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Again everybody wins the Tipa Award :)


Panasonic’s headline on the Tipa Award prize.

Tipa published the list of the Tipa Award winners (Click here). And like any year…guess what…almost everybody wins a prize :)

There are so many categories that actually six mirrorless cameras won a prize:

– The Panasonic GH4 wins in the Best Hybrid Photo/Video Camera category
– The Olympus E-M10 wins in the Best CSC Entry Level category.
– The Samsung NX30 wins in the Best CSC Advanced category (Seriously…the NX30?).
– The Fuji X-T1 wins in the Best CSC Expert category
– The Sony A7r wins in the Best CSC Professional category.
– The Sigma DP Quattro wins in the Best Design category.

Every year big photo sites and camera manufacturers report the Tipa Ward news with plenty of glamour (See Panasonic’s headline on top). By creating so many categories it almost looks like Tipa let’s win almost everyone for purpose (but I may be wrong on that). And with respect for the Tipa organization…every year I will try to play down a bit these kind of ward :)

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