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Kaspar: “I know you are busy with the EM-1 rumors, but here is a link to an Indiegogo fundraising campaign. The goal is to turn your old film camera into a digital one by putting a sensor in it. If there are more than 5000 backers, he is able to put a m43rds sensor in it. Lower backing numbers will result in 1″ or smaller sensors.

Joe: “I shot this fitness commercial concept shoot (1st photo done in the series) using the GH3 and a couple of Einstein monolights (gridded beauty dish as key and a gridded 7” reflector as rim). Want to add it for the next roundup?

Xavi:I’m currently travelling. To share my experiences with friends and family (among other reasons) I created THIS [] web app. It displays a feed of the pictures I’m taking together with my position at any given time. The idea was to give as much context as possible to an specific moment.
I still working it. If you have any suggestions I’ll love to hear it.
The images are pulled from my Flickr photo stream [] and the positions are pulled from[] (using the GPS of my phone).

Most of the pictures on the app are taken with te EM5. It’s my first professional camera so I can’t really compare as anything else.

I’ve been wearing the camera (with the Panasonic 20mm) on my back almost all the time (and the Olympus 75mm on my pocket).
As here in South-East Asia is raining season the camera has been constantly exposed to pretty bad weather conditions. It also been in to the jungle and riding a motorbike for paths with dust, smoke and rain. I can’t really say that I’ve treated it well, (it had recived constant hits to, just by wearing it everywhere).
It resisted it all (even with no sealed lenses), the only think that failed is the rubber protection around the EVF which I lost. (The one on my second EM5 to)

Even if the camera seems to resist pretty well I end up killing it.  My backpack got flooded and with it my camera and my iPhone 5. I left it with rice for few days. The iPhone resurrected (almost intact), the EM5 though is completely dead. The water got in to the battery, the SD card and the sensor…

When I arrived at Phnom Phen I bought a new EM5. I love this camera still.”

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