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Also Panasonic will reduce compact camera investment by 60%. Focus on Mirrorless.


On May 30, 2013, Panasonic held IR meeting with the presidents of 4 Companies and CFO, following its business reorganization conducted on April 1, 2013. You cna download all documents at The main interesting file for us is the AVC Networks Company PDF.

What’s hot:
First: It looks like Panasonic development of image sensors will now be developed for the medical, automotive and security business mainly. It may be that Panasonic will buy future MFT sensors from third party companies like Sony only?
Second: Panasonic wants to cut 60% of the current development costs of compact cameras.
Third: Panasonic will now focus their efforts on the mirrorless market by enhancing the product uniqueness, launch more lenses for “motion pictures” (video)

It was inevitable for Panasonic to focus on the mirrorless market. And I am also not really surprised about the new sensor strategy. A while ago Panasonic managers stated in multiple interviews that they now want to go up to the professional digital camera business. It will be not easy for them to compete against giants like Canon and Nikon! What can they do to succeed?

files found via ImageSensorWorld.

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