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Akira Watanabe talks again about the 4/3 future…

[shoplink 17163 ebay][/shoplink] Our friend Victor Pisarev sent us a link to They talked with Mr. Akira Watanabe about the Four Thirds system (google translation from russian to english):  “There is nothing sensational out of that battlefront: yes, DSLR system is also important for us, we honour and remember users of our 4/3 optics. We have [shoplink 17163]E-5[/shoplink] in our product line for them. It is possible that we return to active development but now I cannot say something audible. Current situation is so that we have to provide stability and survival, and that is what PEN system is dedicated to. By the way, their sales are good. We tried to adapt “big” optics to micro system but there are fundamental troubles: phase detection system is made to calculate needed focusing shift and to shift lenses to proper place at once but contrast detection system uses iteration fidgets by its nature. We cannot to join them right, so in fact we have capitulated. Approximately in this way. Watanabe also said me that many leading managers and bosses use E-5 personally so understand anxiety of simple users very well.

P.S.: Links to the Olympus E-5 at [shopcountry 17163].

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