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Dpreview: “The reign of the DSLR is almost over…”


The mirrorless system camera history started with the G1 back in 2008 :)

Dpreview is now convinced Canon and Nikon will go full monthy with FF mirrorless. And this will be the sign that “The reign of the DSLR is almost over”:

We know from speaking to executives at CP+ that Tokyo 2020 is going to be a big deal for Canon, and I’d expect it also to be used as a showcase for flagship professional mirrorless ILCs from the other two manufacturers in the ‘big three’ – Nikon and Sony.

By then, it would make sense for both Canon and Nikon to have replicated their most important tele primes and wide-aperture zoom lenses in their respective new native mirrorless mounts, and for Sigma and Tamron to be offering their own lower-cost alternatives. I don’t want to guess at exactly what those alternatives will look like, but it’s a safe bet that Sigma’s will be larger.

What do you think? Will Fujifilm or Panasonic be competing with the big three in the photographers stands at Tokyo 2020? Will Ricoh ever make another mirrorless ILC? Will Canon’s concept cameras transform how we think about capturing images?

Dpreview also believes Full Frame mirrorless will be the norm. Panasonic-Olympus may have to think if they want to get into the FF battle too.

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