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Finally a first Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 test via OpenPN!


video by Fotomundus.

About time! Thanks to the french website OpenPN (Click here to read the google translation). They found that the sharpness is very good even when shooting at full f/0.95 aperture. The only major issue at that aperture is the high Chromatic Aberration. The bokeh is wonderful (says the reviewer).

My personal judgment after seeing the image sample is that the Lens is damn good already at f/0.95. Of course it’s not perfect but if you seek for perfection at that extreme aperture than you have to spend over 10.000 Euro/Dollars for the Leica Noctilux!

Europenas can preorer the lens at Digitalhandel (Click here), Bayern Fotoversand (Click here) and Fotomundus (Click here).

  • TheEye

    Gloves are in order.

    • Dan

      yeah, what’s up with the yellow thumb? must be a French thing :S

      • Bob B.

        French mustard……

        • mellow yellow

          ….on German hands. (video is de, article is fr)

        • TheEye

          I couldn’t focus on the lens, no matter how hard I tried. :(

        • Mr. Reeee

          … rough cut, apparently…

      • Anonymous

        French bashing, even here ? Damn…

        • Bob B.

          Un peu…….

      • lrt

        French bashing, even here ? Damn…

        • daumen mist

          OMG it is German video = fungus! Article is French.

    • infectious bokeh

      may I recommend a distilled white vinegar treatment – creams don’t work.

  • Dan

    So admin, what do you think, any/much better than the 25mm? I have the 25mm and was kinda hoping for something a bit wider – but I guess there’s always the SLR Magic 12mm.

    • JJ

      About that, anybody knows if that lens is actually sold somewhere?

  • Bob B.

    Well ….the Leica Noctilux is not a wide angle lens…..but if you want to go into normal prime territory with incredible sharpness, very low CA and Ton-O-Creamy bokeh (maybe better than the Nocti!!!) you don’t have to spend 10,000 Euros…you can just buy the SLR Magic for under $4300!

    • Nawaf

      Oh yes, that lens is just fabulous. Only issue is distortion which is easy to fix.

      • Bob B.

        also…generally for the type of shooting that most would be doing with that lens….distortion most likely would not be an issue.

  • Doug

    Admin: Could you please put the link to the YouTube videos in your posts so I can open the video in the YouTube app, so I can save the video as a favorite, and/or subscribe (for us iOS users). Perhaps you can copy the videos into your YouTube stream?? Thanks!

    • TheEye

      Why don’t you right-click on the video and choose “Copy video URL”? Then paste the URL in your browser and get whisked away to the video at youtube.

    • Suprised

      Just click the vid, then in the lower right click YouTube logo.

      That will open it on Youtube.

    • Right click and copy URL.

    • Doug

      No right click in iOS ( iPad/iPhone )

  • Yun

    Can I say this lens at least no 2 in term of F0.95 sharpness performance ? If yes , it worth to invest . By the way , where is Leica Noctilux F0.95 M4/3 version ?

  • ght

    I’d be happy with a refresh of the Olympus 17mm- only this time meake it 1.8 and not 2.8. And have it about a third of the price of this Nokton.

    • samshootsall

      I love that OLY lens !! I love the size, the IQ, the color output. Yes, I too want it to be faster and especially silent!

  • Charlie

    I’m not nearly so high maintainence as to require one of these. :|

    • Bob B.

      How about a thumb-bleaching and manicure?

      • 43shot

        THey like oranges and poor color balance

      • Charlie

        What do his toenails looks like??? :(

        • Bob B.

          oh…that is so wrong. LOL!

    • pdc

      Some of us are (high maintenance, that is).

      The Nokton 25 has allowed decent filming in hitherto too-dark situations. The wide angle of the Nokton 17.5 extends the imaging range even further. A little CA is almost inevitable, and I doubt that Leica could do better at this aperture and this focal length. My pre-order stays in the pipeline!!

  • Stabilazit0r

    If i d still had a pen i would immediately buy this lens

  • Will

    Gear collectors are foaming.. well at least it’s a legacy lens with a useful focal length, not too many other 17.5mm out there.

  • Farrukh

    Looks great but why only one photo and why is there no video taken with it! How lazy are some people!

  • Would be a great lens for street photograpy, but not without AF. I still hope that Oly or Pana will make a bit smaller, bit cheaper AF lens with the same focal length. Something like 17.5/1.2.

    • Will

      I hope they do too, but that’s not gonna be a cheap lens, that’s too much to expect, a cheap, smallish, afing 17.5mm f1.2!!!

      • TomR

        Yes, I agree with Miklos that we could use a 17.5mm, smaller and cheaper. But 1.2?? No, I think more like f2. 1.4 absolute max.

    • wonderer

      exactly, about 3 people will buy this lens. All the other m43 crowd requires AF. Touch to focus (anywhere on screen)/snap is 1. precise 2. fast 3. don’t require focus/recompose. And is fast, did I say that?

      captures a moment…

      with manual lens you’re right in focus 1 in 10 times (unless you have Sony NEX with (not-so-precise) focus-peaking) and probably 1 in 20 times in m43 land, where there’s rarely good viewfinder or manual focus easing options…

      well, but until you focus your ‘moment’ is gone anyway…

      another factor is, spending such money, on a lens for m43… well, there are strange people out there

      more shallow DOF or less noise won’t make you a better photographer, there are stunning images taken with £250 F1.7 20mm, and I (personally) won’t miss a thing not having this or any other overpriced manual focus lens…

      P.S. I am not against manual focus as it is great feature to have, but I use it mostly in video or on bigger gear (read DSLR) not in casual photography which m43 represents…

      • Nick Clark

        “exactly, about 3 people will buy this lens”

        You mean like the three people who bought the similarly overpriced manual focus Nokton 25mm f0.95? So that’d be why the bloody thing was continually sold out for over 12 months and Voigtlander couldn’t meet demand…

        There’s plenty of people who’ll buy the 17.5mm :)

      • Mr. Reeee

        Ah, there’s nothing quite like an open mind…

      • Gearwhorer

        Touch phocus!!!! ROFLMAO

        • wonderer

          ah, so many people believe in marketing – its almost like apple out-of-supply, the difference is apple produces millions not ten lenses… indeed they are sold out

          touch to focus? welcome to 2012
          exactly, you aren’t loosing focus when recomposing – don’t need to have hasselblad to recalculate. Such a mindless people on this forum…

          amateur mostly, go and shoot old film – actually touch to focus is amazing thing

          • amateur mostly, old film shooter

            You seem to forget that people have been shooting for decades before your precious auto-focus became popularized. AF is not essential to the operating of a camera. Cartier-Bresson did street photography and did not have the luxury of AF. Learn to focus on your own, not by tapping on a screen… but what do I know, I’m mostly an amateur who shoots old film ;)

            • Mr. Reeee

              Heaven forbid people learn basic photography skills… ;-)

            • wonderer

              well you are, but I have nothing against you not willing to learn new skills. I master the old one, but am open to new as well (I didn’t say you HAVE TO touch to focus, it was mostly about autofocus). As I said, m43 is in size & price range of casual photo cameras, not afraid to say P&S ones. E-M5 is the only exeption after years of m43 market.

              If I want such a expensive lens, it has to be autofocus (which around 98% of m43 people use) or is no go and yes, I won’t fiddle with manual focus on 400k cheap lcd my friend…

              For the money I’ll buy myself just released D800 and gain sooo much more. You are either dense people or you don’t see a point, writing stupid replies like that I can’t have nice photo from manual focus camera and so on…

              try youtube & E-P3 reviews, see what can be done with ultra-fast focus/snaps for yourself…

          • Gearwhorer

            Actually expired film rocks, go shoot brick walls and balcony plants with your touch focus function

      • I don’t like it, I don’t need it, I don’t get it, therefore you don’t.

    • Miroslav

      If P&O added focus peaking to the bodies, it would be almost as good as AF.

    • Mr. Reeee

      It seems that there was a time when there was only manual focus on cameras, what would you have done then? ;-)

      The Nokton 25mm’s focus is the very smooth and sure, so I would suspect the 17.5mm to be the same.

      Street shooting is actually possible with manual focus. If you learn to use the distance scale… and practice a bit… yes, practice… MF on the street is quite doable and actually rather enjoyable. Focusing using the EVF or LCD is no big deal, either.

      • Bob B.

        I am part of the autofocus crowd (although I do own a 21mm Zeiss f/2.8 for my full frame…and I gotta tell you …the images that come from that lens are nothing short of arresting compared to my Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L comparison)…. my MFT cameras and lenses are my “2nd”, go-out-and-have-fun shooting system. …but more and more…when I look at the results, I am thinking…and why do I still use my FF camera!!!???? (not always..but I have photo friends that say..”you shot this with what?????” LOL!).
        So…this new lens from Voigtlander has its place for serious photographers and AV shooters, no doubt.
        This lens is not for me…but more and more…I have thoughts of…hmmmmm…might be nice to have one of those Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 in this instance…now wouldn’t it….hmmmmmm…… LOL!

        • Michael Devitt

          There is something special about the image rendering with the 25mm Nokton. And yes, Bob, you are not the only one intrigued by this (although fully manual) glass ;).

  • Kenneth

    I love manual focus lens like Zeiss and Voigtlander. However, without better MF support tool, I’m not convinced to invest in this lens. Oly or Panny should present something better than magnification.

  • Gearwhorer

    I want this lens for my nex7

  • MJr

    I’ve been looking to find a digital equivalent of the great Canon FD 35mm F2 on film, old version. This might finally do the trick, with a two stop bonus that is, but imo that is only appropriate, because of the smaller sensor.

    This one i mean:

    Very exciting !

  • dan

    just shot a feature doc here in South Africa entirely with the 25mm version (and hacked GH2 Driftwood), can’t wait for the 17mm. 35mm FOV is the perfect journalist lens, my order goes in Monday morning when a check clears.

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