Something MFT? Sigma big announcement coming…


Sigma Poland started a teaser for a big Sigma event. The text says: “Overthrow the system with Sigma. Liberation is coming…” I think this could become interesting for the Micro Four Thirds system too. There are some speculation running on the web:

1) Sigma could launch a new system camera with new mount
2) Sigma could launch a system camera and join the Micro Four Thirds system
3) Sigma could launch a sort of universal system adapter where all Sigma lenses can be used on all mirrorless systems (including MFT).

I think “option 3″ could be the right answer. But I am secretely hoping “option 2” is the right answer! Imagina  Sigma DP MFT camera (they are yet available as fixed lens camera only) having a new generation Foveon sensor! I know I know ….I am dreaming :)


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