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FIrst E-PM2 test (“should” ship today at BH. GF3 dealbreaker)


According to BH (Click here) the E-PM2 should begin shipping starting from today! This little camera features the same E-M5 sensor and first image samples have been posted by Siamirrorless (Click here). The images you see have been taken with the little 15mm body cap lens.

And here are some new deal reminders:
The GF3 with 14-42mm kit lens sells for $289 at Amazon (Click here). And it rules the whole mirrorless sales ranking (Click here to see).
And the refurbished E-M5 is also back via Cameta:
Silver Olympus E-M5 for $849 at Cameta (Click here).
Black Olympus E-M5 with 12-42mm lens for $949 at Cametaacutions (Click here) and Cameta (Click here).
Silver Olympus E-M5 with 12-50mm lens for $1149 at Cametaacutions (Click here) and Cameta (Click here).
Black Olympus E-M5 with 12-50mm lens for $1149 at Cametaacutions (Click here) and Cameta (Click here).

  • shutter up

    I’ll pass. GX1 seems a better choice.

    • caver3d

      Why? The E-PM2 has the better sensor (same as E-M5). But you can just go ahead and pass all you want.

  • Agent00soul

    The E-M2 seems like an excellent complement to my OM-D. I can have one prime on the OM-D and another on the E-M2, so I don’t have to switch lenses when I need another focal length in a hurry. Better quality-wise than buying a high end zoom and not much more expensive.

  • SZRimaging

    As someone who bought an E-PM1 when it was first released, I’ll be waiting until June next year when the price is well below what it is now…

  • Ruhayat

    Olympus reaaaaally needs a new marketing team to complement their superb product lines. First they come up with the perplexingly tongue twisting name for the OM-D EM-5. It can’t just be the simple OM-D5, continuing on from the OM-4. Nooooo. It has got to be some convoluted naming scheme that no one can spell right (OMD EM5? OM-D E-M5? Whatever).

    And now they come out with a Pen Mini… that actually looks like the first Pen Lite. Like… what?

    And instead of just simple “Pen”, “Pen Lite” and “Pen Mini”, they need to have something like the “Olympus Pen Mini E-PM5 or EPM5 or EP-M5 or you know… Whatever.”

    • Bart

      Well yes, it is really really difficult.

      Product line: OM-D, model names: E-Mx
      Product line: PEN, model names: E-Px, E-PLx (light), E-PMx (mini)
      Product line: E-system, model names: E-xxx

      Prefixing OM-D to the model name is like saying FX D4 instead of D4 for Nikon’s flagship camera, or EOS 650D for a current Canon DSLR or such.

      The PEN mini is smaller, it is a mini version of the PENs. What is the problem of it looking like other PENs?

      • Ruhayat

        Errm. Because the current Pen Lite doesn’t look like the first Pen Lite, but the Mini does?

        • Bart

          And neither really look like the first ‘digital PEN’ tho the E-PL5 gets closer then previous ‘PEN lites’ :-)

          The lite and mini designations seem to have little to do with looks and all with weight/size. Seems the ‘looks’ change is an attempt to make room for a new PEN flagship that will have a new distinctive look to make place for an EVF.

  • MJr

    Seems you’ve crippled Siamirrorless with traffic :o

  • Anonymous

    I’m so confused by all these Pen cameras. What’s the difference between this and the other E-PXXXXwhatever review I just read about with the same Sony sensor?

  • WT21

    You guys are waaaay over thinking it. There are 3 current/newer Pen cameras. E-M5, E-PM2 and E-PL5. That’s it!

    The EM5 is the larger one with the built-in EVF, the EPL5 has a tilty screen and a mode dial, the EPM2 has fewer buttons, no mode dial and the screen is fixed.

    Any other Oly cameras are last gen, and not worth pursuing except on the super-cheap. (the very last gen was EP3, EPM1 and EPL3. Before that were the EPL2 and EPL1 and the EP2 and EP1. Those are all older gen models).

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, that helps clarify. Though, I didn’t think the E-M5 (which I own) was considered a PEN (I guess, because it has a hump?) I think Olympus marketing could have found a better way.

    • Anonymous

      E-M5 is part of m43 but it’s not a PEN, it’s part of the OM-D line. It just happens to be the only camera in that line at the moment.

      • WT21

        Yes, fair point. So, there is one OM-D and two Pens currently. That’s all for the current cameras. Ignore all the older ones unless you can get them for a real deal.

  • Taco

    I understand breaking news on new deals. But don’t think dealbreaker is the right term for this.

  • hiplnsdrftr

    I agree, their naming is convoluted.

    Furthermore, the mix of features (flip screen, flash, etc.) on each camera seems arbitrary.

    To be fair, Sony isn’t any better. Even though Canon only has one mirrorless entry, it’s features or lack thereof is just as pointless.

    Panasonic seems to have a slightly better grasp of the situation but that might just be luck.

    I suspect the problem is a slew of camera features dictated by bean counters (and too much concern with future upgrades) and not enough concern with what an actual photographer desires or needs in a camera.

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  • NerdBuster

    That’s some funny price. You want a toy? Buy the old one at half as much, crap always included.

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