A roadmap reminder (When to expect the next Olympus and Panasonic announcements)


A few other sources confirmed us that Panasonic will announce the new Panasonic G3 camera and very likely also the new 25mm f/1.4 lens in late April. Before the Earthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear disaster Panasonic had the plan to ship the G3 within May. But I guess there could be now a few weeks of delay. The 25mm f/1.4 should hit the market in summer (July). A next Panasonic camera and lens announcement is scheduled for late August.

Olympus has the plan to release new PRO prime lenses in late May/early July. But there could be a delay with the worldwide lens shipment. We are also not 100% sure yet if they will announce a new PEN in late May/early July. We heard there will be a E-P2 replacement but we didn’t get exact info about the final release. A new product announcement from Olympus will be made in early September (We are almost certain they will announce the high-level PEN).


Anyway, what I really hope now is that Japan can soon take under control the Fukushima nuclear power plant. That’s all what matters now.


  • WT21

    An old Oly m43 roadmap also showed “macro” — many of us hoped/thought that would be a 50mm/2.0 macro, but is the thinking now that the “macro” on the roadmap was just that little attachment thing they did on the 14-42 mkii?

  • MP Burke

    The macro seems to be the only credible candidate for the “pro” quality lens, so hopefully that is what we will get some time this summer. I am concerned that if we get a m43 version of the 50mm f2.0, it could be even more expensive than the Panasonic-Leica macro lens. Perhaps if sigma produce some m43 lenses, we can get a version of one of their longer macro lenses, e.g. 70 or 105mm.

  • alexander

    What about the E-P3 ??? (with internal flash ;-) )
    Isn’t it time for it?

  • bbazala

    Agreed. Why do we not have a good, fast native 50mm prime yet? Is that too much to ask? This would be a go-to lens for most of us who are shooting hd video as well as photos. The 45mm is a little too steep to justify the cost. I have been extremely pleased with my 20mm Panny pancake. I want a 50mm to go with it.

  • safaridon

    I would rather have some imformation if possible of what these new products really are say for the G3 then in the timeline which keeps changing. We have been told several times what the G3 won’t be ie not rangefinder but little of what it will be other than have a new sensor? By this time based on previous Pany m4/3 releases we maybe would have had some leaked sketches, photos, or more specifications by now? Come on admin give us some pictures and more info if you have any? Please excuse my impatience!

    43rumors used to have a lot of rumors with pictures or sketches to excite us but now tends to be more of a useful information forum with material collected from other releases or sites. I long for a return to more rumors and pictures or sketches as was the case in the earlier days of 43rumors.

  • Would be great if they gave us an 85/1.4 with macro focusing.

  • WT21

    I would get the 45mm at it’s current street price (not list) if it was faster than 2.8.

  • BBernhardt

    I just really want to know how fast that Oly 50mm will be?

  • Significant delays in the roadmaps should be expected due to the situation in Japan. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see NOTHING new in 2011 from any Japanese manufacturer. Currently even the E-5 seems to be out of stock in major online shops.
    However, as you said, it is not the right time to worry about new gear. At present my thoughts are with the Japanese people. The situation there is pretty serious and we must hope/pray for a rapid relief.

    • Boris

      Agree, they have bigger fish to fry now, and we have more than we need to take good pictures.

  • Oliver

    Olympus just made a new lens mount, the Micro Fourthirds. Why release a converter instead of a real macro, fisheye, wide angle lens?

    Do you guys consider these new products Pro?
    I think converters are only for P&S.

  • sderdiarian

    Wow, that was annoying. Just prepared a post and sent it only to get a message I hadn’t answered the “security question” and have it blown into the ether! What gives here, Admin? You went from no security, to matching letters, back to no security and now to this “question” buried well below the message, completely out of the blue?

    Show it boldly in red to catch the eye before we waste our time. But then, I just wasted more time typing this :)!

  • sderdiarian

    All I hope for from Olympus is the radically overdue (i.e., will they ever make it?) affordable mFT body with integral quality EVF (a slimmed down G2 with IBIS and Truepic V) and a quality zoom akin to the 4/3’s 14-54mm Mk II or 12-60mm. This, along with the already available Panasonic 20mm pancake as a walk-around and my existing 4/3’s lenses, would answer my needs.

    How many others are looking for this simple combination?

    • AndyOz


      Totally agree. Thats all I am looking for. But rather than a slimmed down G2 I am hoping for a slightly enlarged E-P2 with viewfinder in the top corner. Personal preference there. All Oly need at this stage is:
      – mFT body with EVF
      – quality mFT zoom like 14-54 or 12-60 FT as you say (and with a focus distance scale please)
      – m43 version of 50mm f2 macro which they already saying they are going to do

      That would be more than enough to get more people into m43. They dont necessarily need a “PRO” weather sealed body yet in my opinion.

  • Arkersaint

    Agreed… but not so greedish right now since…
    We have been typing this demand for integrated viewfinder just for years…
    And feel like Oly and Pany showing deaf and blind !

    OOOOLY, PAAAANY, DO YOU HEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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