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Astrodesign, Kenko and Tamron join the Micro Four Thirds group!


The 4K camera from Astrodesign with the Panasonic 14-140mm lens.

Olympus Global (Click here) announced that Astrodesign, Kenko and Tamron joined the Micro Four Thirds group! Here is the company description:


A Japanese company established in 1977 that designs and develops professional video equipment and measurement/analysis-related equipment. Well known for developing the world’s first programmable signal generator and the Ultra HDTV image processor devices used at Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan.
Editor’s note: It’s the very first time I hear about that company. And I am really wondering what kind of m43 related product they could release!!!

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd.

A Japanese company established in 1957 that designs and develops a wide variety of photographic supplies and optical products. It is Japan’s largest manufacturer/seller of lens filters.
Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. Website
Editor’s note: Kenko has experience in camera and lens manufacturing. They made the KF-1N (Click here to see it on eBay) which is F-mount camera. And they make well known adapters and extensions tube (mostly for Canon and Nikon).

Tamron Co., Ltd.

A Japanese company established in 1950 that designs and develops interchangeable SLR camera lenses, lens units for surveillance, as well as ultra-precision optical components based on the integration of advanced optical, electronic and precision machinery engineering technologies.
Tamron Co., Ltd. Website
Editor’s note: That’s certainly the biggest new entry. And it’s interesting to notice that they already did lenses for the OM system in the past (Click here to see them on eBay).

  • Superking

    Wow great news!!!!!!
    Really locking forward for these lenses

    • Mr. Reeee

      Oh yeah! More middling, or worse, lenses! Bring it on! :-P

      Junk like those wretched Sigma are good for nothing. At one time I was given a few Tamron lenses. One of the best things I ever did was to sell them and buy a couple of Nikon lenses.

      I wonder when Voigtländer is going to release a new M4/3 lens? That’s the level of lens we should be looking for!

      • Bob B.

        Voigtlander…or even SLR Magic (God I hate that name) Did you see that honkin 50mm f/.95 M-mount that Steve Huff is testing out for Leica…. SLRM seems to be trying to emerge from the goo.
        They could possibly come up with something unique for MFT, too.

  • Pixnat

    Wow, long live m4/3! :-)
    That rocks!

  • napalm

    I’d love it if Tamron would make m4/3 lenses, Sigma has been disappointing so far

    • Farrukh


      • Nathan

        +1. If you aren’t going to make lenses in f2.8 or faster, or if you aren’t going to make something that doesn’t currently exist, don’t do it.

        But if you’ll make fast lenses, make all you want.

      • +1

  • fedeskier

    can’t these companies make lenses for the 4/3 system??? olympus E-System needs new lenses!!

    • kesztió

      I don’t think further investment in a virtually obsolete system would be a smart idea.

      • Mememe

        FourThirds is dead my friend.

    • Boooo!

      The reason why Sigma pulled out of 4/3 is that nobody really wanted to buy their lenses. Apart from a couple of semi-decent macros and the Bigma, they offered nothing that would be an alternative to Zuiko glass. The only somewhat useful lens, the 30mm f/1.4, had terrible misfocusing issues; some people went through 4-5 copies until they got a usable lens.

      Basically, there was nothing that third-party lens manufacturers could offer to 4/3 users. Zuiko glass is affordable and really, really good.

      On the other hand, m4/3 glass is quite average (and some is downright bad), yet terribly expensive, so third-party lenses have a place and will get lots of buyers who never experienced the awesomeness that was 4/3 Zuiko and thus don’t know any better.

      • Ross

        Sigma’s 150mm macro was (is) certainly worthwhile & we waited for something from Olympus & it never came. Hopefully there will be plenty of success with these other companies producing lens etc. for the m4/3’s platform.

      • Nathan

        To be honest, Four Thirds NEVER sold as many units as micro four thirds has already. There’s a very good reason to build lenses for m43 now.

        I’m switching as soon as micro four thirds can replace my E-30 and not look like a toy. Almost pulled the trigger on the e-p3.

        • Boooo!

          Of course it never did, because Olympus never marketed the cameras properly and they stopped selling them basically two years after they became popular.

          The first truly popular 4/3 camera was the E-510, released in the second half of 2007. By early 2009 we had the E-620, and then it was all over, two years after it started. Yes, the system was conceived by the E-1 a long time ago, but for practical purposes, it was alive for less than two years before it got abandoned.

          Olympus failed with 4/3 – not because there was something wrong with it, but because they didn’t know how to run the business properly (it was pathetic to see Olympus sponsoring ATP tours and seeing only Canikons, for example – complete waste of marketing money). Now they’re riding the wave of Panasonic’s m4/3 idea, which seems to be working, and that’s good.

          • Digifan

            You can’t count!!!
            The E-1 was available in 2003. That means 6 years, not three.
            E300 and E500 were sold a lot!

    • Camaman

      For what body is that…?

      • “On the other hand, m4/3 glass is quite average (and some is downright bad), yet terribly expensive, so third-party lenses have a place and will get lots of buyers who never experienced the awesomeness that was 4/3 Zuiko and thus don’t know any better.”


        You’re probably right there, Boo, but as long as they will opt for the Sigma approach to just offer APS-C/DX lenses equipped with an µFT mount, I don’t think they will attract a lot of new customers. After all, we are in µFT as we want it smaller and lighter – and adding those lenses to our gear would be counterproductive, wouldn’t it?

        • Boooo!

          You never know. I’m sure that a Tamron 18-600 zoom, or whatever their latest version, is going to get a billion buyers ;)

          Tamron’s superzooms are quite compact, actually. The 18-270 weighs 560g and is 80x100mm. Of course, the picture quality is complete rubbish, but it’s a compact superzoom…

          • Diane B

            My Tamron (EF mount) 28-75/2.8 is quite small compared to my 24-70L and has excellent IQ, slightly less contrast, slightly less fast AF. I would look forward to Tammy m4/3 lenses. My Tamron 90/2.8 macro is also an excellent lens and I’ve used it on m4/3.

            • RW

              I was going to call out the Tamron 90 F2.8 macro which is absolutely superb IQ-wise.

              BTW: Are you the same Diane that used to post in the dpreview retouching forum?

            • rrr_hhh

              Plus 1, the 28-75mm F2.8 is a little gem, so light and compact and so sharp !
              I own the 90mm macro too, but I was somewhat less impressed (but I have the last version and I think it is not as highly regarded as the former ones ).

              The other zooms, I find less convincing.

          • Maybe a 30x zoom will be a hit for M43 i Europe and America.

          • Anonymous

            indeed, my brother brought an 18-270 for his Canon. The images were so soft and, at the edges indeed totally fuzzy, I was convinced he must have a faulty unit and urged him to replace it. He did and the next one was just the same….

            But a few Tamrons have a decent reputation and I’ll be interested to see what they bring to the table.


      • Well, the whole m4/3 idea originates from Olympus, joined by Panasonic. And as of now, Oly doesn’t ride Panasonic’s idea any more than Pana rides Oly’s!

      • Digifan

        E is also Pen!!! E-P1,E-P2,E-PL1, E-PL2, E-PM1, E-PL3, EP3!!!
        So E ≠ Dead!!!!

    • Digifan

      43 lens portfolio is complete I think.
      HG and SHG a 8mm Fisheye, 7-14mm F4 ultra wide Zoom, 11-22mm wide zoom, 12-60mm standard zoom, 14-54 standard zoom, 35-100mm zoom, 50mm macro, 50-200mm zoom, 90-250 zoom, 150mm tele, 300mm tele. All weathersealed
      And STD 25mm, 35mm macro, 14-42mm, 14-45, 17-45, 40-150, 75-300mm
      Not much missing except for maybe a fast normal 50 and 100 equivalent lenses.
      The (S)HG zooms are all magnificent no need for a prime IMO.

      • JL

        Add PL 25mm f1.4 and Zuiko 50mm f2 macro + Sigma 50mm f1.4 to the list, and your list is covered.

        Then there were also the Bigma 50-500mm lens, Sigmamacros 105mm & 150mm, some otand EC14, EC20 and Ex25 – about everythin covered from fisheye and super wide to 1000 mm equivalent FOV (x2, if you are not a pixelpeeper and really needed it).

        And to be honest, about all lenses for FT were and are well worth the money, if you check the iq. Couple cheap zooms are not that great, but if you buy cheap, you’ll usually get cheap. So, not too much room for third party manufacturers.

        Only lenses really missing from FT-series were a round image fisheye (full 180 degrees) and tilt /shift lenses. Lensbaby really is not a good option for that. But. I think the markets for these lenses are not too large, and there are not too many options for other systems either in these classes.

        For mFT there are some interesting adapter options already for TS-shooting – have to try. Markets are larger and growing, gives more room for other manufacturers and makes more possible buyers – hopefully they’ll make some good and interesting lenses.

        • Digifan

          Then there were also the Sigma 18-125mm and Olympus 18-180mm and the two 14-50’s from Panasonic and the 14-150. I even forgot the Olympus 14-35 SHG
          You are right there was plenty of choice.
          The PanaLeica’s are/were gems too.
          the only not so great lenses were the kit 14-45 and 17-45 the rest incl 14-42kitlens is/was better or equal to higher end offerings from Canon and Nikon.

  • Barugg owb ama

    Tammy rocks

    • “HG and SHG…”
      Not to mention the 14-35/2.0!

  • kesztió

    Tamron seems to be the biggest welcomed, at least for me. M43 misses the “really cheap but still decent quality” category lenses. Even the excellent value Oly 1.8/45 could either cheaper or brighter at the current price tag.

    • T-L

      It is better to have high quality glass at slightly higher price (and 45/1.8 is not expensive at all) than cheap crappy lens. Just look at 50mm lenses from Canon – affordable and useless.
      But I really wonder what will Tamron offer.. reasonably small 1:1 telemacro would be interesting.

      • kesztió

        By example, Pana 14–42 is conidered a cheap, not really good, but decent quality lens. And believe me, it’s far to be considered a useless one, despite of its tiny price.

        If I bought all the other three lenses I need – Pana 45–200, Pana 20, Oly 45 (I already have the 14–42) – I would pay ~1000 euros. Not sure if I can afford this amount of money in the near future, I’d be happy with just decent, but cheaper lenses as well.

        • T-L

          1000 Euros for 3 good lenses is not that much, IMO. Way better than paying that much for one lens only (like PanaLeica 25/1.4 for 4/3).
          But I agree that it’s good to have some alternatives.

  • 7hau

    Maybe astrodesign could produce monitor and recoder specifically for m43 cameras with extra features.

  • So it means Tokina lenses for m4/3 then?

  • JF

    I hope tamron will make true m43 lenses, espacially designed for m43 and not stupid adaptations like sigma that nobody want to buy…

    • +1,000

    • Fan

      The two new Sigma lenses are not stupid adaptations and I will buy them.

      • JF

        why would you buy a 19 mm f2.8 that has the size of 25 mm f1.4 when you can buy 20 mm f1.7 that is half the size and delivers gorgeous pictures ? only drawback of the 20 mm is slow AF…

    • Barugg owb ama

      MILF is the future

  • Fiatopichan

    Tokina is now part of Kenko Tokina. So we may expect new Tokina lens for m4/3. I really like Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 for Nikon.

  • Hurray!

    • ronnbot

      Not to be a downer, but joining the group is the first step. Participating is the second. Hopefully we’ll see some lenses from these and more from other 3rd-party companies this year.

      First request: tele primes!

      Would like to see Tokina make a bright wide zoom for m43 – love the 11-16/2.8 on my Canon.

      Also would like to see a bright medium zoom for m43 like Tamron’s 17-50/2.8 on APS-C; could be a cheaper alternative to Pany’s upcoming 12-35/2.8?

  • Oliver

    With more and more companies developing csc systems it´s getting more and more profitable for 3PMs to develop lenses for these systems.

    And – different from the dslr market – in the csc market Oly/Pana together are a dominant and growing player, while the dslr market share stagnates.

  • Fiatopichan

    For Astrodesign, they build 4K camera with m4/3 mount.

    • Interesting indeed. I guess the power zoomed lenses make it much more interesting for surveillance video camera makers, with the possibility to remotely control the zooming…

  • Hi folks,

    Wow… !!! This is indeed good news for the 4/3’s system as a whole. At last we can all dream of a 17-50 Eqv for the Micro 4/3’s family….!!!

    Long live Olympus !!! and thanks for bringing back the ” OM ” styled cam.

    Looking forwards towards this Feb8…!!!

    Regards…………Uncle James.

    Mods at Malaysia’s only 4/3 site :

    My Gallery :

    • Ragnarok

      WOW, 3 unrelated links in a single comment. SPAM LEVEL 99.

  • Balthier Bunansa

    maybe the Astrodesign are makers of the new sensor for OM-D?

    • kesztió


  • JL

    Good news!

    For Tamron and Kenko this move is clear – lenses, teleconverters, adapters, filters… More choises for us.

    The Astrodesign is more interesting: after a short surfing I found, that they make 4K/2K videosystems, monitors, 3D-videoequipment… We’ll have to make some wild quesses…

  • So that’s the first “other” manufacturer makjng a true m43 body. Mentions under “Features”: – Lens control for IRIS and focus(micro four thirds lens only)

    Should help m43 become more of a “standard”! I’ll forward details of this to a friend who is big in oil installation security……
    @Fiatopichan, thank you for the link!

  • Miroslav

    From Wikipedia: “Sony Corporation maintains an 11% share hold in Tamron”.

    Think about it :).

    • Very interesting indeed.

      And possibly 20-30% interest in Olympus. It’s becoming one big happy family?!

    • Digifan

      My 2 euro cents:
      It means the Sony Olympus collaboration is a done deal and the related companies have green light from Sony!!

  • rrr_hhh

    Concerning Kenko Tokina, well Tokina was making third party lenses, although not of top quality.

    Tamron produce third party lenses. Something worth saying is tha their offering is often much smaller and lighter than the brand offering for the same type of lenses. I own a 28-75mm F2.8 ((constant aperture) for my Canon which is tack sharp even compared to the Canon 24-105mm F4 . Is is the smallest and most compact lens in that category. If they can offer other gems like that for mft cameras it would be great. Now let’s hope that they won’t just rebrand other lenses for mft, like some other third parties did.

    The other firm sounds weird, they seem oriented toward video … May be they will offer view finders ? Or remote display screens ?

    • rrr_hhh

      Geeezzz on the iPad the edit comment box is nomore working, I can load the message to edit, but when I try to type inside to make correction, the keyboard is not working !

      Those past two days, the edit box would replace the comment page, which was then no more available, but the keyboard was working as intended.

      As for the spelling errors of my mail, they will have to stay

      • nobody

        Must be compatibility issues because Apple is not yet a member of the m43 group :)

      • Mr. Reeee

        Try a different browser.
        I like Grazing. It handles tabs in very nice way… A menu, a side panel or tabs at the top. The tab menu is brilliant! There some different gestures and a fast scroll panel.

        • rrr_hhh

          thanks for the tip.. this is only since ihave updated to IOS 5. I didn’t have that problem before.
          I have 360 and good reader installed, but somehow I’m always returning to Safari.

          I’ll have a look at Grazing ..

    • Hi rrr_hhh,

      Sorry for user name intro, as i don’t even know your name. Anyway i fully agree that Astro design will most likely make some kind of a External Video ” clip-on ” screen Devices for the upcoming OM-D and future OM-Ds.

      Take care and Regards……..James.

      Mods at Malaysia’s only 4/3 site :

      My Gallery :

      • Mr. Reeee

        Perhaps they’ll put the mini-HDMI jack to some use.

      • Stop the SPAM links, geez. :x

    • Balthier Bunansa

      Tokina AT-X line of lenses is good quality

      • Digifan

        Yeah but also VEEERY heavy

    • TheEye

      Tokina has always made some top quality lenses. Especially in terms of optical quality, Tokina has had top quality fast lenses that were valid alternatives to Nikon/Canon 28-70 and 80-200 offerings since at least the ’80s. Tokina has also been manufacturing lenses for other brands.

  • nobody

    The high end Kenko converters seem to be as good as those made by Nikon and Canon. A high quality 1.4x converter would be a very nice addition to the up-and-coming 35-100mm Panasonic zoom.

    Bring it on, Kenko :)

  • herzi

    Seems like Astrodesign is also a professional broadcasting equipement manufacturer, including broadcast 4K cameras. You can see here:
    that they already have cameras using micro 4/3 mount and offering autofocus and iris control from the camera.

    • reverse stream swimmer

      With Astrodesign joining the MFT team, will be very beneficial for video. In certainly boosts the video focus of MFT, and not only for Astrodesign only to have access to the MFT lenses.

      -Maybe GH3 even will be capable of 4k video?
      -Certainly wouldn’t expect OM-D already to be capable of 4k video, ahead of a Panasonic launching the GH3??

      Certainly with nearly all (whose left?) third party photographic vendors joining Micro Four Thirds, it also is very encouraging to see the video as future technology becoming a cornerstone of MFT!

      We didn’t see Samsung, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm joining MFT, we might not see Ricoh/Pentax joining either, but all the rest seems to want to join!

  • It seems that the prediction of the Online Photographer is being fulfilled: m4/3 is the big Kahuna of Mirrorless. :)

  • Narretz

    Since they are officially joining, this also means AF lenses, and not manual. Which is also nice. So let’s hope for some new native m43 AF lenses!

  • Vivek

    Would any of these joining the m4/3rds increase the performance? What about the “new design” OMD sensor that the advertisement/invite claims is “OMG!” ?

    Also, would any body make a T/S adapter for the cameras?

    • Vivek

      It may or may not increase performance, but it sure increases visibility, viability and usability of the format.

      • Vivek

        Yes, indeed, Atlasman.

        This is thinking/spreading in a parallel direction instead of a linear/straight progression.

        That is the future.

        However, if they don’t do it themselves, they ought to recognize certain areas (like the T/S adapter) and encourage 3rd parties to come up with those.

  • Salty

    I look forward to Tokina announcing some exciting sounding lenses, taking 3 years to bring them to market and then being disapointed with the IQ but impressed with the build quality and weight.

    If you were going to use a lens as a weapon tokina are a good choice.

  • pingflood

    Anybody notice this part?
    “As the originator of the Four Thirds System and Micro Four Thirds System standards, Olympus Imaging Corp. will continue to develop and enhance the product lineup for both standards to meet the diverse needs of our customers.”

    Also, Kenko Tokina is interesting as Tokina has made some killer lenses including the 35/2.8 macro.

    • Pixnat

      Yup. Olympus is always saying that in their official statements. But until now, nothing new since the E-5… Wait’n’see…

      • Boooo!

        “The interviewer wants a positive statement from Ogawa that they will definitely continue the E-series.

        Ogawa says, “At this point in time, there is no reason not to continue it. We feel that DSLRs are still necessary.” He says they are already working on the E-5 successor.”

        • @Boooo!
          thanks @Boooo! I just re-read the translation and had deciphered everything (at least in my head) except for this bit:

          “”Yes, as a personal possession/personal item,” Ogawa replies. [He is being purposely vague, so it’s difficult to translate.] ”

          hmmmmmmmmmm got me thinking, what does Ogawa mean about the new OM-D line???

          *anyway think the E-7 will be announced Sept/Oct

        • kesztió

          4/3 system has no major advantage over APS-C DSLRs (apart from somewhat BUT NOT MUCH smaller leses).
          As opposite, The micro 3/4 major advantages are evident.

          • reverse stream swimmer

            Abba did sing: – The winner takes it all! (Don’t say the MFT will, but certainly slowly getting a wider acceptance).

            With MFT Panasonic/Olympus has been leading the way of mirrorless!

            With DSLRs, both Olympus & Panasonic were late to the party.

  • Camaman

    WOW Tamron! Good move and right on time!
    2012 and 2013 will surely be m43 takeoff year! I think they see DSLR market is dying, especially for them and their consumers.

    I expect in 2013 we’ll see a nice travel zoom from Tamron. 12-200mm would be awesome!

  • RaviSun3D

    I am now the most Happy Person in world!

    Oly, Kenny and Tammy together…!
    My Dream came true…!
    Now I want 17-50mm f2.8 and 11-16mm f2.8 for M43…!

    Long Live….

  • Fan

    Fantastic! Will buy Tamron lenses and Kenko teleconverters!

  • Not sure what Tamron could do to strenghet the lens options already Oly/Pany has.
    The gap I see is a 50mm macro, not as expensive as Pana has, but with same or better IQ. Have my hopes on Oly here…
    We already have kitzooms, wide angle zooms and tele zooms with very good sharness etc for its price. We have a few pancaces at decent cost and very high IQ. – And a couple of high end primes.
    There is also a travel zoom from Oly at least. Maybe they can do something cheaper, heavier and less IQ for those who don’t care about IQ so much – but those are better off with compact travel zoom cameras anyway – cheaper, smaller and with surpising IQ considering…..
    Sigma re-designs of their APS-C lenses are big and not better. What could Tamror really add to the strenght of m43 other than poor/average lenses at a slightly lower cost?
    Remember: Better with cheap camera body + expensive lens than the opposite! Too many buys a good camera and the cheapest lens with it.

    • Tamron do some of the best lenses out. They have 90mm macro, 180mm f3.5, 70-200mm f2.8, 18-270mm, 200-500mm any of these focal lengths would add something new to the M4/3 lens line-up.

      • Mike

        +1 And they are not expensive

    • Fan

      You cannot know if the Sigma lenses are not better. The 19mm lens will surely have better and more silent AF than the 20mm Panasonic pancake lens. I will definitely buy it and keep both of them.

      Both current superzooms are not 100% ideal either. It’s true, I doubt that Tamron can really do better, but maybe they can and I will be happy to have an alternative if they make one.

    • nobody

      “What could Tamror really add to the strenght of m43 other than poor/average lenses at a slightly lower cost?”

      The 17-50mm f2.8 Tamron lens for example is neither poor nor avarage, in fact it’s very, very good. And much less costly than the f2.8 Panasonic zooms will be. So I can very well imagine that Tamron can bring some serious offerings for the m43 system. Wait and see :)

    • µ4/3’s is lacking native, reasonably fast superteles. I’d love to see someone put out a 300/4, as a 300/2.8 would just be too big.

  • Kasteel

    It’s a great news for the m4/3 system that has the third brands support that 4/3 system haven’t.

  • Mattia

    I hope that kenko produce a FILM CAMERA micro 4 3 … Thats fantastic!

    He produce some camera film whit Nikon or pentax mount…

    ( sorry for my horrible english)

    • flash

      I would get one.

      If 35 mm film was used it would have to go up and down? It would be a half frame.

      They are the company that bought a lot of Minolta when Sony took over Minolta. They sell the same light meter, but not the spot meter. They had some nice lens at one time, and seem to be interested in growing.

      Not sure why they joined mFT group, none of their current products if made for mFT would require membership.

      Their variable ND filter looks interesting, wonder if it is any good.

    • Fan

      It would be fun if they used 35mm film and we would all see the complete image circle for all the lenses on the film. m43 cutout would be left for the end user to do. Of course this will not happen, but it would be interesting.

  • “Editor’s note: It’s the very first time I hear about that company. And I am really wondering what kind of m43 related product they could release!!!”

    Never heard of the company either, but a quick look at the website and I’m thinking GH3 compatible video equipment.

    I’m not into video at all, but seeing the reports on the GH2 and Panasonic’s response, I can’t help but think how similar it is to what happened with the 5DmkII. Except that I think the GH2 has some technical advantages over the Canon DSLR. (Not that I understand any of it.) If a hacked GH2 gets people to wonder how well it will perform against a $10,000 RED, then obviously it can be very attractive for low budget film makers.

  • I am looking forward to some of their super zooms from Tamron. They have already announced the 18-200 for the Sony E-mount. They also have a popular 18-270 zoom with macro that is noted for being very light that would balance well with m4/3.

  • The i think first on by Tamron and Kenko is Mirror tele lens.

  • P

    Sony has a stake in Tamron.

  • Bob B.

    One word for this development. Ick.
    um…when are those new zooms coming from Panasonic?
    Perhaps a new sensor from somewhere with more DR.
    I would rather see the MFT system ramp up…not get pulled down with junk.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Zooms, Schmooms!

      • Bob B.

        no..I agree with you…TOTALLY..for new offerings. (the 2 Pany fast zooms have already been announced). Right now we need more long mm, fast primes..but I sometimes shoot with two cameras around my neck with different primes…and I would like to have perhaps that 12-35mm, f/2.8 on one camera as to not miss something when I am out shooting. If it is quality glass..above the 14-42mm kit (plastic), 14-42X kit (soft) and the 14-45mm slow kit zooms. Those two new zooms take the system in an up direction from what exists now if they are good glass.
        The companies at the top of the page could make vegetable slicers as far as I am concerned.
        If Kenko could make a tiny, coupled extension tube for MFT…I would buy it (no glass inside)…but that is about it.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Yes, the upcoming Panasonic zooms look good on paper.

          If they’re good, I could see selling my lightly used 14-140mm and getting one or both.
          The 7-14mm, 12-35mm, 35-100mm and 100-300mm would be a good kit to cover just about everything. Then add a macro and the Nokton 25mm.

      • Blender

        I wholeheartedly agree!
        To view the world through primes is intuitive to humans.
        Shame on zooms! :-)

        • Bob B.

          True…one thing that people miss…a prime forces you to MAKE a photo. I love that.

  • Anonymous

    olympus will release two more lenses;,
    60mm F2 macro and 75mm F1.8,..just wait ,they may announce next month or two

    • P

      I think the most wanted lenses for MFT right now would be a 17mm f1.4 and perhaps a SHG Zuiko 25mm f1.2

    • Good, tell us more :-D

  • Charlie

    Excellent news for MFT as it becomes the standard!

  • Zetton

    I want Tamron SP 90mm macro (72B series, former 52B series) for m4/3! Ja, OK that equiv. 180mm!
    As for Kenko, I bet on mirror lens for m4/3 (actually, last year’s CP+, Kenko showed new 400mm mirror lens prototype. ) but it’s MF. I hope Tokina enters for the m4/3 lenses.

  • zwagner

    Just to throw in my 2 cents here, since some people seem to think Tamron makes throw-away lenses. This is simply not the case. As others have mentioned, their 17-50mm 2.8 lens is VERY well-reviewed, and for the price it really can’t be beat. They have other lenses that are good as well. I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t make a bevy of good-quality lenses specifically for m43 cams.
    Also, it seems like people don’t realize how crappy some of their beloved m43 lenses actually are…
    Pretty much all the most popular primes (20mm 1.7, 17mm 2.8, 14mm 2.5) are great because of the corrections being applied by the camera itself. If you look at the raw data for any of those lenses in any real review, you’ll find they really aren’t that great (especially the 14 and 17). So saying that Tamron is going to give us crappy lenses… well, we’ve already got crappy lenses. ;)
    There is a lot of compromise to be made from making lenses ultraportable/fast/quality. This needs to be realized. There’s a reason why the fast 2.8 zooms on aps-c cams are larger than the non-fixed aperture zooms.
    So I just think it’s worthwhile to keep a level head when thinking about our dreams vs. the realm of possibilities. I personally love all the primes I just mentioned, and quite a few other m43 lenses, and one of the main reasons is the size. I didn’t buy a small camera just to put a huge lens on it. So compromise, for me, is the name of the game.

  • ausserirdischegesund

    The interesting question now is: When Canon joins the mirrorless bandwagon, it most certainly will not join MFT. *But* as Canon’s new compact has a sensor more or less equal in size to MFT, if Canon uses this sensor for its mirrorless, there is a strong push for Tokina, Tamron and Sigma to make lenses that fit that sensor natively (because then it would cater to Panasonic, Olympus *and* Canon buyers).

    So: Is this a direct reaction to Canon announcing a fixed-lens FourThirds (de facto) compact? Do Tokina and Tamron know something that we do not know?

    • Bob B.

      Good observation! Canon has got to show up with some kind of ILC mirrorless eventually. It makes no sense that they are producing the new sensor JUST for the XG1.

      • nobody

        The Canon G1X sensor isn’t really new. It has the same pixels that the 60D has. For the G1X, Canon just cuts a bit smaller pieces from the same wafers they cut the 60D sensors from, in order to get a sufficiently compact camera.

        So, I don’t think we can conclude that a possible Canon CSC will have the G1X sensor size.

        • Bob B.

          Thanks….sorry I got the name wrong with the Canon. I have an GX1, Canon has the G1X…I think the new Pentax mirrorless is going to be call the XG1! LOL!
          Thanks for the info….I do not know much about sensor manufacture. Still… don’t you think that CAnon will make an MILC camera? They are in a perfect position…LAST…they have a total survey of the landscape and can use that to their advantage, no? Also, Canon has really deep pockets and can design an incredible system from the ground up.

          • nobody

            Certainly they can. And looking at the CSC sales statistics, I’m quite sure they will!

        • ausserirdischegesund

          The sensor pixels might not be new.

          But the size is. It is the first Sensor made in (almost exact) Micro FourThirds size.

  • st3v4nt

    Don’t No what Astro will do, but Kenko already made some filter for m4/3 I sure hope so they will extend it to other thing as well. It’s Tamron that crucial, I hope when Tamron made lens for m4/3 it will push sigma to consider make affordable macro lens like the 105mm they made for 4/3 but surprisingly discontinued.

  • SteB

    Extension tubes and teleconverters would be much appreciated by me. What’s more Tamron has an excellent reputation with macro lenses, and so does Sigma.

  • Biggstr

    Fantastic! According the list posted on, 14 companies have joined the MFT consortium. By comparison, how many companies have joined the Nikon or Canon consortiums?

    I suspect that many, many companies in the photography business realize that 2012 is the Year of the Mirrorless Camera and that the days of DSLRs as the mainstay of the photographic industry are numbered. Unquestionably, Nikon is also secretly preparing for that day with follow-on mirrorless products (Canon? … haven’t a clue).

    APS-C versus MFT? Lens for lens, The APS-C lenses will always be much larger than MFT due to the image circle and the 3:2 format versus the 4:3 format. Compared to MFT, APS-C inherently creates a mismatch in camera and body-to-lens size. But there is an issue for MFT and that is how MFT can support the popular 16:9 format for video while still maintaining competitive IQ. Multi-format sensors solve part but not all of this problem. Comments?

    • Richard_K

      Good point.

      To my knowledge, M4/3 is based on smaller sensor size than APS-C, thus reducing the optical size of lens. The price should be lower than APS-C lens. However, at present, both M4/3 and APS-C lens prices are very close. Some M4/3 lens are even expensive in comparison with the same focal length of APS-C or even full frame lens. Hopefully after the Tamron joins M4/3, there will be more lens available in the market with better afforable price.

  • Barugg owb ama

    I d like a kenko shallow dof filter, for OMFG bokeh on my OMD

  • Gareth Lovering

    Great news about Tamron if it’s true. But which manufacturer are they going to support will they make lenses with built in BIS for Panasonic cameras or just lenses for Olympus without BIS?

  • om-4

    The 8.9mp 1.25 inch 4K sensor used in the Astro cam probably comes from Aptina.

    Early design stems from 2005

    Further development under Aptina (paper from 2009)

    Interesting stuff. Pixel pitch is 4.2 about that of the sensor on a Canon 7D.
    But isn’t 1.25 inch sensor smaller than m43? Then why does the Astrocam utilises m43mount?

    In the paper they also mention a prototype 2.5 inch sensor.

  • johann

    Damn, a Tokina 11-16mm for m43 would be brilliant!!!

  • V4Vendetta
  • jim

    Guys…. don’t you all see how amazing this is!

    We now have a 4k 60p VIDEO camera for m4/3… amazing – this is IMAX quality! and beyond anything any other format even sniffs at!

    This is no normal 12Mpix camera!


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