A cool 14-42mm X lens smart cup…


A 43rumors reader me the link to the youtube video you can watch here on top of this post. It’s a smart cup for the Panasonic 14-42mm X lens. As you see it works like the already existing LX5 lens cap that is available at Amazon. The 14-42mm X cap is a prototype. I have no info about if and when it will go into production.

  • frist!

    • Peter



      • Bob B.


  • Lez

    Very nice and smart!

  • CSC Magazine

    Very nice, very clever!!

  • Marilyn

    2nd haha nice lens cup

  • Yun

    Will be more impress if the manufacturer can do it for other lenses too such for the 45mm & 25mm .
    This type of lens cap is much better than the current type .

    • Bob B.

      I would like to have a conversation with some lens designers before I would buy one of these. Intuitively, I am skeptical of this design….Does anyone have any info about this? I do not like the idea of a rectagular box out in front of my lens?

  • Mr. Reeee

    Cool! What a great idea!
    I’m fighting the urge to get one of those cheap GF3 + 14mm lens deals.

    • jlw518

      Why fight it? It is a really fun yet competent little camera, and a great tiny pancake lens. I mean, even if you decide you don’t want the camera, you can sell the body and keep the lens and still come out ahead! (But I bet you will keep the body… ;).

  • littlejo

    It’s from Taiwan ,I saw it @ http://www.mobile01.com

  • Gabi

    Last! ;)

    Good idea, however, I doubt it is compatible with a lens hood (and maybe also not with filters).

  • Montego

    Admin, not a complaint on my part. More like frustration. Don’t mean to hijack this thread but…

    We’re just a little more than two months from Photokina, and there,s been hardly any rumors/buzz about the GH3. After two years since the GH2, and the arrival of the OM-D, this shoud be a MAJOR release from Panasonic.

    Heck, I’d settle on FT2 or FT3 rumors. SOMETHING to get the ball rolling on here and get people to discuss, lulz, bitch, etc. That’s why I like to visit the site. Seems to me there was all kinds of speculation about the OM-D beginning a couple of months before the announcement.

    Is Panasonic so tight-lipped that your sources don’t have any tidbits?

    • We’ve heard rumors and specs already. But since there won’t be any breakthrough technology in the sensor, there’s not that much to get excited about. Just a better body (magnesium alloy, weather sealed) and small improvements (better screen and viewfinder, slightly improved sensor and upgraded video specs).

      • Joe Photo

        That’s because the source got fired. :)

        • Montego

          @joe LOL

      • Bob

        And you know there’s no real improvement in the sensor how?

        Oh, right, you don’t know anything, you’re just making meaningless, Oly fanboy comments.

        • Of course I don’t know, we’re just talking about rumors. And they don’t talk about any revolutionary technology in the sensor, so since the one in the GH2 is already quite good, we can only expect small improvements in noise and DR to close the small gap with the one in the E-M5.

          The point is that the GH2 is still very current, so all we can reasonably expect are the improvements I mention above. Or what kind of things are you expecting?

          Oly fanboy??? How did you come to that conclusion? :D I actually only own a Panasonic LX3.

          • Lil Jerk Kid

            Uncalled for remark by Bob.

    • Agrivar

      +1. More gh3 rumors please!!

  • dg

    That is awesome.

  • Bob B.

    Has anyone seen the lid for my cup of coffee?

    • The Master

      That would be a good idea, for a coffee cup lid. Just put a proximity sensor on it, so it opens when your lips get close.

      • dumbo

        That is a cool idea, now I can carry my coffee with me during my early morning jog =)

        Patent it!

      • Lil Jerk Kid

        My computer has this little shelf that pops out for my coffee cup. I hate having to press that little button. Maybe there could be a sensor that knows when my cup is headed to the shelf.

  • fta


    Mass production ones will be launched in 2 months, with the price below US $27.

  • S

    Are people so lazy now they can’t lift their fingers to put on a lens cap?

    • Lil Jerk Kid

      It isn’t putting it on. It is taking it off when the shot is fleeting.

  • Thurin

    It’s not laziness, it’s speed with which you can get a photo. Cool gadget, now only if the lens was any good …

  • Nelson

    Definitely will get it when it is out

  • Bob

    I can’t help but wonder about vignetting at the wide end with this thing mounted.

    • Guest

      Yeah, I’m not going to completely write it off from this video, but I definitely want to see what the vignette is like before buying. (Unless it is under $10, then I’ll just buy it and not give a fuck if it sucks).

  • Lil Jerk Kid

    I wonder how many views this video got since it was linked by the Admin?

  • hinting

    I linked this in, and hope that more people are interested, so it will be mass produced and cheaper for all of us.

    Update from the designer:
    “Mass production ones will be launched in 2 months, with the price below US $27.”


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