Spectacular macros with the Panasonic G1 and 75mm f1.9 Kinotel Anastigmat for macro (C Mount)

I confess, I normally don’t like macro photography. Most of the pictures I see on the web are just boring.
But what I saw today on dpreview forum is amazing! You can find even more spectacular pictures from the same author on flickriver.com. And you know what? They were taken with the “old” Panasonic G1 and the unknown 75mm Kinotel lens. What matters is not the camera…it is you!

Awesome pictures Jerry!

Sending your request to Panasonic and Olympus

Few days ago I asked you to give me your questions to Olympus and Panasonic. I collected them all and today I wills end the emails to Olympus and Panasonic.
I have no idea if they will really answer you. Many of the questions you made were really detailled and probably they can’t give you a specific answer to future products. I will let you know when they will write me back. I am really “curious” to know what they say.

Reminder…this are your questions:
for Olympus
for Panasonic

Mr. Yoshiyuki Inoue and Mr. Shozo Katagiri form Panasonic interviewed on DSRLmagazine

Really, the spanish DSLRmagazine is becoming one of my favorite websites. They know how to make interviews!

A lot of infos were given by Mr. Yoshiyuki Inoue and Mr. Shozo Katagiri form Panasonic. You can read the google english translation by clicking here.

And here the key points of the interview:
1) Panasonic doesn’t work on a “double-capture sensor” because of the complex patent system
2) No Global Shutter for now :(
3) The new cameras G2 and G10 not only incorporate general improvements to autofocus by contrast, it also will provide better results (especially autofocus speed) with the objectives Four Thirds, when used via adapter.
4) We are not ruling out the entry of new “players” inside the MicroFourThirds world :)

What are your questions to Olympus?

We have seen many Olympus manager being interviewed during the last days. I thought it would be nice to collect the questions you have. I will put them together and send an email to Olympus. Let’s see if they will answer us :)

Write a comment to this post and add your questions!

(FT4) Next Olympus MicroFourThirds camera with built-in EVF. Olympus E-5 at Photokina!

In these days Olympus managers are continually releasing new interviews. And the last Interview they gave on the spanish dslrmagazine is extremely interesting!

In summary:
– Olympus is working on a m4/3 camera with built-in EVF! They say “the technology is already here…
– Asked if the E-5 will come at Photokina the answer is “Not only possible, but highly possible.
– Three more MicroFourThirds lenses are to come within 12 months. No info were given about FourThirds lenses
– Will there be a new MicroFourThirds player? “We can not give information about it, but it is currently being carried out negotiations about it.

The Spanish magazine speculates about the next MFT beeing in fact the E-5. I do not believe the E-5 will be a MicroFourThirds camera but it will certainly be a very nice upgrade from the E-3!

There is much more information so click here to read the google english translation of the interview.

found via fotoactualidad