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(UPDATED) Big rumors from competition: Canon mirrorless with Four Thirds sized sensor?


Canon concept mirrorless camera by David Riesenberg (Click here)

From time to time it’s good to report some bigger news coming from the competition. Particularly when the name of the competitor is Canon :)

Canon released the Q1 earnings call and included some info about the future strategy. Canon says that they will launch compact cameras “offering the image qualities that approaches SLR cameras, with improved design and network connectivity features“. This sounds like they are close to launch the interchangeable mirrorless system. And that word” approaches” may give us the hint that they will use the Four Thirds sized sensor of the Canon G1X.

UPDATE: CanonWatch (Click here) just released a new rumor saying that “Canon will showcase their mirrorless ILC to selected customers in Australia during PMA Australia at the end of May. The new camera should then be announced in June.”

My two cent: While Fuji and Nikon and Sony have all released different and somewhat unique systems they weren’t really able to dethrone the Micro Four Thirds domination. I am curious to see what Canon will bring!

  • Keith

    They are going to have to do better than the EM-5 and NEX7 to win my vote….

    • Micro Four Thirds isn’t worried about Nikon and Sony now because they’ve shown their hand and to be honest Oly and Panny shouldn’t be too worried about Canon as I don’t believe they will produce anything spectacular or ground breaking (unless they will introduce apps which they won’t be anytime soon)…

      • Matt

        Dude, CSC cameras arent that spectacular either. theres no mirror, no ovf, and it can change lenses…hardly revolutionary. As Canon put it, oly and panny are the loser camera makers who cant compete in the dslr arena and never will. forget about m43, even if canon had the same sized sensor they would never call it m43. Canon is not in business to make oly and panny or even leica money.

  • Mjoona

    For few seconds I did wonder, how many great lenses Canon could give to m43 system. Then dream was over!

    • emde

      However, if Canon would introduce their own mirrorless system with a sensor close to mFT size, I am sure we will see a lot more thrid party lenses for both mounts mFT and Canon as it simply makes more sense for the third party manufacturers.

      • DonTom

        Canon are in the right track, but they need to watch their timing, and keep their options open. They will continue to win over their fans with fixed lens cameras with a similar sized sensor to m43. They can gradually increase the lens speed & size, as sales of lower end DSLRs fall off.
        Eventually though, they will have to go mirrorless ILC. That would be the time to simply join the m43 coalition. If on-sensor pdaf is available to them, they can make an adapter to handle their
        DSLR lenses. They then have a large native lens pool, plus their own lenses, and plenty of time to develop m43 lenses as well.

        • MichaelKJ

          Why do you think the mFT coalition would let Canon join?

          • spam

            mFT is supposed to be open and why would they wont to prevent them from joining? Having the market leader joining mFT would give it an enormous boost.

            It would make no sense for Canon at all to join mFT though.

  • nicwalmsley

    Lens mount just as important as sensor size.

  • mclarenf3

    You’ve got to realize that Canon and Nikon are coming from different perspectives. They are trying to create a system to supplement their DSLR cameras. They will not create a solution that will completely replace their DSLR’s.

    However, Panasonic and Olympus have created a system, which (although Olympus still won’t admit it) is meant to replace their DSLR cameras.

    For that reason, I do not expect great things from Canon, and we’ve already seen what Nikon has to offer so far. I really think that m4/3 has really gotten the competitive advantage not only through being the first, but by also not holding onto the past (ignoring some retro designs of the OM-D series).

    • cybervand

      thanks for the insight…I have been wondering why panasonic trashed their four thirds camera, as far as I know that was the camera that all the reviewers used for the four thirds lenses tests.

    • beautemps

      That is the one and only reason, why the competitors will never knock out m43:
      They don’t get over to slaugter their own DSLR cash cowes!

      So feel comfortable in the m43 system. You will always be the winner with the best mirorless system solution.

    • Nic

      “However, Panasonic and Olympus have created a system, which (although Olympus still won’t admit it) is meant to replace their DSLR cameras.”

      Olympus admitted it when it gave up on upgrading the OM4 in favour of focusing on consumer digital in the early 90s.

      • spam

        There was no consumer digital in the early nineties.

  • napalm

    I think by compact cameras, they mean non-changeable lenses. I dont see their G1X strategy changing anytime soon as their entry level DSLRs are still selling

  • Agent00soul

    To me “image qualities that approaches SLR cameras” sounds like they still don’t want to compete with their own dSLR range. It sounds more like they’re still talking about the G1X and similar “super-compacts”

    • Brod1er

      A super zoom fixed lens camera and a X100 prime lens version seems probable.
      The problem with delaying an interchangeable lens camera is that the other systems will be a long way ahead in establishing their lens ranges- maybe even NEX!

    • cybervand

      I have a canon s95 as well as a GH2…and its really fun to shoot with the s95, because it has a image stabilizer I can shoot down to 1/5th of a second and get clear shots…

      • caver3d

        So what is your point? The LX5 can easily match up against the S95.

        • my point is that compacts are great for taking photos too

    • They can’t say smaller cameras of SLR image quality. That would be an admission that m43 is SLR quality and they have spent so much money (along with Nikon) convincing all their ‘faithfull’ that m43 is drastically inferior. If they claim that it was slr quality there would be lots of ‘experts’ with egg on their face.

      • spam

        I’ve never seen anyone argue that mFT dont have dSLR image quality. How could they? mFT use the same sensor size as FT which is dSLR.

  • Haswell

    me thinks that Canon & Nikon should concentrate on their DSLR and since they still have the advantage of having a superior, more accurate mirror-based AF system, they should not be worried about micro 43 encroaching their market of sports/PJ/wedding. The market that Panasonic/Olympus is going to destroy is the high disposable income group who likes to carry expensive cameras (D300s/D7000/Canon 60D/7D), and what better to serve this group by offering lifestyle series, retro Leica-lite bodies like the PEN, EM5, NEX-7, and LX/GX1. Nobody wants to be a sports photographer with their goofy bulky gear, but everybody want to be Bresson with his tiny lightweight camera taking pictures that make girls swoon. Now that EM5 & NEX-7 show that test little technological miracles can compete with Rebels & D7000, Canon & Nikon need to make a cheaper 300s, or a cheaper FX body like D600, and an affordable FF camera below 5D with 7D features. If Nikon can put FX sensor in that tiny D300s body, lots folks would migrate en mass to Nikon camp now that Canon has proven to be the asshole in the industry by pricing 5D MKIII beyond the reach of many photographers.

    • The focussing of mirror based DSLR’s is slower and less accurate than the latest mirrorless systems. A high end DSLR can do better tracking focus but that’s it. Phase detect systems have can have front and back focus errors. Contrast detect is better but for a very small minority of users.

    • beautemps

      In fact m43 autofocus ist already faster and more precise than DSLR phase detection (compared on the same price level). A lot of tests aprove that, for example in the special field of bird watching.
      For physical reasons tracking is still a big advantage of phase detection. But the newest m43 can make a better job with their focus performance and manage moved objects either.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > But the newest m43 can make a better job with their focus performance and manage moved objects either.
        Dpreview clearly stated that E-M5’s CDAF simply can’t track faster moving targets well which isn’t suprise considering it’s tweaked from E-P3’s system and no CDAF cameras can do that well:

    • @Haswell
      Micro Four Thirds is just starting to encroach into the wedding market, give it 4-5 years…

  • Robbie

    Even within their DSLR line, Canon will “castrate” their lesser models so that it won’t affect sales of the higher. I don’t see how they are going to have a compact system that will best their DSLRs.

  • I have speculated previously that the sensor in the Canon G1 X is related to that of the Panasonic GH1. They have remarkably similar characteristics.

    My thinking is presented here:

  • Henrik



  • it would be very stupid of canon to not use an existing camera mount on any range of mirrorless cameras imo.

    • sorry my inglish

      Olympus make nice money with m43 lens

    • reverse stream swimmer

      Re: it would be very stupid of canon to not use an existing camera mount on any range of mirrorless cameras imo.

      That’s what Pentax just did with K-01, and what a marketing success!?

      Removing the mirror and keeping the mount/sensor distance, that is what’s stupid. Retaining DSLR lenses made for PD-AF, that cannot AF on CLC, that’s what Pentax just did.

      I don’t know what path Canon will take into CLC, perhaps aren’t they ready yet?

      • It would be far better for everyone if Canon join µ4/3rds.

        Though it probably isnt likely to happen.

  • BLI

    The statement indicates network connectivity — an area which Samsung is active in, which Nikon has somewhat embraced with their D3200, and which e.g Fuji has worken on for their recently introduced Tough competitor — and which would have been useful in the coming Tough (e.g to upload movies to YouTube). This is a useful route to some degree; the best way to do it remains to be decided (personally, I am sceptical to installing a full blown OS in a camera).

    Since the Canon 43 sensor is larger than the m43 sensor, I assume that possible Canon exchangeable lenses can be used on the m43 system?? (Perhaps depending on the design of the Canon… but Canon may be able to create an extra market for their lenses.)

    • Digifan

      The Canon 43 sensor is just a tiny bit larger. I guess it would be very difficult to make a fully usable adapter for mFT.

      • spam

        It’s flange distance that will determine if Canon lenses for new mount could be fit on mFT or not. And you wont know the flange disance until Canon launch their mirrorless system. It would be really surprisning though if they make the flange distance so long that an adaptor would be possible.

  • Can we say that Canon give recognition to Olympus/Panasonic for use 4/3 sensor size in digital system camera. ;-)

    • Digifan

      I’d say so too. Especially if you realize this Canon sensor is almost exactly as big as the m43 one.

      Canon should join m43.

      It would have huge benefits. Not only not cannibalizing their midrange and high end DSLR’s but also a very large userbase with m43 systems that would consider Canon bodies again. The lens line-up would be mature in one bang.
      Due to brand recognition they would sell huge number of camera’s. It’s a win win for m43 and Canon.

      But I’m afraid this will never happen.

    • 1213

      a wheel is round.. nobody would make a wheel that´s not round.

      so there is not much credit to give to pana or oly.

      m43 or a bit bigger is a size that just makes sense for a small mirrorless when you don´t want to canibalize the DSLR sector.

    • avds

      Canon’s sensor is rather closer in size to Sigma’s Foveon sensors rather than 4/3″.

      • spam

        No, different propotions.

  • physica

    Unless Canon win A lot compare with it competitors……otherwise , it is hard to push people to change to use Canon ILC instead of the current one……

    Sony had the APS-C size NEX with Good overall performance (PQ, Noise) , Samsung follow Sony with APS-C ILC and concentrate with it’s lens group development. Fuji X-pro had it’s Unique APS-C sensor which bring very promising PQ with it’s well-know high quality lens. M4/3 had it compact but balance size with already well-developed lens group, also having a very fast contrast AF system which (currently) no match with the other brand…Nikon develop a tiny camera with high-performance which is aim for both current Nikon DSLR user. Pentex get the smallest ILC with high performance and reliability.

    how could canon win the match?

    • 1213

      canon has a huge userbase. unlike pantax or m43.

      and seeing how fast m43 users switch brands i don´t worry a second that they would buy into a new system.

      in the end the usual m43 customer (not those who populate the internet websites like this one) have a maximum of two lenses.
      they are moms and dads who want a better P&S camera… that is the majority of m43 users.

      • physica

        In my homeland , Lot of canon user was yelding about when will canon introduce the CSC…..but no information tell that canon will introduce a CSC for a long long time …even a rumors…lot of them had already gaveup and bought a NEX instead , after using the NEX , they all love it and even some of them sell their canon camera and mainly use NEX instead….

        to made a system success , it need to fulfill any of the below : 1) Be the first to introduce , 2) better performance compare with the competitor, 3) having a famous brandname….

        canon already lose alot at point 1). point 2) is still unknow….. but will you think it could be far better then the CSC which already at the market?……

        the point only help is just point 3)……just like nikon’s J1/V1……. if canon did the point 2), then canon could made it….

  • I like the 4:3 aspect better than the 3:2. The later is a result of (movie) film strips they started to use for stills photo many years ago. 4/3 gives you more freedom of composition – on shoot and crop during post process. In my final results the aspect varies a lot depending on motif and composition.

  • E-1

    More and better cameras, win for everyone!

    That said I think Canon/Nikon will struggle with lenses, supporting three lines Mirrorless/FX/DX is a challange and will reduce the amount of available lenses compared to m43 I guess (Same with Sony) e.g. some lenses are still only available as FF lenses, and mostly the high quality ones. The one thing going for m43 is that Panasonic and Olympus burned all the bridges behind them.

  • Seems they can get a higher price for a compact mirrorless than for a compact DSLR. Better profit is very tempting for all companies including the photo business.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Besides selling price profit is affected by manufacturing costs and there DSLR surely takes severe beating with lot higher complexity than mirrorless body.

  • 1213

    canon has no interest in a high end mirrorless system yet.
    they make enough money with DSLR and compacts.

    they will not canibalize the DSLR segment.

    that said they sure will make a mirrorless system that is EF compatible via adapter.

    but i guess it will be a under 1000$ or maximum 1200$ system.

    no leica M9 competition or what some wish for……

    • AtlDave

      “they make enough money with DSLR and compacts”

      For a publicly held company there is no such thing as making enough money. Given a chance to make more they always will. Would you invest in a company that had decided it was making enough profit and was going to ignore opportunities to make more because it sounded like too much trouble?

      I think Canon could succeed very well if they designed and marketed their mirrorless camera as a part of THE Canon system, not a whole new system. There would have to be a new mount to make the cameras significantly smaller than a SLR but the G1X sensor is close enough in size to APS that an adaptor and existing lenses could fill until enough native mount lenses were available. This would be particularly true if they had on chip PDAF like the Nikon 1. It would also make the system very appealing to existing Canon users. Being able to share flashes, remote controls and other accessories would be nice and all the cameras from compact to FF SLR could have similar menus and controls. JPEG users could use find the picture controls they prefer and get similar results since all the cameras would have similar JPEG engines. Hopefully the RAW output would be similar as well. They would get extra points if the smaller SLRs and mirrorless cameras with a built in EVF shared the same battery.

      I currently own a Nikon SLR, a Sony NEX and a Canon S95. The differences between the 3 can be annoying. A lot of that is because the cameras are different sizes aimed at different markets but there are a lot of things that are different just because they are not the same brand. If Canon comes out with a mirrorless system that offers great image quality, as much manual control as the Olympus EM-5 (the camera that is why I visited this forum) or Panasonic GX1 and complements their SLRs instead of being a completely separate system I would dump all my Sony and Nikon gear and go all Canon. They would end up selling me a mirrorless camera , a SLR, a few lenses for both, a flash and a few other accessories as well. Sounds like a good opportunity for Canon. Unless they have decided they are making enough or perhaps even too much money and want to share the wealth with the m43 guys.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        That’s about what I’ve been saying of need to expand m4/3 to offer also fully featured body with real high end DSLR class direct controls and proper size grip fitting to hand of western people and not just Asian child workers.

        But then again for as long as m4/3 lacks that Canon and Nikon don’t really have much to fear about loosing those European/North American users who give them their brand name to sell DSLRs to ordinary consumers.
        For now mirrorless has sold only to those wanting small (mostly coming from compacts) or complementary camera for DSLR instead of actually starting to replace SLR in bigger amounts.

  • E-1

    + If Canon is a success, Tamron and Sigma will create smaller lenses for Canon + m43 than they currently do (E-Mount + m43)

    • mooboy

      That’s an interesting point… could be a nice win for m43 users even if they used a different mount – more incentive for 3rd party makers to make lenses for just those two mounts instead of also worrying about E-Mount.

  • Chris

    Sounds like a description of g1x to me. Not enough info to assume a canon mirrorless is on the way.

  • BLI

    I don’t see how Canon will win on e.g image quality with their 43 sensor. The E-M5 seems to more or less have caught up with the quality of APS-C (except perhaps Fuji) — it should be kept in mind that the E-M5 has the highest pixel density of any system camera — higher even than the NEX-7, and almost twice the pixel density of e.g the NEX-5n or the D800. I thus think that in the future, there will only be a relatively small difference between m43 sized sensors and the APS-C size sensors (and the Canon 43 sensor). Thus, FF or larger sensors will be needed to get improved quality — or a reduced pixel number.

    So — Canon would need added qualities in order to win customers over — it is expensive to change system. Such qualities could be:
    * a solid company economy, a well run business without messy scandals, etc
    * high build quality, good AF, etc
    * good system, with attractive lensesm, flashes, etc, etc.
    * good user-experience, simple to use yet powerful
    * good communication structure (connectivity, storing-sharing-printing-etc)
    * good prices

    What else?

    Does Canon have the potential to dominate over others in these areas? If not, it will be hard for them to take over the mirrorless market. Perhaps brand loyalty may be a factor.

  • st3v4nt

    ” they will launch compact cameras “offering the image qualities that approaches SLR cameras, with improved design and network connectivity features“.”

    All I can see is G1X improved into G2X with some super zoom lens and ergonomic grip + add-on or built-in wi-fi or perhaps even 3G feature…tough I really would like Canon release their compact mirrorless camera with interchangable lens so Olympus and Panasonic got their needed competition to accelerate m4/3 development. Olympus abandon their 4/3 and migrate their superb zoom lens and Panasonic make better sensor.

  • Bob B.

    I am a Canon Full-Frame user as well as a HUGE MFT enthusiast. I would not consider myself a Canon Fanboy..Canon does some things well and other things very poorly…I can say the same for Nikon, Pentax, etc…
    I was sitting here thinking…what can Canon bring to the table that will best MFT? Nikon didn’t. Funny…. I know Canon could make an incredible, small, mirrorless system camera. No doubt. They could do their best and amaze us all, but somehow I think they will hold back. I don’t know why…I am not a marketing or business guy. I do know, that MFT has gotten so good lately, with no end in sight…. that I really don’t care what Canon does……. :-)

    • avds

      They have already bested MFT in terms of body sizes, AF tracking and “legacy” lens compatibility without really sacrificing too much. Meanwhile, Nikon just entered this market, they only have 2 1st-generation bodies and a kick-starting batch of lenses. I think it’s too early to deny them a chance of besting MFT with future advances.

      But it surely will take quite a bit of time for Nikon and Canon to attain the level of maturity of MFT…

      • Bob B.

        “They have already bested MFT in terms of body sizes, AF tracking and “legacy” lens compatibility without really sacrificing too much. ” Who Canon? Did I miss something? They have no mirrorless ILC camera on the market.

        • spam

          He must know something the rest of the world dont.

          • Bob B.

            I just read on Canon Watch that Canon will be introducing the mirrorless ILC cameras in Australia at the end of the month.

        • avds

          No, Nikon!

          Sorry for the confusion :)

  • jim

    Biggest thing they have said (I think) is: improved design and network connectivity features…

    Are they gonna make the first programable camera/open architecture?

    That would be big BIG news!

    • BLI

      … = a hackable camera? I would be very cautious about poor security. What if someone dumps porn pictures/movies into your camera, grabs your pictures and submits them to a photo competition before you, or simply deletes your pictures?

  • napalm

    if you think about it, the best move for Canon is to join m4/3. it is already an established system and they dont need much more R&D and less risk for a new system. their new sensor is close to m4/3 so they would fit perfectly. their selling point will be their sensor tech which they can opt to not share with Oly and Pany. being the biggest company, Oly and Pany will be like two geeks admiring the famous jock, so they would have some muscle, both financial and business, to influence the system. i dont see them losing anything big this way.

    the problem is, Canon will be too proud to do this. so they’d probably risk starting their own system mount… or none at all.

    • napalm

      to crush this dream:

      “Well, we’re not sure if this bit of Canon exec smack talk will illuminate matters, but it’s entertaining. Canon’s European head of consumer imaging, Rainer Fuehres, has told Amateur Photographer that the company isn’t looking into micro four thirds or similar because those camera form factors were for loser companies that couldn’t hack making compelling DSLRs.

      That said, Fuehres didn’t say that Canon would never make a micro four thirds camera. Rather, if Canon enters the market, they’ll be marching to the beat of their own drum.”

      • flash

        Sounds just like salesman fluff. What he said then does not matter now. The market and the technology are changing. Will they join m43? I do not think so.

      • CDS79M

        I’m with Napalm. For me, a m4/3 camera that shares the Olympus and Panasonic mount would be such a great move for Canon. The m4/3 system is very well established and what better way to grab a share of the market than making it easier for people to buy into Canon’s offerings. I love my Olympus PEN, I take it everywhere, but I also own a Canon DSLR and love the camera and bundled RAW converter DPP. I would certainly be interested, as I’m sure others would be, in upgrading to maybe a Canon m4/3 camera if it can match or better the latest m4/3 camera bodies and still use my current m4/3’s lenses. The bonus for me would be able to use DPP like my Canon DSLR files. However, I doubt I would sell all my PEN gear to buy the Canon interchangeable mirrorless if I had to buy a complete new system.

        On the other hand thou, I would consider buying something like the Canon G1X which has a fast fixed prime lens like the Fuji X100. If styled like the mock up concept pictures, it would be so very tempting.

        However, with an imminent announcement soon, all everyone can do is speculate :-)

        • WT21

          “For me, a m4/3 camera that shares the Olympus and Panasonic mount would be such a great move for Canon.”

          Great move for you (and me), not for Canon. There are already established, quality lenses and good bodied. What would Canon really gain by competing against established lenses and bodies?

  • Olympius

    You all do realize that Canon is *NOT* referring to the mirrorless system camera when they say “compact” –but mean fixed-lens *compact* cameras like the G series.

    They have no intention of diluting their super hot selling DSLR’s with a mirrorless system. If MSC’s get too popular, they’ll drop the price of their entry level DSLR’s like a rock. Even now, the E-M5 costs more than a 60D, and the E-P3 comes close.

    Canon is not stupid, they are aiming for Hollywood now-a-days, not the mirrorless market.

    Unlike Olympus, Sony and Panasonic, they actually want to make money.

    – Olympius

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > If MSC’s get too popular, they’ll drop the price of their entry level DSLR’s like a rock.
      And sell them at loss?
      I doubt price of entry-level DSLRs can be dropped much from current because DSLR has huge amount higher complexity with lot more parts and work in manufacturing.

      • Olympius

        You had best check Canon’s financials….they have a lot more room for pricing than you give them credit for. They are also one of the few companies selling cameras that is actually making money, so very unlike Panasonic Olympus, Sony, etc….

  • If that is going to be another cripple in Canon G series, then they shouldn’t bother IMO.

  • Regardless Canon’s statements, it is inevitable that they will bring out an initial mirrorless system–and it will probably be based on the same sensor as their PowerShot G1 X.

    They’ll do this as a perfect way to differentiate the new system from their existing DSLRs–so long as these DSLRs continue to sell, there seems to be little motivation to replace them.

    If the 4/3 size is used, I won’t buy into it. I already have m4/3 that takes care of my requirements in this sensor size.

    If you want to read more on this, I’ve posted a blog here:

  • Zo

    The difference with Canon will be the following:

    1) marketing, marketing and marketing and sub $1000 body only
    2) An excellent supply chain, not the slow BS we have with Olympus and Panasonic
    3) They will bring on the lenses, and they will have zooms that are not as pathetically slow as what we have today with m43. What happened to all those 3rd party lenses we were suppose to see for m43?
    4) A HUGE loyal base and far better video than m43 has today.

    Canon has sat back, watched and learned. The difference is that Canon will not dabble, they will come in to win. While m43 may be better, it will quickly loose mind share because they fail to market and they have a poor supply chain and lack of zooms.

    I could be all wrong, but Canon I believe will be all in on this new system to show they are tops in every segment. What m43 has failed to do is gather a large user base in the EU and US. They are now dumping old EP cameras at a lower price, they should have had a lower price to begin with to gain the audience. Canon will undercut them forcing them to heavily discount.

    The networking capabilities could be HUGE especially if Canon does what m43 failed to do….which let me make some in camera edits like I can on my cell phone and then…let me Geotag and send the photos directly to Facebook, twitter, Flickr etc. without needing a PC. Some people will say “who cares”, but you guys are in the minority…any social aspects they can put into the camera will make them more attractive than m43. The lack of built-in Wifi and GPS is a joke in this day and age.

    • flash

      Do they have good and real fast APC zooms?

      • Gabriel

        24-70 f2.8, 24-105 f4, 17-55 f2.8, 17-40 f4 and many fast prime. But for small sensor, they lacks lenses.

      • elflord

        The 17-55 f/2.8 is APS-C only, has an excellent rep. Wider than that, the fastest lens for EF mount is the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 (this lens can more or less cover a full frame sensor at 15mm, but is designed for APS-C).

        There are also a number of fast and fastish full frame lenses as Gabriel pointed out.

        In the tele range, their fast lenses are full frame lenses. They have two 70-200mm f/2.8 models (one with and one without stabilization)

        The mirrorless camera if they built it would need a new mount, and these lenses are designed for phase detect AF, so they wouldn’t be native lenses — at best it would be like Sony A mount on the Sony mirrorless (where they have an adapter that can do phase detect)

    • Ben

      +1 Canon will go for the large market of non-photo nerds. These put much emphasis on things like social networking, ease of upload and gps. Even better would be the ability to use apps with the camera. If they can get an ecosystem running, they’ll leapfrog every other mirrorless system.

      So odd that these things are not included yet on any of the systems.

      • who you gona call, who you gona call on your canon camphone. Runs all your apps, all at once. spam the world with your pix.

    • WT21

      “I could be all wrong”
      I believe you might be

      What makes us think all this? What cameras have Canon made that are class-leading in social networking? In camera editing? How long did I sit on Canon compacts, waiting for freakin’ HD video??? About two years after Panny, and then Canon was only catching up.

      btw — Olympus has had GREAT supply chain up until a GIANT TSUNAMI NEARLY WIPED OUT JAPAN. Otherwise, they are fine. Why will Canon do better? How long did it take them to get the 5Diii out? (Panny, of course, has a terrible supply chain for cameras outside of Asia)

      In what way is Canon at ALL cutting edge and ahead of the others?

      I like Canon’s DSLRs, and have been using them for four years. I have NEVER been surprised by a Canon release. They are ultra-conservative.

      They could make a splash on their name, distribution channels and marketing, but I would not hold my breath for market-leading, defining or redefining features.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > What m43 has failed to do is gather a large user base in the EU and US.
      Which isn’t any wonder:
      In Asia/Japan people go after everything new and fancy but selling in EU/US needs also good visibility for brand.

      And you don’t get that visibility over Canikon by making only small P&S cameras.
      Even if there are many enthusiasts/semi pros etc. who have little need for PDAF’s focus tracking capability (biggest advantage of SLR design) they want proper ergonomy and full direct controls without on screen menu hell. And that leaves them to advertising Canikon which is what average consumers see them using and then go for same brands, which shows in the fact that unlike in Asia/Japan mirrorless hasn’t been able to cut sales of DSLRs in EU/US.

      • sarcasmo

        im not going to mince words. The japanese market is different then the n american one…plain and simple. in japan, they have a big camera culture and they dont mind spending money on new and interesting items, plus they value portability. North americans are conservative, they hate cahnge because they have no foresight and are dead set in their ignorant ways. Go to japan and europe and you see tons of fun and interesting cars and vehicles. You never see them in n. america because ppl here hate fun, dislike change and everything else under the sun. n. americans for the most part are a culture of mockery. Something is cool, something is lame , something is stupid, ppl here make fun of everyone and everything they see as different and new. Americans dont like to have fun, to try something new…heck americans for the most part are afraid of nudity, even if its a bronze statue. N. Americans consider anything thats no mundane and boring to be silly and lame. that’s why their houses look like cake boxes.bottomline, the n maerican market is conservative and thats the way it will remain. You can lead a horse to water but if it dont wanna drink, you let it die of thirst.

  • Bob B.

    I love the mock-up at the top of the page. If only.

    • Olympius

      Isn’t that a thing of beauty? Only in our dreams….

      – Olympius

    • pelex


      Just make the mock-up already…

      FD compatible too!

  • konikonaku

    a G-1X body with m43 mount + E-M5/NEX-7 level EVF would be sweet…IMHO…Canon just need to come out with 2 or 3 m43 lenses as formality coz they’ll have access to all Oly’s & Pana’s and they just need to came out with adaptor for their DSLR lenses…not that big of investment…another IMHO

    with so many fanboy i believe more than enough of them that thinking “hey, this little E-M5 looks cool & lighter than my everyday DSLR and i can’t see the different in the output image”…i already can hear the fanboy start praising m43 format… 8-D

  • FatDrunkAndStupid

    Canon has great potential for success in this market. They have the brand name recognition and loyalty that Nikon does, but added to that, for the past decade or so, Canon has been far and away the best maker of compact point and shoot cameras. Point and Shoot upgraders are the biggest pool of potential new customers, and this whole group equates the name “Canon” with the highest quality. I think this is a factor people who never fiddle around with point and shoot compacts (perhaps a good portion of the readers of this blog) might not appreciate. The difference in image quality between Canon and Sony/Nikon/Olympus/Panny is night and day. Canon has a lot of good will and positive brand opinion with this segment of the market that goes way beyond just marketing and name recognition. They really have been supplying a superior market. Now, the technological connection between compacts isn’t actually that strong and it doesn’t follow that just because they made great compacts they’ll make great mirrorless. But the average consumer doesn’t know that. They just know Canon made the best type of camera that they previously bought, and they’ll bring that bias with them when upgrading.

  • Brilit

    So it will possible to use with ef lenses aperture and af ??? Imnalmost to om-d but thinking to wait cuz im canon user

  • Matt

    m43 would be more popular in n america if they werent so damn expensive. You cant compete with Canon when you charge Canon prices. Om-d at 1400? You gotta be kidding me. Who will shell out 1400 for olympus or panny when they can get a canon? Not the majority of the market, thats for sure.

  • patrick tom

    Canon is worrying about cannibalizing their dslrs…if someone doesn’t mind carrying a dslr they carry a dslr…the speed is phenomenal…but there are times when a dslr just isn’t convenient or appropriate for the job….if sony or nikon build systems that include those mirrorless interchangible lens cameras and they build it to rival dslr what will stop people from buying those camera…absolutely nothing…if technology is there…there is no way to hold it back unless everyone holds it back…guess what…no one is holding back…perhaps canon with its immense r and d wanted to get into the business later rather than sooner…analyze that business and then build the best of the best…if anything people replace their cameras if you build the best of the best…right

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