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New Olympus deals: Up to $100 off on OMD and PEN. 45mm for $349. New 17mm for $449.


The Panasonic 20mm is certainly the most popular MFT lens. But today’s $50 price puts the Olympus 45mm f/1.8 lens on the same price level as the Panasonic pancake. You can grab it for $349 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto. But today there are massive new Olympus deals! Here is the list.

Olympus Lens Deals:
17mm f/1.8 lens gets a $50 discount at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
12-50mm zoom gets a $50 discount Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
12mm prime lens gets a $100 discount Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
40-150mm gets a $50 discount Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.

Olympus Camera Deals:
The up to $100 discount ont he E-M5 is back at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
Up to $75 savings on the E-PL5 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
Up to $75 savings on the E-PM2 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
Savings also on a huge amount of compact cameras at Amazon (Click here to see the list).

  • Here in the Netherlands the 45mm is cheaper then the 20mm. Its already available at 233 euros while the 20mm starts at 309 euros.

  • Rogue

    So right now the EPM2 with the kit lens is $25 less than the body only ($424 vs $449), and EPL5 w/kit is the same price as body only ($549). Nice.

  • Yun

    For me , the 45mm lens certainly a must have lens for mFT owners . This is the lens I used more than any other lenses before the arrival of the 75mm .
    The regular price is already reasonable , why are some people still waiting for ? Go & get it & start to exprience
    It .

    • fhg

      Maybe because for most people $349 is STILL a lot of money.

  • rrr_hhh

    Is it a rumors site or an advertisements site ? We are seeing more and more “good deals” and less and less rumors here.
    At least it makes for international prices comparisons ! Why is it that we don’t get these types of good deals here in the EU ? Why should we always pay more than the US consumers (this hold even after substraction of the VAT)

    • admin

      To read rumors only bookmark that page:
      I guess we are seeing many deals because new stuff has been announced or will be announced.

      P.S.: I am already working to definitely separate rumors and deals (by creating a deals website for Olympus-Panasonic).

      • fhg

        I appreciate you posting the deals- maybe the complainers are people who hate to see others getting a deal on gear they now regret having overpaid for! Thanks admin!

        • fhg

          The above comment by me is unfair. I apologize. I’ve seen a few people complain about the deals constantly being posted- I understand it’s a valid complaint from their perspective. But for me personally, I appreciate it when the deals are posted. Thanks.

        • admin

          I understand some of the complains. And if all works fine in 1 month from now I will start slowly to post deals on a second and well separated website. In time only the very top deals will be posted on 43rumors. That said, you can already watch the rumor posts only by clicking the “rumor” category.

          • Neonart

            I appreciate the deals posted right here Admin! I come to see whats up and several times I’ve found great deals, (which I try to buy using your links.)

            This very deal made me send back my 17 f1.8 and will re-buy it from the same vendor and I save $45! It’s weird to have to send it back and re-buy, but if it means $45 thats fine with me.

            Thanks again.

            BTW, love the 17 f1.8! Awesome lens!

          • PannyBoom

            I have no problems with deal posting here, ill never click on the other tabs if its there lol, so its great when i click an see it right there on the front page.

          • JenL

            admin, I really appreciate you posting the deals right here. Please don’t post them on another site- I’ll never see them!

      • Carlos C

        Hi, I found Oly 17f1.8 lens unbeatable price in Europe on a spanish site from a street store in La Coruna (Spain), I bought it from their web page they sent it to Portugal in 2 days transp. costs included: 445€. Other great deals: Oly 40-150 135€ or Oly 75-300 II – 499€

      • I see nothing wrong with posting deals here. Your biggest audience is here. You’re allowing more people to save money while earning a little money yourself to help keep the site up.

  • Anonymous

    Any rumors of black versions of the 17, 45, and 75mm?

    • Do

      If you compare an image of the 17mm from the front with the picture of the new pen you can see that silver parts became black so probably there will be a black version.

      • BdV

        If that is true it would be a pretty smart way of doing business. Just make it black and there you have it, brand new, come and get it.

    • HMR

      Widespread discount points to clearing out inventory for new (black) stock?

  • adaptor-or-die

    While price head’s up aren’t rumours, how in any way are they bad? For one thing they help admin pay for his efforts here without costing us a thing. You don’t have to read or click on any of the posts after all? And I think that if anyone is completely honest, they can also say that that some of these deals have saved them money directly. I know they have for me and for that I can thank the admin’s efforts! (My newest $199 G3 body was courtesy of this website’s promoting a sale and price reduction on the very same …) The $99 Sigma head’s up was another great deal I learned about here, first.

    The only pix of the new Olympus e-P5, here, and then of course reprinted elsewhere. How many new model releases are required in a week anyway?

    I live outside the US as well, but I look around and simply mail order. This website is a gold mine of the going rate of new and not so new hardware, cameras, lenses etc. Again, how is that a bad thing?!

  • George

    I think deals info is helpful, as long as they are real deals

  • Dan

    I think the deals are a very important part of this wedsite. granted sometimes its seems a bit excessive but most of the time the deals are legit “deals”. these deals and also be very good indicators of things to come as the companies are trying to clear out old stock. unlike most indrusties the camera biz does not have a yearly refresh cycle and they only need to clear out parts and a replacement is coming (or to gain market share)

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