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January 16, 2011
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You can preorder the Fuji X100 at Adorama!


You can now preorder the Fuji X100 at Adorama (Click here). And finally we have an official price: $1,199.00! If only that camera would have a Micro Four Thirds mount! :)

Other US deals:
Panasonic Lumix 14mm f/2.5 G Aspherical Lens for $370 at Amazon (Click here).
Panasonic Lumix 100-300mm f/4.0-5.6 for 549 at Amazon (Click here).
Panasonic DMC-GH1 with 14-140mm lens for $999 at Amazon (Click here).

January 16, 2011
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a little bit of everything…

ATIBA & EVANS Panasonic GH2 Skate

Olympus E-5 test at Photoreview Australia.

Panasonic GF2 test at

Panasonic marketing man: “GH2 is a niche” (EosHD)

Living in the 3rd Dimension (3Dkraft)

Panasonic 12.5mm 3D lens test at Fotopolis.

January 15, 2011
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First Olympus E-PL2 already on eBay and! (+ Amazon E-PL2 status change)

Olympus is as usual much faster than Panasonic in shipping new products. Unlike the Panasonic GH2 (only the silver version is in Stock at Adorama) the new Olympus E-PL2 is already in Stock at eBay (Click here) two weeks only after the announcement! It’s sold by an eBay Powerseller from Hong Kong which has more than ten of them in Stock. And Amazon US has changed the status from “preorder” to “temporarily out of Stock” which usually means that they will have them in Stock very soon.
Panasonic, you should take a lesson from Olympus on how to shorten the rime between the announcement and the real delivery of new products ;)

Pre order the Olympus E-PL2 at Amazon, Adorama, Amazon DE, Amazon FR,
And the Olympus XZ-1 at Amazon, Adorama, Amazon DE, Amazon FR and Amazon UK.

January 14, 2011
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Double interview with Olympus and Panasonic (Imaging Resource)

Imaging Resource posted a double interview with Olympus and Panasonic!

First they had a small talk with Peter Ewen, Katie Roseman, and Sally Smith-Clemens from Olympus USA. Olympus underlined their commitment to the 12 Megapixel “Philosophy”. And honestly I do agre with what they say :) . They also talk about the E-5 (huge success!) their Four Thirds plans and the movie and 3D trend. There are plenty of interesting info but no details about future products.

The second interview has been made with Darin Pepple from Panasonic USA. He said “We’re finding that the compact system camera is not really stealing business (in USA) or cannibalizing in any way the SLR business right now. What’s really happening is we’ve identified about 23 million users that would love to be in an SLR“. And that is what he says about the APS-C sensor mirrorless competition: “With the Micro Four Thirds system, we are a little bit smaller than an APS-C sized sensor that you’d find in any one of our competitors, for example. But at the same time, they’ve corrupted the lens quality to try and get it down so small, that the edge detail — they’ve sort of blurred out the image. Especially in the zooms, not so much in the fixed focal-lengths, but the zoom lenses.”

Take time to read both (very long) articles and let us know what you think about them!

January 14, 2011
Posted in deals

Olympus E-PL2 and XZ-1 preorder list (+ one Nokton 25mm on eBay)

To get a Nokton 25mm lens is almost like winning a lottery! I just found one single lens in auction on eBay (Click here).

And there is the updated Olympus preorder list:

You can now pre order the Olympus E-PL2 at Amazon, Adorama, Amazon DE, Amazon FR,
And the Olympus XZ-1 at Amazon, Adorama, Amazon DE, Amazon FR and Amazon UK.

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