A good day for Olympus. And more better days to come soon!


Chapeau Olympus!
Panasonic, Samsung and Sony were too busy in presenting their “boring” 3D stuff (that’s just my personal take on that) and Olympus has taken the chance to become the King at the CES when it comes to camera announcements. Finally Olympus presented a high-end compact camera and they made almost everything right with the XZ-1! Chapeau! The E-PL2 is less exciting but at least it has some nice upgrades and a lot of new accessories to put on it. That’s more than any other (a part maybe Samsung) had to offer at CES. 70% of our 43rumors readers do like both new cameras. That’s a huge success! Of course it is to see how many of them will really buy them!

A good beginning makes for a good ending!
The same sources that gave me details about the new E-PL2 and XZ-1 are repeating to me that there will be a lot more to come from Olympus!  There is at least a new pro model, + very likely a new E-P3 and at least three real pro pancake lenses to come during the next few months! The E-P2 successor and the new lenses should be announced at the CP+ show which takes place in February in Japan. But let’s wait what our sources will tell us during the next weeks before to get into any conclusion.

Note: Panasonic will also announce a new MFT camera and two (or maybe three) lenses at CP+

So I have little time for rest and a lot of work to do on 43rumors. Good news for you and not so good news for my girlfriend :(


Do you like the new Olympus XZ-1?

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Do you like the new Olympus E-PL2?

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Which new accessory are you ging to buy?

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  • D

    Good work olympus, and u as well! BON COURAGE!

  • Jonathan

    What’s the point of a square lens hood where the camera has a 4:3 sensor (other than good looks)?

    • Archer

      Portrait orientation.

      • Archer

        Sorry about that. Brain fart. No, there’s no reason, as the square mode is a crop. Maybe there’s really a 6×6 sensor in there ;-)?

  • Tom S

    CP+ takes place February 9 through Feb. 12.


  • leendert

    Olympus is back in top!
    Canon en Nikon are too late in the mirrorless market!

  • Dear Admin! You are a real top expert in marketing – creating always the most appealing slogans for m43-products! Your recent headline “A good day for Olympus – and more better days to come soon” is just another example for your ingenious phrasing ability!
    PS.: Olympus E-PL2 will be a Top seller – climbing the US-Charts and European Hit parade in a breathtakingly manner. Asian Markets are in any event a home match for Olympus – see the charts on http://www.amazon.co.jp/!

    • Wife

      if admin thinks the xz-1 will sell a lot at that price, he’s going to have to come up with even more ridiculous slogans.

  • Paulo

    Admin, when the E-PL2 will go on sale???

  • a

    What I want from Olympus is a camera that mimicks every feature and specification of the GH2 – only it should be in a more appealing body (something that looks like the EP2) – and for 100 bucks cheaper than the pany.

  • NexusN

    My sincerest thanks to all admins for your efforts.
    Thank you.

  • Esa Tuunanen

    Okay, now that consumer models&compacts are out of the way it’s time to bring out big guns.
    They’ll just better get that serious body out to shops in few months as I’ve booked that trekking trip to Mt. Everest Base Camp I mentioned before Christmas.

    • Archer

      I’ve got a float permit on the Grand Canyon in the fall, so I need that pro body, too.

  • tgutgu

    While I don’t see any significant improvements in the EPL-2 (most of the new stuff was ready to be included already in the EPL-1, the technology was there and it was already mainstream (460K LCDs)), the XZ-1 is interesting and unique as it sports a fast lens.

    I don’t like at all Olympus’ accessory port strategy. For one, too many stuff occupies the hot shoe and cannot be used at the same time (i.e. macro LED plus view finder), then they miss business opportunities to make accessories, which could be used also by other m4/3 vendors. There is no need to make a macro LED light depending on the accessory port. Lot of Panasonic users would probably like to buy such a accessory. If the flashes are interchangeable between the two brands, why not the macro LED (may be it is?).

    At the same token Olympus should make lenses with OIS so that they can sell it to Panasonic owners easier – no indication on this either.

    • Archer

      Keep in mind that the PL* cameras speak Oly’s RC flash protocol, so that off-camera flash is available in conjunction with the accessories. The closest thing to a problem is the inability to use VF-2 with its superior resolution with the macro light. Then again, if you’re really serious about macro you’ll probably use off-camera flash anyway.

  • Mole

    Do you have any idea if the XZ-1 will have conversion lenses. Especially wide angle?

    Is this panorama mode really usable?

  • Four by Six

    The biggest improvement in EPL2 over EPL1 is the lens, now quiet for video use. However, video is still stuck at 720p! So, what was the point of the new lens? Early rumors suggested 1080, but both the new EPL2 and XZ-1 only sport 1280×720. Even the cheapest compact cameras today include 1080, including Kodak’s flip camera with 1080p and a f2.8 lens. While I am excited for Oly’s announcements, I can’t help but feel they are still behind the technology curve :-(

  • You can’t use the VF2 on this?

    • tgutgu

      They may be not behind the technology curve, but since 1.5 years Olympus takes only care for their lowest range body, completely neglecting the important customer group for which this body concept is not enough and which is willing to pay for leading edge technology concepts, which help to advance m4/3 to a level, which rivals APSC-DSLRs in *all* aspects.

  • Michael Meissner

    Brian: Yes you can use the VF-2 and SEMA-1 (at least according to the specs). However, you can’t use the bluetooth Penpal on the older E-P2 and E-PL1 with the version 1 accessory port. I believe I’ve read the new macro LEDs will work with the E-P2 and E-PL1.

    Archer: However, for off camera flash, you can’t use the VF-2, unless the flash supports the wireless TTL protocol, and you are in an area where you can use it due to the line of sight restrictions. Even if you are going to use LEDs for macro, I believe you can get 3rd party lights. Given the macro LEDs run off the camera battery, it will mean you have to pack more batteries.

    • Archer

      I was assuming using Fl-xxR flashes with the pop-up, which should work fine, so imagine a VF-2 plus pop-up controlling multiple Fl-36R’s; this should probably make for some interesting macro work.

      I have no idea why Olympus doesn’t talk more about the RC protocol in relation to the PL cameras. Its a feature that none of the other EVIL cameras have, and also a feature of the XZ-1 (nice take-off on the XA ;-).

  • homer

    To me the upgrades of the E-PL2 over the E-PL1 make all the difference in the world. I didn’t buy the E-PL1 back in December because of the 1/2000th shutter speed limit, and that it has no dial to change settings. (yup, I am an SLR user). those two issues have been addressed with the E-PL2, so now I must save all my pennies to get one. :D

  • tobi

    I’m really looking forward to the future new PEN models and Panasonic’s announcement…so exciting!

    The PL2 is good evolution it will pave the way for more users to invest into the micro 4/3 format.

  • Thanks for the links Admin!
    Design at its best – multiple awards winning in 2011?

    Or is this just the modern lifestyle of the booming economies?
    For example China:

  • Nathan

    Why, it’s almost as if they know F1.8 to F2.5 is a fantastic spec for a zoom lens, but are woefully unable or unwilling to produce such optics for their premium systems! How fantastically cringeworthy!

    Thank goodness that Olympus provides us with such opportunity for scathing criticism for years to come!

    • Eric

      An f/1.8-2.5 zoom covering a 4/3’s size sensor would be one giant, heavy, and expensive lens. Just look at the size of the Olympus 14-35mm f/2. I’d much rather just use a standard fast prime such as the upcoming Panny 25mm/1.4 and just switch to a wide angle when needed. It’s amazing how versatile a nifty fifty can be if you don’t mind using your legs.

      • Miroslav

        Yes, but I guess most people here would be very happy if Olympus made just 14mm F1.8 and 66mm F2.5 prime lenses.

  • Eric

    I can’t wait to hear more about the pro-grade PEN and pancake primes. Hopefully the E-P3 will take styling cues from the E-PL2; just make it more robust and slightly larger with a built-in EVF and weather seals.

    Any rumors yet on focal lengths of the new primes? I know Panasonic is coming out with a 25mm f/1.4, but I doubt it will be weather sealed so I’m kind of torn on want I want. In a way I want less over lap between the two companies, but I do want weather seals. So a 12mm f/2, a 23mm f/1.2, and a 45mm f/1.4 get my votes.

  • Carl

    Admin, do we have any word on the likely lenses (other than the 25mm 1.4)? Great site BTW, I can’t count how many times a day I visit – and I’ve not even bought anything yet!

  • Ahem

    Good day, indeed! E-PL2 seems like a great upgrade of E-PL1, and the compact looks and sounds great as well.

    Can’t wait for the pro body and lenses, so I can’ upgrade my E-PL1! This is promising to be a better year for Olympus, and MFT in general.

  • Admin please tell if you know of any
    Oly body in the pipe line for fourthirds? I need money for more stuff for my gh2, so my 12-60, 50-200 and E-3, so hard for me to do, and hope for others that Oly will punish me for doing so;-)

  • safaridon

    Thanks ADMIN it is good news indeed that aside from a pro Oly m4/3 maybe a EP3 also. I would guess that Oly would pattern after EPL2 body but hopefully metal but with EP2 back roller dial, add AF assist light, and use new sensor with higher HD video capability. That makes it even more likely the pro model will be a direct competitor with GH2 not only in features but DSLR shape?

    If Pany is is coming with only one model then my guess it would be a revised GF1 to include EVF. That probably would mean the pro model ala patent rangefinder stle with global shutter (?) will not come till next fall even if pro lenses the 25/

  • Joel

    What I want to know is if the Oly pro model will have a built in EVF at last?? I would switch from my pana g2 if they did, otherwise it may mean the GH2 (or G3??) is in my future ;-)

  • Mumbly

    Take my advice: Just spend more time with your girlfriend! Of course, we all appreciate the good job you’re doing, but eventually you will realize sooner or later that there are far more important/precious things in life than chasing after rumors. Photography might be our passion, but at the end, a camera is just a piece of consumer electronics, while your girlfriend is a human being deserving more attention than any material good. So learn to take some distance from your work (at least the necessary minimum) and don’t forget: Your girlfriend can give you something (love, attention, warmth and – last but not least – sex) no camera and no scoop may be able to replace…

    • Miroslav

      Great advice! Even better, persuade your girlfriend to work on 43rumors as well, you’ll be able to spend more time together and the site will prosper :).

  • samshootsall

    I see the new lens has a hood on it…suppose it comes with it? Hate to spend extra for something that wont be used as much…

    • Voldenuit

      I’d hate if it were not reversible. That’s what I dislike most about the square hood on my ME45/2.8 – it’s a pain to cart around, so I leave it at home most of the time.

      • Even if it’s reversible, wouldn’t square hood awkward when in storage ?
        Never had one though

  • Voldenuit

    Sigh. Am I the only one sad that SAMSUNG will get a fast portrait lens before m43?


    • IhateIdiots

      That is a fairly big lens though

      • Voldenuit

        Yeah, I’d be happy with a 50/1.4, which should be a good deal smaller.

        I’m using a Pentax 50/1.4 on my GF1 right now, and I really loved the CV Nokton 50/1.1, but autofocus would be nice, too.

    • Gerard

      Adapted Zuiko Digital 50mm f/2 not fast enough? It’s probably one of the sharpest autofocus lenses you can use in 4/3 – u4/3.

      Example with that lens and E-3 here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gmoret/4671957418/in/set-72157624208595722/

      With a u4/3 native lens I guess you can go with the Panasonic 45mm f2.8, which is fast enough for portraiture, I’ve not tested it tough so I don’t know about how it performs.

      Also the samsung it’s a fairly long lens considering the crop factor, and you will have to stop it down unless you want to “ZOMGBORKEHEVERYTHING”, which you shouldn’t anyway.

      What we REALLY need for portraiture is more bodies with an integrated quality EVF (olympus!! hello?!) where you can trigger wireless strobes through the hotshoe.

      • Voldenuit

        The Zuiko 50/2 doesn’t AF with older Panny bodies. I have the ME 45/2.8 and it’s great for portraits and macro, but I’d like more DOF control sometimes.

  • Nostradamus

    Just out of interest a question to Admin or others: If screens are getting better and better, why do we need an EVF in the E-PL3? Shouldn’t we long for better screen resolution instead?

    • Gerard

      Because having a viewfinder is nice and it’s actually preferred by most people, since you can isolate yourself from distractions in your surroundings and concentrate in framing the picture correctly.

      • Nostradamus

        So why do you have your other eye open when you look through your EVF?

        • Gerard

          Because it’s a self-portrait for avatar purposes, so at least half of my face is shown.

          Also, that’s not a EVF, but a optical viewfinder with a rangefinder patch.

          1/10 because you got me to reply.

    • tgutgu

      A LCD – even the best ones – are often barely readable under direct sunlight. An eyelevel viewfinder gives you a much better and more stable shooting position in comparison to work with a LCD either at arm length or in any other “pseudostable” position. Since m4/3 is a camera system, which already provides lenses with a large focal length (i.e. the 45-200mm and the 100-300mm lenses) handheld operation with such lenses only makes sense with an eye-level viewfinder. Therefore, Olympus’ product strategy is quite inconsequent. They now have a 75-300mm lens (with a very slow max aperture of 6.7) in their lineup, but still lack a body with build-in viewfinder.

      The Panasonic GH2 EVF is excellent, much better than many of the tunnel-vision, small optical viewfinders of current APS-C DSLRs. Investing in a range of lenses and not having a VF is to me a inconclusive buying strategy. Thus, the EPL-2 is only a worthwhile system camera, if someone invests in the VF-2 as well, which gives the system a pricepoint close to a Panasonic GH2.

  • Miroslav

    So E-P3 and pro Olympus m4/3 are different cameras? Great!

    To sum this up: in February we’ll see E-P3 and GF3, as well as Olympus 50mm and 12mm and Panasonic 25mm and 12-50mm lenses. Shortly after, in the spring, there’ll be pro Oly and one more prime, and Panasonic’s bright wide lens. Impressive.

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