17mm preorders, GH3 shipping info, 35-100mm in Stock.


For now the only shop accepting preorders on the new Olympus 17mm f/1.8 lens is BHphoto (Click here).

Another new lens is finally in Stock: The 35-100mm X lens is now in Stock at Amazon (Click here) and at Adorama (Click here).

And let’s hope this is a good sign and there may be no delay at all on the Panasonic GH3. Two readers just got notified with the following messages:

Message by BHphoto:
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Black) Estimated arrival at B&H is 7-14 business days (subject to availability). You will be charged upon placing your order.
Please click the URL below to view the item:

Message by Samys:
“GH3 delivered by December 3rd.” (Click here to see the GH3 at Samys).

  • For me the only real sex appeal of the 17/1.8 is that it likely will substantially lower the 20/1.7 price. But I can admit that many Olympus body owners are ready to pay the much higher bill.

    • I would be worried if the 17mm has more sex appeal then the model in front of the lens ;-)

  • Steve

    If the GH3 is shipping in 2 weeks, then review sites would have production copies by now. Yet all reviews are still based on 0.5 firmware and non-production bodies. I would be not be surprised if we don’t see any GH3’s shipped in the next 2 weeks.

  • Bobafett


    When do we get some more infos about oly’s zoom lens?

    Just in case you speak German: Lass bitte die Katze aus’em Sack =)

    • admin

      Ich glaub die 40-150mm f/2.8 lens kommt Anfang Jaenner :)

      • Solten wir alles auf Detusch schreiben?

        • admin

          Wäre mal ne Gute Idee um die Leute etwas zu verwirren :)

          • Bronica

            Jänner – I think you speak fluently austrian. With a Hans-Moser-Vienna-Accent?

          • Bobafett

            Hihihi :)

            • Bobafett

              Oops, that was meant for Admin of course ;)

          • Viel Glück mit der Verwirrungstaktik auf einem Forum mit multinationalen Mitgliedern! :-P

            • @To Bobafett under here ;-)

              If you talk about 40-150mm F2.8, you need maybe have a new large photobage too.
              I think size on this lens will be large so Olympus FT lens 12-60mm F2.8-4 and more, also same filter size 72mm or only :-P 67mm.

              • Bobafett

                That’s why I’d actually prefer a shorter zoom. And no, I don’t want a pana bright zoom, cause I got ibis :)

            • digifan

              Richtig auch fuer hollaender kein problem, nur das mobil schreibenis ein aerger mit dem handy tastatur. Kein umlaut verfuegbar auf meins.

      • Bobafett

        Danke Admin!
        Then I should cancel my preorder for the 60mm macro, or what do you think? Am I right to assume that the upcoming zoom lens is weathersealed?

      • Admin, thanks to Goggle translator I’m not accusing you of segregation.


        • Bronica

          Don’t be afraid! ;-)

      • Admin, i read on the e-p1.net site that they believe its a 2.8-4 rather then 2.8 but i guess they prob know less then you as their site updates always follow after yours.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Since you guys are in a German speaking mood, here’s what I found in another forum. It is not intended to be offensive to anybody but to be taken in a lighter vein. A joke if you will.

      Here’s what happened. Somebody asked a question in one of the forums if his Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 Summilux ASPH is a real Leica and then this is one of the replies he received albeit about how Samsung got Schneider Kreuznach in their kamph.

      Here goes:

      “…Here’s how Samsung gets Schneider Kreuznach to make lenses for ’em:

      SAMSUNG: “We’re making a play, like every other man and his giant-electronics-corporation dog, for the digital camera market. Unfortunately, we have zero credibility in the camera industry, and, well, that’s where you come in…”

      (In a Hans Moser accent)

      SCHNEIDER KREUZNACH: “NEIN! Ve are a respected European opticz company, with many years of fine tradition und expertise in the field…”

      Samsung drops, with a surprisingly loud thud, a briefcase on the conference table. It pops open, revealing row upon row of shiny Euro notes, neatly bundled in 10000-Euro lots

      SK: “…and as such vill not be villing to zell our name for use on some cheap, mass-produced cameras! Our lens are a ground by magic elves, und coated vith ze finest, purest dragon’s urine…”

      Samsung reaches into its pocket, and pulls out a handful of diamonds, water clear, each the size of a human testicle, and tumbles them onto the briefcase

      SK: “Our lenses are hand-assembled by virgins! The lens barrels are polished on zeir thighs!”

      Samsung whistles, and a team of sunglass-wearing security guards with earpieces screwed into their ears, wielding submachine guns, enter the room. They briefly check the corners, the faces of those at the conference table, then nod and mutter into their lapels. Seconds later, a powered trolley laden with gold bullion enters the room, and is placed at the head of the table.


      Samsung pulls a share certificate from his pocket. Laying it next to the briefcase, it reads: “COCA-COLA: 250,000 Shares”.

      SK: “I look forward to working vith you, Samsung. Here’s the TIFF file of our logo. Stick it vhere you vant. Guten tag!”

      Apologies to the Germans on the board…”

    • Du hättest “rausgelassen” schreiben müssen, Du Ferkel!

    • Hhom Togan

      I feel a song coming…

      Here goes:

      Vunderbar! Eins, zwei, drei…
      Guten Tag hop hop
      Guten Tag clop clop
      Ach du lieber
      Und oh boy!
      Guten Tag clap clap
      Guten Tag slap slap
      Ach du lieber
      Vat a joy!
      Oh, ve essen und fressen
      Und tanze und trinken
      Tanzen und trinken
      Until ve get stinkin!


  • Heat Legend

    Hmm.. I have had the GH3 pre-ordered with B&H since the day they started taking them but I have not yet received a message like that.

  • GH3 will be available in Japan on December 13. If Samy’s Camera delivers it on December 3rd, it means 10 days earlier than Japan!

    • MDavid

      Sounds optimistic. Strange that they would push the date back to December 15th only to release it at the earlier release date.

    • Anonymous

      Panasonic is trying to improve their reputation for delivering the GH cameras to the US several weeks if not a month later than everywhere else. You will see the GH3 come out in the US almost simultaneously with the rest of the world including Japan.

      If there is any delay in getting the camera in the US then there will be a delay worldwide this time.

      Remember firmware can be flashed right before the item actually ships. They already have stock piles of the bodies waiting for final firmware before they are shipped. The body was finalized a long time ago.

      • MDavid

        I would be very happy to learn that this is true :)

  • I have preordered my GH3 2 weeks ago. Now the Shop says in the Order-Information, that the GH3 will arrive on December 7th (Switzerland). But on the mainpage of the shop there is no date. It was the same with the GH2 2 Years ago. They said it will be available on Dec 2th, it was one Day later there!
    So i am sure, i can take my GH3 on Dec 8th (Saturday) or 10th!

  • JF

    pany 35-100 in stock, bank account not in stock, oly 40-150 maybe coming, not time to buy…

    • Bronica

      +1. Or the Oly 1,8 75mm. I like perfect lesens. I’m waiting!

      • Mymaco on instagram

        Go on with the 75mm: it’s amazing!!!

        • Bronica

          We pay here in Germany for that lens nearly 1.000 Euro – 1.270$! So I’m waiting little bit…

          • Mymaco on instagram

            I’m from Italy, and I bought it in my fav store for 800 € on day one. I think they trated me very well. Gosh, 1000 € seems a little too much! Anyway, the lens is great, really. At Venice movie awards, on september, it really gave me satisfactions: I was the only one on the red carpet shooting with an OMD lol. Everyone was looking at me as if I was an alien. THEN someone asked to see some shot I took (I’m not a pro btw) and started to say: unbelievable…impossible.. :)

            • Bronica

              +1. I went with the OM-D to an opera gala. The cam is so tiny, nobody recognized it. I did some funny shots – without flash… I used the 12mm and the 45mm.

              Yes -the 75 is my next lens. My last lens was the Nokton 25 for nightshots.

            • Bobafett

              David vs Goliath ;)

  • JP

    This produces good results from what I’ve seen so far, and the price is cheap. But if I can only have one lens in the 25 mm and below range, the 12 mm f/2.0 is it. I owned the Leica 25 mm and Panasonic 20 mm, but after a while I ended up preferring the 12 mm and selling the other two. I do not think anybody else makes a 12 mm f/2.0 – I shoot it at 2.5 or 2.8 a lot, but having the extra light down to 2.0 available, is awesome. I never need a flash.

    And when I do carry two lenses, I bring the 50 mm f/2.0 (with or without FL-36R flash depending on the shot). The combo is phenomenal.

    The only camera I use now, after owning four different Olys, is of course the OM-D – it is amazing.

    • QBNY

      Spoken like a true Olympus fanboy. “I sold all my Panny lenses. I love my OMD.”

      We heard it all before.

      Sad thing is, if you really owned a 25mm and sold it, I wish I knew. I’m about to purchase one. Don’t mind buying used if its in good shape.

      • JP

        Spoken like a true Panasonic fanboi. The 25 mm Pana/Leica is just not a good focal length for me. Optically it is very good, although not quite as good as the FourThirds version.

        As far as cameras, not a single Panasonic even comes close to the OMD.

  • Rinaldo

    Strangely I don’t have a pre-order and received that message from BH just by hitting notify when in stock. OTOH I have one on amazon since the very first day (sep 17 :) ) and they’re so quiet…

    Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.

  • Rinaldo

    admin, any idea if olympus will deliver the pre-ordered 17’s still in 2012?? I mean in US, or when it will hit the stores? What would you say? ;)

  • Hmm…With used 12mm f/2 dropping in price everyday, I wonder if the 12mm is a better bet for me over the 17mm

    • using a 14mm, there are some tight indoor situations where i wished for a 12mm.
      But the 14 is prob the best deal you can get regarding to price vs performance ratio.

      • If we talk about street photo, is maybe 12mm best inside, and 17mm best outside i think.

        • It really depends on you shooting style. I get pretty close to my subjects and I do want to capture a lot of environment. That’s why I prefer to shoot very wide where others may prefer a less wide wide-angle lens. If I don’t shoot wide, I go for a longer FL and subject seperation.

          Now, about those “indoor streets,” I can think of a few: roller coasters, skating rinks, and Fremont Street in Vegas. ;-)

          • @TheEye, there is maybe fisheye is better too. :-P

    • JP

      I got the 12 mm barely used on Amazon for $700, it is worth every penny.

      • Barely used, but dropped twice? Just kidding! :-P

        I think $400 would be a fair price for a new 12 f/2.0. For $500 and up it should be weathersealed. For $600 and up it should be weathersealed and optically better corrected.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Yeah, curious how people claim 4/3 lenses were so expensive when best prices for weather proofed higher optical quality 12-60mm zoom were nearly same price as lens hood equipped “limited edition” of 12mm costs.
          F2 isn’t even any super fast compared to what 35mm format has available for 24mm field of view.

        • JP

          Yes, for the price the 12 mm should be weather sealed. I actually tested mine during hurricane Sandy, shooting in heavy rain got camera wet and even though I kept wiping it with a towel, the rain got into the mount but luckily did not reach the sensor – although it almost did.

          Apart from the few times a year I would want to use it in the rain, the 12 mm is awesome is every other regard.

          If there is an equivalent f/2.0 lens that is this wide and this sharp, from any other system, somebody please let me know.

  • gf

    i hope there will be news about the panasonic 43mm f/1.2 soon! i am thinking of replacing the 20mm with the new 17mm, and the 45mm with 43mm. :)

  • LucioF

    OK i don’t know what happen i posted few minutes ago and now my post is gone..

    btw my post was about the fact that the focus scale on this lens seems to be wrong..


    Admin can you contact olympus and flag this before that they release a lens with a wrong scale focus??


    P.s. DON’T moderate this please if im not wrong this is serious issue.. a lot of ppl are going to buy this lens because of the scale focus


    • distance scale looks similar to that on 12mm, what is wrong with that on 17mm??


    • Focus scale wrong ????? Oky focus is not on infinity but is the wrong.

    • What’s wrong with the focusing scale?

      • LucioF

        as i said before.. if you put that focal lengh at f/8 and the closest distance to approx 1.3m, then you should reach the infinity on the other part… again check DOF MASTER or other calculator… or the CV 17.5…
        in this lens the focus size (if you read the scale focus) is from ~1.3m to ~1.7m that means that at f/8 you have ~40cm of thing in focus.. doesn’t sound wrong to you??


        • LucioF

          doing more math seems that this focus scale belong to a FF 35mm lens :O

          • What are you doing wrong? In the picture you linked, the focus is set to infinity. At f/5.6, DOF extends to a bit farther than 3m. This matches the DOF calculator result of the closest acceptable sharpness at 3.22 m.

  • Matthias

    lol, 1500 $ for a mid-class lens that needs a lot of software correction? Would never buy it, all pics I’ve seen made with this lens are not really impressive. Is Panasonic thinking that the people are so stupid to pay such a price? Maybe it is worth 800, 900, but not more.

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