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Curiosity: Panasonic manager admits that the GH2 hacker movement made them realize the GH series should be made for professionals


In an interview with the Chinese blog Xitek a Panasonic manager admitted this (google translated text):

More than 10 years ago, some people in the industry became obsessed with improving the quality of image capture by increasing the video bit rate and so on. After the release of GH2 in 2010, hackers from all over the world turned their attention to GH2 and began to crack the GH2 firmware frantically, and it became more and more rampant. While this was not what we expected, we also realized that customers may indeed have this need. After comprehensive consideration, we decided to change the target user group of the GH series from home users to professionals. Since the GH3, we have been focusing on developing a comprehensive single-lens mirrorless camera to createAuthors are better at video production. It’s the constant changes over the years that have made the GH series so well-received in the video shooting world.

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