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ePhotozine reveals that they are testing the new PEN’s. 15mm is an “accessory”.


Image via ePhotozine

Olympus likes to tease us :) The nice guys over at ePhotozine revealed a cryptic message saying “we’ve been testing these new Olympus PENs for the last couple of weeks and thought you’d want to see them. So here’s a sneak peak at the colours available. There is also a green PEN available, but we were unable to show it, due to it being chewed by someone in the office. Feedback from those who have used the PENs has been extremely positive, with some office members saying it’s the best PEN they’ve ever used. They said they particularly liked the colours compared to other pens they’ve used.

Now back to some real homemade rumor:
We have been told that the 15mm f/8.0 is officially marked as “accessory” and not as part of the Zuiko lens line. It’s a body cap lens that has three modes, covered, up to 30cmm focus and up to infinity focus..

  • Brod1er

    A lot of pent-up humour here.

    • Ross

      Nicely PENned! ;)

  • Pretty cool

  • Verna

    good to hear that! I’m very thrilled.
    I will buy E-PL5 for sure!
    Any news to XZ-2? I’m more interested on XZ-2 :)

  • JF

    is the 15 mm weather sealed ? LOL

    • QQT

      I reckon it will be so cheap that you CAN treat it as weather-sealed, if you know what I mean. Also, it’s only got 3 elements and no focus motor that make it a lot less complicated (less prone to break). Like a toy lens or a Holga lens, it will probably be back to factory new state with a few days of drying after being soaked in the rain. Hehe.
      I’ll probably buy this “accessory” for shooting in the rain, especially when I haven’t got any weather-sealed gear.

  • peevee

    “Homemade rumor”, huh? ;)

    But if one of the modes is really “covered”, it is at least a little useful – as a cap.

  • bokeh

  • Maybe instead of body cap, this is the cap and if you didn’t buy a lens you can still use it. Comes free with the body only purchase.

    • QQT

      If Olympus is a company that bundles lens hoods to their premium lenses, they’ll probably give out this “lens cap” for free even when you buy body-only. But sadly, Olympus isn’t such a company…

      • Cedric Leveille

        Haha!! +1

  • Have we got any rumour about new Sigma lens(es) for m4/3? I thought there is something coming. I would welcome something close to this one: 17.5/2,4 (2,8)

    P.S.: Lenses make the system.

    • Anonymous

      Personaly I don’t see Sigma making any lens specificaly for u4/3, they will design a lens for Nex and adapt it as with 19 & 30 ED’s. While these are very decent lenses they are not native to u4/3 and they are compromised on size as will any new designs using that strategy model.

  • uberzone

    I kinda want this now. Lets hope they don’t use their lens hood pricing model on this accessory. Poised to be the most expensive body cap sold for any system ever.

    • QQT

      Yeah, let’s hope Oly can get onto the Guinness book of world records with this. :P

  • Chris K

    If the 15 is what it appears (a very simple, tiny lens that you can treat as a body cap), it actually wouldn’t be too tough to weather seal it. One rubber gasket embedded in its mount and you’re good.

    I’m pretty interested in what this little thing might be. I have a feeling I’m about to spend some money irrationally.

  • “The End”

    I guessed it.
    it must be a free give-away of … something like … PEN-PL4 pre-order campaign.

  • Dius

    Seriously, this body cap lens thing is kind of groundbreaking. I love how they put in 2 focus zones and a built in lens cover. Can’t wait to get my hands on one :-)

    • Just wait for the über-retro pinhole body cap (if you can’t modify an existing cap yourself.) :-P

  • Sören

    Well, this 15mm f/8 is not that stupid.
    I kind of like the idea, as long as Oly doesn’t go
    crazy with the prize.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Yep, a nice little street lens for zone focus. Too bad there’s not enough room on the thing for a distance scale. ;-)

  • > There is also a green PEN available, but we were unable to show it, due to it being chewed by someone in the office.

    LOL. Jokes on us.

  • Bob B.

    “15mm is an accessory pendant to be worn around the neck”…sorry it only comes in black, no silver.

  • Okay, FINALLY the 15mm f/8 makes some sense! It’s a perfect emergency backup for all those occasions when you say, “Drat, I remembered to bring my camera, but I forgot to bring a lens!” Happens all the time, doesn’t it…?

    • Another Guy Named Bob

      No, I never forget my lenses.. but I don’t always have them on the camera (in my bag). This body cap is a great solution when I want to shoot something fast..

  • ED

    So will the PEN come in such colors, or were they just extrapolating on their joke? ( funny )

    • SZRimaging

      It may be a half joke. The E-PM1 came in various colors, so it wouldn’t surprise me that these are the colors for the next generation.

      If so, I’ll take the blue.

  • The body cap idea: beyond brilliant.

    These two new pens are burying the gf5 and gx1.

  • mpgxsvcd

    Making it a body cap lens is a great idea. Making it cost as much as a lens instead of making it free like a body cap is a bad idea.

    • Hmm, the way I read it was that it was an accessory that could be part of the kit..?

  • metalaryeh

    If it’s free with camera purchase it’s a great idea. Honestly, once I have a camera, there is always a lens on it. I have no need for body caps.

  • AtlDave

    Did any of the previous rumors mention if the 15mm had glass elements?

    If it is all plastic (including the optics) it should cost just a few dollars more than regular cap to manufacture. Never been a fan of Holography myself but this lens would be good for anyone wanting to try for the same look using digital.

  • om-4

    The body crap lens comes free with the $90 limited Lenshood you can buy that goes with it, hehe.

  • The Real Stig

    With this bodylens, you can pocket carry a HQ camera and take it places you could only mange a Phone camera before. It allows scaling down the m4/3 concept another notch in one easy, cheap stroke.

    I think it is rather clever.

    • My Ricoh GR-1 is tiny, uses “FF” 35 mm film and has an excellent 28 mm f/2.8 lens. Of course, it’s not a cheap camera.

      • Bart

        Having such a compact camera with a 135 format sensor and a nice fast wide-angle lens would be really nice, but of course it doesn’t exist.

        Makes you wonder why exactly it doesn’t exist.

        Also makes you wonder how long it is going to take before someone creates a collapsing 17/2.8 prime or such for m4/3.

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