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Does the E-M10 have an AA filter or not? Look at Olympus answers :)


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Did you ever wonder if the E-M10 has or has not an Anti Aliasing filter? Well Moonlight Knight tried to get an answer by contacting four different Olympus employess:
– Olympus Japan
– Olympus Hong Kong
– Olympus USA
– Olympus Europe

You would think they would all give you the correct answer but this is not what happened! Moonlight Knight writes:

Olympus USA did not give me a reply even after a week. The other three offices gave me a reply reasonably quickly, but I got three different answers!
Answer 1: “E-M10 sensor has AA filter.”
Answer 2: “As for today we have no information about low-pass filters used on E-M10 sensor.”
Answer 3: “The E-M10 is a low-pass filter less product.” (He referred me to the specifications, which said TruePic VII is optimized for low-pass filter less sensor. I know that E-M10 uses TruePic VII, but I don’t think it logically implies E-M10 must have no AA filter.)

Lol :)

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