Plenty of new Olympus E-P3 reviews.


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There are many new Olympus E-P3 reviews:

Let’s start with ePhotozine (Click here): “The Olympus PEN E-P3 is a welcome upgrade to the E-P2, with extremely fast focusing, which was one of the big problems with the PEN series, especially if you’d used another faster Micro Four Thirds camera, but now Olympus are back in the game. The addition of a built in flash, AF illuminator and several new art filters and effects that can be applied to the art filters, is a very welcome addition“. The camera gets “Highly Recommended!

The next test has been made by Photographyblog (Click here): “While with the exception of it missing a built-in flash we were perfectly happy with the E-P2 until the E-P3 came along, this new model is enough of a change, and indeed a larger one than that separating the E-P1 and E-P2, to suggest Olympus has played its hand well. ” Also for them the E-P3 deserves a “Highly Recommended!

The german website Photoscala (Click here to read the translation) wrote: “The e-P3 delivers crisp immediately, directly zoomable photos. Resolution, sharpness and tonal reproduction follow the ‘visual complacency’- so the photos will look as good as possible from a standing – and align themselves to the amateur. Nevertheless, most values ​​for noise, compression, resolution, vignetting and distortion are pretty good and well suited for most purposes.

The french Focus Numerique (Click here for the translation) finalized their very detailed and interetsing review: “The new Pen E-P3 is definitely the best Micro 4 / 3 Olympus and deserves recommended.

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