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Continually updated (+poll): Olympus announces two new MicroFourThirds lenses and a special E-P2 kit


Olympus announced the new E-P2 all black kit and the 40-150mm and the 75-300mm MicroFourThirds lenses. We will continually update this post with all news, reviews, preorder links and image samples.
Reminder: The E-5 will be announced on September 14. Panasonic has a scheduled press release on September 21.

The E-P2 Special Black EVF Edition contents (€1,079, available October 2010.)
* E-P2 camera in black
* M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 17mm 1:2.8 Pancake lens exclusively in black
* VF-2 electronic viewfinder in black
* Historic lens cap with F logo

The E-P2 Special Black Flash Edition contents (€1,049, available October 2010.)
* E-P2 camera in black
* M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 17mm 1:2.8 Pancake lens exclusively in black
* FL-14 external flash exclusively in black
* Historic lens cap with F logo

Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 75-300mm f/4.8-6.7 (€899, available December 2010.)

Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm 1:4.0-5.6 (€329, available October 2010.)

Olympus announces special edition kits for the E-P2 camera in black (Dpreview / Imaging Resource / Photoscala / DCresource / DigitalCameraReview / ThePhoBlographer)
Olympus introduces M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm lens (Dpreview / Imaging Resource / Photoscala / Quesabesde / DigitalCameraReview)
Olympus releases M.Zuiko Digital ED 75-300mm lens (Dpreview / Imaging Resource / Photoscala / Quesabesde / DigitalCameraReview)

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  • napalm

    congrats admin. next leak please :)

  • Nice looking kit :-). Hope Oly has some truly new cameras soon though ;-).

  • Miroslav

    I’m afraid this kit means no E-P3 at Photokina. Why else would it be announced than to try to draw some attention? They wouldn’t make a special edition of the product to be discontinued in three weeks time.

    Let’s hope Olympus shows some other format m4/3 body there, but the delay of the announcement of the primes tells that any new Olympus camera will be presented at the same time as 12mm F2.8 lens, as it is likely to be a kit lens for some.

    • admin

      That’s also my fear :(

      After Photokina I will write a post about the future Olympus modular system and some other products. I am now sure that the big changes and new products will come in 2011 only :(

      • Miroslav

        One more thing crossed my mind. If Olympus is to release E-P3 ( or any new m4/3 body ) this September and it has that new Panasonic sensor from GH2, than it surely cannot be announced before GH2 itself. So, there’s still hope :). Let’s wait for the 21st …

    • napalm

      correct me if i’m wrong but no PEN has been discontinued. all PENs are regarded as alternatives and if you analyze there is a reasonable difference for every model and price point. the E-P1 now is still selling pretty well due to the reduced prices. so even with this E-P2 kit, they can still introduce an E-P3 as it wont be a replacement for E-P2.

      • Miroslav

        I kind of regard E-P2 as E-P1s, not much difference between the P1 and P2. And as I can see their from DSLRs, Olympus does state that a camera is discontinued ( maybe I used a wrong word in the first post ) – they just continue to sell old models even a couple of years after a successor is launched.

        Although, special editions usually mean that the end of production is near. I just assume we’re more likely to see E-P3 in November rather than in September.

        • napalm

          the end game for this will be a pink hello kitty version… lol

  • Toemel

    I never liked those Pen-boxes, trying to look retro like an offspring from Howar Hughes and Marlene Dietrich, and now all in black they look like pure kitsch – too plasticky…

    But hey ADMIN, thanks a lot for beeing so busy for us, evev during vacation, great job!

    • admin

      Hey it wasn’t funny! In future Olympus and Panasonic should send me their press release schedule in advance. Sitting on a boat and writing on a laptop under the sun isn’t really an amazing experience :)

  • four thirds photo

    With this release Olympus is clearly targetting on low end users with a lot of money. Who else buys a zoom like this for such a lot of money. They will bring out the sophisticated camera later.

    Sophisticated users should go to 4/3rds now. Olympus will release an Ex for sure. Hope they realise that if the Ex won’t be a killer cam, most of their existing 4/3rds users will migrate.

    I hope Olympus realises this. Surprise us with a nice fast cam with the highest 4/3rds image quality ever and a nice movie mode.

    Admin: where are the E5 rumours?

  • Aisha

    So Olympus thinks the 17mm is that great that people with the black e-p2 would want to have the pancake in black? I think they would prefer to go for the panny 20mm, which already is black..
    Why don’t they release the 14-150mm lens in silver? Wouldn’t that make more sense? I Believe more people prefer the silver e-p1/e-p2.

  • Alberto

    Very poor lens indeed, even behind Panasonic offer and surely more expensive.

    Better lens only from spring 2011, may be too late for Olympus…

    Roadmap updated today:

    and a few patents from Olympus:

    To notice the wide lenses : 14mm f2.8 and 12mm f3.5

    • napalm

      so a 8mm fisheye, a 12mm wide and a 50mm macro coming spring 2011. probably to be announced this photokina.

    • Miroslav

      Oh no! There are already a macro and a fisheye in the system and with wides expected not to be faster than F2.8 we cannot expect any interesting lenses from Olympus in the next six months. Panasonic and Cosina to the rescue :) !

  • napalm

    everyone’s too busy bashing the 75-300mm, did anyone notice it’s featuring a new High-speed Imager AF (MSC). i’m more interested how it performs and what this new AF means for future lenses.

  • SteveO

    Does anybody recall that the E-P2 has second tier sensor shift stabilization, a marketing driven degradation of the better stabilization found on the E-P1? When you consider that, isn’t it oxymoronic that Olympus should announce both this black E-P2 and the 70-300 lens at the same time? Making matters worse, the appearance of the 70-300 on any of the Olympus M43 bodies is just silly. Personally, I think the only M43 that makes sense in a long focal length is the Panasonic 100-300 on their GH series, with the more capable lens based stabilization.

    • A.

      No, you’re mistaken. It’s the E-PL that’s supposed to have inferior quality image stabilization, not the E-P2.

      • SteveO

        You’re right. I stand corrected. I will say, however, that it’s a shame that Olympus would stairstep such a fundamental feature, or give an E-PL owner the opportunity to make a long lens purchase that wasn’t right for them.

  • Vlado

    I whould realy like to see a comperation of AF speed betwean

    4/3 body with 70-300 lens versus m4/3 with 75-300….

    While e-510 +70-300 at 300mm was pretty useless for me for slow focusing e-3+70-300mm is usefull for me. If the m4/3 with 75-300 can match the e-3+70-300 than I’m fine with it. (I don’t need the speed of e-3,e-30+ 50-200 SWD even if it whould be nice :P, but as sad e-510+70-300 was useless.)

  • duartix

    It’s funny because I was about to make a joke about selling the E-P2 with the 20mm Pany pancake instead, but I realize it’s not a joke as I would sign up for one such kit too.

    From these new patents I hope those lenses wil be seriously cheap because they’re not even close to fast. :( But, hey, it’s the Signs of Primes!…

  • nosinkingship

    Olympus should be worried about the result of this poll.
    Placing lenses in production that not so many people are attracted to?

    Oh please…Olympus…get back into shape….

  • DDwong

    Such a surprise! So many guys dislike Olympus stuff
    And Im also one of them
    Lets give us some Panasonic leaks

  • Tom

    They should throw the both EVF and the flash in the same kit for that price – at least that would be something!

  • jt

    Anyone else think the revised lens cap for the new black EP2 kit looks tacky? That gothic lettering just isn’t working for me.

  • Dana Curtis Kincaid

    Boring. How about a 90mm equivant F2 prime so you can at least do nicely background isolated portraits? Grrrr.

    How about a three lens (prime) kit PEN at 24, 45 and 90mm equivalents, F2 or F2.8? Hmmm?

  • Chris K

    I’m a big Olympus fan, but this new equipment is very disappointing to me.

    The EP2 kit is basically nothing new. Some new paint on an old camera. Who really cares? Nobody’s going to upgrade for paint.

    I have been spoiled by the Four Thirds 40-150, which was barely larger than the 14-42. This new 40-150 is the same length as the Panasonic 14-140! Why would I buy a 40-150 if the Panasonic is about the same size and has a much wider zoom range? Aside from cost, of course, but I (like anyone with a GH1) already have a 14-140. And I could get a Panasonic 45-200 OIS for LESS than this lens. More reach, less money, and an image stabilizer for Panasonic bodies. What’s the point here?

    The 75-300 looks nice, but at WHAT cost? Olympus has a very nice 70-300, which sold for $400 new, and is going for less than that now. Why am I asked to pay $900(?) for the Micro Four Thirds version? Especially when it’s the easily largest lens made for the Micro Four Thirds system? 600mm-e is handy, with a lens this large I might as well just use my DSLR, because my EP1 or GH1 will no longer be a compact camera with this lens mounted.

    I already have an EP1. No sale on the painted EP2. I already have a 14-140, and could buy a 45-200 if I need a small telezoom. No sale on the 40-150. And a very large 300mm telezoom for $900 just isn’t a good fit for what SHOULD be my compact camera. No sale on the 75-300.

    I’m sad to say I’m very disappointed in Olympus’ announcement. I only hope Panasonic’s rumored 100-300 is a better design, because I still do need a long telephoto if I’m to replace my DSLR for general photography.

    • Miroslav

      In fact, the new 40-150 has exactly the same dimensions as Olympus’s 14-150 superzoom, although it’s lighter. It should be optically superior though.

  • iluvhatemail


    I own 9 Olympus cameras, from the first pen to the E-P1. Dozens and dozens of lenses. This announcement is boring and disappointing. Even Sony is more exciting with their NEX and Panasonic is trouncing them on development. Where do you expect to fit in anymore Olympus? Nothing exciting since the E-p1 came out, and we are at the mercy of Panasonic & Leica for good glass.

  • Jaw

    So… Nikon it is

  • wow, looking at the poll results: I guess we’ve all already got our E-P1 or E-P2 or E-PL1 … with a 17 or a 20 or the excellent kit lens, we are probably not the market for this black special edition series.

    bring on the E-P3 and E-PL2 and the primes :)

  • Gato

    Seems as if you left out a category on your poll. What about those of us who do like the new products but for one reason or another will not be buying right now? Why don’t we get a vote? :-)

    I much like the look of the black E-P2, but I’ve already bought one camera this year and that’s about my spending limit.

  • Voldenuit

    Wow. 81% of 43r visitors aren’t interested in what Oly is doing with m43.

    If that’s not a wakeup call, I don’t know what is.

  • The price of the EVF package is not very good. If it really ends up in shops for 1080 Euros, then I advise everyone to buy just the EP-2 body (black) with the EVF and add the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7. That combination will also be “pure black” and is available in stores online around 1100 Euros. The Panasonic lens is much better than the Olympus lens.

  • Anonymous

    Nice. I really like your site.

  • We’ll start of with the greatness of this lens. This lens is the best constructed m4/3 yet. It is optically amazing and fast. The autofocus is ultra silent and quick (I only have Pani bodies). The feel of this lens is magnificent. When you pull back the ring to manual focus, it has hard stops and the focus speed is variable depending on how fast you turn the ring. While not up to the quality of Leica (what is?), this lens is a true gem. There are currently only 2 m43 lenses that go this wide (7-14 and 9-18) and they are bigger, heavier, and 2 stops slower. I am not sure why the m43 bunch is caught up on the 28mm length but this lens is a welcome step in the right direction.

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