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What to expect in 2012 based on Olympus/Panasonic statements.


There have been quite many news i these days and it’s time to highlight the most important aspects of all those Panasonic and Olympus statements. They clearly gave us some “signal” about what to expect in 2012:

1) The PRO market
Olympus: Olympus said that the Olympus E-M5 is NOT a professional camera while the Olympus E-5 is a professional camera. Don’t let’s discuss about when a camera can be defined as professional or not. What matters from a “rumor” point of view is that Olympus many times stated that they want to launch a professional Micro Four Thirds camera. And if they say the E.M5 is not THAT camera than we might can expect a launch of an even more advanced m43 camera by Photokina 2012.
Panasonic: Panasonic used big words and said a very high end model camera is going to be launched soon. Easy to guess that this will be the GH3. I don’t expect any revolution but rather a well thought evolution of the Panasonic GH2. The GH3 will certainly be weather sealed and probably sue a new global shutter sensor. In the past Panasonic said they want to focus on the electronic viewfinder development and here is on of the areas where we should see a major improvement.

2) The sensors future
Olympus: Olympus marketing is copying Nikon’s strategy. Also Nikon continually states that their new 36 megapixel sensor used for the Nikon D800 (Click here) is made by them although we can be 99% certain it has been factored and also largely developed by Sony. So I am pretty sure the E-M5 uses the same Panasonic GX1 sensor with some Olympus engineered “tweaks”. While I heard that Samsung and Sony offered to make m43 sensors I don’t expect anything really revolutionary coming within 2012.
Panasonic: Panasonic has been very honest in their latest interview. They want to deliver better image quality through offering new high quality lenses rather than promising new miracles on sensor technology.

3) The lenses
Olympus: Olympus said they want to focus on new prime and new affordable lenses.
Panasonic: Panasonic wants to deliver more high quality lenses.

4) More TidBits
Both companies are committed to the Micro Four Thirds standard and have no plan to offer a new system based on larger sensors. And Both companies will keep developing and improving the contrast autofocus technology which they say is more reliable and faster than phase detection.

That’s it! Let me know if you think there is something more I didn’t mention here!

  • napalm

    I expect a E-M5 vs GH3 battle to push m4/3 format into a more ‘mature’ system.

  • andrew

    I would like Olympus to produce all lenses like the 12mm f2 that are NOT plastic, and are black or silver, a m43 mount of the great 12-60 zoom and at least 1 long telephoto around 120-150mm again NOT plastic but black m43 and metal all weatherproofed.

    • dzv

      I don’t see the obsession with metal lenses, or bodies, for that matter. I love the plastic lenses I have, and I certainly don’t feel like they suffer at all for their lack of metal. Plastic is not only lighter, but also actually more robust in some ways. My sister recently dropped my Oly 45mm f1.8 from a little over a meter high onto a concrete walkway. To my (happy) surprise, the lens came out of it perfectly fine, aside from a couple of scratches (one pretty deep). So aesthetically, it’s no longer perfect, but it still functions perfectly. If it had been a metal lens, I don’t think it would have faired as well. I’d probably have at least a dented filter ring, if not something worse. The extra weight of a metal lens would have also contributed to a harder impact, and the rigidity of the metal construction may have cause some of the actual glass to break.

      • pdc

        I mostly agree. The obsession with metal camera bodies really bugs me. I have owned and damaged beautiful metal bodied Voigtlander and Nikon cameras in the past. If you bash in the metal, it is difficult and expensive to repair. The modern Panasonic G and GH body construction is much more durable. Strong metal internal frameplates with plastic outer shells. The plastic does not deform on impact, and can be easily replaced at low cost.
        Modern automobiles are increasingly built the same way.
        On lenses I have a different take.
        If the lens movement is all internal then a plastic body seems to be fine. If the lenses extend, then a metal bodied one will be much more precise, and this allows them to be weather proofed. I find the plastic ones are a bit sloppy. However, the metal ones are heavier. So for travelling I take the lighter plastic ones, but for everyday work and home use I prefer the metal ones.

        • Mr. Reeee

          The metal vs. plastic thing is in many ways aesthetic, in other ways about functionality.

          I’ve had both metal and plastic bodied cameras and at this point, and pretty much agree on your points. Today’s cameras at no longer lifetime purchases, but are 2 – 5 year electronic devices meant to be sold off before their value hits zero. ;-)

          As far as lenses are concerned, if you rely upon auto-focus, plastic lenses are fine. If you use manual focus, well made metal lenses simply work better, since they are mechanical and not (mainly) electronic. For critical focus, there’s nothing quite like the feel of a good, solidly made lens! I prefer manual focus lenses for this reason (among many).

          • dzv

            I agree with you both regarding manual lenses; they do feel better and more precise in metal. But when talking about new lenses from PanOly, I have to assume they will mostly be AF and focus-by-wire (and internal focus and zoom seems to be a trend, too). I’m not saying I prefer focus-by-wire, but if that’s what they are, then I think plastic is perfectly suitable. Metal could be reserved for the more niche lenses, I guess.

  • Ernest.orf

    Mmm what ’bout , liquid lenses, as all we know , water as more difraction of light than glass , also the SIZE would be really small, and olympus as the tiniest endoscopi en the world( looks like a pill) , so maybe this kind of tech, would become true ^^

    • Anonymous

      Water has a refractive index of 1.3 where typical glass has a refractive index of 1.5. Higher means more refractive. If lenses are made of “water elements”, their sizes will be much larger rather than smaller. You should really get your facts rights before saying something like that.

      • Anon

        Since this is brought up, would it be possible to create lenses which have higher refractive index than glass such that there can be m43 zoom lenses without the size constraint of current lenses? (I’m not familiar with optics physics but I’d figure that higher refractive index == smaller zooms, not sure if aperture is affected similarly by refractive index)

        I keep wondering why this wasn’t something that PanOly is pursuing.

      • Anonymous

        it is 1.33 to be more precise, if it is water with minimal dissolved solids.

  • onlyme

    QUOTE: “Olympus said they want to focus on new prime and new affordable lenses.”

    I like the “affordable lenses” statement :)
    Admin, is there any news for new “affordable” bodies from either Olympus (E-PM1 replacement) or Panasonic (GF-3 replacement) please?

    • admin


    • SZRimaging

      The E-PM1 hasn’t been out that long yet. My guess is summer to hear anything.

  • Starred

    It’s nice that there will be a pro version by the end of the year, but on the other hand, we cannot keep buying bodies. If I would buy a Nikon D800 now, then at least I know it will be the best body in its own class and fitting a specific shooter profile for the next 3-4 years. If I buy an EM5 now, there will be an EM6 by the end of the year, a EM7 next year and and EM8 the following year, and each model will be aimed at the same shooter profile…

    • Atle

      If you can’t buy new bodies all the time, don’t do it? How is it better with no new bodies for a long time? ou can keep your current body with the current technology as long as you liek in either case. The only exeption is if you are more interested in “having the best” rather than the actual quality of the body.

      • @ Starred, I have to agree with Atle. If you can’t handle the continual incremental upgrades, buy into a mature system like the D800. Or ignore the in between cameras and buy an upgrade when the performance/ feature improvements make it hard to ignore.
        I feel my E-PL1 is now ready to replace with the E-M5, but earlier models weren’t worth it (to me). YMMV
        To me, the incremental upgrades are a sign of rapid progress in m43 and mirrorless, nothing more. Panny & Olly don’t see the point of doing subsequent production runs of an identical body when they can upgrade instead. Doesn’t make the prior model redundant, they all still take photos don’t they?

    • Vlad

      Well, those EM5, EM6 and EM7 that you are going to buy during the next 3 years will cost you the same as the Nikon D800.

      • Mr. Reeee

        All 3 together will cost the same as D800.
        All 3 together will still weigh less than a D800.

        There’s little point “upgrading” cameras every generation, especially if the manufacturers insist upon yearly updates. A 2-year cycle makes much more sense with more advanced and sophisticated cameras. There can be more meaningful improvements over minor bullet-point features.

        Ooh, the new model focuses 3/100ths of a second faster and has new Crayon and Daguerrotype “art” filters!!! MUST HAVE! Yeah, right!

        • Did my upgrade from G1 to GH2. E-M5 would have been an option for sure, but I extremely agree with you: upgrading on each and every releases is a questionable behavior which I am not sure has to do with photography.

    • Anonymous

      I’m still enjoying my GF1

    • Leu

      The EM-5 is so far pretty underwhelming, so buy a GH instead. It will last at least 2 years, and 2 years is enough time to use a body before replacing it if you use it a lot.

  • The future of the PEN series intrigues me. Which of the lines will be killed: E-PM? E-PL? Could even be E-P.
    The OM-D changes everything and if an even higher end camera is to appear (supporting PDAF) it doesn’t bode well for the E-P series.

    • > Which of the lines will be killed:

      I do not see them as redundant, honestly.

      They all fit different price bracket. E-PM is cheap and slim. E-PL is still cheap but with more external controls and thus thicker body. E-P is as small as it gets – while preserving most of the traditional external controls. E-M is E-P thickened by addition of VF and weather sealing.

      About the higher-end option, I’m frankly bit puzzled too. And I agree, the PDAF is pretty much only big thing missing.

      On one side. They can’t have a high-end camera without high-end lenses and the high-end lenses available are the 43 HG and SHG ones only. And they are PDAF. So CDAF/PDAF hybrid camera is possible.

      But on the other side, since Oly mentioned new 43 lens(es), it might be really rehash of the old HG/SHG lens(es), but now with CDAF support. But to move that much glass one need much larger batteries and thus much larger body. And to wield the camera comfortably, with the glass mounted, again, it has to be much larger. AND they can sell literally the same lenses to the same people *twice*.

      Since the first option is too good to be true (and rejected indirectly by their comment about commitment to CDAF), I think this is the second option: larger m43 body + updated for CDAF compatibility HG/SHG glass.

    • @Sneye. Personally, I hope the PEN series becomes two bodies only:
      -PEN E-PM#; small, basic, minimal buttons, touchscreen menus, with a scroll wheel. Really small, like the GF3.
      -PEN E-mFT; replaces the P# & PL#, and adds an EVF a-la-PEN FT half frame SLR camera. EVF in the corner, like the PEN FT.

      If Olly were to do that, I would probably end up with both of those bodies plus the OM-D over the course of a couple of years. The PM would be for my wife, and for taking to dinners and parties with a pancake lens. mFT for travel, would balance really well with the primes. The OM-D would be for outdoor use with weatherproofing and the grips for larger lenses.

      Sounds excessive, but I already travel with three cameras when with family. I would love for them all to be m43 sharing lenses and batteries. I have 4 levels of Apple devices in the household: iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, and iMac. I don’t find this excessive, they all get used by various family members every day. This is the sort of integration and differentiation that Olympus should be aiming for. Any one of the m43 cameras is “good enough” in terms of IQ, but aiming at individual buyers owning multiple bodies simultaneously would really be a game-changer for Olympus.

  • My wishful thinking :-)
    Statements from PanOly (and thoughts from admin)indicates even better cameras coming. My reflection is that a new sensor generation is under development. The OMD series with have a higher (than EM5) offering. Pana will, in some way, have higher end alternatives – with and without strong video capabilities.
    Of course PanOly will always claim what they have now is “the best you can get”. At the same time they are as aware as we that sensor development for APS-C and FF has a pace that m43 currently cannot match.
    m43 has many advantages over larger sensor mirrorless, smaller sensor really being the only downside. If they manage to keep up with the development pace, to me, a slightly less IQ is acceptable. DR can be a step more narrow, ISO 12600 can be grainy.

  • bilgy_no1

    I don’t remember that Olympus has ever stated that they want to release a professional grade m4/3 camera. For professional use they always pointed at the E-3/5 series, and they did that again in the Spanish interview. It seems more likely that they will update the E-5 with the advances in IQ from the E-M5 (could be an E-5 mkII). Maybe in one of the next generations there will be a m4/3 pro-grade camera, but not yet: No lenses, no fast AF-solution. But perhaps more importantly: that market does not seem too likely to choose a m4/3 solution as their sole system.

    I guess you missed some of the obvious expectations for both Panasonic and Olympus: body updates at the lower end. GF3 and the PENs need to be updated with the latest sensor to remain competitive in the consumer end of the market. Possibly around the summer releases (June).

    • nobody

      IMO, the naming scheme is also an indication against an up-coming pro Oly m43 camera. The E-M5 designation links to the OM camera series, pretendinging the M5 to be continuing where the OM4 stopped. And Oly never made a camera class above the OM cameras. So I doubt they will make one now. Most definitely not in the nearer future!

    • I am not interested in what happens in the lower end.

      • bilgy_no1

        Thanks for sharing that usefull bit of information. We will now proceed to adapt all internet content to your specific wishes.

        • darch

          Awesome reply. hahaha.

  • Biohzrd8

    I’m fine with the sensor quality in the m43 range but if Panasonic claims they want to release a professional camera(GH3?) in 2012, I think many professional photographers are not going to be satisfied if m43 sensors can’t deliver a better quality that puts them on closer parity with other formats.

    • Leu

      They don’t have to buy into m43s. If Pany releases a global shutter GH3, with global shutter in video mode, it would be more than anyone could ask for, but I betchya they’ll still ask for more.

  • anony

    I like the Pen body more than the OM body.
    and D800 over EM5

    • achiinto2

      I have the exact opposite statement as yours.

  • Miroslav

    Olympus should first launch a body between E-PL3 and E-M5, something to rival G3, NX11 and entry level DSLRs, a 500 EUR / 600 USD camera with EVF and decent grip.

    Panasonic would make the format a great favor by developing global shutter.

    On the lens front the most important things are focus peaking and enabling 4/3 lenses to focus properly on m4/3 bodies. Then the constant aperture zooms.

    Everything else is refinement. Cover the basics, then go into high end and niche territory…

  • Kasteel

    I need an E-7 and at least one new 4/3 lens.

  • Jules

    Well well,

    i do love the future E-M5, and i might buy it.
    But, if they say it’s not pro? what are we going to have next ?

    I’d love to see something a bit bigger than the E-M5, with aps-c sensor size.

    but then, it means new lenses ? or they can manage to do something to use their nice 12mm, 45mm, future 60mm macro…….??

  • Yun

    Sensor revolution is a must if Pana ( M4/3 ) want to excel in mirrorless market . First we have NEX & now got X Pro later Canon come again , all armed with it’s own Cmos technology , I don’t see M4/3 can to retain it’s position if no true innovation in it’s sensor department . Rely on fast lenses is not a perfect solution to acheive better image quality .

  • Steve

    Starting to lose trust in this site. So many statements presented as facts, yet only opinion, and not supported by anything, and many inaccuracies. Rumors are rumors, fine, but come on, stop stating them like they are common knowledge. Sorry Admin, but this is one reader you’ve lost.

    • admin

      Interesting you write this without pointing any single and concrete inaccurancy. I guess I will NOT miss you too :)

      • LOL! Jeez, the things people expect a “rumours” site to be.
        Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Steve….

    • This site is rumours and free discussion/speculations from the community incl admin.
      Closer to release rumors becomes more firm – naturally.

    • “Rumors are rumors, fine…” Really? Obviously they are not “fine” for you. I still don’t understand why people who want to know whether or not Britney is really pregnant still pick up a Star magazine to find out the “truth”. You want news? Read the news. You want awesome, drool-worthy, fun to read, speculative goodness, you come here. And admin can put in his opinion all he wants. It’s his site. I personally like reading his speculations about the markets/companies.

  • Fedeskier

    Excuse me, isn’t this a 43 rumor site? Its strange because you guys always talk about micro43 e not the 43 camera!

    • admin

      Sorry, I simply have no 43 rumor. Olympus keeps saying they will continue the Four Thirds system. But that’s all for now.

      • pdc

        And in truth admin this is the Micro43 rumor site. 43 is dead, and we all know it.

    • Bob B.

      Perhaps you would be happier here Fedeskier? See if they talk aobout 4/3 rumors…It could be a parallel opposite universe………but you better bring a will fall asleep very quickly otherwise….

    • Mr. Reeee

      The only recent Four Thirds news I can remember hearing since the release of the E5 is the new Olympus 4/3 to M4/3 lens adaptor.

      4/3 is as good as dead at this point.

      • Neville

        Standby, I’ll just pop out and see. Yep my E5 still turns on. Oh and the 4000 photos I took on Safari have the best keep ratio yet!. Nope not dead.

    • Microsoft is called Microsoft, but neither the company nor its software is micro. So?

  • John H

    The formfactor of GH3 would be important to me, besides weather-sealing, new EVF and general improvements, in order to really compete with the APS-C mirror-less cameras. I’m hoping for a formfactor on par with NEX-7, just more in line with Panasonic G-design, maybe like a weather-sealed GX1 with integrated EVF and of course also better video quality and control. To achieve this, maybe there would not be an integrated flash, like E-M5.

  • dzv

    The biggest “feature” I want to see this year is more reasonable pricing. I feel like m43 has generally been overpriced so far (especially the bodies), and I guess that’s understandable given that it was one of the pioneering systems in the MILC marketplace, and yes, there was undoubtedly a lot of R&D involved. However, I think it’s time the prices come down to a more realistic level. The removal of the mirror box was supposed to lead to much simpler and cheaper manufacturing, yet that doesn’t seem to be reflected in the pricing so far. The increasing competition in the field will hopefully also bring some downward pressure on prices.

    The E-M5 looks like a promising start in that direction, (ditto the surprising 45mm f1.8 lens). When E-M5 pricing rumours first came out, many people commented “How can Oly release a high quality, weather-sealed camera at such a low price? I’m sure it will be a (*#&$ camera.” Clearly Olympus has shown what kind of quality is actually possible while maintaining a reasonable price point. I hope Panasonic follows suit.

  • Charlie

    Olympus will continue to kick Panasonic’s a$$ in 2012 … any news?

  • SZRimaging

    Oly or Panny will really have to step up their game to woo me away from Nikon on a professional level. Don’t get me wrong, I love my E-PM1, but the sensor tech is just really far behind the Nikons. A GH3 could be interesting from the video perspective, and that seems to be more and more my focus.

    • pdc

      For video a 2x crop sensor is definitely adequate, and the GH2 has proved that.
      For cinema and stills bigger is better. Keep your best Nikkor glass for the day when MILCs in the APS-H to FF sensor range become available. Worldwide we will see APS-C DSLR sales really tank in 2013, so the larger format MILCs are not that far into the future.

      • SZRimaging

        Well, depending on how the year goes, I hope to add either a D800 or a new m4/3 body. But yes, keeping my favorite F-mount lenses is a must.



  • Charles

    I think you are completely off base here.

    1) Oly – No way in hell we see a higher end model then the E-M1 this year and probably not next year, although we might see a E-M2. I’m not sure their statements say they want a professional m43s, but I think they still feel that 43s is their professional line. It might happen at some point, but they still probably have a couple years of filling out their lens line first.
    Panasonic – The GH3 won’t be weather sealed. Very high end most likely refers to the output and probably video. I imagine it might have better controls, but Panasonic hasn’t shown any interest in make weather sealed lenses and bodies. No reason to believe they’ll start anytime soon. I don’t think we’ll see the global shutter this year.

    2) Oly – saying they designed the sensor has nothing to do with following Nikon’s strategy. The total and usable pixels are different than the GX1 sensor and even though it’s a small difference looking at the numbers it’s a big deal in manufacturing. I don’t know why everyone is so determined to believe this is a panasonic designed and manufactured sensor. (although oly hasn’t denied they make it, only that they didn’t design it in all fairness)
    Panasonic – That’s what everyone wants to do. Oly didn’t claim a miracle, but we ought to wait till the camera is released to before calling them a liar.

  • Sandy

    When will the GH3 be launched? Thx :)

  • gianca

    The E-5 is the best Oly can make to make a “PRO” camera, however they only cater to a portion of that market segment, and it definitively do not cater to mine: I use DLSR to shoot stills for VFX and the 4/3 and m4/3 have actually a lot of potential to go against APC PRO camera, but I had never seen not even an attempt from either Oly or Panny to do so.
    If either of them would offer a let’s say a $2000 or even a $3000 camera that can reasonably stand against that segment (considering the smaller sensor size) they would have my money right now, probably twice.
    Been waiting for years for that to happen, and I wonder if it may ever.

    What I think it’s missing it’s summed up well in this excellent post by Thom Hogan:

    To that list I’d like to add a few things essential for VFX:
    1 pro solution for tethered shooting
    2 14bit raw files (to improve banding and noise in the shadow)
    3 Bracketing option expanded to ±2EV or even better ±3EV

    Till most of these capabilities are materialized I’m forced to rent a canonikon when I’m contracted to do work.
    It’a pity because the 4/3rds system could do this: it offer a lot of advantages, as we do not need a mirror and the smaller sensor allow us to have a wider DOF than FF or even APC.

    My 0.2 cents.

  • “Panasonic wants to deliver more high quality lenses.”

    I hope they are talking primes. The zoom lenses seem to be pretty well covered, and Panasonic has been able to produce some very nice primes already.

  • avds

    GH3 being merely an evolutionary upgrade does not bode well with Panasonic’s words, does it? Panasonic stated that they are revamping the whole model range, so the changes in all their line up are likely to be quite sharp. They also seem to emphasize that the new model will be more bombastic than any of their current cameras. So either the GH3 will gain important new features to become the super camera they are talking about, or it may be slightly downgraded to make some way for the new top-dog.

  • While I would be hopeful for a global shutter from panasonic I’m not counting on one this year if they’ve stated an emphasis on lens quality rather than new sensor technology. As summarized by admin are these two predictions mutually exclusive?

  • Narretz

    Global shutter in the GH3 would be a major step forward. I can’t name a current mainstream camera that has one. I expect the switch to electronic shutter, with global shutter coming later.
    GH3 should be weathersealed based on the two new weathersealed fast zooms. Of course, it would be nice of Pana to add this feature for the EM-5, but I can’t see them having made such a deal.

    Olympus and a pro model is difficult. They said a pro model will come earliest 2013. I could see the EM-5 successor with a 43 lens solution, and more pro features, and a second model without weathersealing and some other reductions. First is the new flaghsiop ala E-x, and the second would take the spot of the E-xx (what is now apparently the EM-5)

    • What is the difference between an electronic shutter and global shutter?

      • Both are two different Terms!

        You know the Mechanical Shutter? the one that clicks in front of the Sensor when you capture a photo? well, electronic shutter is the opposite, its just not physical. With Electronic Shutter, camera does the same work but electronically, just like the small compact cameras do!

        Global shutter is the Opposite of Rolling Shutter! Read this…

      • Ah, so global shutter is a type of electronic shutter or possible way for the electronic shutter to function.

      • dzv

        My understanding:

        Global Shutter is a form of Electronic Shutter, when the sensor is able to switch on/off every photosite simultaneously, meaning the entire (global) frame is captured at exactly the same time.

        When the term Electronic Shutter is used regarding m43 or larger sensors, it’s usually referring to a rolling shutter (linescan), where the sensor/electronics are not fast enough to do a full fram capture. ie. The sensor has to read the frame progressively (line-by-line), so there’s a small delay between the first and last pixel, and that’s what leads to things like the jello effect (rolling shutter effect).

  • I really Hope that Panasonic will give us both electronic shutter and global shutter!

    If it does, this camera will be the First to do so!
    It will be the Game changer!

  • PJF

    My own feeling is that Panasonic needs to come up with something very strong this year, and needs to release “rumors” about it sooner rather than later.

    Reasons? Olympus has made a smart move with the OM series; that whole approach has the potential to attract most of the enthusiast stills photography segment of m43 away from Panasonic GH. Canon is about to launch the 5D MkIII and if, as expected, it delivers fantastic video quality (which promises to appear on cheaper new models too) then the enthusiast videography crowd using the GH cameras could evaporate.

    Panasonic cannot afford to cruise with an “evolution” of the GH2, so I hope the big words about a very high end model this year are correct; even an understatement. Hints need to be dropped soon about new developments, otherwise the user base will leak away and may not come back.

    My wishful thinking predictions:

    – a very impressive new GH model with significant advancements will be announced/rumored soon, to be launched later this year. It will not be called the GH3.

    – another GX model will be announced later, this one slightly bigger with more controls and weathersealing.

  • John H

    PS: When hoping for a smaller form-factor for weather sealed GH3, naturally I would also like a good small form-factor lens to go with it, hence I would like a weather sealed version of the Panasonic Leica 25mm F1.4. I expect this combination would score very high on image quality and portability in all surrondings and enable a high-end extension of the iPhone+YouTube+Facebook culture, inviting for creative persons to reproduce everyday and night situations from special places around the world as well as also reproduce adventure or extreme sport situations with a quality beyond compact cameras, mobile phones and smartphones.

  • WillTech

    It has been roughly two months since this post and the word ‘soon’ was used. Any idea if or when we might see a new GH3? I am looking at the NEX7 but would prefer a new GH3 if it were to become available!

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