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5 axis stabilization tested by man suffering from hand tremor.


On of the positive side effects of the E-M5 new 5 axis stabilization is that it can help people to shot better pictures even if they suffer from hands tremor. The author (“Fiatopichanon” on vimeo) of the video you see here on top writes: “I currently suffer from essential tremor, causing my hands shake about 5-10 Hz, which makes my shooting both still picture and video somewhat difficult. When Olympus introduced the new OM-D E-M5 with the new image stabilization system, I thought it might help me shooting easier and I might buy it. Finally I got it and found that the new IS system is really helpful. Here is my test. Hope you enjoy this.

Thanks Fiatopichan!!!

P.S.: Amazon Germany (Click here) has the Black body in Stock while the 14-42mm kit vesion keeps getting IN and OUT of Stock every couple of hours at Amazon USA (Click here).

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  • Cedric Leveille

    What? No nude in that video!! haha
    IS is fantastic, that guy have 2 shaking hand’s.
    5 axis rocks

    • sorry my inglish

      i lost art for adults
      admin please, put it again tonight
      thank you

      • VF


  • The IS is unbelievable. I took three shots in a row to annoy a friend who shoots medium format and called my OM a toy. I had the 14mm F2.5 on it. Three shots handheld at 1/3 of a second. All pin sharp. Now he thinks it’s a really cool toy.

    • matt


  • +1 Love it when new technology can help in this way

  • The IS is awaome in the E-M5. AND you can leave iso on auto! Pure joy.

    OT – Admin: consider removingthe quotes from the news title. It makes it sound as if the condition was funny or made up. You wouldn’t put cancer or dyslexia in quoutes.

  • Hope Panasonic is thinking about something like that.
    The m4/3 format is very versatile, let you use lots of old lenses, and the great old Canon 50mm FD needs a little stabilisation. :)

  • Bily

    I have read that video uses conventional and not 5 axis IS. That also explains why you do not hear the silent noise for the 5 axis IS magnetic field in video mode.

    • L

      Not sure about your rumors, but I believe most people would remove the background noise completely in a project like this?? Unless in situations when someone in the video is talking, I would remove the background noise completely and put something more suited to the purpose of the video (ie music)…

    • Fan

      I don’t believe this. Because you hear the sound even when you turn IS off.

      I can offer a different theory: in video mode, IS switches to a quieter, but more power consuming operating mode. It still fully works, but is quieter and uses more power.

      • R

        Or the noise cancelling is tuned to the IS motor.

  • BLI

    Review with a twist?… :

    * on tiltable screens: “It will be good to use for self cam whore shots!”????

    NB No nudity shots; appears to be a family man, so I wonder what he really wanted to say :-).

  • ljmac

    The term ‘revolutionary’ is massively overused these days, but I think it truly applies to this new Oly IS.

  • rUY

    Yes, this is it…. Thanks Admin to dig this out. I prefer this to handshaking nude…..

  • sometimes your hands can tremble too when making photos/videos of a gorgeous nude model,so its more needed then some might actually think!

  • avds

    The hand tremor reduction video looks pretty amazing!

  • Fish

    Wow, what an improvement!

  • Suprised

    Awesome, I was wondering about that as I have the same condition.

    My technique without IS is to tuck my right elbow, then grab my right bicep with my left hand and rest the camera on my left forearm.

    Works well for me because my right side seldom tremors.

    • @Surprised -Thanks for that terrific tip!!!!! Exceptional difference

      Bill (:-{)}

  • Charlie

    OM5 is the preferred camera for people who drink too much or are in withdrawal.

    • Withdrawal is to be avoided. Take Tooheys Extra Dry, as and when required, 10 minutes before an attack is a fair start.

  • 43shot

    The IS is very good. I took some 40MM 2 second shots that were sharp. The only issue is long term use of the EM-5 with the step lugs and bad ergonomics will give carpal tunnel syndrome so you will need the IS to hold the camera in a few months:)

  • Bobby

    Congratulations Admin. A very good post and example of a part of the camera’s capability!

  • Cem

    This is a camera which we will remember for along time as game changer. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to use it.

    • Anonymous


      It’s like GF1 when it first came out. Hope it will keep me sober from GAS for a full year or two.

  • Oliver

    I hope no other company could do this 5-Axis IS. Only Olympus!!!

    • I think this will be like their sensor cleaning, or their implementation of liveview on dslrs. The competition will downplay its usefulness – but within a short amount of time it will be copied by everyone else.

      • Oliver

        I hope the other companies fail then… Bahahaha!

        • -1

          Other companies trying to copy Oly technology pushes them [OLY] to create something NEW while the competition is wasting time trying to reverse-engineer the IS. It frees up their resources.

          Plus, healthy competition is always a necessity. You never want one big giant running the show, limiting your choices and upping the price.

          • I agree, but I don’t there is a risk of Olympus becoming one big giant anytime soon.

            I can’t recall who the name of the reviewer, but I once heard Olympus compared to a smaller kid who keeps getting their lunch money stolen by the bigger kids.

            Like Oliver, I hope the Olympus engineers reap the benefits of their hard work and get the recognition they deserve.

          • awaler

            I am quite sure the competition already found out everything about the 5 axis. But I am also sure Olympus boys (or girls!) were clever enough to protect their know-how by patents.

            Olympus would sure love to collect a few billion Yen patent infringement fees. It would be easy money, but I do not expect other companies to be stupid enough to fall in this trap..

      • Liveview, another Olympus first that the experts said would never be on a real DSLR. Tiltable screen also, the experts said they were only for P&S, real DSLR users would never use them. I really did (do) like my e330.

  • min

    Looks good but i would love to see footage in other scenarios like walking, going up stairs, or in a car. I won’t expect steadicam footage but usable without bulky rigs, that’d be awesome.

    • deniz

      there were some examples on youtube

  • Farrukh

    Brilliant, well done Olympus.

  • adriaantie

    This is really sad. I feel sorry for olympus. This 5 axis whatever is so overrated. Better to have a decent larger sensor, good iso performance and fast lenses.

    • everything in life is overrated these days ;-)

    • Ross

      It’s not overated for those that appreciate it, like this guy. I don’t have tremor problems, just less steady hands now & I am hoping it will help me more than my E30 does.

    • Fan

      WTF? The E-M5 HAS a decent larger sensor, good iso performance and fast lenses.

      • Geoff

        Sorry but the sensor is the same size as all 4/3rds and u4/3rds sensors.

        • Fan

          Of course. It’s larger than most sensors in this world.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > larger sensor… fast lenses.
      If anything is overrated that’s paper thin DOF!

  • confused

    i’m confused. another user reports that in video mode the 5-axis stabilization does not work, but rather a software-based stabilization (which as usual introduces weird warping artifacts).

  • thomas

    Since I also have an essential tremor, the IS is one of the reasons I have an OM-D on preoder. Nice to see it works well!

  • Liam

    Within 18 months ALL digital cameras will have 5-axis stabilization. It’s that much of a game changer.

    • David

      I hope you are right, but I kind of doubt it. Many manufacturers are invested in in-lens IS, and perhaps I am mistaken, but doesn’t IBIS suffer from motion blur on fast moving targets?

      • Mr. Reeee

        Motion blur is an entirely different issue from stabilization.

        I would assume that Olympus has patented the bejeezus out of their new stabilization system, so competitors will need to develop their own OR pay Olympus licensing fees to use theirs.

      • Adriaantie

        I hope not. Dont need it like most professionals or enthousiasts. It makes noise, drains the battery and is just another part that will brake down quick. If that happens you have à useless camera with à small sensor out of place.

        • Does daddy know you are playing with the computer again. You know how upset he gets when you post rubbish.

          • +1

            one shouldn’t feed those trolls, bit at times it’s just too good a laugh!

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Must be hurting how your beloved Canikon has been uninnovating in digital age and mostly only copying ideas/work of others.

          Stabilization system is based to floating and moving sensor with electrically controlled magnetic field and lacks fast wearing mechanical parts like motor with drive mechanisms/gearings which would surely be anyway too slow and inaccurate to do the job.
          No doubt also lens based stabilizations use similar “mechanism”. And same electrical magnetic field control is also used in computer HDD read/write head arm mechanism. (based to idea of voice coil in loudspeaker)

          You need to open up your mind, I could do it for free… with axe.

      • bli

        @ David: You are right — IBIS suffers from motion blur — the same as every existing lens stabilizing system. Image stabilization attempts to counteract/smooth camera shake. Of course it does not work for motion of the photographed object; it is mainly useful for still/slowly moving objects.

      • R

        With in body vs in lens stabilisation, the weakness of in-body is it doesn’t work as well at long focal lengths. This is logical, because movement is magnified with length, and the in-lens stabiliser can sense and correct more movement.

        5-axis might extend the focal length where this begins to apply, though.

        • You set IBIS in the setup for the focal length of the lens you are using. If its a tele zoom then it requires a change for every shot or set it near the end you are using most.

    • Flags

      Unlikely…Optical IS systems cannot compensate for the roll axis. This is something that only an in body IS system can do.

  • David

    That 5-axis IS sure is nice. It’s the one thing I will really miss on the Fuji XP1.

  • uiti

    Panny, Sony have 5 axis IS in their camcorders.And Fuji has 5 axis IS in their compact caemra. Anyway Olympus has got well done!!.

  • Jason

    Other companies may want 5-axis, but their first mistake was putting stability in the lens and not the body. +1 Olympus.

    • Oliver

      Yep! They put the IS on their lenses because their systems were based on film.

      Olympus does great things!!

      • Mr. Reeee

        In-lens stabilization has been more efficient than in-body stabilization, because it’s tuned to the specific lens. I find OIS hit or miss and the cameras I’ve used with stabilization weren’t that impressive. None of it is a replacement for basic technique and skill… OR a tripod.

        Maybe Oly’s new IS system has changed the game?

        • Jason

          In-lens stability is stupid, it makes much more sense on the body – it works with all lenses, even legacy lenses. And, yes, Olympus bodies do recognize specific lenses, so now what…. The E-M5 is king of the Micro Four Thirds world!

          • There is nothing wrong with in lens stabilisers, they are very effective when working. I chose Oly some time ago because of IBIS, so I can use my legacy glass, but generally I have it turned off when using shorter lenses.

  • Cteve

    That guy was pais by Olympus.

    • Cteve


      • Fiatopichan

        Yeah, -$1400 for body and kit lens, -$400 for 45mm, -$300 for 40-150 mm, also -$500 for 20 mm pana. Not count for other legacy lens which don’t pay for Olympus or Panasonic.

        • Fan

          I thought so! Good reply to the FUD spammer.

          • cteve

            Next they are going to hire Michael J. Fox to advertise… and don’t get me wrong, I love Michael J. Fox.

  • I took some images in my mothers garden yesterday.

    Nothing special, just wanted to report how much fun it is to shoot with.

    Some key differences to the G3 (that is now for sale, I am getting a second E-M5):

    * The IBIS, it is simply great.
    * The dual wheel controls. Makes shooting very similar to the D700 (just sold it).
    * Auto ISO that works in manual mode. For me this is a key feature.
    * Jpegs direct from camera are really good.
    * Better configuration possibilities. More photography oriented, less gimmicky.
    * Easier to configure. No need to read the manual (unlike the G3 where I still do not know what half of the settings do).
    * Much better battery life. With IBIS this is quite fantastic.
    * EVF that works with glasses. I could not use glasses with the G3 nor with the D700 but with the E-M5 it just works. (I found this out by mistake since I forgot to remove the glasses while shooting and only noticed it after shooting for an hour).

    Annoyances I have found so far are all related to the handling:
    * The built-in grip is too small in my opinion. With the thumb rest at the back it is possible the get a decent grip but for prolonged shooting I think I will have to get the extended grip. (Note that it is still far superior to the grip on the G3).
    * The right hand strap connection is sometimes in the way. Not an issue when you hold it correctly but finding that position when picking up the camera is not entirely obvious.

    The E-M5 is a really serious camera in a small package that is also tremendous fun to shoot with.

  • Juan Caliente

    I have thought from the beginning the 5 axis was a game changer. Splash proof, decent IQ and sexy were just more cherries on the sundae. 5 axis is a pimp slap to the competition and a big divergence from Oly.

    All the competition has to do is make 4 axis therefore changing it by 20% and null the patents
    I can see quad stabilization being almost as good.

  • io

    The IS of the O-MD is very interesting for me as videographer, but without at least 24 or 25fps… :(

    • cteve

      Go for the Samsung NX20, it got EVF + 24fps and slow motion etc. A good alternative to M43 I think.

  • Simon rose

    I can only get IBIS to work on panasonic and Olympus lenses
    It does not work on nokton or canon with adaptor

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