(FT5) LF1 with 28-200mm f/2,0-5,9 lens.


I just got some info about the new LF1 compact camera with fixed lens and 1:1,7 inch sensors:
1) The sensor has 12 megapixels.
2) The lens specs are 28-200mm f/2,0-5,9.

P.S.: I am still not sure if the G6 16 Megapixel sensor is from the GX1, GH2 or GH3. All I got is the Megapxiel number. It could be that Panasonic didn’t specify that part. Anyway, we know the video quality is the same of the GH2.

The announcement will be at 6-7am London time. Meantime help me to find leaks on Panasonic websites like the one on the new 14-140mm lens :)


(FT4) New E-P5 and E-PL6 info


The image on top has been posted by Olympus China. It confirms that the new E-P5 will be displayed at the Shanghai show on May 11th. I have been told by a source that the official worldwide announcement will be made 2-3 days before the event.

And according to a source from Digicaminfo these are the prices in YEN of the new E-P5 and E-PL6 cameras:

  • E-P5 body 99,800 yen (770 Euro, 1,000 Dollars).
  • E-P5 with body cap lens included for 105,800 yen (816 Euro, 1,070 Dollars).
  • E-PL6 body 69,800 yen (538 Euro, 700 Dollars). with kit lens 79,800 yen (615 Euro, 800 Dollars). and with double zoom kit is 99,800 yen (770 Euro, 1,000 Dollars).

I calculate the price based on the current currency conversion. But keep in mind that the US price is usually lower than the from YEN converted price.

Reminder: The E-P5 has the same 16 megapixel OMD sensor, no built-in EVF, it has built.in WiFi.


Kodaks new camera is not MFT!



Kodak…no wait JK Imaging (LOL) displayed that new “PixPro” camera on the P&E show in China. I say JK Imaging because the Chinese company acquired the brand rights from Kodak. And as you may remember they also announced a Micro Four Thirds camera back in January (article here).

Some websites  and some 43rumors readers speculated that this may be another interchangeable MFT camera but I think it is not. This looks more like a fixed lens camera with tiny sensor. Why do I believe this? Easy, look at the lens specs. Can you do 2cm thick  28-112mm f/1.7-2.4 lens that covers the image circle of a FT sensor? Nope :)

The camera itself takes some inspiration from the Kodak pony 135 film camera (here on eBay).


Source: Zol (via PhotoRumors).


(FT5) New 14-140mm lens to be faster with f/3.5-5.6.


Digicaminfo reports that the new updated Panasonic 14-140mm lens will be a tiny bit faster. The new lens has a f/3.5-5.6 compared to the f/4.0-5.8 of the current lens. The lens will be announced along the G& and the Panasonic LF1 on Wednesday April 24th at around 6-7am London time.

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