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E-M1 under tap water video. New Robin Wong E-M1 post.


The guys from ThePhoBlographer posted that video of an E-m1 run under water. Check it out to see if the camera survived it :)

Robin Wong (Click here) posted the fourth part of his E-M1 review. It’s about one of the camera’s new features, the Color Creator. Check it out to learn more about it!

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  • Hard-s

    I’m wondering: would it be save to take the em1 for a swim?

    • tony

      Possibly, but I think the whole action would rather be a challenge for the lens front element than the camera. If you’ve got crystalline salt (minerals) on the front element, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get scratches.

      • Hard-s

        I always have a skyfilter on!

        • jim

          the filter will not be water proof – the screw mechanisam will eventualy let water behind the filter.

    • @Hard-s, I think the cameras weather-proofing is actually tested and rated according to some standards (which I believe are broader than just photography industry). Depending on the actual rating, I am guessing the E-M1 is probably good to 1m (3 feet) and, in any case, the specific rating should tell the tale.

      So, for instance, if you’re willing to swim no deeper than 3 feet, I think you could take the E-M1 swimming!-)

      • Hard-s

        This is what I hoped for!

      • jim

        Its the IP rating – look up hear about it:

        The oly is not rated – nor is any oly or even nikon – so although they all provide good protection, I guess they don’t mean to vigrously and leagaly defend their proofing statements.

        Having said that I use my EP1s in the rain without any precautions at all – no probelms. Even left them timelapsing for 3hrs in rain and sleet (and thats with the Mk1 kit lens)… perfictly fine – just started to get moisture creep between the lens and the body but did not make it into the sensor area.

        So the EM5 is properly proofed – I should guess it can take a small dip under water if my EP1s can do this…. and the EM1 is more proof than the EM5? – then its probably totaly fine underwater all day untill a depth of XXX when the pressure will compramise the seals… I guess upto 2ft would be survivable by the seals?

        • orfeo

          A watch that is water resistant to 50m can’t even be really immerge in 1m water. I would strongly adise you to not try that with this camera, even though the marketing let you believe it is water resistant.

          For swimming you need at least a 100m water resistant watch.

          • Anonymous

            It is advertised as ‘splash proof’, not water resistant, you’ll have to stick it into a diving housing for the later (which are sold because.. oh, because they aren’t actually marketing the camera as water resistant).

            Fact is however that Olympus generally over-engineers their weather-sealing, and when stating it complies with some standard its usually easily compliant instead of only just complying with the letter but not the intention of the standard. So yes, expect it to at least handle what the standard it complies with is about, and generally it will handle much more then that.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry occam but the E-M1 will almost certainly not be submersible just as the E-M5 is only “tested” to IPX 1 the minimum rating possible

    • cajie

      It is sold as ‘splashproof’, not ‘waterproof’. So the short answer would be ‘don’t dip it in water’.

      • Scruffy

        splashproof like as in fog or Oregon sunshine?

        I wouldn’t trust it, especially since the lens maker will cry “abuse” if you try to get a warranty fix.

    • Anonymous

      The camera and lens are water resistant, not waterproof. Don’t take it for a swim. It probably won’t be able to handle the pressure. You MAY be able to get away with sticking the front element down into the water buy if I were you, I wouldn’t go any further.

  • Fish

    That’s a higher flow a water than you would encounter in a rain storm.

  • This Colour Creator is a must read. I have done experiments of this kind by altering heavily the colour balance, but as Robin says here it’s about adding a colour cast on the spot according to the emotional response one wants.

    I am always in favour of changing the image BEFORE THE SHOT, so don’t tell me you can do it in RAW anyway.

    This is one of the key features I hope trickles down to the E-M6. Between colour & B&W there are now a whole lot of other choices. Robinìs street portraits make me want to be in Malaysia sometimes.

    • LovinTheEP2

      So its just simply a custom post-processing filter being applied in camera… Its not as if its like a warming filter etc. applied at the front of lens that actually chnages the type of light falling on sensor and also affects the raw filter. Hmmmmmmmm… Don’t see how its a big deal. But that’s just me.

    • Ross

      The nice part is that the RAW file can also be adjusted just like the camera does in Olympus Viewer 3 for both Color (should be spelt colour ;) ) Creater & Shadow & Highlight control. It is one of the RAW edit functions that have recently been added to OV3. Unfortunately for E-M5 users, they can’t use the latter for their RAWs even though that adjustment is on that camera (although curve adjustments can still be done to the jpeg). It’s just as well I have Capture One (Express) 7 to play with the RAWs as much as I want should I need to, but I do agree that getting the jpeg right in the camera at the point of taking the photo is a much better practice than trying to bend it afterwards.

      • Do you use coloured filters? I wouldn’t use it often, but they can be very effective to condition the emotional response. Live View lets you check if your choice is suitable to the subject. I saw some episodes of ‘Wallander’ and I wondered if they didn’t use a bluish cast to strengthen the feeling of solitude. I suppose it can be used in the video part too.

        I find it very sad that there is no back compatibility in Viewer for the E-M5. That is where Olympus shows itself stingy. OTH I often forget to use the Tone Control and use auto gradation instead.

        I also created some WB presets that can work as colour casts, so there are workarounds, but its nice to have a gamut circle which act continuously, and I fit it clever than one wheel is for hue, and the other for saturation – very easy to get those Grunge effects.

      • Ross

        I haven’t got into colour cast ‘artistic’ types of photos with most of my stuff being birds, macro (insects etc) or concerts & events (& of course family photos), but as knew gear comes along there is some inspiration to try something new. One event was ‘Ironfest’ in Lithgow, NSW & some of the theme was based on ‘Steam Punk’ & I did try something different to portray the period, but that was with the Art Filters (PP in OV3). Perhaps I shouldn’t be waiting for new gear but to just try new ideas anyhow.

    • “Between colour & B&W there are now a whole lot of other choices.”

      Hm… could the color creator be used to cancel out the cast of colored lights? IOW, If the light bulbs give off orange or bluish cast, can it be canceled with the color creator?

      • adaptor-or-die

        white balance would be the better tweak …

      • adaptor-or-die

        but if you want the LiveView correction aspect, then sure.

  • kevin

    Very impressive. This is why I like Olympus. When they says Weather sealed you can trust them. I would like to see the same test with a gh3 and 12-35 lumix. For panasonic is just marketing s***.

    • PLI

      Keep trolling Olyboy :)

      I would prefer to see freeze-proof test of E-M1, because as you know freezing conditions make a hard time for LCD, and I guess also for EVF. And because Olympus states “Reliable dust, splash and freeze proof performance that guarantees operation in environments down to -10℃.” I would like to see how reliable it is :)

      • LCWW

        “Some folks in Hong Kong placed the E-M1 in ice for 10mins (not shown in the video) to test:

        Not a very systematic test, but at least the E-M1 was placed in ice..

      • teros

        Here’s another one standing on ice in an almost enclosed environment. Not exactly accurate test but still…

      • tony

        He isn’t trolling. It’s known that for instance the 12-35 isn’t properly sealed and further, Panasonic (Japan) will CHARGE YOU FOR REPAIR, should something happen due to moisture or dust even when you are covered by guarantee. Argument: ‘well, just because it says so in the specs, it’s not a good idea anyways you know’.

        • steve

          For me there is no weather sealed panasonic lenses, period.

        • PLI

          Where is the problematic part on 12-35 that causes a leak in the sealing?

        • Benjamin

          True that the Pana 12-35 is poorly sealed. I was taking some shots with it attached to my E-M5 and some waves from the harbour splashed over the camera. I thought at the time it was no problem and kept on shooting only to find out when putting my camera away later that water had entered the lens during zooming.

          Considering the $1300 price tag vs $1000 for the Oly variant – Panasonic had better lift their game or lower the price to < $800 – the lens is not worth more than 1k anymore.

          • true homer

            Photos? Liar!

            • Scruffy

              read his posts at dpreview, does not sound like lies. Or maybe you can run the 12-35 in the shower and get back to us with your photos?

      • jim

        its a bullshit statement from oly – this is nothing – I have timelapsed (a few times) an EP1 (with kit MK1 lens) for over 3hrs in -25°C overnight in finland… everthing worked perficly only thing to note was lens barrel was very stiff, but still functioned fine.

        So -10°C for the EM1 is not impressive! – infact electronics do well when cold… ok shutter is still mechanical but unless it gets moisture in there then I doubt it will freez up – and genraly when its -10°C its dry air!

        So for my oppinion this is no news- I expect whatever camera you have now will work fine in -10°C!

        • Agree i have use an E-P2 in -15C, and only problem i got is IS in camera stop work after an half hour use, but short time in doors is IS in camera start work again.

          • jim

            My EP1 was 100% ok! – Maybe if there was moisture and then that froze it might have done that to the IS – in Finland when its cold its rediculously dry air so that is not a problem!

            Some advice tho if you do use a camera in very very cold – put it into a freezer bag befor you bring it inside and let it get upto temp in the freexer bag – then you can use it indoors! – this stops rediculous amounts of condensation forming on every part of the camera and internals that will be exposed to the air – probably not an issue with EM5/1 as they will be sealed enough as to not let large amounts of moist air into the workings.

            • Anonymous

              No jim, the issue is first of all batteries stopping to provide power when they get cold. That is an extremely well known and understood issue.

              • jim

                yes its an issue – but not the FIRST – as this is just a minor inconvinent not gonna runin your cam like condensation will…. and the cold batt thing is only a mild issue – keep em in a warm pocket or in cam and they still work nearly the same as normal – trust me I have spent plenty of time with my EP1 in below -10°C… well I got just over 3hrs continuions use shooting 1700 frames on a normal EP1 batt in -25°C Timelapsing…

                So sorry what were you saying about FIRST things???

  • Carl J Roven

    Such a disappointing camera. I don’t know what Olympus were thinking
    Actually, I don’t know what Olympus were thinking with four thirds, full stop.
    They used to make decent, proper cameras back in the day, not tiny sensored overpriced cameras for people who are too lazy to carry round a bit of weight with them.

    • Ropo


    • NikonShooter

      Not everybody has to compensate with gynormous gear for their small pecker.

      Have fun toting your dead weight around.


    • Ross

      Do you prefer something big to handle to make up for something else that is small?

      • Carl J Roven

        It has more to with me preferring the superior image quality and the fact that I don’t like being ripped off with hugely overpriced cameras and lenses.

        • Sören

          If the FT-sensor is no alternative for you, than this
          is no blog you should be interested in, full stop.
          So, why are you posting here. It is like if I as an atheist
          would go into a church and accuse everybody there how stupid they are…

          • Mr. Reeee

            That example makes sense… except that X-tians are known for maiming and killing the non-delusional… I mean, non-“believers”. So, if you value your health (and sanity)…

            We’re a much more peaceful lot around here… with a few exceptions, of course. ;-)

          • mFT for me

            It is like if I as an atheist would go into a church and accuse everybody there how stupid they are…

            Unfortunately for some not all by any means posters in camera forums across the net , your example is entirely apt. For they treat their chosen gear very much as a religion one which must at all costs be protected from heretical non-believers and especially from followers of other faiths :-)

            Their “faith” is unshakeable regardless what science may come up with

        • true homer

          Then you very obviously have not used one

        • BLI

          Huge and overpriced… The 12-40/2.8 has a better reach, at least similar quality, weighs close to 1/3, and *costs* about 1/2-1/3(added price when bought in kit with E-M1) as to similar FF lenses from Canon and Nikon.

          “But the 12-40/2.8 is really a 5.6 equivalent”? Dream on. It is a 2.8 lens wrt light gathering at the given ISO calibration. Of course, a lens with 24-70/2.8 has narrower DOF — everybody knows that — but for e.g portraits, you have to stop down to ca 2.8 anyway to get both nose tip and ears reasonably sharp. And if you don’t want that, get the Voightlander 0.95.

          Huge and overpriced — only for flipping fools.

          • mFTFellow

            “But the 12-40/2.8 is really a 5.6 equivalent”? Dream on. It is a 2.8 lens wrt light gathering at the given ISO calibration. Of course, a lens with 24-70/2.8 has narrower DOF — everybody knows that — but for e.g portraits, you have to stop down to ca 2.8 anyway to get both nose tip and ears reasonably sharp. And if you don’t want that, get the Voightlander 0.95.”

            • mFTFellow

              I meant to add +1 to that oops lol

          • Seriously !!

            The same can be said for compact lenses that have fixed aperture lenses such as the FZ200 with its 25-600mm F2.8 why would anyone consider anything else :-).This comparison is nonsense just as yours is with an F2.8 lens on mFT is to an F2.8 lens on FF. I hate to mention the “E” word but equivalence in relation to photography means equivalent image. Which means, same DOF, same AOV, and critically the part that baffles so many here same total light.

            If you want the exact same DOF, exact same AOV and exact same total light then low and behold an F5.6 lens FF will do the exact same job as an F2.8 lens on MFT. This is a simple fact. Obviously designing a lens to cover a sensor almost 4x the area will be more difficult and require more RAW materials high end lenses from whoever are constructed with much the same basic materials so more of them will cost more. Though there are excellent off brand options like the weather sealed and image stabilized Tamron 24-70VC that are cheaper than the Olympus option.

            As for your exaggeration with using these lenses as portrait options even at 70mm wide open on FF At F2.8 you have a DOF of over 1 foot even as close as 10ft so you would need a pretty huge head not to be able to get the nose and ears in focus. The voightlander is an amusing case in point it costs three times its FF equivalent { same DOF, same AOV and same total light } weighs double and is manual focus all in a vain effort to chase something that supposedly doesn’t matter to mFT shooters anyway

            • jim

              Same same but diffrent – all that matters (well the main thing) is getting enough shutter speed – and in this regard 43 is right to compair F2.8 to F2.8 because its the shutter speed you need not the DOF…

              • Anonymous

                you might need the extra light gathered but hey lets not quibble

        • Anitbiotics

          If you like superiority so much. Then use English as it should be used. Your current use is crap, thank you to Thomas for leading to the wonder full expression.

        • Benjamin

          It sounds more to me that you’re a sad tosser who feels some urge to brag about his massive camera in a forum oriented at smaller compact cameras.

          Think about how sad your life is.

          • Seriously !!

            I think you will find if you look at these forums honestly apart from the genuine odd FF troll the huge majority of BS posts made here are by mFT fans claiming all sorts of BS about mFT

        • jim

          Superior IQ …. superior to what? a 2004 FF nikon?

    • y r u @ 43 ?

    • JimD

      “back in the day”
      In the morning was it? Or, before you got up? Or, just a few minutes ago?

  • David

    Awesome, I’ve always wanted a camera I could run under the faucet. My non-weatherproofed camera is fine in the rain and snow, but I can’t take it out in a hurricane, let alone bathe with it.

  • Anonymous

    Some folks in Hong Kong placed the E-M1 in ice for 10mins (not shown in the video) to test:


    So that’s why Olympus overprices their cameras! Id rather walk around with a plastic bag than pay a premium for something that I wouldn’t really have a use for.
    I can go to flickr, G+, and how many pics will be in the rain? I can shoot with most modern cameras in the rain IF I wanted to, just as long as I wipe it diwn soon afterwards.

    • OD

      Having recently worked with a Sony in a shroud that still got moisture inside the lens somehow, I’ve grown to appreciate the toughness of the Oly gear. Cool stuff.

    • If you lived in a wet, rainy climate (like I do), then you’d appreciate “weather-resistant” gear. Some years back during a visit to Maui, it was raining hard, pouring down, but warm of course. I was in the street with the E-3 firing away as people scurried for cover. I had a blast.

      With most cameras, or phones or whatever, you just couldn’t do that.

  • Frank

    You’re just jealous that your crappy lumix can”t do the same.

  • HG

    I always liked Robin’s photos, but his experiments with changing the color i find very dissapointing.

    • HG

      That feature om the EM-1 seems useless to me. Wasted development time they could have used better to make 25p Video.

    • I agree. I usually love Robins photos, but this time I don’t!

      If you are giving a mood to a photo, that mood should be uniform across the set. Rarely do you display just one photo, unless you are submitting a single photo to a competition.

      I thought Blunty’s review of colour picker was much better. He showed how amazing this tool is for black and white. Akin to using coloured filters with B&W film. Makes sense.

      Variation in colour casts are something that I usually try and avoid. Especially a green cast on people shots. It makes them look ill!!

      • jim

        its a gimmiky feature – and 25p is a nessesity… go figure oly?

  • GX7

    This dude does not deserve to have that EM1 after dunking it,
    he should ship it me, I won’t expose it to an open faucet! :-o

    If you don’t like 4/3 or M4/3 go buy FF, or go buy Hasselblad, or what ever turns you on. There is something for everyone. if you can’t appreciate the differences, too bad you are so shallow in your vision.

    For the record, I shoot MFT, FF, MF, and large format film (4×5, 5×7 and 8×10).
    Each are fantastic and totally different. Long live the all these great choices.

    • MadManAce


      I used to shoot 35mm, 645, 6×7, APS-C, and now I shoot FF and m.4/3. I do not get why people feel the need to harp on forums dedicated to formats that they dislike. I do not visit Sony Alpha Rumors, Fuji Rumors, or a Pentax site whatever that may be. I do know that they are perfectly fine formats and that have many satisfied users. In fact, I do not get why even this site has such a bitter Olympus vs. Panasonic rivalry. I own both Panasonic and Olympus lenses and I have seriously considered the Panasonic GX7, but that 5-Axis IBIS from Olympus has me spoiled and I am not ready to give it up. If Panasonic ever produces a camera with equal IBIS I will consider buying one given it has everything else I want.

      I switched from Nikon D800 to Canon 5DMK3 because Nikon’s QC let me down and their inability to resolve the issue with three cameras and multiple trips to repair centers forced me to switch to Canon. Was the Nikon better, at most things yes, am I unable to get the job done because the sensor on my Canon is inferior to the D800? No, not at all, I learned its shortcomings and adapted, my clients never confront me to say that my previous work was far superior. Brand loyalty is stupid, buy the tool needed for the job and let others be.

  • lone.samurai

    Very little bit Robin does is appreciated but I’d prefer to see is an actual video of continuous af test done with noth 43 and m43 lenses at moving subjects like cars, people and wildlife like birds for example.

  • lone.samurai

    Don’t know why I wrote Robin, the point being for me this test for thirds users who’ve use the e1, e3, e5 and even to a lesser extent the em5 is just enetertainment and proves nothing because we have enough confidence in Olys pro spec weather sealing abilities but I would like to see caf properlt tested by one of these sites or bloggers and posted on YouTube.

  • Boooe

    This test is s%%t. Almost every camera would survive one minute under that test.

    • C. C.

      Oh, you think so? Go ahead and stick one of your cameras under the tap for one minute. I guarantee you that your camera will short out. Go ahead and do it. What, no guts?

    • The Real Stig


  • Mr D800e

    This will come in handy for when you flush this piece of junk down the toilet.

    • Anonymous

      If your D800 was waterproof you could rinse away all oilspots and dustspots from your sensor!

      • JimD

        That’s the best one for a long time. Have an extra whatever you like to have extra of.

        • billy

          Having a spare 600 cheap price soon good backup for oil/dust spots from 800.

      • mFTcomedy forum

        That is nonsense there have been numerous faults with mFT gear, covering everything from cracked LCD housings and flaking bodywork to tilted EVF’s and then we have the annoying glitches we get when using some Panasonic lenses on Olympus bodies. Sadly there will always be gotchas with mass produced items from all brands.The D800 is weatherproof just the same as Olympus gear by the way good luck rinsing the sensor in the E-M1.Here is a video from the idiot at Digital Rev showing how much abuse even the lowest end camera can take

        Away from the wild fanboy claims the facts about the E-M1 that matter or should to actual photographers or videographers are. You get a negligible “improvement” in image quality at low to 3200ISO above that they all look like crap but apparently the E-M1 is a tiny bit less crap so no worthwhile image quality gain over the E-M5/E-PL5/E-PM2/GH3.The video quality can be easily surpassed with many cameras so no gain here.

        The only real advantage of the E-M1 to mFT users [ FT guys may get better AF off their lenses] is its better build quality.In truth regarding actual image quality it has made at best minimal steps forward over the 18 month old E-M5. The weather sealed, 5-axis E-M5 is now £740 roughly £550 less than the E-M1,

        • Yes, that is why I say that the E-M5 is the only convenient one. The E-M1 is far too expensive: it will be interesting to see if it can keep its price better.

          As for GX7 it seriously misses on the 5 axis IBIS and the backwards compatibility with 4/3 lenses – not being precisely cheap.

          How long can m4/3 go on with sluggish sales?

          • mFTFellow

            “How long can m4/3 go on with sluggish sales?”

            Alas you are right about that a few days a go a FF troll was arguing with someone here about the sales of mFT and I thought he was talking BS.I was honestly very surprised just how poor the sales are using his link below. This covers “all” cameras made in Japan so the data doesn’t get any more reliable than this.It actually makes for unpleasant reading for those of us honest enough to accept it.Though no doubt we will be under attack just promptly


            Personally I don’t care if mFT rules the world just as long as it gets financially viable and the companies make enough profits to bring us the goodies we all use.

            • @mFTFellow
              that PDF doesn’t break out the various mirrorless formats/mounts so is pretty worthless, the fail of the Nikon 1 and EOS M mirrorless systems can easily be a major skewing factor.

              • mFTFellow

                The exact number of DSLR’s produced and shipped in the first 6 months of this year is 6,263,002 the exact number of mirrorless cameras produced in this time period was 1,322,622 . That means that the entirety of the mirrorless market :

                between them all has approximately 17% of the world market for interchangeable lens cameras. Now you can bleat and give any fantasy take on the matter but these are cold hard numbers that represent the entire manufacturing/ shipment of the Japanese camera makers.

                So this means that 17% of the world market is mirrorless the last figures I found for micro four thirds share of the mirrorless market puts it at around 48% {I think this will be lower now as the figure is a little dated and there is a lot more options ] which is 8.1% of the world interchangeable camera market or if you like there will be 10 DSLR sold for every 1 mFT .Obviously this 8.1 % is divided between Olympus and Panasonic with Olympus having the largest share or roughly 5% of the world interchangeable camera market. This is almost half of the percentage of the DSLR market Olympus held at their peak.

                These are not random numbers plucked from mid air but cold hard incontestable data direct from the manufacturing /production and shipping numbers of the Japanese camera production in its entirety.

                What i do not understand is your desire to try and pull the wool over peoples eyes when the truth about the sales numbers is already accessible.

                Even Terada conceded reluctantly :-) the low sales of mFT with some rather amusing excuses why this is so.Something along the lines of mFT being targeted at young women but young Japanese women are too low income for the market and non Japanese women don’t seem to “get it” :-)

                Are you perhaps an Olympus employee or have some other vested interest in their fiscal well-being for I do not see any other reason to attempt to disguise the figures to look less bad.Facts are Facts.

                I have zero interest in FF or any other format for that matter.This doesn’t mean that I need my ego massaged by downright making up data.I am sure that Olympus and Panasonic will get their imaging divisions into profitability soon and that they will continue to make wonderful products. Cant wait on my E-M1 :-)

                • If mirrorless has 17% of the market, and mFT has half of that, and O and P have half of mFT, then each has >4% share of the global camera market.

                  Obviously a pretty thin slice, but the crucial element is whether products generate enough money to make the venture worthwhile. There are many products that occupy a small segment of a market category, yet continue to be made and sold. The size of the market, or item cost do not necessarily reflect how well sales satisfy requirements for the manufacturer to stay in business.

                  For example, what percent of total auto sales go to two-seater sports cars? Another example: what do you suppose is the size of the global market for compressed-air spray-guns? A million a year sounds like a high number. Yet there are several companies that sell such equipment and not much else. Per unit costs of typical items are much less than mFT cameras, but still profitable enough to sustain the companies.

                  Consider, how much of all paint sales goes to artist-grade oil-based colors–much less than 1%, yet there are dozens of paint-makers competing in that tiny niche and have remained in business for decades. Interestingly, some of these paint-makers do not sell general art supplies, that is, specialized paint-making is their only business. Hard to believe there’s money is selling small tubes of paint, but there has to be, since these companies are staying afloat.

                  Naturally, technologies like cameras have different dynamics, like R&D costs, etc., which affect how manufacturers judge what is a satisfactory level of sales. It’s their call, so even if mFT occupies only a modest niche in the total camera market, that does not necessarily doom mFT to failure.

                  New categories of products take time to get established within their markets, and it can be slow going for several years or more. Considering that mFT has only existed for 5 years, and arguably, becoming technologically competitive less than 2 years ago, it’s still too early in its development to say whether it will be a success or not.

                  Considering the splash the E-M5 produced, and the remarkably positive reception of the E-M1 and GX7, it is reasonable to predict the trend is looking up, and 5 years from now, the mix of camera sales is likely to look very different. Of course, I claim no talent to see the future gazing into crystal spheres. Even so, I do assert: it’s just too soon to know the ultimate success of mFT.

                  • mFTfellow

                    “”Considering the splash the E-M5 produced, and the remarkably positive””

                    The problem with that “splash” is that despite huge amounts of hype the E-M5 sales represented only 3% of the Japanese mirrolress market,behind models like the Nex7 .

                • @not sure why you can’t post under your flickr ID
                  mirrorless having 17% of world shipments is pretty good going not even taking into account average selling price and cameras actually sold as opposed to gathering dust on the shelves of Target etc.
                  Of that 17% I would safely imaging that MFT has much more than 48% of shipments as Nikon 1 and Canon EOS M have failed, Pentax have fallen by the way side, Fuji is happy doing it’s thing and Sony are on pause.
                  Mirrorless share in East Asia is about 50% and in the UK about 30%.

                  Out of all of the mirrorless players Oly and Panny are the most likely to have recouped their developments costs unlike Samsung and Nikon and most likely to make a profit.
                  Terada did not concede any such thing.

                  tbh a E-M1 would be wasted on you, ditch your Olympus E-P2 Pen and get yourself a DSLR, that’s where you belong.

                  • mFTfellow

                    The 48% mirrorless market share of mFT is not a guess and is more likely to be an over estimate considering the current market share position. You seem to be rather obsessed with the “failure” of Nikon and Canon. I agree that the Nikon options were certainly overpriced at launch but as you well know from data posted here.

                    Last year the Nikon J1 alone accounted for 11.2 % of the mirrorless sales and was the top selling mirrorless camera in Japan. The NEX 7 outsold the E-M5 which was according to the likes of you a huge unmatched seller, yet it managed only 3% of the market .mFT sales have declined this year as can be seen in all the relevant data and as mentioned above even Terada acknowledged this and came up with a ludicrous explanation why {perhaps he has been reading some of your “thoughts”}
                    Last year the company percentage of the mirrorless market looked like this:

                    Olympus 28.8%, Panasonic 21.4%, Sony 18.4%, Nikon 13.3%, Pentax 7.1%, Canon 2.1%

                    This year mFT will be down on this check the real data,mFT has peaked and will not increases its market share. While Nikon sales did not reach the goals that they hoped for 13.3% is not too bad considering their offerings, though they heavily discounted their prices from launch the same case can be said for all the top 10 selling models.

                    Even if you want use old data and say tha Olympus have held on to 28.8% of the mirrorless market {they haven’t but let’s not bicker}. 28.8% of 17% equals 4.89 % of the overall interchangeable market belongs to Olympus.That means there was 16.5 DSLRs sold for every E-M5 .

                    I am a big fan of mFT my only problem is your misinterpretations of the data which you then conceal and twist and downright deceive all in an attempt to do what exactly?

                    • @not sure why you can’t post under your flickr ID

                      Actually 48% more likely to be an UNDER estimate considering the current market of mft competitors.

                      Sales numbers don’t live in a vacuum, are you too stupid.

                      Terada didn’t use the word low, and unless you were actually there with Terada you have no idea what the intentions were of what he said in broken english.

                      Sony 18.4%, Nikon 13.3%, Pentax 7.1%, Canon 2.1%…. how do you think these mirrorless players increased their share in 2013, WITH WHAT?

                      In 2013 Olympus has done a better job than it’s mirrorless competitors at maintaining prices.

                      Even by your poor estimate of 16.5 DSLRs sold for every E-M5 that is still pretty good going.

                      “you then conceal and twist and downright deceive all in an attempt to do what exactly?” SPEAK FOR YOURSELF.

                      smiley face, smiley face, smiley face….twat.

        • Anonymous

          Ah, m4/3 users might just gain much more usable c-af then any other m4/3 camera so far offered, but I suppose that doesn’t matter.

          Beyond that, some seem to rather appre iate the bigger buttons and grp and resulting handling characteristics..

          There are a few more things, but seeing how you miss the blatantly obvious, I suppose its unfair to expect you to understand those less blatantly obvious things.

          • What is not clear in “and the backwards compatibility with 4/3 lenses” anonymous wanker?

            It’s not because you probably use recycled money to buy cameras that most users are NOT going to spend 1400 $ and much mess even 1400 € for a rehash of the E-M5.

            Only the few hundreds most retarded 4/3 users might find it a good buy, instead of forking 10,000 escudos to jump ship – LOL!

            • ugh

              grow up, troll

    • BLI

      No! Don’t do it! Don’t flush your D800e down the toilet!! You can sell it instead, and get an E-M1 w/ 12-40/2.8 zoom and money back just by selling your D800e body!

    • Benjamin

      Oh my god, its another sad human being, do you want us all to congratulate you on your big camera? Or do you want us to lend you some money so you can go and see a psychiatrist for your mental disorder?

      Does it make you feel better about your big camera posting in these forums? I am curious what sort of wanker does this…

      • Seriously !!

        You are the sad wanker who feels the need to take part in the mutual masturbation society that is the typical mFT forum.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me please, what the thing at the valve is, where the water comes out?

    • My guess: an after-market water filter for the faucet.

    • Ross

      It certainly looks like an attached water filter for the water tap spout. BTW, where did this term “faucet” come from. ;) :D

  • ivo

    keep in mind that weatherproofing also means dust proofing…
    Ever done 3 weeks desert…
    That fine fine sand gets into everything, killed my canon slr and lenses… And yes my camera bag was a kayak-weather roll top, and i changed lenses inside of the bag.
    Still the reason why i would want a 14-150 sealed for those occasions.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Colour Casting: useful when you need to use JPEGS files on the go ad have no time for post processing, BUT you need to know what to do: I don’t see myself stopping after every shot to choose the best Colour Cast. It means wasting time (and moments) while shooting.
    In the last year I have always taken photos JPEG + RAW file, being the JPEG in black & white, and then working on the RAW file when needed.

    Anyway, it’s one more option, so it’s welcome, but again I think I won’t use it often.

    • The great thing about the Oly cameras is you can go back and reprocess the jpegs off the Raw files in-camera, and they will adopt whatever current setting are on the camera, giving you the freedom to process them differently at a later time.

      • JimD

        Olympus viewer allows this PP but only allows for the camera the files came from. You can’t post art filters from an EM5 on to an EP2 but you can do the ones that came with the ep2.

  • Jankoff

    As seen from previous reviews, covered here, compared to Panasonic GX7 and E-M5, this thing delivers equally well. Which will probably mean that it delivers less well than epm2, the latter having 10% better ISO performance. But I would like to ask if this thing delivers better weather resistance than the Pentax K-30 – which costs three times less, is not at all much heavier or bulkier, and has a MUCH BETTER ISO performance. Thank you very much in advance!

    • mFTFellow

      “epm2, the latter having 10% better ISO performance. ”

      The 1/8th of a stop difference { between the E-M5 and E-PM2} would be pretty much unnoticeable in real life use and is all likelihood down to some form of RAW NR or discrepancies in the way Olympus labels ISO settings.Either way it is no big deal

      • Jankoff

        Whatever the reason for the better performance of epm2 over em5, for me, as an owner of epm2 with some em5 experience as well, it is neither questionable, nor do I have the slightest of reasons to treat DXoMark with suspicion or disbelief. Furthermore, any serious photographer will wholeheartedly admit that a 10% difference in ISO performance is critical at the threshold between day and night – where ISO performance matters and pictures are most willingly taken.

        • mFTcomedy forum

          1/8th of a stop will have a miniscule impact on high ISO shooting.No matter how you cut it.I would be happy to be proven wrong by someone posting an honest RAW comparison shot between the E-PM2 and E-M5/E-PL5 that demonstrates a visible difference/ advantage that the 1/8th gives an E-PM2 user

        • Anonymous

          A 10% improvement in high iso performance only matters a lot when you find numbers on charts very important.

          Regardless, if you are happy with your e-pm2, all the better, but this e-m1 wasn’t really introduced for someone like you to begin with.

          Oh, and by the way, why does a nikon d300s cost like 5 times the price of a d3000? (same era aps-c sensor).. maybe there are other reasons for such a price difference?

    • JimD

      When you do the test let us know the results.
      But after seeing the em1 in the hot shower sitting in a centimetre of water I think “shower resistant’ has been taken to new levels.

      • Jankoff

        This is not the point. The point is that the EPM2 has an ISO advantage, however small or not, over the EM5. And may turn out to have an ISO advantage over the EM1, which, for some reason, costs FOUR TIMES more.
        Several years ago the E-520 turned out to have a 10% better ISO performance than the E-5, the latter hugely acclaimed and advertized then, in the same manner as the EM1 today!
        I am definitely NOT going to buy the new thing! I will buy another EPM2 and will continue to use my FT glass with the E-520!

        • Anonymous

          The E-5 was never hugely aclaimed or heavily advertised. Besides, when looking at the results people are getting, the e-m1 has almost 1 stop better dynamic range then the e-m5, and you know what that means?

          • Jankoff

            I may only be partly wrong to the extent that the test below may have been absent in 43rumors but, anyway, here it is:
            “under the hood, the Panasonic Lumix GX7, Olympus OMD EM5 and EM1 all share pretty much the same degree of real-life detail and noise levels”

  • Lol… i see the why there is a ugly hump on top of the camera: Its to scare of the water when you want to take a picture of the sink in the event of forgetting to turn off the water.

    P.s the em5 also was weather proof but after walking with it in the rain i still had some condence in the evf. I never had that with for example with the nex7 and D700.

    • Benjamin

      Shenkie – remember your medication

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      I’ve used my Em-5 under a storm in Venice, I was the only guy taking pictures under a hell of a rain, silly and funny. I’ve used it under the snow in my mountains. Never had a problem, not even inside condense.

    • No Shenkie

      You want to talk about an ugly hump, let’s talk about your wife.

  • Swallow D0F

    Uff this thing is going to cost me money. My little girls and wife want to ditch those ancient bulky and low-tech FF and APSC for this and who can blame them. Its good to demonstrate real weather sealing, my d700 and nex7 stopped working after opening the fridge or turning on the heat.

  • gofman
  • steve

    No way a panasonic can handle this! Awesome.

    • Anonymous

      Yes , no way Olympus have magic O-rings made from powdered Unicorn horn as an example of how durable even dirt cheap low end gera is have a look at the video posted

      • Benjamin

        Did you actually watch the video?

        @ 04:30 the Nikon D90 shutter stops working from liquid on the contact, doesn’t recover until it dries out a day later – yeah that’s just what I want to happen half way through a shoot, “hang on, can I come back tomorrow?”

        The whole point of weather sealing is that its guaranteed, if you take the D90 back to the shop saying I poured a cup of tea over it, I am sure they’ll tell you to rack off, the actual weather sealed products on the other hand you could make a warranty claim.

        • Anonymous

          the point was that these are dirt cheap low end non sealed models and the amount of abuse the get is ridiculous . It is a D70 not a D90 and no I am afraid that weather sealing is “NOT “guaranteed .

          • jim

            Your right it is not garenteed at all ! – they do not (nor nikon) give any international protection rating to their products… so there is no “garentee” as they (stupidly) do not test for an I.P. rating.

        • Not so sure about that

          This is how Olympus recommend you clean the exterior of the E-M1 straight from the E-M1 manual. There is no camera that “guarantees ” weather sealing otherwise Youtube would be filled with idiots doing all sorts of crazy junk then claiming the company concerned

          Cleaning and storing the camera

          Cleaning the camera

          Turn off the camera and remove the battery before cleaning the camera.


          Wipe gently with a soft cloth. If the camera is very dirty, soak the cloth in mild soapy waterand wring well.

          Wipe the camera with the damp cloth and then dry it with a dry cloth.

          If you have used the camera at the beach, use a cloth soaked in clean water and well wrung.

          no mention of washing under a faucet

        • Anonymous

          :-)The camera is the D70,the point is these are low end non-weather sealed models and the amount of abuse far exceeds what real life would throw at a camera. You are also wrong about weather sealing being guaranteed there is no such thing read the warranties from the E-5 or E-M5 if you doubt what I say.

  • jf

    This test is pretty useless ! ok the camera works during 1 min under a big water flow ! I like so much to take photos in my shower…Will the camera and lens still work in 1 month, 3 month, 1 year, 2 year ?

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Based on my experience with a 16 months old Em-5, it will work.

      • mFT for me

        Based on my experience in life I have never broke a bone nor sustained a serious injury .Conclusion I am obviously indestructible :-)and much tougher than the next guy or alternatively i have just been very lucky :-)

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          Funny! (But you can’t apply it to the topic) I’ve treated my camera with care, it never fell on the ground, but I have used it in the snow, at -10 C. , under the rain, in the sand, and never had a problem.
          When a gust of wind surprised me while in my mountains, little pieces of wood entered the camera while I was changing lens.
          I got the sensor cleaned by my fav shop owner, just to be sure, but there was no reason and I wanted only to be sure everything was ok.
          He treated it as a normal sensor, even though it looks like it’s floating, due to the 5 axis mechanism.
          My epl2 fell from a cliff and bounced for 4-5 meters on rocks. It had only sone minor scratches.
          Also Panny 25mm got some little scratches on the barrel.
          So from my experience (lucky or not) these products are quite sturdy.

  • Very impressed by Robin’s Color Creator review. I have not seen that even mentioned in any other review or advertising material. It brings to mind the ability to replicate a film’s look and leverage RAW & JPEG image save. Go out to shot a TMX, RVP or Kodachrome look, review on the spot and still have the RAW to play with in post. Great feature it is can work like that.

  • Wolf

    Nice tap…

  • JP

    About -10C “proof” Please understand the basics of this claim. It is very well known that many cameras and electronic devices usually withstand conditions below -10C. Even -30C is not especially impossible at all for many devices. Probably battery time is very very short though.

    BUT about E-M1 claim. Please note that for Olympus can make this claim they need to have proof that ALL components used in this camera (even if tested separately) will withstand repeated operational test without failures after 12 hrs in -10C. Test is very similar to ones used on MIL-STD-810 / 883.

    This does not mean that this is lowest operational limit for E-M1. Actually by expanding low temp limit from usual 0C to -10C implies that real low temperature (temperature where things really start to clog) capability could be one of the very best in whole industry. Biggest limit in E-M1 regarding cold temperature shooting is of course the touch screen. But promising -10C for the touch screen is quite unusual in any consumer electronic device.

    In short: -10C is definitely the lowest maximum temperature to use but this is the temperature that manufacturer GUARANTINES it to operate ALWAYS. Quite remarkable achievement if they ask from me.

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