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(UPDATED with X pancake and EM5 deal) Super GX1 Gold Box deal….


The GX1 now sells for $395 only at Amazon Gold Box deal (Click here). The direct link ot the GX1 body is here. What a deal! It almost makes me think a GX2 is really coming soon…joke!

UPDATE: The 14-42mm X pancake zoom sell for less than $300 at Amazon (Click here). ANd one Black E-M5 with kit lens is available for the normal price on shoplink 32100 ebay]eBay US (Click here)[/shoplink].

P.S.: GX1 with 14-42mm kit lens sells now for less than $500 at Amazon (Click here) and that’s exactly $38 cheaper than the body only version! Today also the price of the GH2 with kit lens (Click here) is matching the price of the body only version (Click here). Sometimes marketing is a real mystery!

  • Bob B.

    GREAT DEAL!!!!!

  • FMJ

    X2, anyway to buy this to Canada? or get B&H to price match?

  • Bob B.

    B&H just posted that the OLYMPUS 75mm f/1.8 will be available on July 20th.

  • JAMG

    Still have my GF1 and would love to get one of these but not sure how much better this GX1 really is. Anyone have both ? How much better is the GX1?

    • It has about 2 stops better ISO, a nicer JPEG color profile and a good deal faster AF. Also supports a much better VF. For the prices above, it’s great, but you should wait for next week to see if there will be a newer camera and if so, how much better it could be.

      • JAMG

        Good point.
        The reason I didn’t pull the trigger on this deal was because I had just bought the GF3 with the 14mm lens deal for $329 a few days before.
        I was gonna sell the GF3 but after playing with it, it’s actually not that bad. I’m more than happy with the performance of it and was surprised with the small size. I think it’s about 20-25% smaller than my GF1.
        Gonna wait for Panasonic and Canon to announce their product offering before buying anything else.

  • A friend just ordered this Gold deal! with the 20mm :)

  • mooboy

    Tempting…. But think will resist and see what the new smaller pen from Olympus will be like. Still, very tempting.

  • Casadilla

    I want to like this camera so much. The build is very nice, but it’s just missing one too many important features IMO:

    * tilt LCD
    * EVF (extra $200, but integrated on the G3 for free)
    * IBIS

    When I look at this camera, it’s very similar to an Olympus EP2, but with an upgraded sensor, touch LCD and faster fps shooting. Though, the Panasonics still aren’t quite as good at image processing (e.g. JPG engine, WB metering).

    I’m not sure it’s worth ~$200 over the EP2 for these features.

    • Bob B.

      It’s more than worth it for:
      The build quality.
      The fast, accurate focusing .
      The great menus, superior touchscreen,and quality LABELED buttons
      Flexibility and ability to customize specifically to your needs

      You can pick up the lvf2 for $150….
      ….and again…this ads flexibilty..go with or w/o VF.
      Also not having the articulating screen keeps the camera small,light and simple.
      Think fun sports car …that is what the GX1 is all about.
      If you need all of the other stuff (except) IBIS get the G3..,

  • AG

    Must resist… I still prefer the G3 with nice EVF, waiting for G5.

  • Stevey

    …also waiting… for the 35-100.

  • sam

    resources limited….waiting for GH3 and the next best cheap full frame (D600 or canon/sony equivalent)

  • RHDan

    Thanks so much. As a GF1 user I have been eyeing the GX1 for a while and this price drop is enough to push this over the top. While I do like the Olympus OM-D (rented one from it is not worth the extra $$$ over the GX1.

    • K

      Maybe not a 400 dollar gx1 but the retail price a few weeks ago it certainly was

      • ryan

        It hasnt been retail price for quite a while

  • Silva

    Those price drops sort of concern me. They’re likely because those Panasonic cameras are not selling well. Perhaps they lack the proper marketing in the US. I’m a GX1 owner but I see most people around me going for Sony NEX. I think the JPEG engine of the GX1 is part to blame. It’s really bad. I have to shoot RAW on it.

  • highgrovemanor

    +1 VERY tempted current GF1 / G1 user…but I may wait for G3 blow-out with pending G5 announcement. Tilting LCD would probably seal it, but no sale at the moment, which of course is subject to change. :)

  • david blanchard

    yeah i had the gx1 for about a day, horrific jpeg engine!!! made my old nex look like a m9. I should of tried it maybe in raw, but i must have a camera capable of good jpegs. Im going to try out the olympus epl2 with a great prime and see how it goes.

  • david blanchard

    The gx1 made my wife look like a red avatar!! nice going panasonic work on your freaking jpeg engine please!!!

    • MikeH

      Perhaps you need to learn how to use a camera first. The GX1 has a good JPG processing engine.

      • ryan

        I agree. The GX1’s jpeg’s are very much so improved over lets say the GF1,2,3. I dont think any of these people have actually used it and are just going by how the jpegs used to be….

  • I will go for this deal I found on EBay for the GX1 with 14-42mm PZ for about $650 though if Amazon gets it at that price point, I’ll go for it. My G1 needs to be upgraded.

    • Bob B.

      If you shoot in Raw its a great camera. I don’t know about the jpeg engine on any of my cameras….NEVER shot one. Waste of my time and energy. Why capture in 8-track when you could have a blu-ray file for the same effort….I have never understood that????? Can someone explain that to me. If you want jpegs..get a point and shoot or use your phone. :-)

      • It can be convenient but I prefer RAW myself. It’s nice to have the option.

      • southbymidwest

        Funny, I prefer to shoot pictures and not sit in front of a computer. I use my Oly jpegs for probably 80%+ of my shots, only having to futz with RAW for a handful for shots. My time is worth the small premium in body cost…

        • I think that’s one of the advantages of Oly cameras. Oly cameras have one of the best JPG engines. The only times I use raw on my Oly camera is when I am having trouble with the white balance or I am using high ISO.

        • I dunno, I’ve never spent more than an hour processing pictures in Lightroom. Generally, I adjust simple paramteres on my pics since they go on Facebook more often than not, so they’ll be flattened anyway.

  • Doug

    I remember this website as being 4/3 rumors before it changed to 4/3 Amazon. Why is this place always posting something on Amazon that I can see for myself? Why does this site mostly post rumors that are rated as being FT4 or FT5? At that point they are practically fact and not rumor. Just asking.

    • Jason

      To answer your questions in order:

      First of all, it’s great that you can check Amazon yourself for these things. However, other readers, such as myself, aren’t always on Amazon, so we wouldn’t even know about these great deals unless the Admin drew attention to them.

      Second, it’s mostly FT4 and FT5 rumors being posted because the Admin checks his sources to make sure that the rumor has a high likelihood of being true. If he kept posting rumors of FT3 and below, then all we would get are a bunch of crazy theories on “Canon joining M4/3 with Full Frame Sensor?!?!?!?!” When I look at rumors, I prefer to do so in the hope that they can actually come true.

      As for your opinion that rumors with a high chance of being true “are practically fact and not rumor” – the reward we’re getting is being able to find out this stuff before it’s announced, allowing us to make decisions based on that (for example, to buy this camera now, or wait for the rumored camera coming out in a month). If you don’t see the benefit of that, you probably don’t want to be at a rumor site.

  • Very tempting. I think I’ll wait for the new PEN cameras. I was thinking of getting a G3 or this but I am not sure if these cameras perform well with my four thirds zuiko lenses. I don’t mind the IBIS since all of my lenses are on the wider side. Has anyone here ever used the GX1 or G3 with the 14-54mk1, zuiko 9-18, zuiko 25mm and sigma 30mm? I’d love to hear any of your feedback.

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