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E-M5 shipping next week in US (and Digitalrev E-M5 vs NEX-7 vs X PRO 1).


Digitalrev (Click here) posted a short Xpro1 vs OM-D E-M5 vs NEX7: “In the end, it’s not always about image quality. Certainly, if it was only about the best image quality then it would be the Fuji. By far. But a good camera is one that feels good for you to shoot with. Despite the fact that I think the OM-D has lost its OM identity, I do enjoy shooting with it. But I enjoyed shooting with the E-P3 also, and that is cheaper.

Four 43rumors readers sent me the message that Amazon is finally shipping their E-M5 cameras:
Zandr: “Silver E-M5 w/ 12-50 ordered 3/17. Got estimated arrival (Thursday!) by email yesterday
Linsa: “Shipping notice from Amazon this morning for my silver E-M5/12-50 kit. I placed my order on April 25th.
Eric: “Black E-M5 body/50mm lens combo on March 16 (Amazon U.S.), and just received a notice that it will ship tomorrow.”
Lew: “Order you placed on March 04, 2012 (Order# 104-3496653-7853043). Estimated arrival date: June 05, 2012

Links to the full Olympus E-M5 camera list at Amazon (Click here). There are now sixteen user reviews (Click here) and all extremely positive! But with a bit of a mystery the most sold mirrorless camera remains the E-PL1 (here is the ranking).

There are some new USA lens deals:
The Panasonic 14-42mm X lens is back in Stock for $329 only at Amazon (Click here).
The Olympus 14-42mm lens is back in Stock for $179 only at Amazon (Click here).
The Panasonic 14mm pancake lens is back in Stock for $269 only at Amazon (Click here).

  • 43shot

    Amazon USA is shipping this week.

  • 43shot

    I thought this was old and already posted here?

    • spam

      It’s “old”, I’m not sure if it was posted here or on some other rumor site though.

    • E-1

      Was posted here an discussed.

  • jevfp

    hope I can get a second body silver version,.as I have a black one already,.,.I just don’t want missed the shoot by keep changing the lenses,.

  • +1, this is rather old news :)

  • tmrgrs

    Kai is so stupid that it was painful reading that entire review even though it wasn’t very long.

    • 43shot

      Stupid? One of his other EM-5 reviews is quite accurate and actually points out some of the EM-5 issues others are paid or afraid not to mention. I have had mine since they were first sold in the US and his other review was dead on.

      • spam

        Refreshing reviews

    • mahler

      Just because somebody says something not so good about your currently favorite camera, does not mean that he is stupid.

      Kai’s reviews are a refreshing alternative to the countless photography blogs, which have apparently only on task: campaigning for the EM-5.

      The EM-5 is a great camera (I own one), but it is far from perfect. It has more ergonomic issues than its current competitor, the GH2.

      • 43shot

        It’s nice to see others that actually own the camera call out the poor ergonomic design. Yes, the GF1 walks all over the EM-5 in that regard.

        • mahler

          Don’t over interpret my statements. I merely said that the GH2 has better ergonomics (which are excellent), but that does not mean that the EM-5 ergonomics are bad. In fact, with the grip they are very good.

          Certainly the EM-5 outclasses any camera like the GF1 and all the PEN designs in handling and any other category by far. Amongst the rangefinder m4/3 cameras the GX1 is the best and the GF1 ergonomics (no multicontroller) are much preferable to the PENs. But no competitor to the EM-5.

          To make it clear, with respect to ergonomics, the EM-5 is the second best m4/3 camera, but it blows away the GH2 for still photographers in many aspects: performance, burst buffer, IBIS, exposure control, EVF. It is less good in battery life.

          Let’s see if the GH3 will be another game changer. I am not so sure of.

          • spam

            Accurate evaluation of E-M5 vs GH2 IMO.

      • Nic

        I agree. His creative approach is brave, I respect it. He is doing something no one else does. Whether tmgrs likes it or not.

      • JF

        I was a GH1 user before E-M5 and for me the E-M5 ergonomy is so much better than GH1. I can access more quickly to main controls, particularly the focus point is faster to move with E-M5 whereas it was really borring with GH1. I can understand that for really big fingers (I’m average I think) ergonomy must be worst with small and close buttons…Concerning IQ, my GH1 is just shit compared to E-M5, in every aspects ! The only thing than I missed on E-M5 is the swivel screen, not for the higher degrees of liberty but because on GH1 the screen is protected when you don’t use it…on E-M5 I feel it’s very exposed and get dirty very often when I use EVF…

    • Nic

      Why do you have to be so rude?

      Moreover, I think he does an excellent job, and I think he is very entertaining.

  • X-Pro 1 has best IQ by far? It’s good but not that good. It has a good edge over M4/3 and is best of class in certain respects in the APS-C field. I think though that its ability to play with the big boys in FF territory is overstated.

    The EM-5 has done a respectable job of driving up APS-C’s backside and the output of the JPEG engine just creams everybody else.

    • Guest

      Did you see the ISO 12800 at 8:10??


      I think they must have messed up the files or something, because there is no way that ISO 12800 can be that clean!

      • Boooo!

        The Fuji shot is uncropped, the Sony and Oly shots are massive crops.

      • Cedric Leveille

        That’s a great footage!

    • The EM-5 has done a respectable job of driving up APS-C’s backside and the output of the JPEG engine just creams everybody else.”

      and who was talking abut overstating ??? Ironic , isn t it ?


      • Nope.

        Just look at the reviews. Mirrorless-wise, this camera is giving APS-C CSC cameras a bit of heat. It hasn’t overtaken them, but it’s getting very close in terms of ISO output of less than 1600. The camera does better than my GXR, and I don’t consider my Ricoh to be a slouch (unless we’re talking about AF). Price to quality ratio I think is great.

        There is no competition with the Olympus JPEG engine. Even if you had a 5D Mark II the EM-5 would beat it out. Nikon and especially Canon are not the best for anything but RAW.

    • ljmac

      More high ISO performance equals IQ BS. The E-M5 has far more detail at low ISOs than the X-Pro 1, which matters a lot more to me when it comes to IQ. And the E-M5 is just as good up to ISO 1600 at least, which is as high as I ever shoot, and more than 99.9% of photos too.

  • I am still a little unsure about the whole OM-D hype. I may need to wait until I can try it out.

  • 43shot

    If someone hacks the camera for video it could be quite amazing with the IS.

  • K

    Admin, are there any rumours about upcoming PENS?

  • Jo

    Why are people not shouting about the fiasco with the 20mm f1.7 causing banding on this cam?! It’d be like a new Ferrari model that cant use pirelli tires.

  • freddy

    Today I decided to call Unique Photo and cancel my order (placed on mid March).
    Left a message… the person who took my order was not at her desk.
    Few minutes latter I received a call saying “I got good news for you” My Silver E-M5 12-50, will ship tonight!!!
    So I guess I won’t be buying the NEX-7…

    • st3v4nt

      Looks like the merely play with the EM-5 stock, same thing happen to me with my local store, order the HLD-6 the other day, got replied out of stock, call it again the next day suddenly they have stock….:-(

      • freddy

        I’ve preorder a lot of stuff, NDS-Lite, Micro GBA, Parkzone RC planes, Plam Pre, etc etc etc.
        I’ve never have had such a miss-informed and full of anxiety process as my current experience with Olympus.
        This is the first and last preorder I do for Olympus related products.
        When I saw the preorder information for the new protrait (75 1.8) lens I just laughed.
        Anyone doing preorder is crazy.
        I honestly don’t blame stores (online or local). Olympus really dropped a real stinker to its users.

        • You ordered it directly form Olympus, did you?

  • TGIF

    at least Same focal length, please.

    • freddy

      Sorry wrong thread…

    • freddy

      what the… sorry again…

  • jakron

    im getting my em5 tomorrow :)
    ordered on march 10th
    silver 12-50 kit

  • mike

    I order my em5 early May and haven’t heard anything from Olympus yet. But its good to see that they are finally starting to ship out some of the camera’s.

  • ES

    I feel kind of sorry for all the people still waiting for their M-D5s. I ordered one (black, body only) around May 10 from and got it within one week. It seems that pre-ordering is not a sure way to get a new item as soon as it gets in stock (there may be a queue for items in stock, and a separate queue for pre-orders). Instead I scouted a couple of Amazon sites and ordered from the one that had the lowest price and advertised the item as “in stock”. But there is also, of course, a shortage of silver M-D5s.

  • JF

    I didn’t preorder E-M5, I saw it was in stock at digitalrev around end of april ,ordered and got it one week later…the total price I paid (with shipment and taxes) is about the same as the current price for France where I live…(maybe I paid 50 euros more) I never preordered anything before but this experience doesn’t encourage me to do it as some people with preorder received ther E-M5 after me…
    Appart of this, I love my E-M5 !

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