(UPDATED_2) Panasonic US manager interview. Focus Peaking may come via FW update!


The video on top has been made by Discovermirrorless (and found ot Smallcamerabigpicture). It is a registration of a live session with Panasonic US managers talking about the GH3. They admit some things about hacking, clean video out and focus peaking (that could arrive via fw update!). UDPATE: Giulio Scorio made a sum of the new info got throught this video:

  • The GH3 “unofficially” has uncompressed video out. Meaning while its a hardware feature its not one that will be advertised by Panasonic.
  • The GH3 has multi aspect ratio sensor! But don’t get too excited as the multi aspect function is disabled in the original firmware.
  • WiFi mode will allow wireless monitoring of video or stills with a tablet or smart phone.
  • WiFi mode will transfer either raw or jpegs to a tablet or smart phone but if you shoot raw+jpeg you can’t just transfer jpegs, you must transfer both.
  • WiFi mode can automatically upload jpegs to social media.

UPDATE: Uematsu confirmed at Techradar that “focus peaking could be added with a firmware upgrade“.

Something else. Got a mail from 43urmors reader Jupiter: “My video made it to the finals @RODE ROCUMENTARY and it’s the only one made on a Hacked GH2. Bruce Logan ASC commented it as “unique look”. Right now, it’s all down to voting. Any way you can help out?? ink: http://www.rodemic.com/rockumentary/47866136 (via Personalview)

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