out. Olympus does not seem excited about this camera and that shows in all their interviews here and in Japan. A bit revealing.

    • bilgy_no1

      “Olympus does not seem excited about this camera and that shows in all their interviews here and in Japan. A bit revealing.”

      That’s a new way of deciding on a camera purchase! I think the camera has been received very well, especially compared to all the moaning and moping surrounding the GX1 announcement…

      All the people that have handled one seem very excited about the build, AF speed, ergonomics, controls, etc.

      But having said that, I personally don’t pre-order.

    • Really? I thought the interview with Mr. Terada was fine. He answered questions and explained the new features of the camera very well, especially considering English is not his first language. You may be mistaking lack of enthusiasm with cultural differences. I’ve found nothing amiss with the Japanese presentations so far, and the numerous events they are holding around the country to let users get a hands-on with the camera before launch is fantastic. :)

  • nicwalmsley

    OK, who is going to get some rumours of the 12-35mm? I’m almost ready to pull the trigger on the 25mm 1.4, and the 12-35 is the main thing slowing me down right now.

  • Lookin at all the videos posted about the E-M5, it seems the black version is more sensitive for grease and fingerprints then the silver version.

  • JimD

    I think Olympus is heading for a PR disaster. Where are the samples from past contributors, ones that use the cameras, shots that make one go WOW?
    It seems that no effort has been put into this release other than by 43rumours admin.
    Mr Olympus you need to do something and do it now.
    We want street scenes, lovely sunsets, cows in fields, fun fairs, interiors, closeups, professionally shot movies and what ever. We do not want the local office boy snaps of his girlfriend (pretty as she may be) we don’t want bread rolls.
    You need to sort this out before NEX 7 takes all you orders and the Fuji x-pro creeps up on you.
    Yes the camera looks good and admin here has done a good job. But we are at the edge of the cliff. Get out the parachutes.

    • Jim,
      I already mailed Olympus they should let that particular model contact me in order to do modelsession which would rock :-)

    • Steve

      Uh, JimD, I think you need to step way from the cliff. The camera was announced a day ago. It’s not available for sale for almost 2 months. Most people don’t even know a thing about it, just us in the echo chamber.

      Olympus has a gallery section on their website that will surely be populated quite soon.

      • Tom

        Also, JimD, don’t forget that all that you mention costs money – something that Oly doesn’t have a lot of right now. Patience….

    • bilgy_no1

      I think they only handed out pre-production camera’s and the only images we see are sneaked out. Pekka Potka wrote that he will get a production unit in about two weeks, and I guess the same goes for the other usual suspects. Expect a load of good pictures then.

      Still, the bread rolls look pretty decent…

  • PR disaster???? REALLY?

  • It’s kinda funny, really. Over here people are complaining about sensor tech, and over at Sonyalpharumors people are complaining about the poor lens roadmap.

    • nicwalmsley


      Like they are playing a big joke on us.

  • aaa

    WTF. The ISO quality is much worse than my E520. :( Is that a joke?

    • Must be. Except nobody else gets it.

    • PS

      have you seen the photos on the oly site… there is nothing wrong with those photos.

      There is just too much hype without much substance.

      which picture of 520 can you give me which shows better ISO than the photos on the web????

      • aaa

        Don’t have time to upload anything, sorry. Search on the web. Oly site always has photos that are excellent, no matter how bad the sensor is in reality. It’s PR.

        • PS

          Compare the 520 photos to the ones from omuser at the link below

          If you still have better photos I would happy to pay for them!!!!!

          • aaa

            Edit: OK, I agree that those are quite good. Those on ePrice site are a catastrophy though! I wonder how they made them look that bad, noise at ISO200 in shadows is – as I said – worse than on E-520 on ePrice photos.

    • bilgy_no1

      Yes, I made the exact same shots with my E-520 at ISO 25,600 and it’s much better than this new E-M5!

      I mean… WTF…

  • uiti

    according to digicame-info

    Sensor wasn’t made by Panasonic. It would be by sony or samsunng.
    Anyway I don’t know. Who made that.

    • aaa

      (wrong thread, deleted)

  • om-4

    The model was preproduction.
    The final girl will be an Elite-model.

    Check out those buns…, sharp!

  • Melvin

    Sony finally announced the new 500/4 lens. a huge beast will be avilable this spring. Costly and heavy!

    If Olympus and panasonic play the strengths of micro 4/3, they should make telelenses for E-M5. I think this system has the potential to be an outstanding wildlife, sports system if AF and tracking focus is F-a-s-t.

    For me as E-5 owner and a bunch of SHg zuiko’s there is nowhere to go. E-5 dissappointed. (to much noise in Raw and AF is louzy, not accurate outdoors in less than perfect light, no serious focus tracking/C-AF). The full potential of fantastic SHG glass cannot be used with m4/3.

    Two options:
    1) Olympus make your new bodies like E-M5 rock with HG and SHG zuiko pdaf glass (I won’t see this happen anytime soon)
    If I can use my zuiko 150/2 on an E-M5 like body I would have ordered without doubt.

    2) make micro 4/3 telenses like:
    converters 2x and 1.4x
    75/1.8 and 60/2.8 coming, good start

    In the end I won’t buy anything. Why would I buy a camera that doens’t rock my SHG glass or offers no descent alternative telelenses? There is no path for people who own many hg and shg glass in 4/3.

    • PS

      As per an interview with Oly, they are bringing in a new FT body AND new FT lenses!!!!

      • Melvin

        If I could choose between an E-7 or E-M5 that could focus pdaf zuiko glass, I would choose the E-M5. Olympus really should make one body that merges both systems. 150/2.0 is not that big (for me). Such a fantastic lens (like many other zuiko’s). Just make them work on E-M5/E-M6 and forget about E-7/E-8.

        • Anonymous

          Ditto. The FT body cannot unify the lens systems (as it won’t support MFT glass). The only advantage FT body has is the mirror. I look forward to the Oly bridge camera tremendously (and I imagine Olympus is as well). I am glad to hear the E-M5 is a step in the right direction.

    • bilgy_no1

      I share your POV in general: Olympus should bridge 4/3 and m4/3. But I think the E-M5 should start with providing an upgrade path for E-30 and E-620 owners with HG lenses (14-54, 50-200, etc).

      There is one German report that says AF with 14-35mm and 50-200mm mkI has been noticeably improved over the E-P3. Apparently the faster readout and processing also benefits the 4/3 lenses (only in AF-S though). Still, it gives me hope…

    • Nic

      Do you understand this?
      At this interview:
      Oylmpus says that a pancake is “under consideration”.
      But there is already a pancake:
      What am I missing??

  • Camaman

    I can’t open this thread…
    It asks for registration. Where can I see those new samples?

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