Panasonic: “very high-end model” mirrorless camera coming this year! (…GH3)


In an interview with Amateur Photographer Ichiro Kitao (director of Panasonic’s digital stills camera business) said “I want Panasonic to be known for very high-quality cameras, and we are currently restructuring the range of products that we offer to include a very high end model“. Easy to guess that he is talking about the GH3. He confirms that they will NOT change the sensor size as m43 offers enough space for good resolution and is only less than one stop behing the APS-C competition (…so he says).

Back in late 2011 we reported how Panasonic had no plans to enter the “professional market” with a larger sensor system: “to use a larger sensor means we’d have to compromise on the size of our lenses, and thus the size of our system. MFT cameras need to be smaller“. Editor’s note: Make no mistake, you are not more or less professional by using smaller or larger sensors :)

He said that “some” of the APS-C competition (I guess he means Sony) do offer very small bodies that have optical problems in the corners of the images. Panasonic is now focusing on improving the optical quality. the best prime lenses will continue to be branded with the Leica name and the best zooms will be branded with the new “X” mark. Panasonic will not extend the range of m43 cameras but “We will define more clearly what GH and GX means this year, so consumers have a better idea of what their characteristics are“. Panasonic also believes contrast AF and not phase autofocus is the future.

That’s it….some thoughts?



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