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Black E-M5 with 14-42mm lens in Stock at BHphoto! Silver kits delay!


And here it is the new Black E-m5 with 14-42mm in Stock at BHphoto (Click here)! The other kits are released in limited quantity because of the higher demand (Click here). Olympus Japan (Click here) issued a statement to say that there will be a delay in Silver E-m5 shipments! Very likely Olympus didn’t expect such a high demand. The new MMF-3 adapter is in Stock at Amazon (Click here), but you know that you will get it for free along the E-M5 :)

More interesting US deals:
Olympus E-P2 black body for $229 at Amazon (Click here).
The current most sold m43 camera at Amazon (Click here to see rankings) is the E-PL1 kit (Click here). The body only is in Stock for $149 (Click here).
The Panasonic GX1 body sells for $549 again at Amazon (Click here).
The Panasonic 45-175mm X lens sells for $389 at Amazon (Click here).

  • Chris

    High demand? Olympus expected to sell just 20 kits in the US at launch? Most stores I called said they only got 2 or 3 kits shipped to them.

    • Atle

      Doesn’t seem that far fetched that they expected to sell less of the silver version than the black?

  • Well that was fast….its back to pre-order status now.

    • Yup didn’t take long to sell out. I called and tried to change my order but I was too slow.

      • Jason

        I just called too, kit is sold out again. I have a body on pre-order, but will buy the kit lens just to get the camera sooner…..

  • dan m

    apparently the uk has only gotten 10% of what they expected in?

  • Corey

    Most likely high demand in Japan has lead them to redirect stock that would have gone to the rest of the world. It probably their biggest market and the one they least want to look bad in.

  • Mjoona

    Im very close to cancel my preorder… Bad situation to Olympus, big fuss around good product but no resources to fill demands.

    • Matt

      Your comment reminds me:
      During my MBA, in our Strategy class we played an online game. In this simulation game you built & sold computers, even went as far as creating advertisements. If you generated too much demand from advertisements and could not meet supply from factories, your customers turned on you.

      At that time I was pretty naive and thought “That could never happen in real life”

      You’re comment is another example proving me wrong.

      • Mjoona

        Matt, That way it goes, this is totally wrong that you have to wait so called preorder this long… In summer Panasonic and Olympus are releasing new products, so when you finally got you camera, there’s opportunity to preorder something new.

        Earlier when I were fulltime photographer it was all same to me. I were married to Canon EOS-stuff, but now im just making small freelancer gigs and in pretty open situation. So should I go with this or not… Nobody knows, but at least when you have stuff released, it should be on market.

  • Mid-May!!! Thats ridiculous, isn’t the whole point of pre-orders to get something first right when it comes out?

    • cloudwindhk

      No, the whole point of preorders is to get it earlier than everyone else. The people in line behind you are gonna get it even later.

  • The translation isn’t working for me. Is that what Olympus Japan is saying? That silver kits and/or body only (what I pre-ordered) either aren’t going to be fullfilled until then (mid-May), or the backlog isn’t going to be satisfied until then?

  • Got info from my store on preliminary delivery dates in Sweden:

    Black w. 12-50: Within 1 week
    Black: May 3rd
    Silver w. 12-50: May 25th
    Silver: No delivery date

    • admin

      May I can know the name of the store? Thanks!

  • I don’t really understand people’s issues with Olympus, B&H or anyone for that matter about the delays of getting these camera’s out to the public. This happens EVERY SINGLE TIME a new camera comes out, especially one with this much hype and attention. No one seems to remember it took Sony almost a full year to get the NEX-7 out on a regular basis and fill orders, and its STILL difficult to find them in stock. Patience is key and in a lot of ways, this is all good for olympus and for all of us that use these cameras…the fact that there is strong legitimate interest in this camera and in Olympus again can only mean more and better cameras, lenses and accessories in the future.

    Everyone just needs to calm down, wait it out and soon enough you’ll have a shiny new toy to play with won’t even remember this long, painful wait :)

  • einsnull

    Got my OM-D yesterday (black kit with 12-50 lens). Take your time and wait for it! Focus is really amazing fast with kit lens. Of course the 12-50 lens needs a lot of light, but seems to be my favourite affordable m43 macro lens so far.

  • chris

    I was shocked when I was checking stock at the online sites early this morning and B&H listed this one in stock. I placed an order right away and a few hours ago got a tracking number/shipping confirmation. It will be here Monday. Then the fun begins.

    I also have a Nex7 and I’ll be doing some side by side comparisons with the same lenses – I’ll be using adapted Minolta Rokkors on each camera with the following FL’s: 24, 35, 50, 58 & 85. I’ll shoot both raw and jpeg and save the raw’s for Lightroom support.

    I will report back in a week or so when I have some results. It won’t be like the tests that keep popping up with the Nex7 & kit lens and a bunch of high grade Olympus lenses on the EM5.

  • Geoff

    American price is great, equal to £822.00 after import duties.

    • I don’t know why but American price is even lower than Japan price

  • Tom B

    I had my little paws on the black EM5 with a 14-42 lens yeserday. My local camera store (where I have the camera-only on preorder) called me and asked if I was interested and I scooted right on over after work. I DIDN’T buy it for one simple reason – I hate the 14-42 lens. I have enough extra gear as it is, and don’t need the hassle of ebaying it. Patience. OTOH, I am starting to worry that I wont get my camera-only preorder before May 31, and I really want the “free” MMF3. Hopefully Oly extends the date on their offer, we shall see….

  • Nawaf

    This is bad news :( and the wait continues.

    • Well, depends from the side you see it. The wait means the camera is selling like flu pills in winter, which is great for Olympus.

  • Bob B.

    If you all go out and make art with the cameras you currently own…the wait will disappear!
    ….um….when are the body-only’s arriving???????? LOL?

    • Nawaf

      I can’t take my 7D with me everywhere. I need a small camera for that.
      I don’t mind waiting but the end of May will be a long wait. Not to mention I preordered mine mid March so who knows when I will receive it.

      Plus I bought the 12mm and 45mm. They should have been clearer with the delivery dates.

      • caver3d

        What? You ordered in Mid-March and you’re complaining? I ordered from Amazon on D-Day – Day 1 – February 7. I’ve been waiting a lot longer than you. Just relax.

        • Nawaf

          I didn’t say I was waiting for it from Mid March.. As soon as it was released I forgot about the Nex 7. There were issues with processing my order and this is why I finally got to preorder in March.

          I congratulate you on being first to put in your order.

  • David

    Well Bob here’s the thing. I had to sell my gear to finance the E-m5 + lenses. I bought the lenses used on Ebay, so now I just need by body only camera that I ordered at BH seconds after it became available.

  • Geoff

    Now if only they stopped the pre order game, then everyone would be happy because it would be first come, first served, if they have a body only and that’s what you want then you will have it assuming no one else got there before you. That would stop all this moaning about I was promised mine on such and such a date but now I won’t be able to have it till five days later, so I think I’ll cancel it, yep cancel then you might have to wait a month or more and won’t get whatever freeby was offered you. Grow up guys, what’s a few days???


    • Tom B

      Well, me too just wants the e-m5 body, I already have the lenses I want. So here’s a surprise, the LEAST wanted kit (14-42 lens) is the one that appears to be available first, and the 12-50 next and the one where Oly and the camera shops make the least profit – Body only – is last. It’s called Supply and Demand! As Bob B. wrote, in the meantime, enjoy the camera you actually HAVE. And if, by chance, you sold your digital camera pride and joy to buy the EM5, then spend some time with some good photo books, or buy a $50 film camera and learn to shoot film, or take a class, or go to an art museum a learn more about composition and light, or go scout some new photo locations. Relax. Photography is not going away :)

  • Rizwan Kassim

    Amazon just shipped my HLD-6 battery holder. It still says “not yet released” on the website.

    No word on my camera though.

  • Chad

    Got my body,grip extra battery today already, from australia : )

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