(UPDATED with X pancake and EM5 deal) Super GX1 Gold Box deal….


The GX1 now sells for $395 only at Amazon Gold Box deal (Click here). The direct link ot the GX1 body is here. What a deal! It almost makes me think a GX2 is really coming soon…joke!

UPDATE: The 14-42mm X pancake zoom sell for less than $300 at Amazon (Click here). ANd one Black E-M5 with kit lens is available for the normal price on shoplink 32100 ebay]eBay US (Click here)[/shoplink].

P.S.: GX1 with 14-42mm kit lens sells now for less than $500 at Amazon (Click here) and that’s exactly $38 cheaper than the body only version! Today also the price of the GH2 with kit lens (Click here) is matching the price of the body only version (Click here). Sometimes marketing is a real mystery!


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