Panasonic 2014 prediction by Digital Camera Magazine (GH4 and large sensor compact).


This is what Digital Camera Magazine expects to be release by Panasonic in 2014:
1) A new GH3 successor
2) Extension of the GX7 and GM line up.
3) Fixed lens camera with larger sensor.

From what I know from my sources there will be a GH 4K camcorder which will placed above the current GH3 model and not replace it. It’s also likely that there will be also new G and GF models.


No joke: Already the next $100 drop on the GX7. Now sells for $728.


24hours after the first price drop we just got an ulterious $100 off on the Panasonic GX7 body which now sells for $728 only at Samys (Click here) and Amazon via Samys (Click here). And the GX7 kit sells for $926 at Samys (Click here).

More deals:
There is a Panasonic 12-35mm X lens for $959 on eBay US (Click here). And a couple of 12-40mm PRO lenses are back in Stock at Amazon (Click here).





a little bit of everything…(with readers mail)


Portrait of a Soviet Lens; JUPITER 11 by Blunty

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Michal:Olympus CZ issued a new ad called “Photo brick”. It is currenty on web only in czech language (so not that funny for those who dont understand fully), but still you might be interested to see it. It is a joke about Olympus issuing a new accessories for those who feel strange about shooting with the light Olympus cameras. To complete the joke Olympus CZ even sells it for 799 CZK (approx. 30 EUR). I hope they add the ENG subtitles and let it live its own life on the web world wide. link of my blog –

J.S.:I have just completed a 7500+ word review of the Olympus E-M1 from an owner/buyer standpoint:

David:new tests… read bottom paragraph:

Noah:How well does Olympus service their warranties? I posted this here on G+. I’d love to hear experiences others have had with Olympus and warranty work.

Ivar:There are some great picture’s and video taken with the EM-1 on Mark Humpage’s page from Iceland:!i=2899791048&k=b3rBcQL

Eric:I just got back from a trip through the Yucatan peninsula, and was lucky enough to receive my E-M1 and 12-40mm lens before heading off. I’ve written up a quick review of how the camera and lens handled here (with samples):

Editor’s note: A readers work roundup will be posted next week. I will include all the reader work I got via mail the last weeks.