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David Busch’s E-M5 book shipping. Firmware update for the 12-35mm X.



David Busch’s E-M5 book is now downloadable on iTunes (Click here) and shipping  at Amazon US (Click here). It will ship in two weeks at Amazon UK (Click here). German readers can buy the book from R.Wagner at

Panasonic (Click here) released the new 12-35mm firmware update 1.1. It improves the AF performance on the E-M5. Reminder: There is a $200 price drop on that lens at Amazon (Click here). And the 20mm pancake price decreased down to $324 at Amazon (Click here).

  • Steve

    Do we know that the 12-35 firmware update improves AF on the E-M5? The firmware notes mention that AF improvements only apply to the GH3.

    • JF


  • Adjuster

    You can get a copy to read via iBooks on an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone at iTunes for $15.99 vs. paperback $19.49 or $29.99 on Amazon

    • Sadly not available from iStore in UK.
      I would probably buy for an iPad but I doubt I’d get the book. Is this progress?….. not sure but I rarely read paper books now in preference to a iPad/Kindle

    • el_diablo

      Failness for the e-book!

      I just tried to purchase the e-book via Amazon – not available, dead tree only.

      OK so I figured I would buy it via Apple iBoooks. Only available in US store

      I will buy it via a US proxy, remove the DRM and get a torrent up so that non US (i.e. the rest of the world) can get access to the e-book version of the book.

      Before anyone whinges about piracy et al, see how publishers make it so difficult to do “the right thing”, don’t complain about what I am doing, complain about the way they treat you as a consumer.

      • Admin’s Evil Twin

        Are you the author? The publisher, perhaps? No? Then what gives you the right to decide how they sell and distribute THEIR product? (Hint: the correct answer is “none whatsoever”).

        I assume you’ll be charging for the torrent, and then passing the proceeds to the publisher? And I assume you’ll make sure only non-US people download the torrent so you aren’t deprvinig the publisher of sales they might otherwise have made? No? What gives you the right to give away a product for free, thus undermining their business model (Hint: the correct answer is “none whatsoever”).

        If they don’t want my money, that’s fine. They won’t get it. And that’s the end of it. I have no legal or moral right to a camera book, and certainly no legal or moral right to control it’s price and distribution.

        • el_diablo

          @Adam’s Evil Twin

          Please educate yourself on what copyright is, it is not some sort of natural right that people have. It is an exchange between society and the author. We (society) give the author exclusive rights to the work for a set period of time to encourage them to release and make it available to the greater public. That is the exchange or contract.

          Where the “rights holder” restricts availability to the rest of the world in the most common publication format they are failing to hold up their end of the contract with society, given that, I feel no moral obligation to protect the rights that society has offered them for this work.

          The author could have offered the e-book to non-US countries and I for one would have happily paid for it as many others would have also. Given that the author has chosen not to make the work available, I have no qualms with doing so for them. As I will be making a purchase in the US to obtain the initial copy, I will have purchased and paid royalties to the author, if others who download the book I offer for download feel it is appropriate to do so, they may send him some form of payment, that is between those individuals and the author.

          Clearly you do feel that an author has some inalienable right to distribute the works on his own terms, I disagree and believe that where an author unfairly restricts entire countries from having access to their works on just terms, it is appropriate for another person to do what they have failed to do.

          • AnnnaT

            I think it is not the author who restricts the rights, but the publishers. They do so to segment the market and draw more profit from some countries.
            A higher price could be understandable when :
            A) there is a translation to do,
            B) they have to maintain a unit to distribute the printed books in foreign countries,
            C) they have to add the VAT requested in some countries,
            D) there are more expensive shipping costs to send a printed book oversea,

            But none of this applies in the case of digital books, save perhaps their need to compute the VAT

      • Diablo’s an Ass

        @el_diablo – “Where the “rights holder” restricts availability to the rest of the world in the most common publication format they are failing to hold up their end of the contract with society, given that, I feel no moral obligation to protect the rights that society has offered them for this work.”

        Where a person proposes to breach the laws of this land based on some self-righteous logic that gives them the right to ignore the values of the society as a whole, I feel no moral obligation to do anything but make the publisher of this site aware of your proposed abuse, as well as the publisher of the book.

        Let’s see how far we can take this.

    • Annna T

      Not available in Switzerland either.. Apparently they want to segment the market and get you to pay more outside of America.. Same story as for other goods. Difference is that if you download it through the net there is no reason to get you to pay more than in America (except for the VAT), but usually they charge you way more than the VAT.

  • mike

    what a lame lens to feature on the cover photo.

    • MAFAv8r

      Not if you are in Australia or New Zealand

      • Anonymous

        Sorry clicked wrong reply button, referring to purchasing in iTunes

    • Yes, strange choice. My guess is they weer just looking for a black Olympus lens to match the body, and black Olympus m4/3 lenses are not plentiful. I can only assume whoever provided the camera didn’t buy it with the kit lens.

  • Absoluutbeginner

    Unfortunately … unavailable in some countries !

  • Volkmar

    Hi, Antivir is blocking your site because of malware!!!??? What’s the matter??

  • fred

    yes i tried to buy the book but i couldnt from

  • Brandon

    12-35 price drop is only showing $100 off at Amazon. Also $100 off at Adorama when you add it to your cart.

  • tupak

    is this book worth more than user manual? (i consider to buy it)

  • Doug

    Does anyone know if/when the e-book will be available on Kindle international market?

  • quam, credo in aequitate

    For the hoi polloi who live outside of the yewww essss of aiii and want a DRM free ebook go here

    If you find the book useful please send David Busch a cheque. I hope the publishers sort out their shit and make the ebook available to the rest of the world.

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