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43rumors readers work roundup (Pascal, Joan, Matthews, Paul)



From Sri-Lanka to Vanuatu, Nepal to Easter Island, I have traveled the world for 2 years with my faithfull GH5. a drone, gopro and some mics. The quarantine offered me the time to edit this 3 minutes video. I hope you’ll like it !


Hello my name is joan , I’m a Spanish photographer since 2018, I’m an Olympus shooter since then, and this weeks I make my first video ever! I saw Fernando marmolejo do an awesome broll of a bike in his home, because of quarantine, and I decided to do wherever I could, and this is the result. I hope you like it.. you can share it if you want :)
Here’s is my Instagram if you want too


I think it would be interesting to share this video from markusPix. It compares several several lens combos and gets to the heart of why people choose M43. Anyway, here it is:


My second feature-length documentary feature film is finished. Tomorrow, it was set to have its world premiere at HotDocs 2020 in Toronto. In May it was invited to screen at the SF Indie Film Fest. Later in May, my film was also invited to participate at Cannes Film Festival’s Docs in Progress programme. Problem is, a pandemic came along and everything was postponed or cancelled. Now my film sits and waits for a fate TBD.
Inexcusable self pity aside, I wanted to share with you that I shot my film mostly on the GH5 (4k 10-bit 4:2:2), but also on the GH4 and even parts on the GH3 (yes, I’ve been shooting the film for a while — starting in 2012). Here’s a page I’m using for film fest entries and promotion — if you’re interested in seeing an advance screener of the film, please let me know:
Thanks to all!
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