I received 79 e-mails in 24 hours :)

During the last 24 hours I received 79 e-mails with rumors from you. As you know I have also a real job and sometimes I can’t answer you immediately and sometimes I forget completely about it because I’m so busy. That’s why I want to say thank you all directly from here…the 43rumors blog!

P.S.: The day will come when I will be able to clone myself :)

Weekly japanese DSLR sales ranking.

The Japanese website BCNranking posted last week Japanese DSLR sales rankings. Since months the is in the top 10. And with both black and white models! I really hope to see the white model available in the US soon!

Position Brand Camera
1 Canon Canon Rebel XSi
2 Nikon Nikon D5000
3 Nikon Nikon D90+18-105mm
4 Nikon Nikon D90+18-200mm
5 Panasonic Panasonic GF1 (Black) +20mm
6 Canon Canon Rebel XSi (KIT version)
7 Nikon Nikon D90
8 Canon Canon XS
9 Panasonic Panasonic GF1 (White) +20mm
10 Nikon Nikon D3000

Panasonic announces new compact cameras

Panasonic’s DMC-TZ8

Camer a list with links to the press release on dpreview:
Panasonic TZ8s: http://www.dpreview.com/news/1001/10012604panazs5.asp
Panasonic FT2: http://www.dpreview.com/news/1001/10012603panadmcft2.asp
Panasonic ZX3: http://www.dpreview.com/news/1001/10012602panazx3.asp
Panasonic FX66: http://www.dpreview.com/news/1001/10012601panatfx66.asp
Panasonic TZ10: http://www.dpreview.com/news/1001/10012605panazs7.asp

New Voigtländer 12mm f/5.6 Aspherical II

Voigtländer announced the new 12mm f/5.6 Asperical II lens. You could use the lens on your MicroFourThirds camera using the .
Focal length / 12mm
Lens / 8 groups of 10 sheets
Minimum Aperture / F22
Angle / 121 °
Number of diaphragm blades / 9 Photos
Minimum focusing distance / 0.5m
Work scope rangefinder / ∞ ~ 0.7m (depending on camera)
Maximum Diameter / φ74.6mm
Filter size / φ67mm
Overall length / 42.5mm
Weight / 230g
Mount / VM mount
Retail price (without tax)
Lens body will be available Mon ¥ 85,000
Viewfinder is sold separately.

Click here to check for .

New FourThirds and MicroFourThirds flash from Nissin!

limited edition of white colored flash

A. sent us a very interesting news:

Got this post from omuser.com. This post said that Nissin, in its tenth anniversary general meeting, announced to release a series of digital flash products to support 4/3 and m4/3. The photo shown in the link is a limited edition of white colored flash. Supposing to match with the white E-P1 and GF-1

The model in the photo is a model Di466, it will support wireless, TTL, non-TTL, manual and also a mode called My TTL, which seems to allow users to select the exposure value for the TTL (I guess on the flash body itself??)


Do you think Leica took the wrong decision not joining MicroFourThirds?

This week Luminous Landscapes was one full of discussions. In short: LL asked Leica to abandon the rangefinder “mentality” and to choose the path of the new “mirrorless and interchangeable compact cameras”. The Leica M9 is selling well in amazon.com (it is under the most sold top20 cameras) . But is that going to save Leica in the long run?
And more important:

Would you love to see such a camera from Olympus and/or Panasonic?

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