August 9, 2011
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Panasonic-Leica 25mm to ship in Europe/US by end August/early September only

More dealers are sending me details about the availability of the new Panasonic-Leica 25mm f/1.4 lens. They do confirm the shipment has been delayed to end August/early September. That’s once againa frustrating news coming from Panasonic. The lens was supposed to be in Stock in August. The lens is in Stock in Japan and if you need the lens now you cna buy it on eBay (Click here) and on Amazon US (Click here) sold by japanese resellers.

And Amazon Germany (Click here) confirmed the lens will be in Stock between the next 3-6 weeks.

August 9, 2011
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New firmware update for PEN cameras (+ funny bug on the E-P3 + financial results)

Olympus quarter results history for the imaging division (Source: Photoscala).

Photoscala (Click here) analyzed the latest Olympus financial results. Olympus managed to stop the decline. There was a slightly profit in first fiscal quarter of 2011. The bad news for Olympus is that North American sales fell by 26.3%, while in the other regions they recorded increases. But as you see from the table on top (made by Photoscala) Olympus isn’t doing very well in the camera division. It looks like Micro Four Thirds alone is not helping them to much. Olympus needs to do more! Do you have any ideas? :)

Olympus Japan (Click here) announced a new firmware update for PEN cameras. The E-PL1/PL2/P2 are now compatible with the new Olympus VF-3 external viewfinder. But there is a bug Olympus didn’t solve yet. When using the new VF-3 on the new E-P3 (with touchscreen enabled) the the two rear wheels will no longer work! You have to disable the touchscreen funtion to enable their functionalities (Source: SystemKameraForum).

August 9, 2011
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Real photography news roundup.

Let’s take a break from rumors and camera reviews. Here is a list of links to articles that can help you to undertsand some scientific and technical aspects of photogaphy.

My prefered website is They recently published two new articles:
1) Reducing Camera Shake with Hand-Held Photos: “We’ve all likely encountered this problem many times: blurry photos due to camera shake with hand-held shots. It’s especially prevalent for those of us who are unfortunate enough to have unsteady hands. While it cannot be eliminated entirely, fortunately there’s a number of steps you can take to greatly reduce its impact — and hopefully prevent it from becoming visible in the first place.
2) Using Camera Shutter Speed Creatively: “A camera’s shutter speed can control exposure, but it’s also one of the most powerful creative tools in photography. It can convey motion, freeze action, isolate subjects and smooth water, amongst other abilities. This tutorial describes how to achieve these various effects…

A bit more complicated and scientific article has been published by Berkeley:  “The human eye long ago solved a problem common to both digital and film cameras: how to get good contrast in an image while also capturing faint detail.” Read the article to understand “Why the eye is better than a camera“.

Now something more easy and funny to read (and use). There is a new online SLR Camera Simulator at Camerasim (found via Fotoactualidad). It’s a perfect site for beginners that need to learn the basics of photography!

August 8, 2011
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A list of work done by our readers (using m43 gear!)

Les hommes ne volent pas (short film) from Emmanuel BERNARD on Vimeo.

During the last couple of weeks readers sent me links to their own works done with m43 gear. This is the summary of all of them:

1) Emmanuel (Video on top of the post) “Hi, there is a student film made in Bordeaux and Barcelona. Everything was shot with the GH2 (execpt for one shot made on 5D). In fact we had 5 GH2 ^^. The lens used was : 20mm 1.7, 9-18 olympus, 14 140mm panasonic and a 50MM 1.8 canon. It ‘s student work but we were produced at a low budget by the university (for less than 5000€) that become slowly professionnal.  The last part is really impressive for the camera used. Hope you will post it on your site.
Thanks for reading. Cordially (and sorry for my english).

2) Arthur Kendrick:here is a short video I put together for a recent wedding:

3) Paul Kuchma (ART team Leader Freezelight-Art):  “Photographs taken with the Olympus 43 (E-620), ART team from Russia! Sorry do not know much english language (

4) Chris:Thought you’d might be interested in this. Digiscoping is taking off with the Panasonic GH2. I can only dream what it’s going to be like on the hacked versions J
Panasonic GH2 Tests with Swarovski Scope seems to be the dogs bits:
More tests:

5) Florian:Nice photos made with a PEN E-P2 on Flickr. Have a look. Hope you like the pictures.

6) Luis:I noticed your call out for any photography work that was created with m43 equipment and I wanted to pass along my own experience. I was on an assignment in Abu Dhabi this past December and I ditched my Nikon D3 + lenses when I visited a few cultural sites including the wonderful Grand Mosque.  It was great fun using this light camera with it’s 14-45 kit lens.  I’ve since moved on to the GH1 and I will carry it on all future jobs. Take a look at the images when you have some time.

7) Aaron:I’ve been a big fan of the website and have been checking it  almost daily since I got my first M43 camera almost 2 years ago. After seeing the link to Amos chapple’s website the other day (which I enjoyed immensely) it got me thinking that it would be great if you could feature the work of other M43 photographers somewhere on your site. I’m in the middle of a year long trip through Asia, and have been documenting my photos on all of which have been shot with the panasonic gf1 and the 20mm and 14mm lenses. (anxiously awaiting the announcement of the gf pro…). I just thought that your readers may be interested in another website updated regularly with travel photography made exclusively with the M43 format. If you think it’s a good idea, please post the link to my website, it may encourage others to contact you to post links to their websites as well. I love finding out about new gear, but sharing the photos this gear makes would be great too!

8 ) Johannes:discovered this guy on the DPReview MFT forums: I don’t think he’s a professional photographer, but I really love some of his landscape pictures!


Editors’s note: Thanks for sending me all those links! If you find more nice works drop me a text at Keep in mind that I might link to your work after days or weeks only!

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