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Plenty of new Olympus E-P3 reviews.


A nice image posted by

There are many new Olympus E-P3 reviews:

Let’s start with ePhotozine (Click here): “The Olympus PEN E-P3 is a welcome upgrade to the E-P2, with extremely fast focusing, which was one of the big problems with the PEN series, especially if you’d used another faster Micro Four Thirds camera, but now Olympus are back in the game. The addition of a built in flash, AF illuminator and several new art filters and effects that can be applied to the art filters, is a very welcome addition“. The camera gets “Highly Recommended!

The next test has been made by Photographyblog (Click here): “While with the exception of it missing a built-in flash we were perfectly happy with the E-P2 until the E-P3 came along, this new model is enough of a change, and indeed a larger one than that separating the E-P1 and E-P2, to suggest Olympus has played its hand well. ” Also for them the E-P3 deserves a “Highly Recommended!

The german website Photoscala (Click here to read the translation) wrote: “The e-P3 delivers crisp immediately, directly zoomable photos. Resolution, sharpness and tonal reproduction follow the ‘visual complacency’- so the photos will look as good as possible from a standing – and align themselves to the amateur. Nevertheless, most values ​​for noise, compression, resolution, vignetting and distortion are pretty good and well suited for most purposes.

The french Focus Numerique (Click here for the translation) finalized their very detailed and interetsing review: “The new Pen E-P3 is definitely the best Micro 4 / 3 Olympus and deserves recommended.

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  • Uwe L

    about the fast AF…..

    these guys photographing TESTCHARTS… mhm… great but thats nothing i do very often. im a sports photographer.

    contrast AF is maybe good for still motivs and studio work.
    but i have tested the E-PL3 and it has NO CHANCE in sports photography compared to a 7D or similiar camera with phase AF.

    countinous autofocus still sucks with contrast AF.

    and that´s something nobody tells the customers……

    • Bob B.

      It is funny..that I have not seen ANY of the reviews mention this slowness for multiple images, even with the touted EP3.. Which brings a valid outlook. I have a 5D Mark II and a GF1. (I am not a sports shooter)… I love the MFT platform…which has it place ….it is a GREAT secondary camera for me… but the lenses, the dynamic range etc…will not, at this point replace my full frame digital SLR. Bokeh…Smokeh…nothing in MFT world is coming close to my full frame with the 85mm, f1.2 attached, nor is the sensor going to give me the clarity of the file, or the dynamic range of the 5DMII….
      …but for size, price, portability, and now choice of lenses (considering the young life of MFT)…it is a great little system that has a lot of assets! When I don’t have the need or desire to carry the bulk of my DSLR and lenses around…my GF1 is a versatile too and capable of great imagesl! No doubt.

    • MK

      has the e-pl3 been released yet? also i’d like to inform you that the 7D or similiar camera with phase AF has no chance at photographing interstellar nebula compared to the Hubble telescope; if you cared to know.

      • mclarenf3

        I laughed!

    • PS

      How often do Full Frame manifactures compare their camera IQ with larger format cameras like Leaf of Hasselblad!

      Please compare similar cameras or similar prices

  • I like the approach PhotoScala has been utilizing for evaluating image quality. It concentrates on visual cues rather than on physical measurements, and thus comes to more useful conclusions. According to its impressions not everything is bright about the E-P3: micro-detail is overly sharpened and diagonals exhibit some jagging. OOC jpegs are “printer-ready”, but not suitable for further processing. The E-5 does better in handling detail (and probably noise, too).

  • I did enjoy the French review, because it was not wordy and very balanced. Sometimes English speaking reviewers should follow the example of their foreign counterparts instead of trying to rewrite the Bible.

    As they say it a very enjoyable camera, only limit the price. Does anybody know when it might begin to decrease – 6 months, a year?

    By then I suppose we’ll see a m4/3 competitor to the NEX7. As expected the latter is far too big. It will be interesting to see what engineering solutions O&P devise. Built in EVF and rangefinder style, are really what every reviewer seem to wait for, but if they are too big, the PL3 with its smallness will become the spearhead.

    Or perhaps Panny with the GF3 was already making room for a bigger camera?

    Those people might well have the fantasy of selling us 2 cameras each, but I have hardly the money for one :)

    • dac38

      Let Panny get beyond (Reference/Benchmark – focus numerique) Nex 3/5 first in terms of S/N, DR, IQ, High ISO, Low ligh autofocus speed etc. (EP5 maybe ??)
      Then let Panny try to better Nex C3. They would need a EP 7 for that.

      Ok where were we ? Nex 7 now… Well lets say Aug 24th will never happen for poor panny – shall we ?

      “By then I suppose we’ll see a m4/3 competitor to the NEX7”
      “As expected the latter is far too big. It will be interesting to see what engineering solutions O&P devise. Built in EVF and rangefinder style, are really what every reviewer seem to wait for, but if they are too big, the PL3 with its smallness will become the spearhead.”

  • Jan Francois

    Wow, thanks to the sports photogs that have shared valuable wisdom here. I was thinking about the E-P3, but now I wonder, how would this choice effect my ability to track my 6 year old nephew? I am now considering the 7D instead.

    • Jan Francois

      Edit: No, wait..The 7D has good tracking, but a 5DMkII has the full frame thats better, right? What would be the safest choice, the 7D, the 5DMkII, the D3x, or the new A77? I just want to make sure I have all the features so I know I will have all the options for…sports….

      • Your love and tenderness bring tears to my eyes.

        • In comparison to 213123121 Pablo is quite educated…

          • admin

            I removed the offensive comment. Some people really never got the basic education :(

          • Bob B.

            Pablum….did someone mention Pablum.

        • Ja moi, des schaut doch guat aus! acahaya I would say you captured quite well what was happening on the Eisbach…

          When shooting your nephew, could you try some shots with the 40-150 when he is running about? And also how usable it is indoors?

      • Bob B.

        go with the 7D…faster frame rate, best focusing.

  • Uwe L

    wow… all your m43 fanboyism doesn´t help a thing.
    what i wrote is true and the media is feeding crap to you fanboys.

    crap your are way to eager to swallow without using your brains.

    the AF is fast when photographing testcharts… ok.
    maybe that is all you guys do…..

    but the pens AF FAILS miserably when you have to track fast moving objects.


    • We know already that C-AF is not the best on the PENs; admin told us even before the official press release!

      I don’t believe any serious sports photographer would turn up with the E-PL3 and the adapted 90-250 to get the money shot. The beauty of the system lies in its portability and unobstrusive design when shooting candid or non-professional subjects. Or to go on holiday and not run around like a fully equipped Gurka and still cater for most ocasions. Every system has it pros and cons and sports photography is not Olympus strength; but I understand they are working on it.

    • flash

      It was true that you tested out a PL-3 camera (that hasn’t even been released or was just last week) and say you checked it out. Come on silly is silly.

      If you were a professional doing sports photography you would realize that the lens is it; and needs to be the right length and fast. They may even cost several times the camera. I do not even think mu43s has such a lens YET; so how could you check it out, with a 43rds lens?. If so it is not fair. Funny most photographer can take good “action shots” in a sporting menu with even a manual focus if one understands basic technic and not even an optimal lens.

      Now if your DSLR could take good shoots consistent using auto focus of fast flying birds that would be something; maybe next year or decade. Wait they probably would have to drop the mirror as it is slows the response to much, but not to worry as the EVIL will have better resolution so much so one will not be able to see the pixels.

    • Nick Clark

      My Fanboyism is telling me that in the last 5 years I’ve turned focus to AF-C precisely four times and as such really don’t care how well it tracks :)

      Horses for courses. For you a 7D might be ideal. For me, fast (and accurate) AF-S is ideal.

  • acahaya

    Regarding the comment on sports and the E-PL3:

    I did not buy my EP-3 for sports, because i still prefer having 5FPS++ and decent tracking AF but i gave it a try yesterday with some river surfers at the Munich Eisbach and was surprised by the number of pics where the focus is perfectly OK with C-AF. Even S-AF worked when the surfers were posing, i.e. not moving too fast.
    Although i still prefer to shoot sports with an E-5 or D700, sports and action are possible with the E-P3, kit lens and display only … at least outdoors.

    I will add a set of the pics on my flickr account tomorrow

    • Isn’t that quite a static scene? The surfers mainly move right and left but not so much for- and backward.
      Anyhow it’s great to hear that the E-P3 delivers much better than some people try to make us think. As you have the camera, can you give some input on outdoor schooting of kids?

      • acahaya

        No, from where i was sitting, the movement was diagonal forward and backward and definitely not static ;-). Some of those guys are fast!

        I didn’t try kids so far, will do that when my 3 year old nephew is in photomood. I had no problems with the E-Pl1 so far but used the 20/1.7 or adapted FT lenses.

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